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We've worked very hard over the last 20 years to grow our business through personal recommendations.

When you attend a course we ask you to tell us how it went. We use your feedback to help us improve our courses.

We publish all our customer satisfaction stats live on our site (good or bad) because we want everyone to know just how highly you rate us every day, every week and every year.

We know that choosing the best course can be difficult, maybe the thoughts of the 7446 other clients we've trained since December 2015 will give you the inspiration to join us too.

Our most recent feedback is shown below. If you like what they are saying, why not give us chance to change the way you think about training courses too?

  Average Client Ratings

Attendees surveyed7446
  Trainer Knowledge9.8 / 10
  Trainer Materials9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience9.6 / 10
  % Who Would Recommend Us99.7%

"Course was well-delivered and well-paced"

"everything but especially giving time for questions and discussions slightly outside of the planned training but still keeping to time. "

"Clear, relevant information presented in an interesting way. Class was a good size and the subject enjoyable. The staff was very hospitable."

"Very knowledgeable, easy to follow along, great resources, great facilities. Smashing lunch!"

"Tom was good at being able to handle ad-lib questions that enabled us to deep dive into some areas that were of particular interest to me."

"Explaining the work and how to find the easiest way in Keynote."

"very clear and undertsanable throughout . cheerful and happy teacher that kept you engaged "

"Excellent course content. Engaging course, on which I learnt a lot."

"Very knowledgeable trainer, very engaging with good examples. Small class size. Great lunch and facilities."

"course structure, examples, explanations, the food! instructions on getting here, general communication."

"Great space, friendly, approachable - top marks."

"Like the small classes, tutor was great - very knowledgeable, good mix of theory and practical"

"The information was clear, the day was well organised. Thank you"

"Reading the review and actually taking into account the comments! Thank you so much for the gluten and lactose free biscuits!"

"Very clearly explained, thank you! "

"The course was exactly what i expected. All areas needed were covered. I feel like i can now create website. Ivan was a great and knowledgable teacher!"

"Facilities and catering is great, staff and trainers friendly"

"I had used the software before but still learned a lot. Great workflow examples"

"Very knowledgeable tutor, lots of really helpful stuff to takeaway. Good examples to practice and learn with."

"The small size of the group was great. too many gore than 5 would have made it much larder to progress"

"Enjoyed the course, including the environment. "

"Everything was really well organised, I was really impressed at the quality of the course and the refreshments. I feel like I have gained great skills that I will find really useful - thanks Kate!"

"Allowing the class to get on and try and figure things out for themselves. being on hand when anyone had questions and not trying to dictate and set a certain pace for the class"

"Structure of the two days was very good - good pace and great explanations - lots of time to experiment and embed our learning."

"Everyone was welcoming and friendly. The trailer was very open to questions and offering tips."

"Really enjoyed the course, always a friendly environment."

"Excellent training course, very informative and thought provoking. Fantastic training facilities "

"Our trainer was relevant and knowledgeable. Excellent course. Thank you very much!"

"Really enjoyed the course!"

"Everything was top notch. Excellent, knowledgeable friendly tutor, great environment, and very nice lunch and refreshments."

"Listening to our exact needs and delivering a tailored course to meet them."

"Training was thorough and informative and linked back effectively to our business/roles"

"Putting things across simply, positive and ecouraging"

"Examples very relevant to course and trainer had taken our own live example to make sure content was relevant."

"Clear informative material, found it very useful for my work activities. Thank you!"

"Pace, environment, food."

"Knowledgeable and engaging training. Thank you."

"Great environment, intelligent trainer, inspirational course"

"Really enjoyed every aspect, from the minute I came through the door and met with fantastic customer service, the knowledge of the course instructor, the lunch buffet, brilliant day and I learnt so much, thank you!"

"Explaining the elements and how to tell a story"

"very well presented and Patsy was great!"

"very engaging and motivational"

"Trainer had good energy and was engaging"

"Really practical and insightful and I feel I have started practicing these skills already in the course so I ma much more likely to be able to continue to remember them and use them in my work. Excellent speaker who was great at making you feel at ease and able to join in."

"Very good at giving examples of good writing for the web and explaining why certain practices should not be followed. Good mixture of individual and group activities."

"Providing an amazing amount of information in a short space of time. Patsy made the subject easy to understand in practical, bite sized pieces that any novice could utilise. All in good 'Anglo Saxon'. Thank you."

"Every section was good and very useful!"

"The afternoon session was massively helpful and the examples used will go a long way in helping our social media rep for the future. "

"Sharing information in a way that is super easy to understand and the atmosphere and environment were both inviting and relaxing."

"excellent hosting at the start, organised set up and great interaction from the trainer. Excellent day and highly beneficial."

"Being flexible and answering my many questions that I ask. I learned a whole new programme in 2 days which is great. Also everyone who works here are very friendly from entry to exit. "

"Creating an welcoming and enjoyable environment "

"Vicki was a brilliant trainer"

"The whole day was interesting, well-organised and extremely useful."

"Friendliness and helpfulness"

"Great, knowledgeable trainers, very welcoming staff, very organised and relaxed. Looking forward to coming back."

"Friendliness and knowledgeability on course "

"I thought everyone was very approachable and broke down everything into manageable pieces. Thought I was going to be scared of HTML at first but was very surprised at how simple it seems now. I thought my trainer was very knowledgeable but needs to practice his pool skills."

"Friendliness of staff and teachers. The course is very efficient and I've learnt so much in the two days. "


"Everything! I couldn't fault anything."

"Keeping the pace gong and focused on course content"

"Everything. Jason was great, the establishment was perfect and I felt very welcome. Would definitely recommend to my colleagues."

"being super friendly and lovely generally!! also very slick office and training facility."

"The whole experience was great! The facility, food and people made for a smooth training environment. The notebook was a surprisingly simple, but important touch. "

"The style of teaching and a great environment "

"Vicki was really knowledgeable, informed and enthusiastic. Lovely atmosphere and have learnt a huge amount."

"Brilliant explanation. Made grammar not seem so difficult. Great knowledge. Feel much more confident. Definitely got my money's worth. Excellent trainer."

"The venue, knowledge, class size and the teaching style"

"Great course, great food."

"Piers was great. Great settings. Learned alot."

"Piers was very good at being flexible with examples and information, tailoring it to suit our specific requirements."

"trainer had good experience, and was good at engaging the audience. "

"Very nice light and bright learning spaces which we great. Most of the food I found to be energising. Nice and cool environment - I'd like to come back for another course in the future :) "

"clear examples and trainer able to answer questions. Happy to help and not made to feel like a stupid question."

"- Great informative learning - Easy to follow - Small class sizes are perfect "

"Trainer was really great - Good at speaking through processes and answering any questions. Method worked well - of watching/listening then having time to put into practice. Good balance of work time and break time. Thank you :)"

"Providing opportunities to make our own examples and put ideas into practise. Really great learning environment, and made the course really enjoyable. Also having so much material to take away is great, I would definitely take another course here. "

"The course was set out at a good pace and didn't try to pack in too much information. The information provided was relevant and would be used for work tasks. Also there wasn't too many people in the class so there was enough time from the teacher to help when needed."

"Making us feel welcome"

"The buffet is delicious"

"Everything, I learned a lot over this course that I didn't know before. Rob is awesome, and a fun teacher. "

"Relaxed environment. Enjoyed listening to Piers and his 1-1 feedback was very helpful."

"Lovely environment and office, great staff"

"Good environment for learning. Friendly tutor. "

"The training materials and ability to spend time working on specific examples relevant to our work. It was well organised and professional. "

"Piers advices were highly valuable. I felt welcome and nurture by the team thanks to the breakfast, lunch, and refreshment options."

"KNowledge base and lunch was awesome "

"Answering questions, and if not sure finding them out! Sadly I missed lunch ( I had to go out) but it looked delicious! "

"Everything from friendliness to the environment to the actual training! Loved it!!"

"Everything was great. Thank you :)"

"very good at understanding needs of clients and tailoring classes to suit. Clear explanation and guidance with good examples and context."

"Explained everything in a concise and friendly manner - thoroughly knowledgable"

"The cookies and pastries definitely improved and Vicki - she is one of a kind! Don't let her go! The best teacher I have ever met!"

"very in depth and covered a lot of different things. "

"Very friendly staff and trainer. Nice small classes."

"Very helpful staff!"

"Really good facilities and very good idea that we get to keep the HTML files we've been working on"

"Vicki is a great teacher, she worked at a great pace and encouraged us to answer our own queries. Lunch was delicious, refreshments are fab. Thank you! "

"Apart from the excellent teaching, the lunch was amazing and nice little touches like plants on the tables and design/photography journals created a great atmosphere."

"I think the course was at a pace where it allows you to progress without overloading your brain. Would definitely come back."

"Great food and people, lovely place and location"

"See above - good case studies, course was pitched at exactly the right level for me as an almost (but not total) beginner. Enjoyed it a lot!"

"Personable engaging tutor; nice lesson time/weighting balance: learned a lot without being overwhelming; actually made time spent learning enjoyable."

"Patience, explanations and generally very informative all round"

"Good facilities and friendly staff"

"Good environment and equipment"

"Friendly staff and knowledgeable trainer"

"everything really! real good knowledge in an easy to understand way :)"

"Good food, friendly environment"

"Training, equipment, refreshments - loved it. Hope to come back soon. "

"Good course. Very helpful. "

"Creating a nice relaxed educational environment. Good job, people."

"Going off-piste! Random questions about specific needs were answered brilliantly. Very helpful for current projects. Also very good at clearly explaining how things worked. Thank you!"

"Knowledge and personalised guidance tailored to our specific needs. Very approachable and friendly trainer."

"Hospitality, simple explanations & patience!"

"Practical element and good examples."

"Great Trainer"

"Approachable and felt able to ask questions when needed."

"Warm welcome, good facilities and food, excellent course"

"Welcoming, making people feel comfortable before/during and after the classes, following through to the end"

"Matt was a very knowledgeable trainer!"

"All was very good in general. Matt was an excellent trainer and knew his stuff inside-out. "

"Very knowledgable tutor, covered a wide range of cinema 4d & learnt a lot!"

"Friendly trainer. "

"Checking if anyone had any questions and was comfortable with each step. Coming around to investigate any issues and provided 1 to 1 advice."

"Doug was very knowledgeable and approachable and created a really relaxed and informative environment."

"Small classes and plenty of refreshments "

"Good relaxed atmosphere. Small class size was great"

"Great patience, great knowlege, great skills. I've left feeling inspired."

"Great examples, great advice, no problems with asking questions and I didn't feel stupid at any point despite asking many stupid questions. It exceeded all of my expectations by a long way! "

"Organisation, welcoming, excellent tutor."

"Great environment, small classes, trainer was very competent. very happy about this class"

"Made to feel very welcome and created a relaxed atmosphere. Any technical issues were sorted quickly. The course moved along at the correct pace and nobody was left behind."

"Small classes are perfect for nearly getting that personal tuition which was great if you got lost or needed to ask a question. Vicky as extremely knowledgeable and had an answer for every question you asked."

"Everything was very good, I enjoyed it a lot. I never had a training in such a small class but I realized how much it helps and how much more attention I can get if I get stuck with something. Thanks for everything! :)"

"Making me feel comfortable and not afraid to ask daft questions. "

"Brilliant at providing the one on one training. Fabulous to be trained by someone that understands and works in the industry. The knowledge I have learnt from Rebecca will be a lifesaver for me in terms of my everyday working for emails and mobile. I have really appreciated how she has explained clearly and in an orderly function. Its been a pleasure to learn from Rebecca and thank you. "

"Really descriptive and helpful"

"Course structure, content, learning facility and attitude. T"

"Giving a good foundation to be able to understand Ad words for new beginners. "

"The whole training day is set up in a great way!"

"The trainer was clear and concise, and the over all content was interesting and useful. "

"Lots of examples given, very thorough steps, "

"relaxed friendly approach and open to helping on personal accounts"

"Personalised service."

"Nice training centre and helpful, friendly staff."

"Exercises, putting lessons learn't into practise "

"Good focus on finding the key message of your infographics before thinking about visuals. Excellent lunch and facilities. Trainer set out clearly how the course would be structured at the start of the day so we could see how each section led into the next."

"The whole set up at media training is great! Been here a few times before. Safe and relaxed environment. "

"Knowledgable trainer. Friendly staff."

"Experience, examples, practical way of using the software"

"Really great course. Examples were good, friendly professioanl environment. "

"I thought the whole feel of everything was a good level of professional and comfortable and Jason was really helpful and good at explaing things!"

"Friendly, patient, knowledgable and approachable! Fantastic! "

"Going through a number of topics quickly but comprehensively "

"Really knowledgeable and attentive to detail. Really good at answering and taking time with any queries or questions, and Ian was great at stopping and going over anything people have missed. I would happily come on another course here at Media Training. "

"Really enjoyed the class size for this course, and the pace was perfect"

"Great trainer, perfect class size and excellent food!"

"Fun, engaging and informative"


"keeping us engaged and excellent supportive environment ."

"Excellent examples that were useful in day to day job, everything explained very well."

"Experts in subject matter, great facilities, friendly atmosphere, good fair pricing"

"Brilliant facilities, knowledgeable trainer - another great training course! Thanks "

"the place is really comfortibel "

"I really enjoyed the course, the trainer was friendly. "

"Explaining, doing examples from the workbook to cement the understanding, being engaging and friendly and helpful."

"Take time to play around with Macros and employ DSUM function and Pivot slicer!"

"Fantastic course, going back to work with a lot of knowledge and confidence! Thanks!"

"Answering specific questions that we had. "

"Really informative and useful. Attentive trainer who was passionate and really knew their stuff"

"Taking time for each person. Alistair was a very good teacher with a funny sense of humour, he made quite a mundane topic fun. "

"Everything - really enjoyed it!"

"trying to address my specific requests"

"Really chilled and useful, adaptive to questions and was able to tailor the course to exactly what I would need for work. Perfect! Great three days. "

"Got a lot more done in three days than my school and university teachers managed to get through in 3 months/ 2 years and for once I feel like I could go away and actually work with what I've learnt!"


"A lovely environment and culture to learn"

"Engaging, level of knowledge, food, cleanliness and good environment, excellent space, good computer facilities. Very happy."

"very hospitable"

"Everything was great. I'll definitely recommend you to our company for future training"

"friendly and approachable trainer"

"Being calm and letting people catch up. There was no pressure felt if you were taking a touch longer than others. "

"Dwayne was very thorough, made good use of time to show and explain tips. He was engaging, knowledgable, clear to understand and easy to follow. Certainly one of the better instructors I've experienced."

"Trainer was excellent, engaging, easy to understand and very patient. really nice set up, nice lunch and friendly staff. Good location"

"Facilities; trainer; food"

"Creating a good learning environment!"

"Everything, all staff great and friendly and Wolf was a very cool tutor and made learning easy."

"Delivering a good course in a short amount of time."

"course layout, people very friendly"

"Very clear and thorough. Tutor was patient. "

"Great environment. Relaxed but informative and everyone is friendly. James was a great trainer. Will be back soon. Thank you."

"The space was well-organised and friendly. The trainer was knowledgeable and had a good sense of humour. All-round excellent course."

"Everything! Very happy and would definitely use again and recommend"

"Course was excellent, staff very friendly and efficient"

"Really well organised training center. Very good courses and great refreshments on offer. Trainer was very knowledgeable and very good. Good amount of breaks and refreshments on offer. "

"Organisation of the days, friendly staff and nice atmosphere in which to learn"

"delivery of the course and course content"

"Initial welcome and refreshments during the day"

"Simo was really good at pacing the course and explaining things when one of us got stuck. Great knowledge of Photoshop. I would love to come back and do the expert course!"

"Everyone was so friendly and helpful which makes it's a pleasant overall experience. Trainer tried to tailor the training to individual needs where possible."

"Very organised, everything made easy and accessible."

"Everything. Every member of staff were fantastic."

"course was very informative"

"Very knowledgeable and approachable course leader, who was able to squeeze a wide variety of techniques into the course"

"Great environment, and small groups!"

"Everything! It does look like I have filled in the questions. But I think 10 is a fair response for everything. Its been an enjoyable and interesting day. Lunch was great and I got exactly what I needed."

Delegate from: PA Consulting Group on 26th October

"Atmosphere is great, love the training rooms, lunch was delicious!"

"Perfect course, thank you!"

"Not intimidating and very relaxed friendly environment. "

"Making sure the course text was relevant to our line of work and tailoring the training to meet our needs"

"Trainer explained everything very clearly and we were given enough breaks "

"Refreshments and the trainer was pleasant and supportive"

"Welcome, food, atmosphere, nice equipment, seamlessness."

"We covered a lot in a short space. Bec's was very clear and helpful when we asked for help"

"friendliness; food; physical environment"

"Very knowledgable and good tips"

"Everything was great, Iwan was incredibly knowledgable and helpful. 100% recommend!"

"Covered a lot in short space of time and good background to different elements "

"Good learning environment, great food and refreshments. Will definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues. "

"EVERYTHING! Love coming here. "

"really good course, trainer really knowledgeable, and could answer all questions. The exercises were really relevant - great course. thanks "


"The team were very friendly and helpful. "

"Repeating steps throughout the software where needed and requested. Very supportive instructor "

"Piers was fantastic - you are lucky to have him!"

"Friendly, helped with extra questions even if they were a little outside the scope of the course which was really appreciated!"

"I thought the course instructor was very knowledgeable and clear, and brought a good mix of practical exercises, theory and discussion. I would definitely recommend the course to other people. "

"Kate was knowledgable and helpful, and explained things clearly. It went at the right pace. The surroundings were nice, and refreshments good."

"Kate was so patient with us and a very good teacher. And the food was spot on! x"

"Very friendly, delicious lunch and refreshments, easy user guides and great recommended websites. "

"The quality of the training was good and i enjoyed my time here. I could definitely see myself using this. "

"Great offices & refreshments. The staff were very friendly & helpful. "

"Customising session to accommodate our individual needs"

"Friendly, clean, open environment. Excellent trainer. Clear agenda."

"Answering all questions, very knowledgable."

"Nothing, perfect training"

"The setting was really nice, the trainer was very knowledgeable, I liked the small classes so you get more feedback and easier to ask questions"

"fantastic tutelage, will definitely consider more courses"

"good at communicating information! "

"The food ;-) Very knowledgeable instructor and environment. "

"Peter's delivery of the training was excellent; very clear, to the point and accessible. "

"Wolf was very knowledgeable - you could tell he know his stuff"

"Calm and friendly teaching style"

"Peter was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, 10/10 would definitely recommend and hopefully I'll be able to return for another course!"

"The quality of the course was outstanding and so was Peter. Very patient and helpful for all silly questions. The food was lovely as well."

"Great course with a great trainer. Very useful. "

"Everything. V impressed."

"It was a great environment to learn in, thank you!"

"The training session gave me an excellent overview of In Design and I feel able to use all of the relevant features at the level that I need within my job. I really enjoyed the course and am looking forward to putting what I have learnt into practice. "

"Great environment, knowledgable trainers and friendly, fun staff. Small groups are great to allow questions."

"Approaching questions & being friendly "

"Good examples, small class size was good because you could ask for help when stuck. The trainer had knowledge and experience of photoshop and was friendly and approachable. "

"Great teaching style, I've learnt lots. The food was amazing!"

"Extremely knowledgeable trainer providing thorough instruction and relevant examples. A well paced course that we get me up and running in Photoshop."

"Very good lunch and facilities. Course was well put together with plenty of examples to get practice. Trainer very friendly and knowledgeable."


"General atmosphere, food, and trainers. Piers was particularly good both the days I have been here!"

"creating the perfect ambient for training "

"lunch was amazing - nice building - friendly staff, and good location "

Delegate from: Estee lauder on 20th October

"Taking in a lot of information about the team and making good judgements"

Delegate from: Estee Lauder Companies on 20th October

"Good class sizes. Great lunch. "

"knowledgeable, friendly (and great food!)"

"Trainer was great, green tea was appreciated."

"Turning the course into a relaxed open opportunity to discuss real issues"

"Understanding the needs of the group and went with the flow rather than being strict on what would have been the objectives"

"Communicating to team with advice."

"Pretty much everything else. It's an extremely relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and will absolutely be recommending to others!"

"it was a really good training!"

"Everything - Piers is passionate, knowledgeable and approachable. The course was fun, engaging and mentally challenging. "

"Very personable and attentive to delivering what we asked for (individual training needs)"

"Nice environment, good course structure "

"Trainer really good :) Really tailored the training to our needs"

"Everything else! Very nice, professional and friendly environment. "

"welcoming and friendly staff, providing food/drinks, easy to use equipment. "

"I found the course really useful, Rebecca was really knowledgeable and made everything clear, even though there was a lot to get through. Thanks! "

"Really lovely environment, and Rebecca our trainer was excellent."

"Amazing trainer! Amazing snacks!"

"Very polite and helpful team - great atmosphere."

"trainer was great. Environment was good."

"Friendly and entertaining - Rob made us all feel very welcome :-)"

"good course, good food... brilliant overall"

"Hospitality, and facilities."

"training. staff very friendly, helpful and smiley."

"Resources, teacher, examples, workflow."

"great didactic and knowledge by the teacher, kindness by everyone, great efficiency, great facilities"

"All perfect, Rob is 5*****! Thank you"

"Everything was great :)"

"great environment, great teacher."

"Everything was excellent! Great hospitality and an interesting course. Thanks!"

"Great biscuits and knowledgeable tutor."

"It was great! Learned a lot. "

"Very good course, very useful to have 6 month assistance after the actual course"

"Very well organised day, the trainer had excellent knowledge, great that the size was so small (3), very practical, great refreshments and lunch"

"Everything was great and the trainer was very knowledgeable "

"Nice offices and refreshments"

"Getting participants to share their experience"

"Jess delivered extensive knowledge about Mailchimp and has opened up a number of areas that we will have to address BEFORE we can get stuck into using Mailchimp. The product is more comprehensive than orginally thought. there is so much to take in on the product."

"Friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. Tailored the course specifically to our industry. "

"Ability to review our understanding on a regular basis and adjust the pace of the training accordingly. Showing real-life examples rather than theoretical templates ... this increased audience engagement NB: scores for lunch and toilets were low as training took place at our facility not at yours "

"Fantastic examples and a knowledgeable trainer. Thumbs up!"

"Super friendly staff, very helpful! Lovely lunch. Excellent trainer. I hope I can come back in the future!"


"Excellent training, very good pace. Excellent trainer! "

"the course was well thought out with adequate breaks to stop information overload which created a relaxed environment, lunch and breakfast was very nice with plenty of choices. Staff were very friendly and willing to help with anything including carrying bags "

"Trainer was really friendly and made the course comfortable"

"pleasant set up and environment refreshments"

"Making the atmosphere very welcoming and exciting! Wolf is an excellent teacher who makes you really enjoy and understand so much more than you thought possible. "

"The lunch was superb!"

"Really good course with lots of useful detail and great lively discussion. I enjoyed every minute of it."

"Covered a lot of ground in a short space of time, without it being overwhelming. The day felt very focused and not as if any time was wasted. Created a nice environment to share ideas. Lots of time for discussion and asking questions. "

"welcoming, very good knowledge and explanation/teaching given in the class"

"It was the perfect balance of theory and practice. I found it really useful and interesting."

"Piers was very knowledgeable, spoke with authority and gave useful feedback following the exercises we took part in."

"Everything! Love the class sizes, trainer was brilliant. His enthusiasm was infectious and I loved the course. I know have so many practical skills to go away with. "

"Great teaching with examples, very patient when things were going wrong! Would absolutely recommend to a friend and look at other courses which would benefit me "

"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, great set-up and approach to teaching "

"Easy to understand. Trainer was good. Environment was good. Lunch was great. "

"everything else! Simo is a rockstar! Cheers!"

"Answering questions that weren't part of the course but kindly doing so anyway. "

"engaging trainer who made it more fun especially as is a technical & specific subject matter thank you "

"Patient and always clear and concise."

"Rob was great! Kept us all engaged throughout and made what could have been quite a dry topic absolutely fascinating. Thanks, Rob! "

"Knowledge and step by step guidance was great. Staff were really friendly, creative, relaxed environment. Would highly recommend."

"The environment was very nice and clean. Everyone was very helpful and polite and I needed for nothing! "

"good office space, handy to have your own workstation and catered towards mac or PC, good training material and trainer catered around our objectives as well as taught during lunch breaks. very good"

"Rebecca is a great teacher. Very enthusiastic and knowledgable! Thanks very much. "

"Teacher was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I really enjoyed the course."

"VERY friendly and helpful. Even though I was behind everyone I didn't feel stressed or embarrassed. "

"Covered a broad range of topics, very good trainer, great staff, great refreshments. Definitely will be coming back. Thank you!"

"friendly staff, great overall"

"Really good orientation and welcome from your front of house, thank you. "

"intro to the software, answering questions, guidance and walkthrough through different features"

"Always good food and Patsy is incredible!"

"Fantastic trainer and a great work space to learn in. Thank you "

"venue, food, location, welcome. Looking forward to trying other courses."

"Great personal service during course and from everyone at venue"

"Great, friendly service. Lovely refreshments Great equipment. Fab layout and interior. The trainers willingness to apply the training content to your business needs was brilliant. "

"coming back to reinforce the info on (harder bits) .explanatory , "

"Very clear! Simplifying more technical issues"

"Lunch and preparation with a warm welcome on arrival"

"A useful day and tailored to my particular situation - thank you "

"Great, engaging trainer who used relevant examples. "

"Making everything approachable and being friendly!"

"Relevant examples and really useful information that will help me to improve my writing skills."

"Humour and warmth"

"Presenting the different frameworks that can be used when writing for the web."

"Great environment to learn created by the trainer. Made friendly and brought us all together and focused. really enjoyed that it was a mix of group/ partner and independent work. Loved that we had a go ourselves with examples."

"Everything set up and ready to go, smooth run through of everything and plenty of opportunities to ask questions."

"Course content was good, passion of the trainer on the subject helps make what could potentially be a slow course, interesting. "

"Good pace, good amount of information, surprisingly engaging"

"welcoming and organisation and quality of trainer"

"Great, I think every team needs this in any company. It is so important to refresh our writing skills!"

"Knowledgeable tutor delivered course in a very accessible way"

"Amazing teacher and a very very interesting class! Great food as well. "

"Teaching in a way that I remembered the information!"

"Great enviroment to learn in, classes are the right size. "

"Iwan was terrific. Great explanations, good humour, a delight to work with. "

"Wolf's knowledge is incredible"

"The content of the course is great, all the staff are fantastic. Keep it up "

"Wolf Sensei knows his stuff... he's slightly more useful than the 'show help' option of C4D, as they neglect dad jokes through-out. Loved it."

"Brilliant course, great content and excellent refreshments throughout the two days"

"Bringing together creative people to a great environment, lovely offices, great food! "

"The course was really interesting and useful I learned so much and for the price you pay you would expect to pay a lot more for the valuable information that you were getting. It was great to meet other creative people and the teacher was brilliant I will be rebooking myself on another course."

"Generally exampling the whole software to build a greater understanding of all the tools and how we could apply them to our future work"

"Everything very good as always"

"Course structure and engaging with people. Good sense of humor."

"Providing real world examples and explaining writing concepts. Focusing on reading age."

"Kate was excellent at adapting the course to meet our individual and collective needs."

"As always, Simon is extremely knowledgeable, patient and great at explaining. Best course yet, thank you!"

"Giving real life examples and how to apply this to your business. "

"Your hospitality and enthusiasm."

"Good facilities, good lunch and friendly staff. Excellent trainer who adapted course well to specific requests"

"Patsy was flexible with the content so she make sure it was useful to our actual work. Also she was very approachable and friendly."

"Creating a cool, laid back but resourceful and informative environment for students to learn. "

"Emile was an awesome teacher... laid back, funny, very knowledgable and patient. I liked his methodical approach to tasks and attention to detail. Also... the food was A+. Thanks."

"All good! I've learned a lot about Illustrator but also about Japanese music and gangsta grannies. "

"Really good at explaining things. Really good knowledge of Illustrator. Loved the addition of the granny with the gun! Brilliant course. 5 stars!"

"Great tutor, customer service and lunch!"

"Most importantly the training. It was easy to understand and really relevant!"

"The course materials were set up so it flowed smoothly, gradually building up skills."

"Really good lunch, lovely friendly environment, a laid back atmosphere, very knowledgeable trainer who made the sessions feel very comfortable. "

"Easy to understand course at a manageable pace, open to questions and patient. Great hospitality from whole team and great food!"

"Friendly staff with excellent facilities and refreshments."

Delegate from: University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust on 9th October

"Trainer had very personable style, really knowledgable and fun"

"Quality of teaching"

"very informative, expanding on knowledge I had and showing further application of this knowledge"

"Rob aka the Pokémon Trainer, was incredibly relaxed, informative, systematic and helpful in all aspects! Super enjoyed the course, learned a ton! Nice relaxed atmosphere, good lunch, plenty of break time. Enjoyed the structure of the course in its entirety. "

"The Pokémon Trianer was the very best. Course was delivered in a calm, intuitive manner, very enjoyable and worthwhile. The journey continues..."

"Very welcome and approachable. Perfect enviroment to work in "

"Really consultative approach tailored to what I was looking to achieve. Got me thinking about the creative possibilities with the application as oppose to just the functionality. Lots of food for thought and I was glad to hear there is continued support from the team here should I need it in the next 6 months. I was recommended this course and would definitely recommend to other colleagues. Also good vegetarian options for lunch was a plus!"

"Everything - you nailed it "

"Changing the course contents to fit the trainees' knowledge and what they wanted to learn"

"Knowledge of Indesign - Vicki was a great teacher! Learnt a lot within the space of one day! "

"well structured course, very approachable trainer, nice facilities"

"Giving examples & interacting with the group given there experiences they have encountered. "

"Really good trainer with good knowledge and experience and small group size. "

"Having such an experienced trainer, with a wealth of experience in editing and journalism, with a lovely manner, making everyone feel valued and welcome, lots of tips and the a very positive enviornment"

"A warm, welcoming atmosphere, good lunch and other snacks too."

"Overall energy was good and really liked the classroom (aside from the temperature) and screens on both sides of the wall. Liked also that there were drinks and snacks available throughout the day as I felt the course was good value for money and look forward to coming on another course and recommending courses to my friends and colleagues. "

"Welcoming of students, Hospitality and Time effectiveness of course criteria"

"I was apprehensive when I turned up this morning, but I was greeted with music in the lobby and two very friendly people. The space itself is incredible, very bright (the weather helped I'm sure!) with lots of tables and refreshments. I spoke to the trainer just before I started the class, as I was worried I had booked onto a course that was too advanced for me. He was very re-assuring and I felt comfortable starting the session. The structure was fabulous. We started with a review of concepts and practised using them which immediately made me feel comfortable with my level of knowledge in the room. Dallas used his voice in a very engaging way, it absolutely carried the room and kept us alert. His explanations with examples and use of questioning was very educational. I really really enjoyed the training and feel much more confident with the more 'advanced' aspects of excel."

"I signed up for Excel advance and I've got the information I have wanted"

"Listening to things that we wanted to learn about and going over examples of them. "

"Very helpful at specific (difficult!) questions - thank you!"

"It was very informative and a lot better than the last course i was on with a different provider."

"Going through each task and then providing numerous examples to work on, both individually and collectively. Relating the tasks back to our own particular jobs and requirements."

"the course was good, the atmosphere is nice and everyone was helpful. "

"Training people"

"The working facilities."

"Overall experience. Class size. Set up encouraged students to mix. Good environment and well looked after. Thank you."

"Training material was well organised and easy to navigate. Training was very easy to follow for complete beginners like myself. Generally very good, thanks!"

"relevant info, digestible, easy to folloiw"

"everything and another excellent lunch!"

"Relevance of material. Great trainer."

"Good trainers who care "

"facilities & food were excellent"

"Friendly, great lunch and very informative session. I was able to bring work i need help with and am leaving feeling much more confident in using photoshop next time!"

"Lunch was yum thanks !!! Really nice environment to be in. Matt was great, friendly, patient and supa informative."

"Matt was extremely friendly and helpful. Made us all feel very comfortable and didn't make you feel embarrassed about asking any particular question. Overall a great day, very useful."

"Very relevant and flexible approach to training"

"friendly environment for learning"

"lunch was great. Flexible course based on my needs "

"a job well done - good lunch "

"Venue was great, easy to get to and fitted out really well. Trainer was really friendly and helpful, great to work with. Refreshment were spot on!"

"Really great course. Vicki is really good. Lots of knowledge and it was a delight to be on this course. I wished i had done this years ago! "

"Very informative and great use of examples! Very good at adapting on ways we can use things within each of our work. Great use of examples too."

"Vicki was incredibly knowledgeable and very personable - really excellent delivery of the training and worked with the differing levels of knowledge exceptionally well. "

"Really knowledgeable and friendly teacher Great lunch and nice atmosphere"

"All the staff at the training centre were incredibly warm, polite and friendly and very welcoming. The course teacher Vicki was very thorough and really knowledgeable. The pace of the days was really good too and there are lots of materials and examples to walk away with which is great. It was really useful to look at examples of our own work with Vicki so I could get an idea of where we are. Really enjoyed it, now considering the advanced course!"

"Explaining the reasoning behind why you do things as opposed to just how you do things. Create a vibrant atmosphere in order to learn best and feel comfortable."

"Friendly approachable, convenient "

"Can't complain about anything, Emile was great! Great teacher, lots of fun :-)"

"training. Emile was great. good fun, and V knowledgable and knew what speed to go at"

"Emile was great, he wasn't too serious and he was very patient. I would like to come back again to do another media training course "

"Relaxed atmosphere, friendly team and knowledgable trainers."

"lovely space, food and knowledgable trainer"

"Groups are small so the practical part of the course can be made relevant to our specific jobs. Trainer is very supportive."

"I really enjoyed the course. The training was great and everyone was very friendly. Great lunch too. Many thanks!"

"Nice venue, staff were very welcoming, and great food! Good course, looking forward to putting what I've learnt into practice."

"Peter was patient, helpful, enthusiastic and very knowledgable. He gave us good examples of designers to research and took the time to answer any questions. "

"Fantastic trainer, lovely environment, and perfect balance of teaching time vs. putting the theory and knowledge into practice! Would recommend this course to everyone. "

"Great facilities and friendly staff Course was helpful and informative - nice to refresh skills and consolidate the core basics"

"Very patient and helpful - size of classes is really good"

"the environment and set up for the course"

"Really enjoyed the course because we were a small group of five so we could discuss topics with the trainer and could make it relevant for our work."

"Lovely setting and building - great vibe - open and light - great facilities and food was great. Like that groups are small - great for in-depth discussions and information sharing - can share ideas and thoughts Trainer was friendly, knowledgable and had a great day - really made me rethink my approach "

"Kate created a friendly environment and we were not intimidated or made to feel stupid by our lack of knowledge."

"Felt very well organised from the time you entered into the building. Particularly liked matching table numbers to the rooms and immediately meeting your course colleagues"

"Very patient, professional teacher who listened to and answered all questions nicely. Had a tailored workshop designed just for us, and our needs were met."

"Moving through a lot of information, explaining it clearly. Excellent teaching. "

"Delivering an interesting and informative course. Lunch and venue were great too. "

"The friendly, laid back environment, approachable staff, good music and food."

"Making the whole environment and the course as welcoming as possible - At no point did it feel like I was under any pressure to work at any pace! Instructor was great and helped at every stage to keep our group up to date with complete understanding of what we were doing "

"I have been for training with your company multiple times, and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. It's a great environment. Simo is by far the best trainer I've had, I cannot quite fathom how much he knows about Photoshop. he was really patient with us and always open to questions. There were only 2 of us on the course so that was great as we had his attention all the time. I will be back for another course as imminently!"

"relaxed and friendly atmosphere in classroom"

"Knowledge and experience was good. Everything was explained if we didn't understand."

"Really friendly, clean, great course!"

"mixing journalism and infographics; process was well explained"

"provoking discussions, providing thought-provoking examples, explaining the process"

"The entire experience was wonderful - the venue was great, the instructor was very knowledgeable and I've learned a great deal today. Would definitely recommend and will (hopefully) be back!"

"friendly delivery, will be back"

"I wasn't sure what to expect on my first ever training course, but I was so pleasantly surprised! The whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable; the training course was informative, enjoyable, relevant and inspiring, the venue is fantastic – modern, clean, relaxed and welcoming, the staff so friendly positive, and the food was delicious and healthy! I was especially impressed with our course tutor, Wolf, he was very knowledgeable and made me feel at ease. I can't wait to come back for my next course!"

"Providing a great training programme and creating a great work atmosphere."

"I liked the building and felt i got a lot for my money. I would like to come again in the future."

"The trainer was very good and knowledgeable. the course materials were thorough as were the case studies. Lunch and refreshments were excellent!"

"Very approachable, experienced and passionate trainer."

"Personal approach to the sessions, great atmosphere and a good quality of filming equipment which can be bought at a reasonable price. "

"Answering any questions that we may have. You also have an incredibly experienced team who provide notes for you even after your training day. Would highly recommend for anyone wanting to gain experience from a basic or professional level in the multiple industries this covers. "

"Patience and was able to also answer and show us how to do specific things we asked. Very helpful. "

"The course was a lot more thorough than I had imagined. Very enjoyable and engaging, and 'Erin' was fab! "

"Emile explains things really well. Great course, we got through a lot in 2 days, excited to put it to use!"

"Very organised with arrival/timings etc, everyone was very friendly and Emile was a really good trainer, made the 2 days very fun but super educational!"

"Kate Goldberg was brilliant!"

" Training was well structured, and lunch was fab :) "

"Range of knowledge - Peter was especially good at explaining and knew what I was asking, even when my questions were worded terribly. Would recommend to other professionals"

"Knowledge/competence of the trainer, and learning environment"

"Approachable, friendly, smiley staff and trainers, nice environment to learn and work in. Course went at a great pace with regular breaks and enough time to do the exercises."

"Big Daddy was a great teacher. He's like a father figure to me. I'd say he's as good as, if not better than Rob. "

"Big Daddy knew his stuff. Papi and Rob should host a premier/illustrator showdown to the death (but not really to the death, just to the midly hurt). Honestly though, awesome course. Very excited to finally use this and the week's other courses properly at work. "

"Big Daddy used his incredible knowledge of Adobe Illustrator to teach us how to become 'Illustrators', as opposed to 'Graphic Designers'. The knowledge and wisdom bestowed upon us during this course will go down in training history - forever."

"Clear tailored learning for a one to one environment. Managed to cover everything I had expected to based on the objectives sent over."

"Very good at seeing how an intro could be improved / handled / how to handle the planning / transcripts"

"Very good at explaining the structure a feature should take, and how to keep to the word count. Gave good ideas about different types of intros and conclusions. Used very relevant and interesting examples."

"It was a great course and very good at taking question "off script" too"

"Very interactive, great knowledge. Went away with lots of practical tips. "

"Flexible approach based on your experience and requirements."

"Deliver comprehensiveness training in short time frame"

"Great hands on experience, with a brilliantly knowledgeable trainer. Amazing facilities and team who more than happy to help"

"The course was very well organised and the fact that classes are kept small helped the learning environment greatly."

"Very knowledgable and friendly staff. Very approachable tutor, always encouraging the class to ask questions if support is needed. "

"Excellent teaching and support. Small groups meant that I have learnt so much over the two day course and I feel inspired to continue building on what I have learnt. Thank you "

"Teaching at a basic level without being condescending. very approachable. "

"Interactive Knowledgeable trainer Customer service The food!"

"The teacher was eloquent and calm and really knows his stuff. I love the set up here - it feels a treat to come. Thanks for great lunches and biscuit breaks. Loved it."

"Class size really good. Tom very knowledgable and patient with those who fell behind. Will definitely come again!"

"Everything was honestly great - really lovely atmosphere and staff!!"

"Explaining methods in a clear and and well structured manner. Great pacing and easy to follow. "

"Really pleasant surroundings, excellent refreshments, lunch"

"Rob was very engaging and insightful, he clearly knows a lot about filming and editing which made the course feel incredibly worthwhile. The broccoli salad was exceptional too. "

"Welcoming, friendly, nice location and venue. Good selection of courses but could do with offering some more courses around Documentary Filmmaking - i would sign up if you do. Do you have a referral scheme, for referring friends to also join one of your courses?"

"Great trainer, he made it fun, really helpful and good at explaining things"

"Good knowledge when ask very specific questions, I was already proficient in INDD but learnt solid practices and workflow techniques."

"Explaining each step in detail, providing recommendations, giving honest advice and having knowledge beyond the specificities of the course."

"He was very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. We would definitely recommend Simon to any friends who might need SEO training."

"you are very friendly and it felt good to be welcomed by lovely people with a nice smile."

"Pretty much everything! It was a really smooth and enjoyable experience. Food and coffee was great."

"excellent, professional training. 10/10 customer service. "

"Trainer helped answer all questions I had - very good knowledge of software. Oh, and lunch."

"The trainer and everyone who worked for media training were very friendly. The 2 day course was great. "

"The environment was lovely and Peter was extremely knowledgeable and willing to help with our bespoke needs. I like that it was a small group. "

"Media training - competent, professional, organised and enjoyable. "

"Very welcoming environment. Liked the small group and Peter was a very knowledgeable teacher who explained things clearly . Was easy to follow"

"Very welcoming team and Wolf was great. You can tell he is passionate about the software"

"The course was very good. Wolf really knew his stuff. He was able to answer all our questions and show us examples. "

"I had lots of fun and enjoyed learning new things about after effects. Wolf has definitely blown my mind in terms of solving after effects problems as well as offering a better and more efficient alternative. I would definitely love to come again, perhaps for a cinema4D.."

"Very welcoming and helpful team, good structure to the day, training itself was brilliant. Non-dairy milks being available was great. Thank you :)"

"Welcoming, great knowledge, great food, great content. "

"Great atmosphere, easy and friendly"

"Creating a streamlined yet friendly environment for learning"

"Basically everything. Explaining various practises, talking through results etc"

"Friendly staff, lovely facilities, great trainer. "

"Welcoming, and providing resources for after the training "

"Friendly but focussed environment"

"Really approachable, attentive trainer. Tailored the course to each person's needs. Excellent, will come back."

"Iwan was good at going through the course extensively 10/10"

"Very well organised and friendly trainers and staff."

"making course easy and friendly atomosphere"

"good reception, qualified teachers, very interesting courses - all perfect!"

"Trainers knowledge was fab and he listened to what we needed to know which was the most important thing. Top class course!"

"the food was great! and the tutor was very knowledgable "

"Great day and great traning!"

"Overall knowledge and working examples"

"Everything was brilliant. Great facilities and thorough course. Would reccomend."

"Taking the time to answer questions and explaining everything in detail"

"everything. the skin work work and 3d layers was great"

"A very nice and relaxed environment to learn in. Small classroom made it easy to ask lots of questions and feel like we were receiving a personal style of training. Lunch and snacks were amazing!! "

"Great lunch as always! Love the fact it is small classes which is why I would continue to keep coming back here for courses!"

"The course gave a varied and informative introduction to writing for the web. It was particularly good at focusing on the importance of the headline and target audience. "

"Practical illustrations and examples including added value coding given by trainer"

"Engaging trainer, good explanation through every stage, happy to answer additional questions and demonstrate other skills (little bit of code)"

"Very organised and skilled trainer, polite and helpful staff. Excellent service"

"Not Much, I like that we covered a lot of things, its good to have a complete awareness of everything."

"Making it relate-able. Being able to bring experiences from work to the course and learn in relation to that was a great benefit."

"Letting people bring in their own work and get support on that rather than forcing everyone to do the same thing. So friendly! Meeting everyone's needs and letting people suggest things that they want to learn (willing to be lenient with the structure of the course)."

"very friendly staff, excellent training."

"Matt taught us at a great pace - he was really easy to follow, and was happy to repeat anything we'd missed. I really enjoyed the copying from a magazine exercise! It gave us all a huge amount of confidence that we'd learned so many basic skills, and could work out how to put them together and make something really professional looking. Also, the food (especially the lunch - I'm vegetarian) was excellent! "

"You are really good making sure that the course is useful and suited to our needs. No time wasted and I like the fact that you are constantly making sure that we practice and have an overview of what has been taught. "


"everything went really smoothly right from booking the course to the way the course was run"

"Providing a nice area with friendly people, nice lunch and an interesting an engaging course!"

"Great space, friendly staff, nice welcome at the door, easy to find using clear map provided. Lunch and refreshments were great. No complaints whatsoever. Thanks very much!"

"Good tips and tricks - Lots of useful sites and apps to use. Lunch was delicious and perfect venue for learning environment"

"Felt at ease in the classroom and enjoyed the day. "

"Able to cater for everyone and felt completely comfortable to let the trainer know if i had a question about a specific topic that was being discussed."

"All experience is good, from booking the course to actually the course, very accurate and good examples. "

"friendly, professional!"

"Followed the course well the explanations were fantastic. Wolf is excellent - Haven't met anyone who knows their stuff like Wolf in a long time!"

"Tutor was brilliant, explained everything very well. Lunch and refreshments are very good. "

"Was very pleased with the entire experience. Highly recommend this course. Thank you!"

"Illuminating the concepts in an accessible way. Neil was able to explain concepts like Keyframes and 3D camera layers by drawing out examples on the board, which helped me to grasp the idea."

"very knowledgeable, patient and friendly training. excellent food and drink. welcoming surroundings and very professional service. thank you!"

"Great examples, patient support, highly enjoyable class."

"James was particularly good at clearly explaining things and was very good when answering any questions we had."

"Very useful session. Trainer helped explain a lot of things, and I shall hopefully put it all into practice."

"Giving examples and alternatives. Good to learn more than one answer for certain situations. "

"Demonstrating, showing examples and helping to guide us through each section. "

"Environment, content, trainers, venue.. I thought it was all exceptional and would highly recommend to colleagues and friends"

"I enjoyed Rebecca's teaching style"

"Creating a open and interactive learning environment, friendly staff and knowledgeable trainer. Thanks again for surprising Hannah with cake, she was touched."

"Patient, knowledgeable, good equipment, good pace, great working environment in the classroom and facilities/refreshments provided"

"Good setup and examples. Great lunch too!"

"Although we didn't learn about Jason's background, he seemed extremely knowledgeable and flexible, and was happy to answer any questions and make detours to suit our needs. Excellent hands-on experience in terms of filming. "

"Great service, staff very helpful and environment is very accessible and user friendly."


"This is the second course I've been on, the first was 'proof reading' and I've been extremely impressed with both courses and trainers. I've recommended the centre to colleagues and one has already attended a different course."

"Offering a contemporary, relaxed yet professional workspace that was welcoming to all. Fantastic refreshments and service was provided. The size of the class was very effective. "

"Really friendly staff, instructor was really engaging and helpful. Small class size was really great too. "

"good session, feel like i've learned what i wanted to learn!"

"Presentation, training (make us understanding and give us good examples)"

"Really great staff and teachers, food was brilliant. Overall a great experience."

"It has been a very well-structured course, with very clear explanations. The pace was reasonable, I could follow along quite easily. Very friendly environment, extremely helpful staff."

"Great environment and very helpful staff and trainer"

"Overall the course has been really good and useful. i feel i have learnt a lot."

"Really informative course, useful to spread everything out over two days. Course notes and also the extra resources are also really helpful. "

"Great equipment, quick to deal with issues, friendly"

"James was very knowledgeable and a great trainer. The food and refreshments are great. Everyone is friendly."

"Small classes make for an easier learning environment, really friendly, great food and nice environment. Wouldn't hesitate to come back. "

"Going through a step by step instruction guide on photoshop. I really feel comfortable using photoshop on a basic level where I was intimidated by the program before. Food was delicious and healthy. Staff were friendly. Simo was a very good teacher and answered all questions that I had."


"Neil was great at explaining things and very friendly"

"Very knowledgeable and good 1 to 1 service. Thank you!"

"Everything, great :-) "

"Food offering better than expected - a definate plus. Staff very friendly. Casual and laidback vibe really good."

"Delivering an engaging course effectively to an audience with varying requirements. "

"It was a very comfortable learning environment. The staff where welcoming from the outset and the and I felt it set the tone for an enjoyable day of learning. The tutor (Doug) had a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. It was difficult to follow a set syllabus, as the students on the course needed to learn slightly different things, however everyone question that was asked was answered. "

"Everything is good. I will suggest my friends training here. ^_^"

"The welcome first thing was good liked being told about facilities"

"Engagement during the day was great; always felt part of the teaching and felt comfortable in contributing. The subject matter was all really useful. The IT set up was spot on. The food was fab."

"v helpful and responsive staff! great food and environment!"

"Explaining the why of everything. It made things much clearer."

"Simon was really clear at explaining, which helped me understand a lot better. The rooms were bright and clean which made the experience good. I would like to come back again!"

"An extremely useful introductory. A lot was covered during the course of the day and I am walking away a lot more confident about using Google Analytics. "

"Very good course, at a good pace and nice atmosphere"

"Welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable. Great food!"

"everything! once more, you have provided me with a clear and useful course and a lovely and knowledgeable teacher. thank you!"

"Loved the lunch!"

"Organisation, easyness"

"Great food, friendly staff, great facilities, good course."

"Trainer was very good, clear communication and gave real life examples. Class sizes are small which is good for one on one questions "

"lovely environment to work. well maintained. nice staff. good lunch. too many "

"Wolf was amazing and did everything and more we'd ever need at this level, thanks! "

"Honestly this course was the best use of two days I've had for a loooong time... <--- note sure if that made sense but it was great!. Staff for were super friendly, please let them know that, they seem like good people."

"very friendly environment, from walking in / registration to the very end."

"Fantastic venue, great environment, brilliant customer service, amazing food"

"Everything is very nice. I am appreciated in your place and staffs."

"Explaining complicated things simply :)"

Delegate from: Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer on 13th September

"The course was presented well and the trainer was very knowledgeable. "

"Ensuring the material was relevant but also interesting enough to keep our attention. Good ratio of activities and discussion."

"Very good at paying attention to us individually to check that we're all up to speed"

"Making sure everyone was keeping up with the coursework and not leaving anyone behind"

"top stuff! able to adapt to the surroundings and needs of the clients! "

"patient. going through and explaining clearly. wasn't too much information overload"

"very engaging course leader and extremely engaged on the training day. She made us feel very at ease and ready to learn. The day was very informative and interesting and even with a lot of very dense information I felt we walked away enlightened and ready to use Excel!"

"Friendly people, knowledgeable tutor, great food. "

"everything from the welcome, training, refreshments, environments - it was all great!"

"Most things training course related. Welcoming friendly staff, too. That's always nice."

"Really knowledgeable and engaging trainer, Patsy was great so top marks "

"Answering specific questions, offering lots of additional tips, being friendly hosts."

"Simon was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, being able to answer everyone's questions and provide helpful examples and further reading which is highly beneficial. A very educational and thorough course which I'd highly recommend, especially to those within marketing!"

"Simon is a great trainer, very knowledgeable and relaxed! I will definitely recommend this training to everyone who wants to learn about SEO, and also to those who already use it. He can answer to any questions and difficulties anyone may have. A great experience overall, lunch was amazing and stuff so friendly! "

"It was a super hands on course - feeling exhausted now!! Can't believe how much we covered and allowed me to feel knowledgable and confident on new programmes."

"You were really good at teaching us carefully in stages so we can all understand even though we are in different levels of experience in our job roles. "

"Ian was very knowledgeable and friendly, his way of teaching was fantastic and very easy for me to follow. I would also comment on how you catered for the needs of each student. The lunch was also pretty good!!"

"everything- training, hosting and catering"

"Very helpful trainer & great food"

"Keeping class sizes down to small amount which allowed each person who had their own speciality subject/questions that could be answered. Ian was very good at training, good communication skills, friendly and approacable"

"Small classes, great teacher, good food and staff very friendly"

"I was really happy with everything. The lunch is amazing. The size of the class is perfect. Bathrooms all clean. Really great space guys. I will be back."

"For a beginner course this was brilliant and very informative. It delved into basic skills in object creation, tools, controls, layout, texturing, lighting, and rendering. The examples given were relevant to my work and what I'll be using the software for. All the information given was more than enough to start creating professional looking graphic content, and it'll come in extremely useful for me in the future. The refreshments - lunch in particular - were excellent, and the staff were all extremely friendly and welcoming. "

"Martin is an incredible trainer!!"

"Presenter was clear, calm and easy to ask questions to"

"Everything else. Really fantastic stuff!"

"the best class i have attending at Media Training, the trainer had a lovely and approachable manner. Superb!!!"

"You are good at what you do"

"very friendly. Very clear training style. Lovely office space - I will come back and try another course!"

"Sandy was a FANTASTIC teacher - very friendly and helpful. Sandy made the day go quickly (which i was nervous about) and kept me engaged throughout. The staff at the center were so friendly and keen to help. Overall excellent"

"Lunch was great thank you. Teaching room facilities were good."

"I thought Andy was very knowledgeable and answered any questions very helpfully. I really enjoyed the course - thank you!"

"Giving all the different examples of the different infographics and the practical session towards the end."

"very organised, liked set up and relevant training"

"Everything, an excellent course and surroundings"

"Taking time to ensure all of us understood each element before moving forward "

"Great food and organised enviroment"

"Ian was very knowledgeable and answered any queries we had. Very relaxed atmosphere and good environment for training. I also really like that it was a small group so you could ask qus."

"I feel much more confident using InDesign now. The training was really useful and delivered in a way that helped me understand and remember it. The environment was really nice and made the training more enjoyable."

"The course covered the majority of what I expected and in an interesting way. The recaps were good."

"The trainer, lunch and environment are all great!"

"Lunch and environment. "

"The trainer make sure everyone understand everything before going to the next step"

"The training was very easy to understand and easy to get to grips with."

"It was all very good. Well structured, right level of detail and very useful."

"Robust trainer knowledge, friendly atmosphere, great general provisions, generally a really productive course for us"

"Pace of the course was excellent, food and refreshments were superb. Trainer was very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. "

"The style and pace of the course was just right."

"Answering questions. Types of exercises. Speed of course. Course length. Lunch. Plenty of drinks. "

"keeping everyone on the same page and balancing the pace of the course with the knowledge of the other participants"

"The highly applicable excel functions at work, very clear instruction. "

"Friendly, helpful, nice facilities."

"Engaging teaching, effective and memorable, simple to follow but not patronisingly slow or methodical. Instructor read the audience/room well to establish effective pace of teaching."

"Trainer was really knowledgable and helpful and really nice facilities. "

"Excellent, knowledgeable tutor that gave a wholly comprehensive learning day - thank you"

"Everything was perfect, good overview, good examples, good time management"

"Teacher was great and food was very healthy and tasty! Loved it"

"he location is amazing and also the overall organisation is very well settled"

"I found my instructor knowledgable and approachable, really enjoyed the course"

"Extremely knowledgeable and informative!"

"Lots of information, but didn't feel overwhelming. Tutor was helpful, and ran through everything at a speed which I could comprehend. "

"Systems, quality of trainer and working environment very good. Also food and refreshments very good."

"Taking time to check we understand. Refreshments and general running of the training center."

"Examples, taking time to check everyone was ok, refreshment options were great"

"There was a good structure to the day and lots of topics were covered."

"The speed of the class was good. I had time to watch and also take notes. "

"In-depth detail of examples and practice. Covering a large amount of material in a short space of time. Very friendly and approachable trainer "

"Clear overview of what we would cover over the day. Good examples, relating to real life experiences we would have with excel."

"Overall great experience, well taught......... Thank you Kate."

"really well structured, packed with information"

"Going through a bunch of content in a quick and entertaining way - while at the same time not rushing through it - it made the day fly by "

"Making video editing acceptable"

"very welcoming staff members, nice clean airy space, trainer knew a nice green space to recommend and happily ate lunch with me which made it very enjoyable and friendly and relaxed. thank you for a really lovely day of learning illustrator and infographics!"

"very friendly, knowledgeable and engaging trainer covered a lot in short amount of time but made it memorable"

"Media training was exceptionally good at taking a dry, often technical process and helping us to start enjoying video work. I look forward to trying out my skills in the wild."

"Very friendly, effective and made the 2 day course very enjoyable"

"Great class sizes and trainers, great learning experience."

"I really enjoyed the interactivity of the course, and it was perfect for me as a beginner."

"Covered a whole host of aspects of indesign, so it was a great overview. "

"Food was great, the small group size was ideal. "

"The course was very useful and covered alot for an intro course. Trainer was informative and knowledgeable. Lunch was amazing too."

"Really relaxed atmosphere and knowledgable trainer!"

"Friendly staff and trainer, lovely setting and food."

"friendly polite oragnised"

"Really interesting course, great at answering questions and engaging with the whole group. Great course content."

"It was a relaxed, chilled and friendly environment in which to learn. The trainer was patient with questions and happy to go off track to accommodate them. She was also keen to ensure that I got what I wanted out of the course at the end of it."

"Very welcoming, great insight, perfect size of group, excellent trainer who really pays attention to trainees needs. Would recommend 100%!"

"Very comprehensive course. Rob was great, very helpful and took time explaining every step of the video production process. "

"Fantastic at making the subject matter understandable. Very friendly, great at explaining, and made the course fun."

"The order of training was really logical. Explanations were clear. Really practical. The pace of training was easy to keep up with."

"Very friendly trainer with wide range of expertise. Questions well-addressed and a thorough overview of the subject provided. Practical advice and experience."

"The facilities and vibe at the centre were amazing - hugely enjoyed my time!"

"Good environment, good food, nice breaks"

"This course was great, Kate was brilliant at showing all the tools available in the application and sensitive to different people' paces. This was the perfect introduction level while still being able to produce effective projects at the end of the course. The facilities were lovely and really well catered. I would come back to do another course in the future, and I look forward to it!"

"Very friendly and approachable environment - learnt a lot! "

"Great facilities all round and a great atmosphere for the whole building and courses! Would 100% return! "

"Food, environment, and kit."

"brilliant course and trainer, small class size, friendly staff and great lunch!"

"Venue, trainer, food, technology and website. Easy to find."

"Everything! I was on a 2 day course. Everything from start to finish was really well run. Really enjoyed the entire course. This is my first time and felt everything was very professionally run. The content was what I expected and well explained by a very patient and knowledgable trainer. Thank you!"

"Probably the best training course I've ever been on."

"size of the class and pace of the course were excellent - never bored and really felt like we covered a lot of ground. "

"Really helpful at going through the basics and any thing that I didn't understand. Follow up questions about how to use it in my career were answered and went beyond expectations. It went at a good pace and covered everything I needed to know as well as giving online tutorials to continue further learning."

"Patience and positivity."

"I liked that we were shown examples and then we could practice ourselves, great that the course was hands on. The lunch/ drinks provided and room very clean and modern :)"

"Great trainer, good environment, very knowledgable"

"Great location, good training! Thanks! "

"Good pace, great use of examples, good to have bespoke training where trainer asked what issues to cover"

"Everything! The whole media training team i interacted with during my time there were great! really friendly lovely atmosphere! "

"Trainer was very helpful and knoweledgable"

"Lunch was great! Lovely and fresh, just a shame the tortilla had run out before we got there :( Simon was very clear and helpful. Thank you!"

"Venue/hosting, knowledgeable, approachable, well paced."

"Great place, environment, setup and facilites. Good content, in general excellent course. "

"Great knowledge, enjoyed the lunch and drinks :)"

"Good tutor, nice facilities and location. Amazing food!"

"instructor anticipated questions very well and was quick to help students"

"Trainers are very informative. Last time my course was less than 6 people which was better working as a smaller group."

"Having small groups. Kate was great! Always felt I could ask a question or ask her to repeat if i did not understand. "

"practical examples, great equipment and great learning environment"

"All aspects of the course was good and alot was covered in the two days. Easy to follow structure staff were all friendly"

"everything that was provided ie - information, food and hospitality was sublime. Thank you all "

"Location, venue, catering and the general experience was all fantastic. Rob was great at teaching useful and up to date skills that will be relevant to everyone. The course was presented at the perfect speed and the size of the team was great. All of the staff were very friendly and enthusiastic."

"I thought the trainer explained things in a good amount of detail & didn't feel I need to ask for further explanations. An excellent centre, with very friendly staff & the lunches were great."

"everything - I especially noticed staff members were extremely friendly (not that they were not last time... but something was different this time? I like it :) )."

"making me feel welcome and i have gained good knowledge on how to start up relevant skills to take back to the company I work for."

"Very nice hosts, friendly staff, good food, great instructor."

"Really felt at ease here, I learned so much and can't wait to get stuck in to using and implementing my new skills"

"Hitting the targets that I wanted to meet, and answering all questions that I had. Loved it."

"Jason was marvellous, very thorough and helped us learn quickly 10/10!"

"Ivan was very patient and good at explaining everything. It's nice that we get ongoing support for 6 months. Lunch was delicious."

"Being helpful, passionate, and willing to go step through step with every step."

"It was very helpful to work through examples as this provide an immediate test of what we were learning and feedback."

"lovely atmostphere and professional"

"Being flexible with the content, explanations where needed, skipping sections if I knew what to do"

"Great tutor "

"It was an engaging class which was well communicated."

"Everything was perfect from the beginning to the end! Piers is very knowledgeable and relaxed at the same time, he makes grammar seem easy!"

"Training was great "

"good facilities, highly skilled trainer"

"Very high quality! Excellent value for money"

"Great looking facilities and efficient/friendly staff throughout. Really enjoyed my time here"

"The trainer was really great and the facilities are brilliant too"

"Really friendly warm welcome. Very knowledgable trainer. "

"Providing a lot of different courses in one place. Mixing different groups at lunch as this can make you aware of the other courses available and gain interest"

"Trainer very knowledgable, facilities excellent "

"good set up that made it easy to follow along with examples and small class sizes that allowed for one-to-one help."

"friendly staff who know a lot about what they were teaching. Open to answering questions and wanting to help as much as possible"

"Great small classes, friendly environment and good food."

"Instructor tailored the class to us as much as possible - he was patient clear and engaging. Thanks!"

"Very welcoming, great social atmosphere, well organised, effective and useful training. *****"

"All very good, engaging and informative. Very happy. "

"The training, food, environment were excellent. Friendly, personable staff."

"Friendly, inviting people. An amazing space that is both welcoming & professional. A team of instructors that teach practical application & creative thinking that applies to all students. from all areas. "

"Simple an easy to understand explanation, instruction and examples! Really enjoyed the course, will look to do similar again. Thank you"

"Everything was very well done, with great facilities and friendly staff!"

"Very good training environment, trainer was knowledgeable & very patient."

"Making everybody feel welcome. Teaching skills - was able to understand and pick things up quickly."

"helpful in answering every question and taking the time to make sure all in class were up to speed. all staff were lovely and very helpful."

"Lunch was great. Really friendly and approachable trainer. Covered many different aspects over the two days. "

"Very good course, learnt a lot and it was fun. The day passed by quickly. The food was great, very healthy. The break out area and facilities were good, light and airy and had a very 'chilled' atmosphere. "

"everything. Thank You Rebecca!!!"

"Pretty much everything - between us we threw a few curveballs I think, Rebecca took it all in her stride and adapted the content to suit our needs. Excellent!"

"I've learnt so much even though I have used Illustrator for 10 years or so already. Lots of great new features brilliantly taught. "

"The course content was really interesting and great examples were used. We also covered a lot of material in three days. I was really impressed and very much enjoyed the course. The atmosphere at the centre was also very relaxed and friendly and staff were very approachable. Thank you! "

"Fantastic examples to work through. "

"Enthusiasm for the program. Ease of understanding and following the course. Lunch great."

"Very knowledgable trainer, good facilities"

"Friendly, well organized, good equipment, great trainer"

"The structure of the course, facilities were really top class."

"Well tailored course Amazing Lunch "

"Great content, lots of good examples and hints and tips that can be instantly applied to my report writing. Patsy was engaging and very friendly and ran a great course."

"Energy and pace was perfect. Also very personable trainer. "

"Very knowledgeable & useful hints and tips. The training center was great!"


"Good, practical tactical improvements to reporting, as well as a good structure."

"Providing good practical advice that I can make use of straight away "

"Very helpful with improving language, how to edit your own and others work. Great knowledge and examples to help imbed the knowledge being shared including relevant exercises"

"The trainer was excellent and the course had the right balance between theory and practice. I really enjoyed it and found it to be very useful."

"great office, nice people, great refreshments "

"Great examples, well explained, good buffet options"

"being patient and explaining where we had gone wrong. Using real life examples."

"Everything especially Rob's knowledge and humour and the food !!"

"Clarity of the steps, getting the team involved, talking through the technical bits in an understanding way so we know why we are doing certain things."

"EVERYTHING! Awesome Trainer, VEnue and FOOD!"

"The trainer was extremely helpful and patient. Great at managing refreshment breaks and good music choices! "

"making complex information easy to understand"

"Great day, great atmosphere, great hospitality - thoroughly useful!"

"breaking examples down, responding to questions, taking things one step at a time. thank you Peter, you are a great trainer!"

"Pace, examples, support and of course Rob!"

"Training, knowledge and facilities. Looking forward to taking on new courses. "

"I found the course extremely useful - organised in digestable chuncks with plenty of chances to ask questions along the way. Top notch. Well done. PS fab food. "

"It was a really good course, in a fantastic environment. Really impressed with the provision and the space. The refreshments and food were great. "

"I was very happy with the course overall, nothing to improve! I now just need to actually get on and do it!"

"Great teachers, nice workspace"

"Relaxed and friendly training environment. Covered all the basics I felt I needed to use the software"

"Trainer was very good at explaining everything slowly for everyone's own needs"

"Very clear and accessible teaching style with a good balance of tutorial and practical work. Friendly staff and amazing facilities, can't wait to come back and do another!"

"Really clear instructions, with helpful websites to use after such as grain, music, fonts etc that can be used after. Clearly went through everything asking us questions and going over things. Also asked us if there was anything we would use so we could take things away we would need to be able to do jobs. I have learn't a lot that I can actually use. Great selections of biscuits"

"Everything. Great trainer."

"Small group. Great food. Entertaining and knowledgeable teacher - Piers. "

"Small, focused group. Great food. Piers is a very knowledgeable and friendly teacher - which made for a very enjoyable day. "

"The trainer was excellent - and I've got lots of new ideas to take back to my job. I benefited from being the only client as we covered lots of different areas and were able to specifically reference my work. I am now excited to put the ideas into practic!"

"Rob is awesome and knows how to convey complex subjects. He quickly understands your needs and how to extend your knowledge. "

"Understanding the needs of those on the course. Answering questions. Epic food"

"Answering all our questions and the discursive style. I really felt like I had made an improvement and hope to implement in the future! "

"Warm, friendly and very informative"

"Explaining the different functions within InDesign and how it links to the additional Adobe pacakages"

"Everything. Friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable. "

"Lovely space, great tech and brilliant atmosphere"

"very well structured training day"

"Friendly, knowledgeable and approachable, good ambiance in work space, great attention to detail - would definitely recommend :)"

"Getting through a lot of information in the 2 day course. Giving us very personalised information for our personal work. "

"Excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed it. Obe was great."

"Good pace, approachable trainer, good equipment and software, very relevant and great hints and tips"

"Everything, really valuable teaching and an awesome trainer who knew his stuff.... Thank you Emile (OB) Catering was really thoughtful and catered to everyone's needs."

"Great setting, tech, teacher, class size, speed/pace of lesson. Good to have regular breaks with really lovely refreshments as there's a lot to take in. It would be good if we soon receive a follow up email with links to the 'how to' guides and any top tips etc. Massive thank you. Excellent class which I'd very highly recommend. "

"Liked how ICSA website was used for examples and how we could directly improve parts of our copy and website"

"Getting the delegates involved."

"explaining and getting us to actually interact and create copies ourselves rather than just sit and listen"

"focusing the course on our feedback, eg, asking what we wanted to learn / improve"

"One of the best training courses I've completed, really informative, great facilities. "

"Amazing facilities, very welcome approach first each morning, great lunch, rooms well equipped. plenty of time taken to explore any issues within class lessons with instructor, 6 months support is a great bonus also, i will be sure to try book with media again in the future thanks again"

"Great and friendly staff, good quality equipment. Iwan was clearly knowledgeable and patient. "

"Explanations were clear and concise, and solving problems which occurred. One-one advice good."

"Patience, especially given that there were a lot of tech problems and people using very old InDesign versions so she needed to tailor the course differently etc. On some courses I've also been made to feel like I was doing it wrong but she didn't make me feel like that and made sure we were all at the same level before she moved to the next step which was appreciated! "

"Providing clear practical examples of the things we had to learn so we could all do it ourselves, with Vicki careful to ensure she helped each of us tackle any issues and understand the problems so we know how to approach them in future. "

"Very patient and helpful instruction - and this was a large group with multiple questions. "

"I was really happy with the venue, and mostly the trainer. Excellent experience , i have learnt a lot. "

"Good at making it easy to understand."

"Great advice all round. Good experience, learned plenty and lovely trainer. "


"Trainer was lovely and friendly. Not boring at all."

"really good at answer questions and finding solutions"

"Really good at making the programme fit our needs to suit our own relevance at work. Easy to ask questions throughout the course. "

"helpful, friendly and easy to understand. patient good knowledges and great lunches! "

"Great lunch, trainer had great examples and answered all questions in way to help us understand! "

"Relevant, concise advice for using Google Analytics"

" Very clear explanations and friendly demeanour."

"friendly staff, good selection of content, good examples, made the most of the time available, brilliant training"

"Good knowledge and great class sizes and helps for people of differing levels. "

"Absolutely brilliant trainer. Out of the 4 courses I've done, Emile was the best!"

"Felt very at home and comfortable here and Rebecca was so accommodating. She made the course fun while at the same time ensuring we stayed on track and focused on ensuring we were covering everything. I have had a great time here and will miss you all. Thanks Carol"

"Excellent catering facilities. Very clear and knowledgeable teachers. Smoothly run course and facility overall. "

"The overall hospitality was great and pre-course was great i.e. directions etc were very clear. I also really liked the learning as Doug was teaching and working along with him - kept us busy and engaged. I liked how up to date examples were - would definitely train here again when I am looking for another course. Thinking about doing we my next level in-design."

"Neil was friendly and helpful. Good atmosphere and really good lunch :) "

"friendly and helpful staff"

"The overall content and teaching was good "

"The course was brilliant. Rebecca knew her topic through and through but also helped us understand the context of imagery and photoshop. The environment of the course was fantastic and the lunch DELICIOUS! Thanks very much. What a treat."

"Great environment, amazing lunch and catered for gluten free requirements and really friendly and helpful staff. "

"Trainer was excellent, the catering team is lovely, general facilities and location outstanding, IT material on point!"

"friendly staff, good teacher, nice location ,great food + facilities"

"Overall the course was very useful, building facilities, equipment and staff were lovely. "

"Hosting, all staff are friendly people."

"explaining the content of the course clearly, making sure everything is understood"

"Open space, friendly atmosphere. Nice small class size."

"Great atmosphere, really liked the venue, Adrian has a fab relaxed, genuine and friendly style of teaching which I really enjoyed. Thanks!"

"Imparting knowledge in a clear and thorough way that is never patronising!"

"The course was very engaging and informative, going over an approach and being able to take that information and start applying to day-to-day projects has been empowering. Adrian's knowledge and delivery was very good and he is an effective communicator. Thank you."

"Great all round! Very friendly staff, nice atmosphere!"

"Able to answer any questions, very personable staff. Perfect size training course to get one-to-one support."

"Training was very good and Greg was relaxed and taught well"

"Nice venue, very comprehensive and interactive course. Also great hospitality!"

"knowledge of subject, speed of teaching, answering of questions "

"Small group led to a friendly and supportive environment. Trainer brought a great deal of expertise and well paced delivery. Excellent lunch."

"The teaching was excellent and the computers were a pleasure."

"The food was amazing. Everyone was so friendly, such a good vibe!"

"It seems really lazy to score every question with 10 but I really couldn't find fault with anything. The venue was amazing and the course really exceeded my expectation."

"really enjoyed the day, the food, the refreshments and staff were very friendly. Sandy was brilliant. "

"good location, friendly people, would definitely return"

"Trainer very personable, warm, friendly and engaging. "

"All features of the programs and functions were very well explained throughout "

"Trainer was excellent, as were facilities and equipment. Really nice to have a small, interactive class"

"Matt was a great teacher with great Industry knowledge. We learnt a lot within the space of two days - learning the basics and developing that understanding further to gain a much stronger field of knowledge and skill set within Indesign. This was a great learning curve and an experience that will only continue to grow. - Great Food - Very Friendly and Helpful Members of staff - Efficient and Professionally Run - Great atmosphere"

"Friendly, good knowledge, helpful, nice location, great course - amazing lunch!!"

"The pace of the course was perfect. And i like the small sizes of the classes. Trainer was excellent and very helpful when we had questions"

"Patient and funny trainer Breaking things down to understand, repeating if needed Never leaving anyone behind Breaks taken to refresh Help given towards my own work I brought in Equal chance to suggest things to do among group, no one getting special treatment"

"The attention to detail was very good- Rob was fantastic at taking time to help each person develop their skills."

"I really enjoyed how small the course size was and the fact that everything was tailored around what, we, the students, are actually doing outside of the course. Being able to use my own equipment was also a plus as I know that I can go back afterwards and will remember what to do. "

"Everything, from the greeting on arrival to the goodbyes."

"Hospitality and the training. Plenty of tea breaks."

"Good pace and structure, relevant examples, excellent instructor"

"Lunch ( and Rebecca was very good too ! )"

"Rebecca was very thorough with the training and was patient with the inexperienced users of InDesign. "

"It was a great experience. I felt that I learnt lots, Simon was interesting to listen to and really helped with all individual queries, and was even happy to sidetrack slightly to make sure that something made sense to you. He had great knowledge. Lunch was also delicious and the whole day was run smoothly. "

"good to have small groups so that training is pretty much one 2 one"

"Very knowledgeable about HTML and learnt some new things such as DTs and DDs "

"Explaining things simply and clearly, ensuring that everyone was working at the same pace allowing us to ask questions if we needed help. "

"friendly - all of us in the group got on well, even though we were strangers"

"All very good, this is my second course here and will come back in the future for more. "

"Lots of content covered in a short time period. He helped people who were struggling and Googled a couple of queries where he didn't know the answers. He was prepared and knowledgeable. "

"Excellent at giving us the overall picture of SEO rather than the do's don'ts. Loved that there were no slides! Simon was very easy to engage with"

"Using relevant examples and making it simple enough for those with little knowledge to understand"

"It was a really good refresh of knowledge and new information too, plus great insight into our site and great tips "

"Looking at aspects of SEO from a user journey as well as a marketing perspective."

"Good at making us feel welcome and integrating breaks with work. "

"The fact the class numbers are small is an advantage over some other training centres"

"Wolf is great!!!! m/"

"Wolf was excellent really approachable and instructive. the set-up here is great and would definitely book here for future training. "

"I feel everything you are good at. And Nice Lunch."

"Great place, great lunch, very friendly staff and teacher"

"All aspects were excellent"

"Great, clear course - very useful"

"Very well delivered, very relevant. Clear and concise and with excellent examples"

"Very engaging, good amount of encouragement and relevant examples of work."

"Very interactive course leader.Very welcoming upon arrival "

"All of it. Really nice space. Good food. Good vibe. Course tutor was good."

"We have used Media Training once before and our second experience has been even better. Vicki tailored the course specifically to our needs. She is one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure of being taught by. Thank you."

"It really was a perfectly tailor made training course which will make our every day lives so so much easier! Learning how to do Creative Moodboards on In Design is a game changer! Also learning InDesign will make our quality of work next level and its amazing how patient Vicki has been. Really has been a great few days! Thank you so much! "

"The whole package was great: nice environment, strong training, excellent lunch!"

"making everyone feel included, valued, tailoring teaching to your needs etc."

"Location, facilities, trainer. All good."

"Fantastic facilities, friendly, knowledgable and approachable trainer, and the course was great fun!"

"the course was fantastic the hot chocolate machine was also fantastic i liked the amount of oreos too the course was very good "

"Iwan was extremely knowledgeable, understanding and a great communicator. I felt at ease asking him questions. Thank you!"

"Explaining everything in simple terms, the food and the environment, ease of directions. Thanks."

"Very friendly and approachable. "

"The lunch was great. And so was the trainer."

"Very knowledgeable"

"Very friendly trainer with lots of examples given."

"It was very prepared and personalized as well as practicable "

"Very easy to follow while still going at a good pace"

"The message was clear and straight forward. A trainer was very useful. "

"Rebecca realised the different levels of delegates and stopping and reiterated when needed & expanded on further aspects when required."

"great explanations - lots of information to take in but really helpful at explaining how to do things"

"Rebecca was excellent - varying levels of ability in the class but was able to keep everyone motivated and interested. Really friendly and approachable. I learnt a lot today."

"good tailored to our needs, answers to all our questions"

"I really enjoyed this course, Rob was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and was able to answer all questions as well as provide me with some addtional support"

"course covered everything expected as well as a few extra bits; Rob was very willing to answer extra questions on top of syllabus. Everything was organised very logically and explained really well; found everything really interesting and Rob was good fun to train with."

"Very satisfied with the course"

"Everything-we got right into it and doing examples of posts/blogs etc was really helpful, proper hands on. Really useful-this is my second course and I may come again. "

"A very relaxed and friendly environment "

"Everybody were really nice, food was great and location is perfect."

"Very pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, thank you."

"Small classes made it easier to get help when needed and teacher was very attentive."

"Trainer was excellent and very helpful throughout the course. The content was very relevant and the free practice at the end was very useful."

"Course was very relevant, centre was good, trainer was excellent. "

"It was a really nice, really hands on course. I got a lot out of it!"

"good training, friendly people, not a too big group so we have the possibility to ask questions"

"Iwan was a fantastic guide throughout and made sure that varying levels of ability were fully catered for. Excellent course."

"Great pace, very helpful, lots of time for questions and friendly trainer! Great lunch too!"

"Being friendly and welcoming! Teaching so much in such a short amount o time without rushing!"

"The course overall was relaxed with loads of help provided, I now am easily able to go back to work with a strong knowledge in InDesign - considering I knew absolutely nothing when I came in, that's really impressive for me! Really happy with the course as a whole. And the lunch is great. "

"A lot of effort has been put into creating an environment that is friendly, comfortable and fun. Hazel was fantastic at judging the pace of the class and what we could handle. Her explanations were good without being too detailed or technical and her patience was just fab. I've learnt a lot and am looking forward to putting it all into practice. Thanks guys! "

"Very friendly. Course tailored really well to multiple people and skill levels. "

"Friendly and approachable staff, and Neil very good at taking questions and ensuring all were listening."

"A really friendly environment to feel fully relaxed and ready to learm."

"Everything, very helpful"

"Relating the training to my real-life use of the programme, engaging and positive"

"Explained things in a very clear & concise way - really helped! Thank you :) "

"Thorough, clear and adaptable. Delicious lunch!!"

"Simo was excellent and friendly and very knowledgable, lunch was amazing and the facilities are excellent."

"Good paced course, lots of content, nice setting. "

"everything was great"

"Very concise and thorough trainer. I'm very pleased I came on the course and I've learnt a lot. Very nice staff too, would come again. Thank you."

"Hazel is brilliant!"

"Really well organised course, great facilities. I will be back for more!"

"This was fantastic - really enjoyable and informative."

"Great course! "

"Loved the equipment, atmosphere and trainer. Lunch was great too! Looking forward to taking on more courses."

"The course was well balanced with good theoretical and practical examples. Dan was extremely knowledgeable and set a good pace in the course. The atmosphere in the centre is nice, relaxing and chilled."

"Explaining things through to give good understanding. Showing external example tutorials to further knowledge so we can continuing learning after we leave. "

"Everything was perfect - The tutor, classroom environment and lunch."

"Customizing the material and catering to the audience base so people relevant to it will needed to be involved."

"Size of training groups, feels more bespoke because of the intimate size"

"Very engaging, refers to real examples and explains any questions clearly with examples. "

"Wolf was excellent at explaining each individual part and if you had any issues was happy to go back through it until it was ingrained in your head - Excellent tutor! "

"Really knowledgeable trainer who made the course not only extremely interesting, but also fun! A lot of information to take in but I didn't feel overwhelmed as Wolf made the steps simple and easy to understand. Can;t wait to use my new skills! "

"Complete well set out course in great surroundings and facility"

"Asking questions and finding out what we individually wanted from the course."

"Nice, friendly working environment. Wolf was a great teacher. Very knowledgable and approachable and always happy to answer any questions. "

"Explaining everything in detail at a pace that is easy to follow."

"Good advice, liked the small class size and was able to get help when needed. Friendly staff and nice environment."

"Great pace, I feel I've learnt so much in 2 days, excellent trainer, would definitely recommend to a friend!"

"Clear with good tasks, I enjoyed the relaxed and discursive nature of the course"

"Being adaptive to various working practices, industries and proofreading requirements. Interesting examples used throughout the course kept it very interesting. "

"Very personal friendly trainers that make learning easy and fun"

"making us feel comfortable and answering all of the questions"

"Vicki was an exceptional trainer"

"Everything was explained clearly"

"Training was excellent, environment very good."


"Very good installations and teacher"

"Very well thought out and planned"

"Knowledge, Food ,Tutor all fantastic, will recommend. "

"Very informative course and a good sense of humor. "

"Great facility! Lovely staff, amazing food, great training all round!"

"Training! Answering questions, proving friendly atmosphere. "

"James was great, very knowledgeable and friendly. The Centre is very welcoming and the two days flew by. Thanks!"

"Clear and patient explanations and guidance. I learnt a lot in two days."

"It was very obvious Jason knew a lot about the subject but even more importantly he is a very good teacher. I am a very happy costumer, and very happy with the friendly approachable staff. "

"Rob has a very easy way and makes the learning enjoyable and paced at my pace. He was prepared to answer any questions and allowed me to explored my own ways of putting the learning into practice. I have thoroughly enjoyed both sessions with him."

"The course was easy to follow and all information given was relevant to its use in our company."

"Everything! Fantastic & relavent training- feel like I've learnt a lot in a very short space of time."

"In depth detailed examples of 'how to'. Wasn't dry, was fun and informative. I would come back to do others."

"Very knowledgeable and helpful trainer. Tailored course to our group needs, and questions to show us beyond the course but that would enhance the use of the programs in our day to day roles. Excellent all round, Thank you Matt! and Media Training "

"Alot of information on different areas of Indesign and how to use them across both Illustrator and Indesign"

"Love how hands-on and practical the session is. Great group size and really good facilities. "

"Great at taking the time to ask about how we would be using the training in our work environment. I found it very 'effective' - so thank you very much."

"really good and engaging course. learned a lot. good to have one on one guidance"

"Set clear outlines at the start of the day and allowed people to share their own experiences and advice. We were also given tangible planning materials such as structuring and checklists and as someone more comfortable with over-preparing this really helped me understand the foundations of a presentation."

"Excellent afternoon and some really useful take aways on structure and dealing with tricky scenarios, and will be using these going forwards. Thank you."

"Customer service before the course is super, staff at the venue were very friendly and the lunch was very nice too"

"Nice, friendly atmosphere and very informative "

"The trainer Simon is brilliant, he knows his topic and gives you tips on the things you would like to achieve post training. The small class size helps."

"Really good at tailoring the session to the needs of individuals."

"Explaining things in a way that I could understand! Much clearer than all the explanations I've tried to read online. "

"Brilliant- helped me understand some complicated information in simple terms. My brain hurts a little now, but all worth it."

"The nicest lunch i've had for a training session! - very impressed by the variety of fresh salads and fruit. Trainer was highly experienced, approachable and flexible to tailor the session to the group. "

"Environment was relaxed and welcoming, and the staff were all fantastic. The instructor was very knowledgeable and flexible, meaning that the content was very helpful and relevant for my specific needs."

"Good level of interaction and making sure we understand during and after each topic"

"The venue and food was really good value and the trainer was very knowledgable. The trainer showed patience when students were asking questions. "

"Patience, ability to work with users at differing levels at the same time. Relevant examples to our industry."

"Everything! Pace was perfect for me. Loved the fact it was personalised training. Rebecca was an absolutely fantastic teacher and trainer. She is so great. We will be back."

"Very good impression overall"

"Good in depth course delivered in a fast format."

"Cool venue, great atmosphere, very helpful trainer"

"Very approachable and comfortable interior decor and space."

"Good food, friendly staff"

"The course was broken up into manageable chunks which was helpful. The lunch was good and the trainer was knowledgeable and friendly. "

" Very well organised, extremely friendly staff, course was very well paced and delivered brilliantly (despite the odd technical hiccup) and really like the smaller class size. "

"Day schedule, excellent food, friendly atmosphere, Course leaders knowledge...Aways enjoy the course and learn a lot! "

"Nice environment for learning - light, bright space. Trainer very flexible / helpful when addressing our questions"

"Good atmosphere - friendly and dynamic"

"tailoring the training to our needs, referring to our publications and asking questions, being patient and going over bits we were unsure of"

"Tailoring the content of the training session to our particular requirements"

"Very clear and patient run through all of the key features in a day. Top work. I feel confident I could usefully contribute to the magazine team in a subbing capacity and will work towards design proficiency."

"everything very well excuted - I would love to come back if I master InDesign Introduction"

"Patsy was v enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable. There were only 2 of us on the course so I thought it might be hard to keep energy levels up but not at all, super course. Very interesting and informative - not to mention enjoyable! "

"The location and environment of the space is lovely and very cozy. The course was well structured and we covered all the topics as written on the course description so I'm very satisfied. "

"Friendly, engaging, good processes"

"Overall it was a good experience to attend this class. Engaging manner of talking about technical things helped to understand the content of the course better."

"I liked that we went around and discussed what we all want to get out of the course. We were also able to ask any questions and discussed some out our questions with Simon in the break. I like that the class was kept small with only 6 people - it really helps to be comfortable throughout the course, especially when asking questions."

"InDesign problem-solving in particular. Excellent one-day course!"

"Vicki was very knowledgeable and willing to help! She's fab! :-) "

"The course was fully comprehensive and my trainer was very patient and helpful. The rest of the staff were also very friendly."

"Everything. Good user experience from when you arrive at the door from when you finish. Incredible quality."

"super friendly, clear explanations, patient, good environment"

"Again, the course was brilliant. Very good pace. The food and facilities were also excellent "

"great to have small groups and the screens on the wall to easily follow what the trainer was showing us"

"Really good 2 day training session. Felt slightly rushed the afternoon of the 2nd day, but probably because we did have a lot to get through. Would definitely recommend."

"Relaxed and personable environment. Small class groups are very effective. Staff very friendly and helpful. "

"Generally, the course overall was very enjoyable and provided a good basis going forward. Ian was very knowledgeable and offered a wealth of experience. I would highly recommend this course, it has given me a lot more confidence to use Indesign going forward."

"Everything! I thoroughly enjoyed my time here."

"great place, great people, teachers are prepared and really professional. Amazing experience"

"I liked the pace of the training. easy to understand. great food"

"Vicki was extremely knowledgeable!"

"Kojo was very engaging and enthusiastic, I found him extremely knowledgeable"

"Rebecca explained the software brilliantly and made each example relevant to my role and the work I will be completing. Not only this but she was extremely personable, sitting with me for lunch was a very lovely touch and I felt at home. The environment is fantastic and the food superb. All in all possibly the best professional training course i've ever been on. "

"Nice environment, lovely people, well structured and good food!"

"The food was excellent!! :-)"

"No grumbles... superb!"

"Vicki was very helpful and informative, very interesting day"

"Hospitality and efficiency (music was great)"

"I thought everything was great. Looking forward for tomorrow and the next stage"

"Good course material and a great trainer "

"Dealing with variable abilities in the session and explaining things clearly"

"examples of work really helpful"

"Great day - tailored the entire day to the specific areas I needed to learn in my job, using my own website and functionality. Brilliant course leader with tons of great knowledge - would definitely return!"

"Customer service is excellent. The trainer was very adaptable and focused the training on what was most relevant to me. Highly recommend! "

"The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Great lunch and teas Helpful staff from booking to end of course"

"Course example and templates provided with helpful"

"Good examples and very organised training"

"Great teaching and support! And a great buffet."

"Simo was fantastic "

"Trainer Neil was so friendly, patient, and helpful. Two great days of learning!"

"Good examples and a great overview of the software. And realistic about what we could achieve in the time."

"Lunch! And I liked the small class size."

"Communication, knowledge of other products. Aftercare."

"Good at keeping instructions at a manageable pace. "

"Catering the course to our specific requirements "

"great, clean & bright facilities, amazing lunch, lovely trainer."

"student engagement and on the spot problem solving. "

"answering individual questions - going at the right pace for everyone"

"Really friendly team and really helpful tutor."

"The examples of EPUBs and materials to take away"

"The offices, snacks and trainer were all fantastic. Thank you!"

"Friendly, informative and practical training - enjoyed it very much. "

"Great trainer and good examples. Went through at a good pace for the whole group."

"Hands on practical tips & advice. Trainer was excellent. "

"Great relaxed atmosphere, excellent approachable teacher, wonderful lunch... all in all a great experience and I would be keen to do another course (finances allowing)."


"Tom was very knowledgeable, and he made everyone feel extremely involved in the class. He has a good sence of humor and he makes everyone feel at home and welcome. You also learn so much in his classes, since he answers all the questions you ask him."

"Great work from Matt, o helpful course and fun to put it all into practice. Thank you so much!"

"The course and the organisation was excellent, a really good experience all round!"

"Everything! Really good course, topics completely relevant, excellent trainer, excellent food, would highly recommend."

"Excellent course, fantastic venue and catering, excellent and competent trainer, thoughtful examples. I feel that the course has benefitted me tremendously in Photoshop. Thank you."

"Lunch was really good, and staff super friendly and welcoming, simo was fab, he answered all my questions and showed me great examples! He was really clear and made sure we were all up the speed and if we had any questions before we moved on. We covered a lot in the 2 days! "

"I was lucky in that i received one to one coaching and more or less able to have the course address my individual needs"

"way of learning, putting it in to action ourselves made it more memorable and easier to ask questions."

"Simon was a polite and well mannered instructor. He was able to answer any queries and any questions I had. He was very friendly and an enjoyable teacher. I was very happy with the coverage of all aspects to be able to implement into day to day activities. I would happily be taught by Simon again as his teaching methods are thorough and efficient. "

"The course content was delivered clearly and in what I felt was a well-structured manner. Julia seemed very knowledgeable and experienced in UI and UX design. I also felt she was friendly and approachable, open to questions and able to answer them."

"The environment was inviting and the course was informative and useful"

"Friendly. Good food. Knowledgeable and good trainers."

"Superb! Really clear and thorough - really great. Thanks!"

"Great environment and great course content"

"Great standard of teaching and atmosphere"

"Good to look at the screen to follow the example while working on a task. Good amount of practice and general overview of basic functions to get started and further explore."

"The pace of the course was good and I found it was a useful refresher course for me as I did an InDesign course four years ago and had forgotten many of the tools. "

"Good learning environment. Very high-tech and friendly. "

"Everything was great, trainer was very knowledgeable and ran through at a good pace. Everything was very relaxed and lunch was delicious!"

"Everything - top trainer, course materials, and facilities."

"Wolf. Wolf is awesome. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. You can tell that he is a professional educator because of the quality of the learning environment he creates. "

"It was nice having a small group, so that you could ask a lot of questions. The trainer was very good and answered every question we had, and modified the course to fill our needs."

"Trainer (matt) was highly experienced and well knowledgable. Course was perfect. Thank you "

"Everything! Trainer (Matt) very informative excellent trainer - InDesign course was fantastic. Thank you! "

"Everything! I asked a lot of question though out which were answered perfectly"

"I was really happy with everything the the spectagraph is an absolute revelation!"

"Everything. The theory with lead to putting want we learned into practice. So I will be taking a lot from the course."

"The explanations by Rob were relevant and I was able to relate them to what I will need to do at work in the future. Rob's experience was invaluable. I am looking forward to the video editing course to bring all of the learning together. Thank you."

"Some really useful boilerplate code to use as reference and one on one format really helped with being able to raise questions"

"great food, friendly staff, good atmosphere"

"Incorporating additional requests into the course to support learner needs. Including all necessary support following the course"

"trainer had reallly good knowledge and was easy to get on with. cheers eames"

"Taking the time to run through how it works for each of us on an individual basis in our own roles. The food and drinks were fantastic and I am leaving feeling like I have learnt a great deal. I would love to come back again to learn more and would definitely recommend. "

"Teaching style was patient and relaxed but covered all grounds needed! Thanks!!"

"very relaxed and friendly environment. Trainer was knowledgeable and approachable so was easy to ask questions if unsure on anything. "

"Tailoring course to individuals. Friendly, laid back approach. Not patronizing at all. Teaching style. Question and answers."

"Very clear and concise instruction and extremely informative – and all without being boring!"

"Very knowledgeable, helpful and was patient explaining concepts. Clearly has a lot of industry experience and read the level of the room well."

"Vicky had great knowledge of the software and constructed the class really well! "

"High Standard of training at an affordable price"

"Vicki was very knowledgeable, easy to listen to and interesting. The centre was well organised, friendly and lunch was fab (far better than many lunches I've had on courses!)"

"My trainer was very knowledgeable about Photoshop and was very approachable and helpful if you had questions. She also provided some great resources to use after the course. "

"Friendly, informal atmosphere. Small group size is ideal for everyone to get individual help when required. Lots of practical examples."

"Teaching the basics in way that made me understand"

"Very friendly, great knowledge of the subject, approachable teacher. "

"Making people feel welcome. Communication of how the course was going to be given. Food."

"all excellent from start to finish!"

"Patience, good examples, great environment, very organised "

"Great pace for the day, great food, great course!"

"Exercises that trained you on different aspects, and layered the knowledge step by step"

"compacting a good crash course on essential skills for InDesign!"

"Really friendly environment. The food was delicious. The class was small which meant there was lots of 1-2-1 attention. The class was slow enough to absorb all the content, whilst also it did not drag and I feel like I've come away with some great skills that I could use immediately. Rebecca was very patient with us!"

"Great two days, thank you"

"Good interaction, good feedback and advice. "

"I've had a very enjoyable and informative day and feel that i have learnt how to take a step back and effectively think about Info graphics. I am sure that this will help me with future projects. Thank you Miles :)"

"Everything, enjoyed the course, it was interesting and thorough. Lunch was good! "

"The trainer was nice and knowledgable and I definitely learned some tips and tricks so it was useful overall."

"Lovely environment and trainer "

"Food was lovely, training was great. Thanks"

"Course and the venue was amazing"

"Wolf knew everything there was to know. Having no background in after effects he really made me interested to learn. It went fast but I could keep up (most of the time) I would definitely do another course and recommend it to a friend. "

"The food was delicious, everyone was friendly and approachable, in a bright and relaxed environment. The course tutor was highly knowledgeable, friendly and made it all simple and fun. Appreciated the frequent breaks – especially with learning a lot in a short space of time!"

"Very friendly environment, skilled trainer & relaxed but informative. Good with many breaks and shorter sessions so that you didn't get too much info at once. Interesting and relevant material that I will have use for in my work. "

"Macs are nice and stable, impressive amounts of examples of effects"

"Excellent tutoring"

"Great teaching, excellent service and simple setup"

"Nice building, friendly atmosphere, v.knowledgable tutors... basically everything"

"So friendly and helpful. Made me feel really comfortable! Thank you"

"Everything was fantastic!!"

"Communication, good class sizes and expert knowledge"

"knowing and sharing shortcuts, being specific with M&S templates and uses for indesign "

"very clear and friendly environment"

"Had company templates so the course was very relevant, lots of tips & shortcuts, will make working in InDesign much quicker!"

"Overall I feel I have come away with better knowledge and understanding of Indesign and feel more confident in using it. "

"The content was really useful and the trainer was really good at explaining everything, the examples were relevant and easy to follow. The breaks were also convenient given the amount of information that we were given to process. Overall I'm really happy with the course, thanks!"

"Great food!!! :P"


"Good at contextualising everything with relevant examples and explaining rules in depth"

"Everything. I learned a lot, glad I came. "

"i am a complete novice so by him breaking it all down and explaining the relevancy was great!"

"Trainer very knowledgeable, patient and open to lots of questions, Alistair was very helpful at finding out specifics for me."

"Being welcoming and friendly, being exceptionally knowledgeable and nerdy, making everything easy."

"Everything!! I loved it and learnt a lot from Simon. I'm excited to put my mailchimp marketing skills to good use! :)"

"Super friendly, great space, good equipment, very nice staff."

"Super personable, friendly, knowledgeable approach to graphic design training. Emile was super, super amazing! Couldn't ask for any better. Invaluable training :) Upon refelction, it's hard to believe how much we learned in the two days."

"Really informative course and a great experience. I've learned loads. Thanks! "

"Extremely helpful, Piers very knowledgeable and approachable, happy to answer any questions. Great food!"

"The freeflowing discussions were very interesting and useful"

"Great attitude all round, very positive, and an enthusiastic tutor."

"Very interesting and comprehensive course"

"Very friendly and helpful course leader, good examples, well put together course."

"Great informative and experienced trainer, nice not to have 'death by powerpoint' good interaction and team exercises."

"Pacing was great, exercises were appropriate and interesting. Group discussions were well managed. "

"everything was good"

"I found this course incredibly helpful, and timely, as we are populating the new HRP website with content and tyring to make it all work for our visitors and online users. Patsy is a very good teacher and coach,. She doesn't waste any time and gets her points across in a clear and warm-hearted way. Lots of great writing tools for us event producers, and a lovely atmosphere whithin the group on the day. I hope that many of my colleagues who produce content for the web and digital will get this training. Looking forward to using the online resources, too! Eva"

"In this case, picking an excellent trainer. Wolf is wonderful. Charismatic, enthusiastic, patient, understanding. Above all he is a great listener of the context for the use of the application. He also anticipates where you will go wrong with so much experience. His breadth of knowledge means he has so much to show in the package it is extraordinary, from the basic functions to the code behind After Effects. I don't feel like I have ONLY just learnt a tool, but actually how inspire myself to use it in the ways I want to with my style for my current work and brand. This means I am already a step ahead. Wolf and I talked about the contexts we would use this in before we started and that was better than working on excercise files. I think it was key actually, me coming in with an idea of what I would like to achieve creatively and then Wolf taking me a step beyond that, and exceeding what I thought I could do. Very inspirational, I will be back for 1,2,3 more courses on specifically AE. Premier I undestood straight away given I came from an FCP background. Wolf new FCP, so helped me translate that knowledge to Premiere. FANTASTIC trainer, one of the best I have met. EXTRAORDINARY. Also helps that we both bizarely have 8 cats!! So a lot in life in common lol!. Thank you Wolf... inspirational and life changing 2 days. I can't wait to come back and just train... (rather than work)!"

"Excellent trainer on the Illustrator course. Took time to explain everything and give examples. Would highly recommend"

"Flexible, friendly, simply highly productive, I'd happily recommend you to others. Catering was an unexpected bonus"

"We were very well received an everyone was very friendly. The location is great and easily accessible. Vicki is an amazing teacher - she was extremely helpful and made everything look so simple. We learn a lot within such a short amount of time. Nothing to say. Well done! I will definitely come back for other training courses :)"

"You are good at everything!"

"Excellent explanations. Vicki very patient whenever I went wrong! Everyone very helpful and friendly. Delicious lunches!"

"The course was excellent, the tutor was lovely and friendly and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Highly recommended!!"

"It was an amazing course! Very useful!"

"Good knowledge of system, nice environment."

"The helpful manner of all the staff is great"

"Very clear concise and easy to learn"

"Rob had a relaxed way of explaining things, which I thought was great. It really made more complex things seem easier and manageable. "

"excellent trainer, fantastic environment, and very happy lunch is provided as it saves time and money."

"Providing excellent training staff Fantastic environment and facilities Great hospitality Mark Cullimore has been a brilliant trainer, with in-depth knowledge of the subject. Highly recommended ."

"I like that the trainers are very experienced, and have practical experience in the real world they talk about. So it makes the course very relevant."

"The course was great, very interesting and Piers was a fantastic teacher. It's in a lovely building, easy to get to and the instructions of how to get here were simple. Very satisfied. "

"Good facilities, very knowledgeable trainer"

"The fact there was only two of us from the same organisation helped the focus to be more on our own work which was really good. Relaxed atmosphere contributed to the learning."

"I love the personal touch from the teacher and the small classes! "

"Overall a really great course, excited to get cracking on my own. Would recommend!"

"Making what could be a daunting experience for people a very welcome and enjoyable one"

"Nice team and great trainer"

"Very well articulated training. Simon answered all of my questions in a simplistic, easily absorbable way and we covered a lot of useful information. I enjoyed learning SEO! "

"Really supportive and extensive teach."

"Good overall introduction to Photoshop"

"Giving detailed feedback and help and working with examples and being able to keep the examples as this will help to remember how to use the tools. I thought Vicki was a very good teacher and good at explaining how to do things repeatedly, especially when there are different levels of individuals in the group. "

"Delivering the course at a good and easy to consume pace. Make me understand what we were doing and why we are doing it. "

"The course was brilliant. Vicky was excellent at tailoring the class for everyone as there were very different ability levels. She made the 2 days very enjoyable and worthwhile. I have been using Photoshop for a couple of months before the course but needed a lot of gaps filling as I haven't done a course in it before. The course covered everything I had been hoping it would and Vicky was brilliant at explaining everything."

"Patsy was a brilliant, engaging and personable trainer. I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot of new and creative techniques for generating ideas - thank you :-)"

"Great examples and illustrations of points made during the training, which aided the learning and made it relevant"

"Patsy is really knowledgeable, friendly and presented the information in a fun and light hearted way which made it easier to absorb...especially on a day at hot as this!"

"Great workshop! Really enjoyed it and think it will be really useful when going back to re-writing old content and writing new copy. Learnt lots from Patsy, who made the day fun, engaging and informative. Thanks!"

"Writing exercises - thinking about different ways of wording and effect of word usage on tone of voice. Fantastic trainer - really engaging and lots of useful content that I will be able to use immediately to improve my writing."

"Ruth was amazing coach trainer!"

"Good quality trainer; nice atmosphere at the venue; "

"Good trainer"

"Good at talking through examples and re-visting sections. "

"Explaining certain areas off google analytics with a good overview and not to detailed "

"Wolf was approachable and welcoming, with excellent subject knowledge! I'll be looking at doing the Advanced course in the future!"

"everyone was super friendly, well organized and good sense of humor. nothing was too much trouble and the course was really tailored to our needs. cannot speak highly enough of Vicki, will look forward to taking other courses from here. have already recommended her to others!"

"Vicki was great at using relevant examples of work throughout our 2 day course, making the training more exciting and useful when returning to work. It was also great to be able to spend time on actual work brought from the office so we were able to take something back with us."

"Great working environment and refreshments. Very friendly staff. Enjoyed taking part as a team from the same business as the work was relevant to everyone. Vicky was very helpful and patient. "

"Adapting to the groups individual needs and requires, including changing exercises to be more appropriate for my day to day work. Also assisting with any extra questions we had that were not necessarily on the agenda. Everything explained in detailed with plenty of time for notes and questions. I feel like I have gained so much knowledge in just two days, Vicki was excellent! The team were helpful and polite, lunch was great and atmosphere within the training centre was brilliant for training and learning."

"Organised, friendly, helpful. I took a lot away from the course. Relaxed environment. Also loved the food!"

"The knowledge, structure and helpfulness of Emile was superb he's a credit to the Media Training. The food was great and the space was really funky"

"Very flexible around my needs from start to finish. "

"Mark made the training very easy and enjoyable, was incedibly helpful and tailored training to our needs"

"Covered areas which we wanted to know, should greatly improve our powerpoint presentations"

"informative and useful course "

"The pace set was good, there was plenty of time to ask questions"

"Very knowledgable. Gave good examples of websites to use."

"Vicki was super. I had a one-to-one session with her for a day. I was quite open about what I wanted to learn or develop so it was i;possible for her to prepare and she had to adapt and think on her feet in order to respond to my requests, which she did at every stage. She helped me un-pick specific problems that relate to my work needs and found perfect solutions. Thanks very much Vicky!"

"Pretty much everything"

"Lovely environment"

"Very friendly and acommodating. Lovely lunch."

"Explaining concepts step by step"

"getting through a very large amount of info in an intelligent and clear way"

"applying training and examples to our specific needs"

"Listening to our questions and being patient & Giving specific examples"

"food was amazing"

"Vicki was excellent at picking up what mattered to me in a 'working life' situation. She has given me plenty of elements that will help in the productivity of work I am currently involved in. "

"Lunch was great! And class was informative!"

"Answering questions and tailoring the course where needed to suit our specific needs"

"Explaining things simply and making the course easy to understand. Not letting people get left behind."

"Very good working environment which made you feel at ease and ready to learn. Well structured day to ensure you are able to absorb all of the information. Tom was extremely knowledgeable and extremely funny which made the time go even quicker. I am looking forward to using my new skills in the office"

"Examples were very detailed and knowledge of the trainer is obvious and helpful "

"The course was really engaging and the trainer very friendly and attentive, happy to answer all the questions. The lunch was delicious with a great selection. The facilities and the space itself were really good."

"Such a nice, upbeat vibe. The experience helped to keep me engaged all day. The lunch was absolutely brilliant. Fresh food powered me through the afternoon instead of making me slump! "

"Overall it was a good training session, trainer is well prepared, excellent lunch!"

"Good pace. Covered everything we wanted to look at in the session and was really useful to use our company GA accounts."

"I really liked that Rob hung out with us during breaks and the food was AMAZING! So nice to have been provided with everything we needed. And you had decaf tea...big clap! "

"Wolf was great and had so much knowledge, and knew several different ways to get to a same end result. I feel most confident to start having a go at modelling, and look forward to playing with C4D more. Lunch was amazing. thanks"

"Everything, theory and examples."

"All round excellent service, facilities and teaching."

"everything, always great!"

"Making sure everyone is OK at all times, stopping for questions, and explaining in a understandable way and being able to watch what the trainer is doing on the big screen to follow. "

"The whole course was very informative and very well explained. "

"The course content and building up my confidence in the use of Excel. "

"Good at the walkthrough's. It really helps when you're l;earning something to watch the trainer and then carry the act out for yourself. Everybody was really friendly and i'd definitely recommend you for future. Thank you!"

"Great cool venue, love the atmosphere and food!"

"everyuthing! So well organised and friendly. Perfect. Thank you al so much."

"being hospitable, great food, a friendly personable and knowledgeable trainer, a sense of great support going forward too and listening to your needs. Nice and small so lots of one of one time "


"Clarity of the explanation, interesting and useful information especially tailored for our department. "

"Clear explanations, good learning speed."

"I feel more confident to be able to create an infographic with an exciting background and more interesting fact!!"

"Really good course overall, instructor was friendly and approachable. "

"All really great! thanks :)"

"Explaining complex concepts without jargon"

"Fantastic environment, great food, lovely staff, knowledgeable trainer "

"Knowledgeable, friendly"

"kept to timeline - frequent breaks and nice selection of refreshments"

"Excellent and informative trainer. 10 out of 10."

"Very knowledgeable and approachable trainer who is clearly an expert in his field. Passion shone through in abundance. "

"Good course, very informative"

"Rob was v helpful/knowledgeable and also approachable. Training centre has a really good, friendly environment. Have already recommended the centre to several people!"

"Fantastic course - have come away with so much knowledge. Am very happy all round."

"The course was very good, as was the Tutor Peter; the rest of the staff were very welcoming and the catering was way above what I thought it might be - well done everyone - would definitely recommend the Group!"

"Everything else - training was great, v good pace, lots of breaks. Excellent trainer and participants v friendly. Lovely food."

"The set up as a whole is very good. From the moment you arrive and are greeted you feel that this is a professional business with people that know what they are doing. The trainers are exceptional and deliver the courses with confidence. I would and have recommended courses many times. "

"Everything, very enjoyable coarse"

"Everything was very well explained, group size was ideal to ensure you receive the help you needed! "

"Great environment, Wolf made me feel comfortable to ask silly questions. Feel that I will be able to apply the skills I learned. Food was great! "

"Love the office space, Wolf was excellent in the way he explained things and has a really fantastic knowledge of everything Adobe, he was great at answering any questions we had without any hesitation, lunch was fab, everything was just brilliant, will be coming back again for an After Effects course :-) "

"presentation of the course and lovely lunch!"


"Nice to be in a small group & to have 1-2-1 if needed. Able to flex for all abilities in the class"

"Good size class and flexible with teaching different skill abilities."

"Everything, the training was excellent and very approachable. Rob made the training relevant to us all, despite us having quite different objectives/experience. The environment is great too, as was the hospitality - I was made to feel really welcome upon arrival and the lunch was also superb. Thanks for a very enjoyable day. "

"I love Rob ! More courses with Rob "

"Answered all my questions. Rob was great."

"I found the course extremely helpful and engaging from start to finish. Any questions i had Wolf helped me to understand, took me through step by step and has helped me to feel more confident in using after effects."

"Good teaching!"

"Lunch, Biscuits and trainer!"

"friendly staff and the lunch was excellent "

"The trainer, faciilities and course outline was all fantastic "

"Lunch was fabulous. Trainer was friendly and very informative. Overall a brilliant experience. I have learned so much in 2 days."

"A welcoming and encouraging environment "

"Nice to have a structured day with organised lunch etc. Also very nice environment to learn in."

"Trainer was excellent and very good teacher. Good start with discussion and then put what we learnt into practice."

"The course provided much to think about, but it also included many practical tips too. There were many insights. The course leader was very engaging and had much that was useful to say. Lunch was super healthy. "

"Very good speed from the trainer. Really clear explanations and super helpful. "

"everything was excellent! Feeling a lot more confdent with Premiere Pro now "

"Really useful course - have never used anything like this but feel i leave the course with enough knowledge to have a good go. "

"Very relaxed atmosphere which is prefect for learning new things. Very friendly and approachable team. "

"Great creative examples with lots of scope to experiment!"

"Great venue, food, informative session"

"Our tutor and the course were fantastic. He was very adaptable to our individual requirements and flexible in terms of focusing on elements that we found most useful. Also really engaging and the added humour made the day far more enjoyable, creating a great atmosphere conducive to our learning."

"Being extremely helpful and easy to follow"

"Course was really well organised and went at a really good pace! Iwan was really knowledgable and really patient. Would love to come on another course."

"Very accommodating and friendly, open to all questions."

"Excellent relaxed, clean and pleasant training rooms. Really nice to be greeted by such a friendly team. The best training venue I have been to. Keep it up!"

"Excellent trainer, venue and staff. Great workstations."

"Providing a welcome environment and an enthusiastic team"

"The new studio building is much improved on the previous base at Waterloo. The whole feel of the company has a new professional image."

"Delivering exactly what the course is meant to do - in this case a CSS introduction. Very welcoming environment and looking forward to returning for another course in the near future."

"Showing practical examples and talking us through everything"

"everything, it was a really enjoyable experience and id happily come again"

"Course was great, working environment was great. "

"This is probably the best training experience I have attended in a long time. From start to finish I have been very impressed."

"Wolf Winter's teaching approach is spot on. "

"Emile was very patient and had a very calming voice "

"The group sizes were really good and the pace at which the trainer was going at was perfect."

"Facilities are very good, lovely space and great patient trainers, extremely welcoming. Very knowledgeable and made you feel very relaxed. "

"Very thorough and trainer was very patient."

"Everything is very well organised. The course is very clear and to the point. Great library of assets to keep. "

"very helpful explained everything simply and clearly."

"Approachable and knowledgable. "

"Tea, coffee refreshments amazing. Environment in centre and location great, trainer brill."

"Great knowledge. Good Listener. Took time to understand everyone's needs. Very helpful "

"Friendly environment to learn and develop"

"Really good pace of learning - good to have it over two days. Tutor was very enthusiastic and encouraging."

"Vicki was fantastic and really approachable. The whole team were welcoming and inviting. A very worthwhile and fun couple of days. Thanks."

"Everything. Liked we were allowed to get hands on straight away, asked us questions along the way to ensure we were taking the information in. Provided handy hints and tips resource - not too overwhelming. Really enjoyable."

"clear, concise, covered all topics, nice enviroment and great food"

"The session lengths with breaks were much appreciated - giving processing time."

"Really good group sizes and ability to answer questions."

"Great space to learn in, great teacher, course work was easy to follow and relevant. A friendly and welcoming environment. Will definitely recommend to anyone"

"Whole Package !! Thank you :)"

"Great teaching, great atmosphere, lovely food and tea breaks"

"Really clear explanations of the basic elements of AE. I think this will give me a good basis to follow tutorials"

"great environment, very professional and friendly teacher"

"I feel like I now have a really good foundation, which is exactly what I came for."

"Everything ran smoothly, breaks at the right time and sessions where of good length"

"Good examples and teaching, not all theory based - a good amount of hands-on work. "

"Great size of the group, it made the teacher more approachable and made the conversations throughout the day easy and flow better."

"Small group size, one to one help, interactive, interesting, trainer had a lot of knowledge. "

"Friendly staff, use of computer, relaxed environment "

"Nice working environment"

"Very interactive and engaging"

"Tailoring the course to an individuals needs Explaining things in an understandable, practical way"

"Vicki was really knowledgeable and helpful, and I feel I learned a lot from this well-structured, practical course. I like the small groups. Centre is really nice - clean, good ambience, nice food."

"Everything was excellent, the staff was very friendly, Vicki was very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. This is my second course with media training and I will come back again soon and definitely recommend it to friends. "

"Everything. I was very pleased with the training and the over all experience. I will definitely be seeking more courses at Media Training."

"Great service and friendly staff, very informative I feel i've learnt a lot"

"Good location - easy to find. Approachable staff members. Ian was a great trainer - never rushed through anything and was willing to discuss/show things that we asked. "

"Very friendly feel to the course, the classes were the perfect size with getting enough attention for each person. Ian was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. "

"Friendly welcome and relaxing atmosphere"

"Lots of resources to take away from the course, which is a surprising bonus. Very informative with loads of tips."

"Giving examples and hospitality "

"Everything was fantastic, great course from Vicki, but I was particularly impressed with the lunch - very tasty!"

"Course content was very practical, I was able to practice with actual campaigns I am working on at work. "

"Really great - much nicer place than your old Waterloo office. Everyone was very welcoming and overall a great day - thank you"

"Very descriptive of the tasks we were given to undertake, very helpful, lovely friendly team."

"Really well organised, perfect number of breaks!"

"I felt very comfortable and relaxed. The course was really easy to follow. "

"Everyone is friendly and accommodating. Matt answered all my questions and even helped me with things that weren't on the syllabus, but I needed to know for work."

"Very helpful and great food. The course was very useful and easy to follow"

"Rob is a great trainer, and super knowledgeable about Premiere. The atmosphere at the center is nice and friendly - and the food absolutely delicious. "


"All of the trainers that i have had at Media Training are clearly hands on, experienced in what they are teaching. that makes for a great connection with attendees of all level. Thanks to Jules and all at Media training."

"Trainer very patient - Food AMAZING"

"Very knowledgeable, great day of learning in a positive and inspiring environment!"

"The refreshments and breaks given were nice. The organisation of the day was clear."

"Great at covering areas in design that we asked for specifically - e.g shading and brushes/ tools. I found most tips and tricks to be very beneficial!"

"Knowledge. Patience!"

"Good small class. Great trainer. Relevant examples"

"Really positive atmosphere and supportive team."

"Course venue was really great and tutor really knew her stuff! Thanks very much."

"The staff and the trainers are very friendly and approachable, and the resources provided are quite great. Thanks a lot!"

"Given practical examples. The learning experience has been great. Looking forward to put in practice everything I've learned today. "

"Good facilities, good equipment, good food."

"Tutor was very knowledgeable and class size was about perfect"

"Jason was really knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I found it to be a very practical course and hopefully I'll remember all I learnt. Lunch was also excellent both days."

"Excellent trainer - knowledgeable and patient! Liked the small class size - 4 was a perfect number for HTML intro"

"Great practical examples and focus on individual projects in addition to the core course content."

"A really great experience overall, I really enjoyed my time here thanks!"

"Welcome was friendly, facilities good. Training was at a good pace with plenty of breaks to take it all in."

"Knowledgable, engaging trainer. Could think on his feet and adapt course depending on needs. Information was all helpful and great practical tips which we can perform tomorrow. Also thought the environment, set up and lunch was great - friendly welcome when I arrived!"

"Good pace and depth. Plenty of opportunity to experiment with own examples and use cases in tandem with live examples from the trainer. Very good facilities, location and communication. "

"great relaxed environment and lunch addressing our questions efficiently and willingly"

"Communicating, great training venue, amazing lunch, friendly staff/trainer!"

"The refreshments/lunch were good. Nice working environment."

"Friendly and approachable. Two key assets when teaching"

"For the trainer: Strong Knowledges, Involved Pleasant and Polite. The building: Nice atmosphere, relaxing and very clean"

"Trainer was great, staff were lovely and the food was delicious. Thanks"

"A very thorough overview with lots of examples and helpful information to take away and use. Inspiring!"

"I liked the fact that we had to do some practical examples that re enforced the learning"

"Clear explanation of the subject, interesting information, good links and useful tips"

"The trainer Simon was superb. Informative, clear and patient. I enjoyed the class immensely and feel it certainly delivered on what it promised."

"Explaining each point in great detail and answering all questions with helpful examples, I learned a lot and would be interested in an advanced course."

"Lots of knowledge, some good simple tools that we can use for ours and others webpages. Friendly and great environment! "

"Very enjoyable experience, methodical training through the programme."

"Excellent course. Matt was great, really patient, happy to answer questions (even when they were on a tangent) and went at a really good pace. Food was fab, really nice office environment, organised well."

"I found the whole experience very enjoyable and relaxing yet clearly the presenter was knowledgeable and extremely friendly and understanding"

"Excellent course! Good trainer, very good examples and it was also very useful to have some time during the course to put things in practice. Good location, facilities and friendly staff. Highly recommended."

"Good trainer knowledge and worked examples. Nice pace, happy to expand into other things and give ideas. Food & drink selection good and plentiful. "

"Small groups allowing sufficient support, keeping to timing and not finishing early, happy to discuss anything out side remit, 6 mths support - was not aware of this when booked"

"The whole course was really informative. Working in a small group meant the pace went quite nicely and wasn't too slow/quick. Great trainer and lovely venue. "

"The course was excellent, the content was easy to follow. Hazel was brilliant. "

"Whole training centre was very well run and organised, felt it really helped contribute to successful running of the course itself. Everything just seemed very smooth. Lunch was particularly good"

"great communication, fantastic environment and staff"

"Being flexible, allowing for attendees to ask questions about real-life work situations."

"Making people feel comfortable and at home"

"Atmosphere and friendliness in particular"

"All was excellent!!"

"Great environment. Great facilities and refreshments. Very helpful trainer. Thank you!"

"Vicki is so knowledgable and helpful, really understood our needs and gave us so many tips to create neat and quick documents. "

"Clear and in-depth explanations, learning things I have never used before "

"Teaching a large group. Lunches. Set Up."

"Steady paced tutorials and guidance along with pertinent working examples"

"Great coaching and amazing to relate the course to the documents we work on every day. Again, great encouragement for us to pass the knowledge onto each other."

"the teacher Viki was brilliant!"

"going through examples in detail, small class is better, good teacher!""

"From the staff who greeted me at the front door to the trainers, everyone who works here is very friendly. I also like the physical environment you've created here - it's certainly conducive to positive working space. "

"really good examples, lots of time to understand and ask questions. good to have the time at the end to work on your own spreadsheet which is relevant to you and to ask how to do other things. Food was EXCELLENT! And the staff are lovely."

"Very organised company - in terms of the course, and outside of the course. My tutor was great at explaining things, and everything was made to feel possible no matter what stage you were at. Feel like my working day will now be more successful, and workflow much quicker!"

"Simo was really clear and helpful and extremely knowledgable. The staff from the off set were helpful, friendly and on it. The communal area was always spotless. Lunch was fresh and good for veggies. Really impressed and would come back. "

"Trainer was very informative and helpful. For a beginner course i feel quite advanced in this now and have had so many ideas how i can improve within my company! So thank you! "

"The trainers and the people have been so lovely, very approachable, chatty and helpful!"

"It was excellent, the content, the trainer, the refreshments. Excellent value for money. Stimulated lots of ideas. Especially valuable given I was the only attendee - helpful that you didn't cancel till the course was full I'd highly recommend both the course and the trainer. A big thanks. I hope I will be back."

"Simo was a great teacher, it was a good combination of practical and theory - we packed a lot into one day! And it was great to have practical tips as we were shooting out and about to better understand the different functions of the camera and the effects we could create. A really fun and useful day, thank you!"

"Because all the participants are from different backgrounds, Tom was great at trying to meet all our needs and respond to our different questions - which was no mean feat!"

"Great facilities and lovely to have lunch provided!"

"The course was really informative and fun, excited to go back and practice more! "

"I found Matt very helpful and easy to get along with. He explained everything very well. "

"Providing a constructive working environment. "

"Well timed breaks, excellent trainer. Matt is fantastic and made things easy to understand."

"Attitude of trainers and other staff is great. Food is great. Small class sizes are great."

"good coaching during lesson and ensure everyone keeps together. encourages people to pass knowledge onto each other"

"the facilities are great. Lunch was delicious. great location"

"Vicky was really knowledgable, she taught us some really good gems that I will def learn in the future."

"Very knowledgable. Great communication - helped to pin point the Photoshop areas that our team needed advise on. I thought Vicky was really helpful and patient with a loud group that had many questions. Cant wait for Thursday."

"Being patient with individual members of the team. I think we were a bit of an overwhelming group with lots of questions. "

"Patience. Wolf was brilliant at stopping and taking the time to example something if it didn't make sense the first time, without making you feel like an idiot too. Genuine guy, who wants to better each of his pupils, which is fantastic, all with a bit of humour and entertainment. Thank you."

"Trainer was excellent and all the examples easy to follow. The first day was great to set out the framework for how to use the software. I'll be counting down the months to book the advanced course to take it further. "

"Trainer offered very detailed level of personal experience. High degree of individual attention"

"Excellent course. Hazel was a fantastic tutor - patient, highly knowledgable, approachable and fun. Course had a relaxed feel and was very enjoyable. Group size was perfect and afforded 1-2-1 attention. I will be applying my learning directly within my role. Thank you :)"

"really good structure, tailored to real world experience."

"Great working environment, good structure to the day, and felt like my needs for the course were tightly focused on. Would def recommend!"

"Really great, friendly and approachable trainer who was happy to answer any questions"

"Very friendly and very knowledgeable, and answered every question that we asked. Would definitely do another course here."

"Good general overview course. Plenty of information. Interesting and fun. Instructor was very knowledgeable."

"Loved the work space and everyone was really friendly."

"Really pleasant environment to learn in and good class size of 6. Very good pacing of the training. "

"Hazel was super knowledgeable and helpful. I didn't feel overwhelmed with information - the whole process was really manageable and useful. I learned a lot! "

"Timed breaks, cleanliness, great resources"

"The trainer was really knowledgeable and tailored the course really well to our requirements. She was able to show us real world examples and talk through at a pace that we were comfortable with. Great lunch and biscuits as usual! "

"Our trainer was awesome! very chilled and relaxed, which made us relaxed. The training was free flowing and we felt comfortable asking different questions that we needed to know. As always we love coming to Media Training to learn. It is also a very pleasant environment."

"Having the one on one session was really useful and allowed me to get very dedicated feedback not always possible in a busy news room "

"Realloy good training - I feel as though I have really learned a lot"

"Wolf was lovely, very friendly and knowledgeable. Lunch was great."

"Lots of info crammed into session but regular breaks made it easy to break these down. Lots to practise now!"

"Food and friendly atmosphere was great - very supportive - great small groups "

"Everything in terms of teacher, refreshments, atmosphere and set up were fantastic, would definitely recommend"

"Great experience, good pace and nice to be able to have regular breaks. I think this helped everyone stay focused and more productive! Lovely lunch and nice people :)"

"Tailoring teaching to what we need to use the programme for. Explaining things, often several times, with patience! Endless knowledge - no question unanswered. Brilliant. "

"Very good training, interesting and informative "

"Trainer was very knowledgeable and answered every query we had as well as offered extensive support throughout the course. "

"Trainer was knowledgable and took an approach which suited me. Helped that the course was one-on-one. Food was great and facilities are generally really good."

Delegate from: University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust on 9th May

"Good at showing examples and helping people when they don't understand something"

"It was all well explained and easy to follow. For a beginners course I learnt a lot, and will be able to use it and have been able to improve on some basic knowledge I had of the software beforehand. All questions were answered well and we were offered support during any tests and practices."

"The way of teaching everything, the examples and the exercises"

"Emile was friendly and good at explaining how each of the tools worked in InDesign"

"Very friendly instructor, who was keen to help when we were practising. All the things we did cover were extremely useful. It would have just been nice to do more"

"Excellent tailored training with lots of time for practice"

"Vicki was a really friendly and enthusiastic trainer who patiently answered all of our questions. The training environment is relaxed and the pace was perfect."

"Brilliant atmosphere and engaging tutor"

"Lunch was good. Very friendly and relaxed environment. This is the third course I've done with Media Training and always look forward to coming here :)"

"Knowledgable, friendly trainer. Nice clean environment. Good lunch."

"Information, environment, course content"

"Really good course, lots of excellent examples that were really useful and the summaries were really good at the end of each section. Great trainer. Feel like I have really learnt a lot!"

"Very enjoyable course, one of the best courses I have been on - I really liked Peter, informative, patient and nice. Good work."

"The pace of the course was good - fast but not too fast! Good at explaining things clearly and the size of the class was very good. Lunch was yummy! "

"Excellent facilities, excellent teacher/lecturer/tutor (Simon)"

"Letting participants talk and lead some parts of the course to get what they want out of it and get more relevant information"

"Great knowledge of softwares, hopitality."

"The trainer was exceptionally knowledgable and had an answer for almost every question we had. She was well aware and experienced with the industry we work in and tailored the course to our needs."

"Knowledgeable teacher, friendly and approachable, helpful"

"The trainer was really knowledgeable and helpful, and gave one-to-one support where required"

"The interview practice at the end was really useful."

"I appreciated that the course was still run even though I was the only participant; I really valued how much knowledge the trainer brought to the session - great to learn from people who have industry experience / are practitioners themselves, as well as being good at training. "

"Really great day, lots of content covered and lots of ideas about how to start making marketing plans in the future!"

"Simon was an excellent trainer – incredibly knowledgeable in the area and happy to tailor the course to our needs. He listened to us and his feedback was excellent and honest. Very impressed by this course. Also the small number (2) on the course led to greater insight. An excellent day – thank you"

"Organisation. The food. Friendly staff. The food. Clean environment. The food. Latest hardware & software. THE FOOD!"

"Lovely environment & Hazel was great! "

"Good working through project on the last day. Really enjoyed that "

"Friendly, relaxed environment and setting. Big screens and helpful tutor. "

"Great facilities and friendly staff!"

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and happy to help with any personal focused work. Really helpful "

"Structure. Timing. Friendliness."

"All brilliant, thank you so much - especially our outstanding tutor, Ian."

"Everyone was lovely and the small class size is the best thing. Plus I love the space."

"Very relaxed and friendly. Tailored to specific needs . Good group size of 4."

"Excellent experience, learnt a lot of key things for my role. would definitely recommend. Staff where friendly and very knowledgable. course was tailored to our needs and levels. "

"Really nice enviroment to work in, great teacher."

"Very friendly team. Everyone would make conversation and seem genuinely interested. Trainer was very well versed in the topic at hand and even went beyond the calling of the course to teach a couple of small tricks to improve the quality of my training. All my questions were answered immediately and to a high degree. Rating anything less than a 10 felt very unfair."

"The course was informative and interactive - very useful and i'll take a lot away with me. Friendly staff and great facilities and food."

"Very friendly and informative instructor. Small group size with time to discuss own examples was helpful. Useful covering a range of topics including editing."

"Practical examples - I brought along a file I was working on and could find out how to use it. Thanks!"

"i am sure it's not usually the case but i enjoyed the course being a 1-on-1 with the tutor"

"Friendly approachable and very good course content"

"The environment and workspace was very welcome and clean. The staff were very friendly and helpful."

"Everything was great. Simo was extremely friendly and approachable. He is an expert in the course and was very helpful with any questions. I learned so much and will hopefully be back for an intermediate course soon. The lunches were DELICIOUS! And everyone I met here was very welcoming and friendly - an overall brilliant experience and really enjoyable two days. Thank you!"

"great relaxed environment and nice to have such a small class size. Even though I felt frustrated I couldn't remember things or do things, it was just the pressure I was putting on myself. The course tutor was very knowledgeable and didnt make me feel bad for being a beginner. I need to use real examples at work and practice more to help me put the course content into perspective. I wish this was my office! I would definitely recommend Media Training and Hazel as a tutor. Hazel has a lot of patience for my stupid and repetitive questions! Thanks"

"Interaction, very friendly, nice amount of breaks, good small class size, lovely food!"

"Creating a calm and relaxed working environment that made learning a pleasure. Simo was super lovely and an excellent teacher. Thank you so much! "

"Really thorough course, that covered all of the basics and more. Extremely useful. Also, incredible lunch!"

"Patient, knowledgeable staff and great food!"

"I was impressed with all aspects of the course. "

"Very helpful and friendly team. Trainer promoted an open environment in the classroom"

"Very insightful and useful information, friendly and helpful trainer, regular breaks - not too much to digest, and great food!"

"Piers was very knowledgable and helpful. It was great to have a small size class as we could tailor examples to our own companies and experience. It was good to have some exercises to put the knowledge into practice. "

"Creating a relaxed training environment where I was comfortable and happy to ask any questions I had."

"Explaining things step by step in a really clear way, and getting through a large amount of information. The food was brilliant and the atmosphere really positive."

"The lot. I'll be back"

"Felt like I had a good overview and will definitely benefit from the course"

"Small class sizes ensured there was plenty of individual question and training time."

"As ever, the general foundation of using the software was well delivered which meant that the rest of the course content built well on that"

"Asking us what we wanted from the course so we could specify what we wanted to learn. There was time at the end of the course to have an over view of the course."

"Really well explained by Semo. Very clear and I learned alot. Thank you"

"Agile and responsive as a training provider. Providing work exercises that were effective and also good for learning. An experienced and approachable trainer helped accelerate our learning. "

"Clear and simple points to improve my writing skills. I think it would be great to do the second part of a course further down the line. "

"Fantastic facilities - the lunch was beautiful! Nice small classrooms makes it feel more personal and tailored and you don't get lost. I liked that Piers asked questions and checked that we were okay. The course had the right balance of theory and practical. Would definitely recommend."

"Pool table, refreshments, friendly staff"

"Open atmosphere in the classroom was helpful."

"Good empathy with group and different aspects of work."

"A great course, really informative - will be very useful for my work. Thank you."

"Providing excellent course content and examples and giving plenty of time to ask questions and input where necessary"

"Good at the copywriting bit. Showing us that the content is still about quality and should not change too much to make it SEO friendly. Liked the practical exercises as well. "

"The trainer was friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. It was great that he could answer a lot of our questions and the atmosphere was very relaxed. "

"Good at tailoring the course to individual needs "

"the course was great, really clear and hopefully will continue to learn"

"Very friendly staff and instructor. The lunches and snacks were very good. The instructor was very knowledgeable and was very easy to ask questions about the program. "

"Good speed. many thanks Wolf!"

"Trainer was extremely knowledgeable and the course was very easy to follow and understand."

"Knowledge of different equipment and how to operate individual cameras for best output."

"Very friendly, learnt a lot, really enjoyed my time, will most definitely recommend to colleagues and if possible, more training for myself!"

"Emile has been great - extremely knowledgeable and patient and providing plenty of entertainment throughout which definitely makes an intense session fly by! Also, throughout the 3 courses I have done at Media Training I have really appreciated the notebook and pen that is provided. They have been very useful and allow me to add my own notes at a later date. "

"Can't fault the course, the trainer or the environment - really good pace, well judged, so informative and great atmosphere ... and amazing lunch! Would love to come back soon and try some of the other courses."

"Great teaching, relaxed friendly environment, small class sizes and a nice lunch! Thank you"

"Lunch and refreshments supply was very good. Teacher was friendly and funny and made the course enjoyable, and I feel like I have learnt a lot. Found the course fun and didn't find any part of it boring or unenjoyable. Supplying notebook and pen was very useful as I forgot to bring a notebook on the first day. A great work space and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and will definitely be looking into more courses in the near future. Thank you :)"

"friendly, helpful, useful examples, happy to shape the course in places to what the students were specifically looking to get out of it."

"Trainer was exceptional, very easy to follow. So much clarity with using photoshop."

" Very friendly relaxed day but learnt so much, the venue and the food were excellent, cant wait to get back and have a play. Thank you so much Emma"

"Trainer was brilliant - Rebecca really knows her stuff and is very happy to sidetrack in order to cover something extra we asked about."

"Really easy to learn and great amount of training and time to try ourselves. Facilities excellent!"

"I really enjoyed my training experience, probably the most organised and trendy training organisations I have evver been to. I would highly recommend. "

"It was all really useful and a great style that allowed lots of opportunity for questions to help individuals."


"I think everything is super, Matt was very patient with us and accommodating to helping us learn things useful to us. I hope to do more training in the future with you guys"

"Superb instructor & superb refreshments lunch :-) "

"Great Training, Great Environment , great hospitality."

"Everything,especially the FOOD."

"Hugely informative course, which covered a whole load of useful information in an easily accessible, interesting and fun way. Really friendly team, great venue, and fantastic resources. Would definitely recommend. "

"Emile was good at explaining things visually as I'm dyslexic "

"I really enjoyed the course and learned a lot. It's great that we got to replicate material and work practical with the tools. "

"James was really personable and receptive. All my numerous questions were answered! Thank you!"

"Everything, as usual. I really like the music and info in the common areas."

"Food and surrounding is amazing. Learned a lot in these two days that I would have otherwise taken me ages to figure out myself. Really confident with the basics now. Google will guide me through any of the more specific stuff I need now."

"Making me feel comfortable and everyone was very approachable and knowledgeable. Vicki was able to answer all my questions plus show me possibilities in InDesign I had no idea about. I feel like I've really learnt a lot today."

"Very engaging. Great pace. Friendly staff. Correct room size and delegates. I would attend another course here and tell my collagues"

"Approachable, friendly, knowledgeable, a great learning environment. Refreshments were excellent!"

"Friendly and attentive staff and laid back atmosphere. Vicki was brilliant, very knowledgeable!"

"Friendly trainer, Kojo was excellent!! Lovely training center, would be keen to come again. "

"Dealt with 8 chatty ladies very well who were all shouting out questions and asking for help. Dealt in calm helpful manor. Very Friendly staff and trainer, made you feel relaxed and open to ask questions."

"Really great tips and techniques I am now able to do so much more than I thought I ever could! Really really great"

"Everything was very straightforward and easy. "

"Great presentation, office, location and knowledge"

"I really enjoyed the course. The trainer was very knowledgeable, answering any questions we raised. She took us through from the basics explaining everything clearly. The pace was really good. The day was run really well as well, the food and refreshments provided were excellent. "

"Hazel was a great trainer; covered everything I wanted in a really clear way. Pace was generally good and really valued opportunities to try things out. Facilties really good."

"Organisation and explanation from start to finish. Thank you."

"course, food and all work!!"

"Great course, very friendly staff, excellent food, well organised. "

"Doug has been great - really helpful and very patient. The whole course has flowed very smoothly and I have enjoyed getting to grips with all the software!"

"Course quality was excellent with lots of good examples of how things applied. There was also a lot of info in such a short course. Lunch was also good and there was flexibility about the course timings when I needed to miss a small chunk in the afternoon for a meeting. "

"Training that was given was excellent, very thorough, going through step by step. Welcoming environment, great hospitality. Felt comfortable to ask questions about things that I wasn't sure about."

"Simo was a very diligent trainer. His pace was great and his instructions were very clear and considered. I really appreciated his tone and approach - I could tell he was really passionate about the subject and it made the course even more enjoyable. Overall he's a brilliant trainer and I'd recommend his course to everyone. Lunch was great! Thanks for the decent vegetarian selection and wide range of teas. Loved the overall atmosphere of the place and the opportunity to meet new people in my field. "

"the speed and relevancy of the course, making student feel comfortable and welcomed. would definitely use again "

"Going at a steady pace, being open to questions, small group, knowledgeable trainer that knew the industry, up to date tech"

"Good interaction, good structure, helpful and knowledgeable trainer. Very happy. Thanks very much "

"Vicki, my trainer, was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable. I would definitely come back and do further extension classes if they were with Vicki"

"I thought Vicki was a brilliant trainer - very friendly and knowledgeable, and she made the two days super fun. She also knew when we were flagging and needed a break! She made illustrator seem far less scary than I thought it would be, and broke everything down into manageable steps. Providing a pen & notebook is great - so useful. The lunch provided is really great quality too. I would definitely return for more courses here."

"There was a really good mixture of examples and practical exercises throughout, and the instructions were always clear and easy to follow. We had a small class (5), which was great - there was plenty of individual help as well as group instruction. I was given a notebook when I arrived which was handy - I'll be able to hold onto it for any future Illustrator notes. I really enjoyed it overall, and it is definitely going to be helpful for me going ahead!"

"Clear, concise and informative teaching. The group sizes were perfect for the class."

"Absolutely fantastic, really thorough introduction to photoshop, Simo was so eloquent at describing everything in simple terms. Never felt rushed or like we were moving too fast.Really good to have regular coffee and biscuit breaks as I found it quite exhausting. Perfect number of people (there were six of us) to teacher ratio. Lots of good tips to take away. Fantastic post engagement options. Has given me such a solid introduction to photoshop and I now feel really confident in using it."

"Simo was really helpful, and super clear with his instructions. Everything is much clearer now and I feel like i have the right foundations to move forward. Great examples and hopefully i can use this to keep improving."

"I enjoyed everything although it's a beast of a course!"

"Neil is an excellent trainer. Very knowledgeable, friendly and genially keen for us all to learn as much as we can in an interesting and accessible way. I would certainly have him as a trainer again. Facilities also really good! Day broken up nicely. Bright clean modern environment with good lunch and relaxing atmosphere."

"Explanation was clear and easy to follow. Trainer was friendly and very helpful"

"Piers is a great trainer with lots of experience to pass on"

"Overall course was excellent - great environment, great food, great trainer. Really useful and got everything I needed to know! Thank you. "

"The trainer was very knowledgeable, she gave plenty of useful examples and tips. The exercises allowed me to put the theory into practice. "

"The course was the perfect pace for me, providing me with the background I needed to understand the programme and real skills and useful examples to help me to practice and embed what we had learned."

"Checking what we individually wanted to get out of it, using examples that were relevant and held my attention - really good examples to work on - for their purpose and content - enjoyable. Perfect pace of course. Good clean environment as ever. Highly organised organisation and trainer. course did what it said on the tin and more."

"Really interactive course, with lots of time to ask questions. Peter was very flexible if we wanted to focus on a specific area. This course was a lot of fun!"

"The food was really good, and it was really useful to get notebooks/pens to save carrying them around. Ivan was really friendly and knowledgeable - I enjoyed having him as a trainer. "

"Really personal, lots of attention and help given, very relaxed but learnt a lot in a very small amount of time. Space is great and the environment is really good to learn in. "

"I really like the informal atmosphere which is so good for maximum learning. Great course, excellent trainer and facilities and superb lunch and refreshment as well. "

"I feel like I've got everything I can from the course. I'll be able to confidently use Premiere in the work place"

"Thorough and patient in explaining processes. Organisation / Procedure of day explained first thing. Flexibility to focus on specific areas that I personally needed to improve on."

"Nice working environment and amenities. Nice welcome. Table arrangement in the mornings for groups was very easy to grasp. Good energy and interactivity of the trainer."

"Doing what it said on the tin - am now prepared to hit the ground running! An added bonus. PC chairs were comfiest ever sat it!"

"Very informative and organised, very interesting and relevant. Food and atmosphere was great, Peter was fantastic! "

"communication, patience, relaxed learning environment, friendly and non intimidating"

"The speed of the class was really engaging, very encouraging especially as it was a small group. Peter was very informative and held the pace of the training so didn't feel like anyone would fall behind. Highly recommend this to friends or colleagues. Great environment to learn but relaxed. Feel very confident to move forward with photo shop and the apply the skills we have covered today. "

"Efficiently run, good style of teaching and good pace. Felt I could ask questions if needed. "

"Organisation, Food, Professionalism, Comfortable Environment"

"Knowledge sharing and explaining - excellent. Thank you"

"The small group size was really helpful to give in depth guidance for everyone. The set out of the room with a large monitor displaying the programme was also helpful to follow along. The lunch was incredible."

"I was pleasantly surprised by the whole course overall. Thank you"

"Good examples, great lunch, very intimate classes which were helpful "

"The preparation of the day was really great! I had a great time, and feel really knowledgeable on InDesign now."

"Venue is excellent ad the course covered a wide range of content."

"All great! Hopefully we will be back for more. Thanks"

"Welcoming staff and very informative session! Practical tasks were engaging and allowed us to put what we spoke about into practice. Small group sizes were ideal so everyone had the chance to input to conversation."

"The course was very relevant - equipping you with skills that can be used straightaway. Patsy was extremely engaging and interesting and knowledgable"

"Matt was a very good trainer - good at explaining things and very easy to talk to both during class and in the breaks. I would certainly recommend his course "

"Matt was very thorough with everything he went through and anything we were stuck on he immediately showed us the steps to improve. He was very patient, really helpful and very friendly. Would definitely come back!"

"Lunch was amazing! Also, Julia was really friendly and knowledgeable. As I was the only person on the course, I was able to ask lots of questions and she really helped me."

"Everything. Rob walked us through at a great pace and was incredibly approachable, knowledgable and generally awesome! "

"It was really great. Rob was really approachable, never makes you feel silly for asking a question, and put a smile on my face."

"Very good at explaining specific examples to each person's needs. Rebecca was great, I really enjoyed her class. Thank you!"

"Providing a comfortable environment in which to learn"

"Great small class, plenty of opportunities to ask questions and receive one-on-one attention. Vicki was very friendly, knowledgable and helpful! Would love to return for more courses in the future!"

"Good training environment, trainer was great and lovely lunch."

"Giving attention to the people who needed it more, and giving extra exercises to the people who needed that too!"

"Welcoming and friendly staff, Emile is a greater teacher, he was very knowledgeable and approachable. Lunch was also very tasty! Thank you!"

"The working and lunch environments were great, really welcoming. and felt really inspired to jump straight back into the course. Ivan was very knowledgeable and answered all individuals' questions and covered everything in the course outline."

"Relaxed environment, flexible approach to teaching and encouraging of questions and involvement. Felt like we led the course and could change it at any point to best suit what we wanted to get out of it. I also learnt lots of related information that i wasn't expecting, general history of the internet etc. thanks"

"All good. Thanks very much, I now feel more confident in using the software."

"Things easily explained and a pace that suited us all. Far better than using youtube videos. I found I have learnt so much in one day."

"Facilities, instructor, etc all great. Will look into more advanced training"

"Food delicious, nice set up in the room, nice tech, Trainer enthusiastic "

"Very approachable and felt ok with asking any questions"

"I couldn't fault anything, my tutor Vicki was fab and had excellent knowledge. The lunch was also amazing!! "

"Great environment to work in, our course trainer (Vicki Loader) was great, felt like I learned a lot in a short space of time, lunch was lovely"

"Ambience, Knowledge, Skills (for me InDesign), and Friendly People."

"The training was great and vicki was an excellent teacher. I can on the course to recap my indesign knowledge and it has been a great help! "

"All very good - lovely, friendly and approachable staff."

"All staff very friendly and approachable. Wolf was extremely knowledgeable, patient and tailored the course to meet all our individual needs. Would thoroughly recommend the Company, course and instructor."

"Really lovely environment and friendly staff and tutors. Food was delicious plus plenty of breaks to give your mind a quick rest! "

"Very enjoyable course, great content delivered in an easy to follow format."

"Friendly and approachable trainer, good pace, lots learnt - great course."

"This course has been better than I ever could have anticipated. The class size (4) for us allowed Emile to help us individually when we were stuck, without holding up the other course participants. Emile explains things really clearly, and could adapt his explanations to the differing levels of ability in the class. A+++++!!!! Also, great venue and facilities, and of course tea + food."

"Emile was very knowledgable and was able to answer all questions, and provide personalised training to cover things specific to me. Great facilities, nice environment. I learnt a huge amount, and will be looking in the future for more opportunities. Many thanks Josh"

"easy communication, helpful, friendly staff "

"I felt relaxed, welcomed, and encouraged to learn - was slightly nervous about my total novice level where cameras and filming was concerned but this quickly evaporated. Would definitely come back for another course (either with the the job or out of personal interest). Thank you :)"

"It was a really helpful session - thank you very much. I feel like I have come away with a lot more knowledge of how to use Google Analytics."

"Finding out what the course attenders were interested in learning and tailoring the course. Really practical examples. Explaining the basic terms and the way Google Analytics works in a clear and accessible way."

"Very good knowledgeable trainer and a yummy lunch! Really enjoyed the course :)"

"Flexible tailored training for my own level of abillity"

"Communication! The course leader Martin was very knowledgeable about the subject and introduced personal experiences to highlight certain elements. He was friendly, energetic and obviously loves what he does, which led to the experience being more interesting and inspiring!"

"Very good level, 2 days allowed to go in detail on the software, good intensity!"

"Emile was really patient with us and didn't mind going over the same things several times when we were slow to pick up! I found some the way he explained some things confusing but that was probably me not him!"

"I've been made to feel at home from the very moment I walked through the door. Neill was absolutely fantastic. Will be back soon!"

"Very friendly, very helpful answering questions relevant to specific work. Great lunches!"