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HTML and CSS Adv Training Course Reviews

It can be difficult finding the best HTML and CSS Adv training course.
Check out our amazing client reviews from recently attending learners.

Learner Reviews For

"Everything else was great. The training was very helpful and the facilities were excellent."
  • 24th June - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Explaining advanced html and css in the format of building a site. Its very innovative and helpful as i can go back and review."
  • 30th May - Online
  • Expert - Iwan

"Really really good at explaining, encouraing and creating a good learning environment that is judgement free!"
Class Professional Publishing
  • 19th October - Online
  • Expert - Iwan

"Everything - the course covered everything I was looking to gain from it and more. The training centre staff were friendly and helpful + the lunches were delicious :)"
Bird & Bird
  • 20th September - Classroom
  • Expert - Dele

"Providing excellent trainers. Dele Oke was especially amazing, he awnsered all of my questions and took his time, I felt like I was really able to absorb the content due to his concise explanations and making them clear and relatable. He's extremely friendly and knowledgable too!"
Porterhouse Medical
  • 31st August - Classroom
  • Expert - Dele

"Great tutor - made it simple to follow, nice small class sizes, relevant material"
Virtual Cabinet
  • 11th May - Online
  • Expert - Iwan

"The pace was just right for me. Not a lot of gaps."
  • 11th May - Online
  • Expert - Iwan

"Answering every question I had, explaining things again when needed, checking my code when something didn't work, and making me feel a valued member of the course. I learned a huge amount in a short amount of time, but it didn't feel overwhelming at any point."
University Of Exeter
  • 20th January - Online
  • Expert - Iwan

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and he worked through examples clearly"
Ministry Of Defence
  • 16th November - Online
  • Expert - Dele

"Moulding the course speed and content to fit my current needs and demands Thanks Iwan"
CDK Global
  • 23rd September - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Great course, brilliant tutor. Really patient and very helpful, including with questions and problems outside the course tasks making it very easy to begin applying the skills to real life situations."
  • 1st September - Online
  • Expert - Iwan

"Everything. The entire team are extremely friendly. Thank you!"
  • 27th July - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Everything is well organised and attention to details is great. Thank you!"
  • 13th January - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

" every things is excellent teacher ,staff & Facilites."
  • 13th January - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Really thorough, very knowledgable. Nice balance of practical and theory work. Thanks!"
Admiral Group
  • 14th November - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Great hosting, Ivan always made us feel we could ask questions and was very approachable."
  • 30th May - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Very knowledgeable teacher, really friendly."
  • 4th March - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Lots of topics covered and generally feel a lot more confident. Trainer was really knowledgeable and the center was well equipped and well located."
MVF Global
  • 4th March - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"The coach was patient, and understanding with good knowledge."
Mind Gym Plc
  • 4th March - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Great environment, staff and facilities, a first class training set-up all round."
  • 9th January - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"This is the third course I have attended at MediaTraining - Iwan was fantastic and knowledgable and patient. I learnt alot on this course and will be putting my skills to use."
  • 3rd December - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Everything, got exactly what I came for, thank you."
ICSA: The Governance Institute
  • 12th September - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Initial welcome and refreshments during the day"
Clean Air Technologies Ltd
  • 30th October - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Attitude of trainers and other staff is great. Food is great. Small class sizes are great."
European Medicines Agency
  • 17th May - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Tutor explained everything in very detail and that makes my not afraid to ask questions."
  • 20th February - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"As said previously, it was superb! I think you offer a great range of courses and the teachers are brilliant. I could not have had more help or been guided through the course easier and think it is amazing how well you teach in order to get us to learn so much in a couple of days. I will be coming back for more courses no doubt!!!!"
  • 7th December - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan

"Making us feel relaxed and comfortable. Very nice learning environment and really friendly staff."
Foster + Partners
  • 7th April - Classroom
  • Expert - Iwan