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Training Your Team

We've supported L&D teams from the UK's largest companies for +25 years.
We can give your learners a great experience, and streamline your workload.


How does it work?


Our expert L&D Support team will help you source the skills your organisation needs with the minimum fuss.

We have years of experience and the best possible contacts to help you get your project over the line.

We can provide advice and logistical support where needed. We know how daunting a large scale learning project can be - we're here to support you.


The size of your training deposit will influence the level of discount we can offer.

When we have discussed your needs and your budget, we'll work with you to get the best possible value for money.

When training is delivered, you can view your spend through a live online statement. You'll have up to the minute control of all the financials.


Your learners book their courses via our website using a voucher code. They'll be responsible for choosing their dates and receiving joining instruction.

If courses need to be moved to different dates or postponed, individual learners liaise with our support teams to make their changes.

We'll be your admin support - no more chasing forgetful learners.


You'll have access to all the post course feedback from your learners.

You can see who attended along with those who may have postponed or dropped out. Your dedicated support team at Media Training can liaise with you directly on any info that might be important to your business.

We'll schedule regular update meetings if you want to remain very hands on.

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