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Proofreading Courses | Classroom or Live Online

Master professional proofreading skills for both print and digital media.
Learn to spot and correct common mistakes that can ruin good copy.


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Proofreading Course          

There is nothing worse than Proofreading errors such as common spelling mistakes or bad grammar and punctuation ruining a great piece of writing. Our Proofreading course arms you with techniques and tips for proofreading copy and avoiding common pitfalls.

Whether you are new to Proofreading and need courses that give you an introduction or you proofread daily and want courses that give you new techniques to work more efficiently we have a Proofreading course for you.

Our Proofreading trainers are all experts in their field and passionate about delivering Proofreading training courses, so you know you're in safe hands.

Choose from one of our Proofreading courses below for more information.

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Proofreading Intro          

from £299 + VAT

1 day course
Develop the proofreading skills needed to identify mistakes in your writing.

Learn how to spot and correct common spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

  • The importance of accuracy
    Understanding proofreading marks
    Common mistakes to avoid
    Mastering punctuation rules
    Keeping a proofreading checklist
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Proofreading Bespoke

Custom Proofreading Courses
Looking for Proofreading training for your team? Or perhaps a 1-2-1 course with an expert trainer?

We can focus any of our courses exclusively on you or your team's needs. You can choose the location either online, at our London Bridge centre or your choice of venue.
  • Dedicated Course Organiser
    Flexible Group Sizes
    Face to Face Or Live Online
    Expert Proofreading tuition
    Bespoke Proofreading Content

"Piers was excellent, I learned a lot, he helped so much and was always welcoming to answering questions - thank you!"
Microbiology Society
13th June - Proofreading : Introduction

Latest Reviews

"It was great to hear some different perspectives on the course. I also appreciated the trainers use of content and the time they took to go through everything, making sure it all made sense."
King's Health Partners
  • 19th April

"Giving a good structure and environment for learning"
Elaine Martini
  • 19th April

"Providing really good examples to the sections we were learning. Allowing a good amount of time to practise what we have learnt. After the course, we get the notes sent through to use (very handy)."
Stanton Williams
  • 19th April