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We've worked very hard over the last 20 years to grow our business through personal recommendations.

When you attend a course we ask you to tell us how it went. We use your feedback to help us improve our courses.

We publish all our customer satisfaction stats live on our site (good or bad) because we want everyone to know just how highly you rate us every day, every week and every year.

We know that choosing the best course can be difficult, maybe the thoughts of the 10482 other clients we've trained since December 2015 will give you the inspiration to join us too.

Our most recent feedback is shown below. If you like what they are saying, why not give us chance to change the way you think about training courses too?

  Average Client Ratings

Attendees surveyed10482
  Trainer Knowledge9.8 / 10
  Trainer Materials9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience9.6 / 10
  % Who Would Recommend Us99.7%

"Everything! I hope to sign up to an illustrator course in the future. Thanks"

"Very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly"

"great, very useful and I feel the team will be very confident."

"everything was great"

"really helpful tutor"

"loved the space, the staff were really warm and welcoming, everything was really great..."

"Really knowledgeable, great 121 help and lovely environment to learn in. "

"The environment was excellent for smaller groups. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and approachable."

"Providing a general overview of feature writing as a craft and how to write more effectively, concisely and with impact."

"Good knowledge from trainers and good mixture of discussion and individual working. Small groups so good level of attention. "

"Everything was efficient, clear and organised. "

"Interesting course, kept me interested throughout the day, plenty of notes to take back to office and put into practice. "

"Great blend of expertise, thoughtful examples and practical advice that I can and apply in day to day work. "

"really great at breaking down the information and providing it in a way that was easy to digest, Piers was really knowledgable and super friendly!"

"V welcoming and lovely work space"

"the course really helped me to be able to critically analyse infographics and translate that ability to my own process of creating infographics. I found it helpful when we looked through examples of good and bad infographics at the start and then to put into practise how to create our own in a step-by-step process first in twos and then individually."

"Your Microsoft Word Introduction Course was well presented with a very helpful tutor. Thankyou."

"Provided clear, concise examples which were relevant to each topic, and the trainer was very knowledgeable."

"Very good at answering questions and building from the basics up. "

"Vicki is so friendly and made me feel comfortable immediately."

"Vicky was an excellent trainer, very knowledgable, approachable and always ready to help when stuck. "

"The atmosphere is really friendly and Vicki was clear and concise throughout the whole training session. The regular breaks mean that you can really engage with the course as you have time to process the segments which you have just learnt. The lunch food is also delicious - keep doing what you're doing! The refurb to the office space has also been really lovely. The toilets are much nicer. "

"-Vicki is very knowledgeable and extremely patient -The course is very well-planned and I feel I learned a lot -The course rooms and cafe area are lovely and well-maintained "

"All was great. Well done and thank you. Really enjoyed the 2 days training."

"Everything was excellent, everyone very friendly and helpful. Instructor endlessly patient."

"Everything! VIcky is a great instructor! She is extremely approachable and knowledgeable. Great course. "

"Pretty much everything! The examples were good and Vicki was very knowledgeable, helpful and very approachable! "

"Making the course accessible. Being positive, patient and very very helpful."

"Overall very good."

"Effective timetable, good break lengths to keep concentration and stimulation"

"Course was led at a very good speed, excellent tuition. Lunch very good."

"Took us through at a good steady pace and gave us lovely examples to practice with. Very approachable and knowledgeable trainer. "

"Overall no complaints"

"I thought the course was very good and generally well paced given it was a mixed group. "

"The food and the environment was very good."

"Really knowledgeable trainer who was able to offer some real world advice and experience. "

"Everything was really well organised, friendly and approachable, useful course."

"Nice learning environment."

"Lots of varied examples "

"Trainer was very knowledgable. Very helpful examples I could now use for my work!"

"Very patient and knowledgeable - a very good experience! "

"Good environment, very friendly staff"

"everything. can't fault it. thank you!"

"Seems a daft question - training, I mean why would you want it to be anything else."

"Excellent facilities and time to tackle the content/learn. "

"Everything was fab. The training itself, the venue, "

"Making people feel comfortable, great atmosphere, friendly staff and effective training sessions "

"Very informative and knowledgeable trainer. Really enjoyed the course and looking forward to receiving presentation and templates via email. Great venue."

"The atmosphere of the training centre is lovely, and I liked the training exercises. I also like that the trainer did not provide print-outs as this is often a waste of paper; instead we were offered the option of emailing him and receiving the course slides by email."

"Good organisation and friendly atmosphere."

"The course was really nice and helpful, everyone was friendly and the environment is clean and welcoming. The trainer was great in explaining everything to us , friendly and the way he speaks is perfectly clear to everyone!"

"Very efficient and organised. Very much valued the course. "

"Good learning environment with good teaching, and of course great lunch!"

"great course for beginner "

"Everyone I spoke to was friendly and helpful (even though I was a bit late), really nice and abundant refreshments, the trainer was great at explaining everything and had clearly put a lot of thought into preparing and tailoring the course to us."

"Very friendly"

"Very welcoming, excellent facilities, easy to ask questions. "

"Practical, hands on training. Excellent"

"Practical exercises that could be used in every day"

"Everything! Honestly, I have never felt more welcome"

"Very thorough and patient trainer "

"Kate was excellent , knowledgeable, friendly and very patient. In fact, all the staff are friendly and helpful. Lunch is excellent"

"Jason is always great at explanation and demonstration. Very helpful when you make a wrong turn"

"Amazing training. Varied experience. Clean location. Amazing and attentive staff. Fantastic instructor!! "

"Everything from organisation and food, friendly staff and great training g"

"Good trainer, great set up"

"very relax and encouraging environment "

"On the day, everything is made clear in terms of expectations of the day and equipment / food provided is really good."

"Adapting the course to suit the levels of the class"

"Adjusting the course based on what us students wanted to learn."

"Overall, very helpful. Feel I have a better knowledge then when I arrived."

"The pace. The examples. Confidence"

"Course specific: welcome any questions and welcome any level of knowledge -no judgement. Enviroment specific: Make us feel welcomed and at ease."

"Technical knowledge on editing software"

"Good feedback, easy to understand, lovely trainer, great facilities. "

"Super friendly. Filling us with confidence with programmes that can be actually quite daunting. the food was ACE. Patient, helpful and good exercises which put everything you learn into practice! Loved it and want to do more!! "

"The course timings and structure were good; the facilities are also very nice. "

"Very friendly staff, knowledgeable trainer, light and airy surroundings, excellent food."

"Very informative sessions with a trainer who was friendly and encouraging. Understanding and tailoring everything to our individuals roles."

"I think its a lovely place to train staff are friendly, clean light environment, great refreshments i felt very relaxed here, my trainer was very knowledgable in the software and i loved that my class was small just meant i could get the most out of my trainer and time here. I would like to thank Wolf for his training it was very helpful and enjoyable."

"Great place, food staff and trainer all lovely. Food a very good surprise! "

"Knowledge of the course as well as pace. The trainer picked up on the standard we all had and catered accordingly. "

"Really enjoyable course, I will definitely be back and would recommend both the trainer and the company."

"Very enjoyable course and very comprehensive. A good starting point for Quark."

"Everything! Good rooms, friendly staff. All good."

"Good overall introduction to Quark Express. I need some individual tuition now!"

"very intuative, was tailor made for us, our trainer Simon was very easy to chat to and was open to all our questions and queries. Very happy overall!"

"Great environment, food and friendly staff. Simon was really good at explaining everything and very knowledgeable, I really enjoy his teaching methods. "

"overall it was a good experience and useful"

"Very practical. Great that there was time to do our own tasks and projects."

"Great welcome, great snacks, refreshments etc. Learning environment and class size were great. The trainer was brilliant, very knowledgeable and friendly. "

"Trainer was good and knowledgeable. Team was friendly and helpful. Overall a satisfied customer."

"Another great experience here!"

"A better question would be to ask what you were bad at. Which is nothing."

"Friendly and welcoming staff - i was feeling ill at one point and staff were very accommodating!"

"Food was amazing and venue really easy to get to. Thanks - great course!"

"great facilites and good teacher"

"Good knowledge and useful tips. Giving a good basic understanding of the programme. Great facilities. "

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and the equipment, centre and staff were great"

"imparting a lot of information over a short space of time. Never lost focus."

"Explanations and examples were very clear"

"Friendly team"

"Everything - a brilliant intro to Photoshop - I learnt more in just the first hour of the course than I had managed to work out myself in a week! Facilities were great too. Looking forward to my next course in a few weeks!"

"Very good at explaining things in a simple way."

"Much needed frequent breaks when looking at a screen all day. Great food and refreshments Trainers knowledgable and able to work through real life examples with you"

"Excellent attention to detail and Vicki had an array of ideas to work through"

"Very informative. "

"Fantastic in all aspects! Extremely knowledgeable and had a great learning experience! "

"Natalie was really engaging and there was structure to the training but she also expanded on some points and went on some interesting tangents about the industry. She really got me thinking about lots of areas where we could use social media. "

"Generally a very welcoming and comfortable environment. Nice space with good refreshments and frequent breaks (to keep your attention / not spend too long looking at a screen!)"

"A good clearly constructed course, that was informative and interesting. Thanks"

"Really nice friendly environment. everyone is super helpful and friendly. Good that the curse can be tailored to ours needs "

"Tailoring the course to our specific jobs/ ability. It helped to recap and streamline things we already knew how to do as well as learn completely new things. "

"Good at changing what we where planned to do to suit our needs and combined photoshop and illustrator training. Making it relevant to each of the product categories that we work on. "

"All good!"

"Facilities fantastic and knowledgeable trainer. Thank you."

"I've done 2 course here and the teachers are great at explaining, the location is easy to get to and the food included is great. Highly recommend!"

"Fantastic structured days with lots of tutorials"

"Everyone is very professional and very friendly. I felt comfortable and always had all the resources, refreshments, and snacks I could have asked for. Thank you for making this an enjoyable couple of days!"

"Very informative and patient teacher. He was also very helpful when struggling with the complex tasks"

"Friendly and knowledgeable "

"Great course, really well paced and structured. "

"Simo and the course were fantastic. The size of the class made it really personal and meant any questions were answered thoroughly and time could be spent on everything. Keep doing what you're doing!"

"Very helpful "

"Being very patient, understanding, helpful, giving great advice on my written work. Really nice man who was very knowledgable. I would 100% love to have some media training often and would 100% recommend. "

"Making the course enjoyable and easy to understand but mainly coming out of the course knowing I had learnt something."

"Very good at giving visual explanations of technical info i.e. types of light bulbs containing different colour light. Thorough & easy to understand. Diagrams & graphs helped explain the more techy subjects. recommending suitable kit for our use and tailoring what was taught to what we expect to be creating."

"Although this is more of an introduction to videos, how to use the camera, lighting, understanding, sound and everything all encapsulating, and everything mentioned was very well thought out, logical, friendly approachable attitude and (seemed) very straight forward. A good tutor who made it all seem easy."

"Fitted a lot in to one day - was really interesting and have learnt a lot. "

"basically everything very impressed"

"Fantastic small group learning at a great pace"

"Small class sizes were great!"

"Training particularly good"

"Nice environment"

"Really great at explaining everything in a coherent and understandable way. "

"The training room was a lovely temperature, which is so very rare for a training room. Not too hot or too cold, just perfect. Refreshments were very well stocked and to a good quality"

"I honestly had no idea what to expect but have been so pleasantly surprised! All the staff I interacted with were delightful and the environment you're working in is so well thought out. I feel really confident with using InDesign now and I am excited to get back to the office and get using my skills! The refreshments were some of the best I've ever had (and I've been to a lot of conferences lol). Will 100% be recommending :)"

"Very clear and helpful. Step by step and just overall great. Thank you!"

"Breaking instructions down into approachable and easy to understand steps. And then increasing the difficulty so that we could remember/learn each of the steps. Really good to learn the short cuts too. Lovely workspace."

"Great environment, knowledgable tutor"

"Clear and understandable teaching method, answering questions or queries we had, giving a brief overview to cover all areas in a short amount of time. "

"all round good day!"

"the space and equipment are all perfect - very friendly teachers and team"

"Really practical outworking of the training by getting us to do some work ourselves."

"Good at integrating practical exercises to back up what we had learnt. Putting it into practice and delving deeper into the audience and structure. Better overall understanding in the area."

"Course content, very organised managing different course teams, friendly staff, making course applicable to what we would use it for in our jobs"

"Everything! Loved it, felt at home."

"Relaxed, clean and comfortable environment with approachable trainer who knows what he is talking about. Thank you!"

"Very friendly tutor, also the lunches were lovely, felt like I have learnt alot. "

"Pleasant, relaxed environment. "

"Great training. Fun, learnt loads, feel like it was a great use of company money. Rob was a great trainer, clips were fun to work with."

"Very good at giving lots of examples, and answering questions, as well as coming back to things if we hadn't quite got the hang of it. Very friendly, fun and approachable. Gave lots of info on where to find more information in the future."

"Trainer was very communicative and engaging."

"Everything was as I hoped for"

"Everything perfect"

"Clear, directions great for beginners looking to advance into Premiere CC"

"Really knowledgeable trainer, covered a range of topics and checked in that it related to the work we are doing. Will definitely recommend!"

"Real world examples that I can use in my job, Kate was great and really knowledgable! "

"Easy to talk to"


"The organisation, the handouts, the clarity of information, the friendliness of the instructor, and much more. "

"Everything. I had a lovely day and learnt a lot. Thoroughly enjoyed it!"

"It was very organised and hands-on which made it easy to retain the information. Class size was also good which made it easier to have valuable discussions"

"Piers answered all our questions with thought and good humour. "

"Trainer was excellent and nice building too"

"very good trainer"

"efficient training which was really engaging"

"Everything was very good! Thank you! "

"Clear lessons. Learned many new things. "

"I was very impressed overall! Compared to other training centres I have been to it was very modern, clean and bright. I was expecting soggy sandwiches for lunch so was very pleased with what was on offer."

"As far as I can tell, everything that I wanted covered was covered and I feel far more comfortable in my Excel ability."

"Love the creative, clean & cool environment. "

"Really great course, lovely workspace and great trainer. "

"Punctual, good quality food, great trainer."

"Rob is an excellent trainer with a faultless knowledge of Adobe Captivate. Extremely friendly and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble."

"Simo was very good at breaking things down and making sure we all understood. Thanks!"

"everything, knowledge, cleanliness, friendliness, tutors knowledge"

"Training was very clear and I was able to pick up things really quickly. If i was unsure of anything I was able to ask questions"

"the course progressed at a good speed which was easy to follow. "

"the course content & effectiveness of the trainer = v good"

"Friendly and welcoming facilities staff who were super helpful. Trainer was superb and I felt she could answer every question myself and the group asked. A really good course - thanks!"

"fantastic course. very clear, very helpful"

"Very informative and patient when teaching each task"

"communication, explaining things clearly and trainers really care about making an impact"

"Really great environment and great staff and really good trainer with a good energy "

"Really friendly staff, very good post course resources, small classes so you get the attention you need when stuck. "

"Very interesting course, really friendly and nice, lovely accommodation of my dietary requirements."

"Organised training sessions, good communications prior to course. "

"It was all amazing!"

"Good timing on breaks and overall content was good with a good breakdown."

"Overall good experience, small group works well for discussions etc."

"The course was great, my trainer was able to talk through structuring sentences together, improve grammar and understanding the clauses. "

"Really good at explaining and waiting for people to get it."

"Good environment, great knowledgeable trainer"

"Lovely food. Excellent standard of training & taught at a really good pace"

"The course was good overall and provided a lot of information that was relevant. Friendly team in general. "

"using what we learnt straight away is very useful "

"Great training venue, great content, lunch was amazing, the people on the course were interesting. "

"Trainer expertise and refreshments. Suitable for everyone in attendance. I will definitely recommend this venue for training in the future."

"All was great, especially the environment and people "

"Quality course, nice environment, excellent trainer"

"Trainer was very approachable and friendly, and if anyone had a question did his best to answer as fully as possible (in a way that was relevant to everyone)."

"Literally, EVERYTHING! I've had the best 2 days and will definitely be coming back again for further training."

"Great course and great trainer - would highly recommend. "

"Making a complex system simple. A great starting point."

"I really enjoyed my two day course; very engaging, very effective, and I will certainly recommend!"

"Answering my questions even when they weren't directly related to the level of the course. Equally going away to find answers when he wasn't 100% sure."

"Good learning environment, friendly and knowledgable staff."

"Teaching at an appropriate level, welcoming clients, making the program simple and friendly, and so much more!"

"Course size was good, allowing time for questions and to go at an appropriate pace. Course extremely helpful and well put together"

"Everything! I love coming here!"

"Project examples, tailoring to individual needs. Great size class, felt looked after and like the trainer had time for each of us. "

"trainer was excellent, relaxed and made everything simple"

"All great, great environment - trainer really nice and knowledgeable."

"Everything was great including the and to complete satisfaction. Neil is a great trainer!"

"Very well organised, great lunch, very welcoming. Great learning environment "

"Great learning environment, friendly staff, amazing lunch and knowledgable trainers. Thanks!"

"Great facilities and welcoming environment. Learnt a lot and appreciate that the course was catered to my specific requirements and aims."

"Very approachable and relevant. "

"Tom was a really great friendly trainer and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day."

"Great training centre, staff and trainer. "

"Teacher was great!"

"good flow of the course, enough coffee breaks, nice lunch, good tutor"

"Lovely venue. V friendly trainer and other staff."

"Good knowledge and theory lesson "

"Great set up when you arrive. Trainer very good. Less focus on web but that is probably down to me misunderstanding the course. Still relevant"

"Really good overview of many elements of graphic design. Makes me want to do other courses to learn the skills to put these theories in practice. "

"Everything was amazing!"

"Super friendly and informative"

"Engaging all course attendees. Clear at explaining and teaching to all levels. "

"Everything! Jason is a great teacher, food and facilities was fab. "

"Easy to learn and step by step guide was helpful. was also very fun too. "

"Being flexible according to the needs of the group - Excellent Trainer"

"Friendly staff and trainer. Lots of knowledge and enthusiasm! Lovely training centre very welcoming "

"Flexibility - tailoring tuition to the requirements of the group"

"The shortcuts given were particularly relevant to my job"

"Vicki is incredibly knowledgable, making sure we cover the course content as well as helping us apply this to our everyday work tasks. "

"Welcome, lunch and refreshments are amazing. Also the knowledge of the trainers. "

"It's a really great space to have the course and Vicki was extremely helpful and very knowledgable. Also the lunch and refreshments were great!"

"clear teaching and extremely helpful "

"Neil was really good at teaching for all levels and made time to teach us extra bits in the breaks when we wanted additional information"

"Neil was excellent, really knowledgeable, office was great, staff highly friendly, food brilliant, easily would come again. "

"The environment is really conducive to learning; the trainer was excellent and it's lovely to have a good lunch!"

"Simple and concise explanations across a broad range of subjects for a very mixed-ability group - very fun, useful, and informative."

"It was all great!"

"Simon was fantastic, very personable and knowledgeable. I am leaving today with a lot more confidence and understanding. Plus, lunch was great!"

"Pretty much everything! Tom is amazing! Made something I thought would be awful to learn, quite enjoyable :) "

"Very friendly"

"Very knowledgeable and friendly - from the reception to the trainer. Lunch was lovely. "

"Engaging and care, Tom was very attentive"

"Our trainer Tom was absolutely fantastic! Very knowledgeable and fun. The environment was really nice. I would highly recommend this facility for training :) Thank you very much"


"The training environment was friendly and welcoming; the trainer was brilliant and knowledgeable and the food was delicious and healthy. Would highly recommend and will hopefully be back!"

"Great examples, and all questions answered."

"Excellent training - fast paced and covered a lot of ground. Facilities and food very good. Trainer well prepared, knowledgeable and patient with queries. Would have no hesitation in coming for another course."

"Training, food, hospitality - all first class."

"Offices are really nice, lunch was delicious, trainer was excellent, would definitely recommend! "

"Food was amazing!"

"Very organised "

"Trainers are excellent"

"Keeping the examples and training tasks work-related to the group and each individual."

"Very useful course, really appreciated Hellen's insights and teaching style."

"The training and venue were all great, especially the food, keep up the good work!"

"Friendly environment and welcoming staff."

"Time flew, so the course was engaging and the environment was superb."

"A very informative course in a short amount of time. Friendly staff and Iwan was a great tutor."

"The knowledge the trainer had was amazing "

"lots of practical examples, engaging trainer with great energy, lots of interaction and exercises, relevant to my role"

"Some fantastic real life examples"

"Approachable, confident, spoke well, excellent examples, passionate and engaging!"

"Making some thing quite difficult very suitable "

"Really good at explaining the basics for someone who has never really used AdWords before. I feel like I learnt a lot and we went pretty in-depth, despite not knowing much before the course began"

"Very well explained, excellent detail. Would thoroughly recommend "

"Good examples, really well explained to members of staff working at different levels. "

"Simon was very engaging and made the training relevant to our goals and needs. Made it easy to digest. "

"Very well explained , clear explanations and now understand google adwords. "

"Very knowledgeable trainer! I have attended 5 courses here now, and have enjoyed every one. Really great day, with lots of new skills to take away and put into practice. Thank you again! "

"Good trainer"

"Great communication and open for all attendees to ask questions - better 1-2-1 time with the trainer :) very knowledgeable. "

"All great, thank you."

"Working specifically with each attendee to make sure they got what they needed out of it"

"Describing the importance of developing a good narrative for the story which will then be nade into an infographi, the importance of choosing the key data to support your messages and putting further thought into developing the infographic as a whole and not just a visual tool."

"Customer service and knowledgeable trainer. "

"So friendly and organised. Thanks you "

"Making me feel comfortable, great refreshments, super friendly and helpful staff"

"All good "

"Peter was excellent, he took time to make the course bespoke and deal with all of our somewhat obscure questions! I would highly recommend the InDesign course to other companies... And lunch was great!"

"Everything - set up, lunch, environment, atmosphere, kit, tools! "

"Good technology, exercises, organisation"

"Good balance of theory and practice and loads of useful real life examples"

"All round very good, nice relaxed environment. "

"Really excellent course. Jason is a brilliant trainer and explained everything really clearly and logically. It's a very enjoyable course and well-run training centre. "

"Tailored examples to my type of photography, patience and also giving tips that you can do whilst photographing to help in post production"

"patient and knowledgable teacher "

"Amazing course, amazing staff, amazing food. Thank you "

"Everything- thank you."

"Patient, friendly teacher. Willing to repeat things for those who are struggling. Very encouraging and motivational."

"Really enjoyed the course, thank you. Very relaxing environment to learn! Thank you. "

"Everything! Matt was great - Thanks a million "

"Matt was great very patient with everyone and took the time to answer and questions and figure out any issues. Food was great. Small group sizes worked well. "

"Explaining and helping with all issues related to the course"

"Really impressive communication/care. "

"Great sense of humour that made those two days incredibly informative and enjoyable! "

"Responsive to all questions and queries, attentive and knowledgeable. "

"Everything! No complaints :)"

"Excellent trainer - well-paced course Great surroundings and good food"

"Explaining the editing process clearly to someone who was not familiar with the software."

"Great at keeping things simply and didn't run things through too quickly or too slow! Really knowledgable and helped with any questions we had."

"Approachable trainer, nice environment"

"Mr. Simo was so kind and helpful , I had lots of question about Photoshop and he answered all."

"The course and atmospher were good"

"A clear and concise course that was easy to understand."

"Everything - Greeting from Katie was super friendly :) - Viki my trainer was fantastic and showed me everything i needed and wanted to know "

"Good environment, good course."


"Very clear and good range of examples. Would definitely come back here again for further training!"

"Being greeted at the door The training Arranging the course time - having the breaks in between to keep you engaged Friendly!"

"Trainer informative and took time to interact with each delegate, made course content digestible and easy to follow Classroom environment comfortable Refreshments very good, nice selections "

"Fantastic at providing a structured lesson whilst still answering questions from each person in the class."

"Friendly and lots of useful tips"

"So efficient lot's of support, highly recommended."

"Fun and knowledgeable. Trainer explained things again very happily when i needed it"


"Brilliant trainer"

"excellent knowledge and very engaging"

"very friendly and happy to adjust the training to suit individual needs"

"Matt was a wonderful instructor. He could answer every question we had and was very patient and would repeat anything as many times as needed. I really appreciated all his help with specific questions and I found it very useful for us to have time to create our own designs so we could focus on what we needed to."

"the course was great!"

"Great hands on training"

"good explanations, friendly and helpful, nice training environment"

"friendly, informative and professional staff. "

"The course was fantastic, the environment even better. completely relaxed and accessible workspace, which provided a nurturing environment for learning :)"

"Really effective training. I took a lot in and am excited to apply these to my day at work. It was good how the trainer asked if what we had learned can be applied to our jobs and the tasks required after each thing."

"very structured course"

"Tom was great. Learnt a lot!"

"interpersonal skills make for great comfortable environment"

"Good understanding of what level people were at and finding ways to make examples relevant to them"

"Using examples relevant to our company. Helpful staff, not just the trainer"

"The exercises were thought provoking "

"The environment is very nice, everybody is friendly. Good writing tips."

"Course material and presentation, balance between lecture and interactive discussions or practical exercises. Great training overall, really exceeded my expectations and wish I have taken this course earlier. I feel I'm going back to my work with more vision and knowledge. Would be a good idea to have a follow-up, perhaps more advanced business writing course, with even more practise exercises during the course. "

"Fun, hospitable environment!"

"Warm atmosphere, excellent facilities, and top-notch training. "

"Very very good at not making us feel rushed or bad if we did something wrong - learn by doing"

"The examples were relevant and we were allowed to work on and get advice on our own projects. Most of the examples were fun and also helpful skills. I liked that we went over things more than once but in different projects so it wasn't repetitive in a bad way. "

"Very good at building in practice into each of the exercises so that we could repeat what we'd been learning and then build as we go. The days were well spaced out with breaks at good times etc. And Vicky created a really positive welcoming atmosphere which was great!"

"Food was fantastic, clean facilities and training was very good Ian was very patient with me."

"Very well explained for all level of abilities."

"Rob was an excellent trainer and appreciate that he took time to explain the CS6 differences and gave everyone individual attention when needed. The food, drinks and centre were all excellent. "

"The course covered the basics of Premiere Pro in good detail, much of the content I had self taught so it covered ground I'd already developed, however there were shortcuts and workflows that were new that made me realise I'd been very innefficient in the past!"

"Lots of time to try things out, very relaxed environment, great location and set-up, plenty of knowledge from trainer and there were hardly any questions he couldn't answer. "

"very inclusive and appropropriate to individual's levels of ability and responsive to that"

"Using relevant specific examples, asking if I understood everything, moving on as soon as possible to keep the work engaging. "

"Lots. Great trainer, great IT, food good. A great experience. Would recommend. My thanks to Donna!"

"Good session, nice and interactive. "

"Trainer was friendly, knowledgeable and open with the group. Smaller classroom helped us frame to our business. Training centre services were awesome aswell! "

"Vicki was incredible - knowledgeable, helpful, funny, and dry. I wouldn't change anything."

"Vicki is an excellent trainer. A really enjoyable and informative course. Many thanks "

"Vicki was excellent - perfect speed, and hugely helpful for the practicalities of our work "

"Such a friendly atmosphere, great food, made to feel welcome, small class sizes..."

"Very hospitable. Ian was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and patient with questions."

"Environment is really good - the food was healthy and really tasty. The team were friendly and helpful,"

"All of it was very beneficial"

"relevance, pace, environment, everything seemed to have been taken care of"

"Polite and approachable staff"

"Great pace, great explanations"

"Piers was a highly knowledgeable teacher/course leader, who could relate to all aspects of sub-editing. Both print and digital were covered in great detail with actionable examples, and any questions I had were answered with ease and real-world experience. Thank you!"

"The trainer was excellent, made sure that we understood every single exercise over the two days."

"Well above expectation. Simo is a fantastic trainer, extremely knowledgeable and approachable. He kept a good pace throughout. Facilities were super - feeling very spoilt! "

"Staff were friendly, resources were great and the food was great"

"very knowledgeable and friendly trainer"

"The trainer was really knowledgeable and friendly, and was clearly enthusiastic about what he was teaching - it was great."

"Great and empowering tutor! Piers was knowledgable and adapted content for our firm (this was a private training session)."

"Piers was very good at adapting to our specific challenges and providing suggestions and solutions. "

"Trainer was very clear with instructions. Food was lovely. The revamped ladies toilets were fab! "

"Really useful and friendly "

"Small class size and easy to get involved or ask for help. Very patient trainer!"

"Venue was lovely, refreshments and lunch were all lovely with a huge choice of drinks. Fresh fruit and snacks available throughout the day. The trainer was very informative and helpful for the entire duration of the course. Would highly recommend Media Training "

"Good training in small groups and a great lunch!"

"lunch was great, environment was very nice. everyone was helpful and friendly"

"Lovely training centre. Amazing food. I also thought it was great that you provided the equipment and the classes were small. The centre itself and facilities were far better than at any other centre. I would book another course with you. "

"The venue is always excellent, the staff, lunch and facilities are fantastic. Today's training was brilliant! The pace, theory and timings were perfect. I feel entirely confident we now have the right tools to go back and make significant improvements to our copy. Thank you!"

"I really enjoyed learning all about the theory and techniques behind effective copy writing, and then being able to put this all into practice at the end of the day. Piers was an excellent trainer! And the biscuits were brilliant."

"The skill of the trainer in terms of pace was excellent. This is both in terms of presentation and organisation of the day. Thoroughly enjoyed the training as a whole, the facilities were good and the food was excellent"

"Very pleasant through the booking process and throughout the course. Will continue to recommend you to others."

"Fantastic grasp of our business needs from the get-go. Excellent examples and constructive feedback throughout."

"Great at going through at a pace which made it easy to digest and implement into the tasks given. Piers was very encouraging and offered great insights into each persons roles and requirements."

"The trainer was excellent. Piers had taken the time to look out our company and the copy we already produced so he could tailor the course to our needs. Thank you so much"

"V friendly and approachable. Great recap - learnt some v useful things! "

"Good at explaining and going over things that we didn't understand. Thorough and left me wanting to learn more."

"Lots of hints and tips that i can use at work. "

"The course was incredibly informative. I found the structure well thought out and there was the perfect amount covered without it feeling overwhelming or like we were moving on before fully exploring the previous topic."

"great environment, great refreshments, interesting course"

"good equipment, nice environment, hospitality really good"

"Everything - great course, trainer & facilities!"

"I enjoyed the training, good environment etc "

"Everything is great! Love Vicki, would always try to schedule her classes for any future training, great lunch :)"

"Speed of programme flexible to meet the needs of all the team"

"The course was informative and good for all levels of knowledge; the food was very good; and the trainer was very knowledgeable and helpful."

"Great space and environment. Vicky was incredibly knowledgeable about InDesign and willing to go beyond the course curriculum if we had specific questions. Great job of keeping the whole group moving while also ensuring everyone's individual questions or interests were addressed. I feel I'm coming away with a great deal of knowledge I will definitely be able to put into practice. Very pleased overall. "

"The trainer was always on hand to help and had a great attitude. The workshop was fun and interesting with great manageable examples. The speed was good and I've learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend this course. "

"Trainer so helpful, even helped me into breaks with personal projects. Food was rally great. Staff were so friendly and approachable --> i was able t come in early and practice which i really appreciated it. "

"the course was a good pace and i will use everything we learnt in my day job. good coverage of lots of different aspects of photoshop that can be applied to various projects and adapted to different pieces of work. "

"Hospitality, knowledge, services and everything all around. Very pleased in terms of teaching, resources and services overall. "

"Great course content. Trainer was knowledgeable and on hand to answer questions. We had time to go over each individual's needs - good, small group size. Lunch was great! All staff were very attentive and friendly"

"Relaxing and productive learning environment"

"Computer set up and general facilities are fantastic. Very cool atmosphere and puts you at ease when learning subject matter"

"The center admin/reception team were as pleasant and efficient as usual."

"All good."

"really easily understood modules done at a pace where everyone could keep up. Great lunch as well"

"Amazing environment, lovely welcome, fantastic trainer and brilliant refreshments - couldn't fault a thing - thank you!"

"Relating our situations with useful existing charities that write for the web well. Breaking down the techniques of writing for the web into understandable sections and completing tasks with relevant posts to our charities. "

"The group was an appropriate size and trainer was knowledgeable"

"Fantastic working environment, helpful staff, knowledgeable instructor, really good set up. Would not hesitate to recommend. "

"Very clear, small class size, trainer adjusted course to our needs. Very helpful and friendly, feel like I learnt a lot and there was nothing I didn't understand or struggled with."

"Great location, great trainer, enough time to go through individual examples, good level on the training, good time to play around yourself as well as watching the trainer do it. Great that we can access course notes after as well. "

"Really good at preparing example projects beforehand, for us to practise on and copy. It gives us a chance to actually put what we learn to use - most of the time you're not really able to ingrain something into memory until you practise it yourself after hearing about it, so it was hugely beneficial to have multiple types of projects, each focussing on a specific skill, or combination or skills."

"Good environment, knowledgeable trainer"

"very welcoming, very approachable, knowledgeable. "

"making me feel at ease and the the environment was friendly and welcoming "

"Jason was really helpful and answered all our questions very informatively"

"Examples, bringing different elements together, displaying the problems as theory and breaking down the structure of the problem to logic, then to take to the code, Mathematical consideration expressions, Breaking down problems to individual functions. Polite, clear and patient. Great sense of humour eg. ferrets lol Also lunch was fantastic and top selection of biscuits "

"Pretty much everything - I'd like to know the name of your caterers, for our events :)"

"James is relevant and young! Enthusiastic yet laid back"

"Making us feel welcomed and being "part of something". "

"Making sure we all were happy with a task before moving on. I really enjoyed the course so thank you Jason!"

"General experience excellent - small class sizes, fantastic location and atmosphere."

"Neil has a very detailed knowledge of the programmes we were working on, and run the course at a good pace"

"I think the course was the correct length both in terms of number of days and also length of each day. Right amount of break out time was also allowed."

"Great overview of everything, great knowledge, everyone v. friendly. Excited to get using new skills! "

"Great working environment, good food and good trainer"

"The trainer gave some good examples of her own personal experiences to illustrate the course content which was useful in helping to understand the exercises"

"great work environment "

"Very welcoming and accommodating. looking forward to coming back! "

"Emma was great, learnt a lot from the whole day. "

"great teacher! "

"Small friendly groups allowed for an atmosphere where you felt comfortable speaking up - very good"

"explanations are very clear. and the tutor was available to explain to me something else"

"Emma, is an excellent tutor and would certainly recommend Media Training to friends and colleagues."

"Very friendly and adaptable to the classes needs. A great day , great teacher and great setting "

"Vicky was lovely, friendly and easy to talk to. Good structure and a small group meant we were able to tailor the course to our needs"

"Very useful and informative, great teacher. "

"Great trainer, great facility and, of course, great lunches. Hope to come back again soon!"

"Providing a really nice environment to work in. The small sessions meant we could ask whatever we wanted and always had a really helpful response from Piers :) "

"I found everything perfect. "

"The learning environment was really nice, the trainer was engaging and interesting."

"Ivan was great! A one-on-one training session allowed my to pick his brains and he was able to challenge me. "

"It was really clear, very helpful and really good facilities!"

"Teaching at all levels. I have left with a lot more knowledge than I had!"

"Friendly, great teaching, superb food and coffee and space. Kate did an amazing job and I really appreciate her skills as a tutor. I learnt so much and had a wonderful time!"

"The trainer was brilliant and very helpful at all times. Having someone who is very confident with all aspects of the system makes it much easier for the learner. Thank you very much! "

"Great and very useful. Photoshop is very complex software but I now know how to use it for the things I need."

"Engaging the group and checking in to ensure all participants were up to speed with the subject matter."

"Vicki was really good at communicating complex ideas in a direct, cogent manner. As a Photoshop novice I felt at ease and like I was in an environment where I could ask anything, and learn at my own pace."

"Great working environment, lots of fun and good to learn while doing! All in all an excellent day acquiring new skills!"

"Very hospitable hosts, up-to-date workstations and a great learning environment - overall a highly practical and useful working day"

"Perfect pace. Piers was very clear and engaging. I've had a great day :)"

"The courses have big practical component which I find extremely helpful "

"One to one training was really helpful and reassuring. The refreshments were a great surprise, with regular breaks being a great help to regain concentration throughout the day."

"Very attentive tutor. Small class group meaning Simon could tailor the content to each of us. Great lunch, selection of teas & coffee. Lovely place!"

"Everything. Everyone was incredibly friendly from the ladies on registration to of course Simo who was brilliant with everyone in the class. Everyone at media training was polite and helpful. The course was a perfect pace and Simo also answered a whole host of questions that we all had on the fly so we got to learn even more than planned. I feel so confident after just this beginner course. Thanks!"

"Everyone was really friendly and the trainer was incredibly knowledgeable, effective and supportive. Thank you very much."

"Almost everything! I found Simo engaging and knowledgeable, the sample images and course content were pertinent and well organised, and I appreciated the small group size. Plus the lunch and the biscuits!"

"Simo was brilliant - amazed at how much i learnt in two days. Pace was perfect. We had a lot of additional questions and things we wanted to learn and Simo was very accommodating, made sure we got the most out of the day. Everyone else was extremely friendly and helpful and were always making sure everyone was comfortable and everything running smoothly. Would highly recommend to colleagues and I'm sure I'll be back. Thanks "

"Simo was very knowledgable and it was a great course"

"Very well organised and geared towards a good training environment. "

"Very relaxed course."

"Great to learn while looking at our own website, great way to learn within the context of what we do."

"Conveying understanding from knowledge rather than just powerpoint slides"

"Everything about this course was is delightful, I can't wait to come back for another!"

"very clear and very good at fulfilling our objectives and making sure the material was absolutely relevant."

"The structure of the day, the examples and activities provided, the lunch and the atmosphere were all great."

"Nice welcome , knowledgeable instructor, interesting lesson, good structure of the day, nice food "

"Really happy with everything "

"The course material was tailored to our needs with useful examples and informed by the tutors vast experience. In summary, a great amount learned and a great amount to try apply in practice"

"Communication and making sure everyone was understood and trying to make examples relevant to all regardless of work background as everyone had different issues and areas they wanted to learn."

"warm friendly welcome, Jason was very knowledgable!"

"Teaching in small classes"

"Overall great"

"Everything. Excellent"

"Providing subtle individual support. Good support. Good tips and tricks, Lots of shortcuts. Will help me work efficiently!"

"I had a really good feeling about the course from the second I walked in, everything looked really new and everyone was really welcoming :) Lisa was really knowledgeable and came and helped me personally with a small part I had issues with on my letter I sent previously. Thanks"

"Communication, engaging"

"Well run. No death by powerpoint! Engaging"

"Good, clear explanations and examples given. Simon was friendly and approachable, and made the course content interesting."

"It was good to go step by step through the process. It gave us a very logical way to think through the ways we can improve our SEO practice. I've come away with lots of practical help and tips so thank you! "

"Excellent course at a great pace. It was good to look at SEO in a more functional way in order to improve content all round on the site."

"Making us feel welcome, recapping, linking the course to my day job. Thanks Vicki, really great course, need some practice now!"

"everything else, very personable and friendly, good teaching style - as a team of learning experts we are very attuned to learning styles and ways of teaching"

"Everything! Very welcoming and professional."

"Lunch was very good, pleasant environment. Knowledgeable trainer. "

"Explaining everything. Knowledge. Giving multiple ways of doing things so that we find our own ways. "

"Great focus on the tools and functionality of the editing software. Really helpful and clear"

"Giving breaks and keeping the class engaged. Thank you!"

"Great setting and Ian was very approachable and knowledgable! "

"Really good instructors!"

"Small class size (gives opportunity to ask questions and get feedback), training structure, environment and food"

"Always very good at making the courses relevant for the respective course takers and their fields/ projects /work and integration"

"Overall, very welcoming and positive. "

"Excellent and patient training. Applicable even for non-designers"

"Overall everything was extremely good in all aspects "

"Everything, I would highly reccomend. "

"Structure of the course and practical side "

"Good all round understanding of short cuts, practical exercises, explanations of terminology etc."

"Everything was fantastic"

"Simon was great - patient and good examples. "

"engaging and insightful presentation"

"Teacher, food, location, friendly staff... All good overall."

"Great setting, very friendly, "

"A very nice environment to learn outside of the training room"

"The course was well structured and researched. I believe we can take this new knowledge into the workplace with relative ease."

"I felt I could ask questions without feeling stupid and I now think I know more about inCopy and would be happy to start using it."

"The egs were great. It would have been nice to have spent more time actually playing with InCopy"

"Lots of hands-on exercises and chance to play around with the software"

"Relaxed, friendly environment"

"very kind staff members and organised time breaks. "

"Nice venue, friendly staff."


"Great training, good speed and very helpful examples. "

"Everybody was really friendly, and Peter was super patient and clear."

"Everything! Really good day. Trainer was excellent"

"Overall a great experience"

"Literally everything. The last two days have been the best work training programme that I have so far experienced. Everything from the thoughtful, relevant and focused layout of the course, to the friendly and helpful staff, the excellent catering and the pleasant and stimulating environment, this has set a new standard for training that I think won't be surpassed for a long time. I have learned so much and I feel like I'm going to be twice as useful when I get back to work. Really superb."

"Everything! Thanks so much, it was invaluable. I especially found the general discussions we had really helpful - it felt really tailored to my individual experience. "

"I liked the excersizes. I thought they were really well thought out and helped us develop our skills further. "

"Everything. Would definitely return. "

"Very welccoming, lovely environment, great refreshments. Would love to come again, even just to get on with work!"

"Neil was so thorough and really cared about our knowledge and making sure we understood everything comprehensively. He was super knowledgeable and I leave feeling like I have had a great in depth intro into after effects. I would highly recommend him and this course! Staff were also lovely, food was delish! "

"It is such a welcoming environment, to come on your own you are always greeted with a smile. The course was excellent, the trainers are always able to help you tailor in a way that will help your job. I love coming back here."

"Very good on all levels, good balance of content and more technical information, Really enjoyed the course"

"Good explanations and practical advice in relation to best practices relevant to the business."

"Being able to explain a complicated topic in simple terms and relate it to our work"

"Very welcoming and brilliant teaching"

"Not too much information in one go. Perfect amount for one day."

"Really useful and informative examples. The exercises were particularly good after every section covered."

"Clear teaching and discussion between the group was encouraged. Any queries were quickly answered."

"Very open environment. Teacher welcomed questions and discussion. Facilities, food, and drink were excellent."

"High standard of teaching, professional outfit"

"Rob was incredibly knowledgable, happy to answer questions and generally be supportive."

"Instructor was very clear and helpful, will definitely recommend to others!"

"great environment, good presentation including lots of examples to look and inspiration great trainer"

"I really enjoyed the course and thought Simon was great, very knowledgeable but described things clearly and gave relevant examples to help explain things. Thank you for a really interesting and useful course"

"it was clear and at a good pace. Tailored to my needs. I was very happy with the course and i would definitely recommend the course. It's the 4th time i've attended a course here and i would come back based on my experiences here. "

"Welcoming, food, enviroment, trainer and examples"

"Good lesson plan, relevant, and addressed specific needs of individuals. Great food and friendly staff! "

"I couldn't really ask for a better course! Really managed to learn so much and such a great environment. Neil was great and obviously knows what he's doing and how to answer any questions we asked."

"Everything, it's been a great day. Jase was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and I feel like I've learned some really valuable skills. Thank you!"

"Welcome, informative and fun approach"

"Being very clear with instruction & a really nice facility"

"Well informed and friendly trainer, good pace and learned lots"

"Thought the course was great, clear instructions and ample time to complete workbook exercises. Comfortable learning atmosphere, right amount of breaks and a great lunch. Would definitely come back for a more advanced course. "

"The trainer (Lisa) was very attentive, spoke clearly and very knowledge on the topic. The environment was conducive to learning. I have learnt so much on excel in just 1 day, just a shame it has taken 35 years to find this course- but never too late to gain new knowledge. I will definitely be recommending this to friends and colleagues as this facility ticks all the right boxes. 10/10 in my opinion."

"Excellent trainer and well organised company."

"Kate was great and super helpful!"

"Explained things well, went at a good pace, good examples and exercises to help put everything into practice and covered a broad range of basics to get us going!"

"small groups allowed for one to one assistance, Kate was very knowledgeable and approachable. "

"super friendly, professional and well organized "

"Kate was lovely - very friendly!"

"Iwan was very good at explaining things in and I found the course easy to follow. I really liked that the classes were small groups, it gave everyone an opportunity to ask questions when they needed to. Would definitely recommend to others."

"Excellent lunch. Nicely paced content in a comfortable learning environment."

"making people feel welcome and comfortable"

"Great examples, good pace to work through examples and building up to more complex work"

"Piers passion for the subject shone through in his teachings. The interactive aspects of the course were incredibly helpful as was the feedback of the pieces of work we produced. "

"Ladies who signed me in were very friendly & welcoming, Piers was so very interesting & knowledgeable. Learnt so very much, just need to put it into practice!! Thanks so very much."

"Organised. Everything was very thoroughly explained. Great notes to take away. Good space and location. "

"Friendly team, very knowledgable and patient trainer."

"Meeting and greeting, the course was great as was the trainer, replenishing snacks and being very welcoming."

"The training was informative and covered a lot. The environment and food were good too."

"Very happy with the training environment, the tutor was fully knowledgable, and other members of staff were very pleasant also. Very happy with the time scales, i.e break points, lunch points and training sessions in between."

"Correct pace and brilliant trainer!!"

"Simo was incredibly knowledgeable and a great teacher - THANK YOU! "

"No complaints, happy with everything."

"Generally, a really terrific course. Our trainer was super well-organised, friendly and patient, and the environment was very comfortable. The whole environment was comfortable and energising."

"Friendly and informal, giving a good environment for inquisitive learning. Trainer was very helpful and addressed all the questions that were raised. I'll certainly be coming back for more. Thank you."

"Just about everything excluding the course notes, I am totally blown away."

"It is always friendly and the trainers are always expert and approachable. Can't fault it, really"

"I was one of the less knowledgable in my group (I had never even opened InDesign!) and yet I felt I learned as much as others who knew more and Matt managed to set tasks that stretched us all. I am quite amazed by how much I have learned in such a short time frame. It was a really friendly atmosphere and felt just the right balance of informal and professional. I would certainly consider other courses at the centre and would recommend to friends! "

"Very knowledgeable, insightful trainers offering practical demonstrations. I'm sure you get this a lot - but, yes, the lunches and atmosphere are also fantastic! "

"The tutor was very good at creating a relaxed environment so that everyone felt able to ask questions without fear of judgement. He was also very good at balancing tutoring the whole class with giving individual guidance. The pace of the course was perfect for my level as a complete beginner, and the final few exercises pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. There was a good balance of ease and familiarity, and going beyond my comfort zone. The other staff were all very friendly and put us all at ease."

"Everything-I was very impressed with the friendliness of Simo, the staff, and especially the lunch! "

"Everything was incredible, you have went an extra mile. I will be coming back for next courses."

"very friendly and knowledgeable, good food - feel comfortable and staff are approachable."

"Covering everything - very thorough and great individual support!"

"I thought everything was fantastic. This is the third course I've been on and it's the best training I've ever had!"

"I was glad to be able to get extra help on specific techniques I need I thought Lisa was so engaging and enthusiastic Would definitely use Media Training again"

"I was very impressed with the training - very comprehensive"

"Excellent service. Excellent food, great teacher!"

"Tasks were well thought out and incredibly helpful. "

"Covered lots of ground, thank you Lisa! Looking forward to putting it all in to practice. Keyboard shortcuts will change my life!"

"Good syllabus, well-rounded. Good class numbers and contact time."

"The welcome was brilliant, I was shown around by a member of the team straight away, so instantly felt at ease. Refreshments were amazing! Most importantly, Vicki was an incredible teacher with a huge amount of InDesign (and general design) knowledge and expertise. Vicki made the training both fun and manageable, and I have now come away feeling like I can tackle the design work that is relevant to my current role. Thank you!"

"Running the course despite having only 1 delegate and therefore providing me with great 1:1 support for two days. Great food and friendly staff. "

"Vicki was really supportive and happy to show us extra things that were relevant to our job roles. She was good at repeating processes and allowing you to practice and learn - the practice session at the end of the course was especially helpful as it allowed us to see how much we'd learnt and iron out any problems. Also helpful to have tips, links, and resources available after the course so we can keep on learning. The course venue itself was very stylish and the food was amazing - all in all a good few days training!"

"The training itself was top-notch -- a great introduction to InDesign that made it seem uncomplicated and easy to use. The facility was excellent too. From the lunches to the toilets, everything was exceptional."

"The Trainer Vikki was really friendly and helpful. Really interactive session and really hands on too which was great. Great to have a notebook and pen provided and the food and refreshments were amazing! Really helps to keep energy levels up. The course content was great. Really good to have a mix of files to play with and the ability to do things as a group as well as individually. The pace of the workshop was really good, and the size of the class was perfect. Was also really good to have the session on the Friday afternoon to be able to have some free time to play around and try out some of the skills we have learnt and have Vikki there to answer our questions. I really have thoroughly enjoyed the past 2 day Indesign course and am looking forward to being able to use my new found skills. Thanks very much Vikki! "

"Giving time at the end of the course to practice with the software was really helpful. It meant we could learn by doing, reinforce what we had learnt and think of any other skills or tools we wanted to learn how to use. It gave us time to think of questions that we wanted to ask. "

"Hospitality was excellent, lots of well deserved breaks!"

"Liked the course and Simon clearly had great knowledge and experience. He tailored the days well to suit the requirements of the small group he was teaching "

"building was great guys very welcoming"

"Iwan was really friendly, were knowledgeable and happy to help - thank you! "

"explained well and gave good examples of different code "

"The training was very thorough and gave me an excellent grounding in HTML. It felt like we covered a lot of information so it will be great to refer back to my notes!"

"Concise instructions, getting through a lot in good time, and LUNCH!"

"Trainer was very personable. "

"Ivan was very knowledgeable and patient, we got through a lot of information in 2 days and the training centre is a really nice environment to work in"

"Excellent course! The training was super useful and Rob was an awesome trainer - very funny and kept it really interesting. Really enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone. "

"Rob was an excellent trainer, his explanations were clear and helped me to really get to grips with the theory behind filming and editing. The course offered a really good balance of practical and theoretical learning, and I have learnt so many things which I will be implementing on a day to day basis at work. Thank you so much! "

"Great knowledge and fantastic energy from the teacher! "

"This is one of the best training experiences I've ever had. Rob was AWESOME! The team were fantastic, I would highly recommend to other professionals. "

"Everything was very easy to follow. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating."

"The course is excellent for who has basic knowledge of AE and wants to grow their skillset!"

"Jase was very knowledgable and used easy to follow examples to teach new and time-saving techniques. Learnt a lot."

"Everyone is very friendly and the place has a warm atmosphere. I always learn loads when I am here."

"very clear instruction, very welcoming "

"Lovely environment, Francesca was really efficient with helping me book this and so caring when it came to my dietary requirements. Rob was so knowledgeable and helpful - I had a fun and memorable day and will use my new skills straight away. Can't wait to do my next course here!! "

"Great and inspiring environment Really well organised"

"Great welcome all the way + positive attitude"

"Honestly it has been one of the best training days I've ever been on - Lisa is a FANTASTIC trainer: really positive energy, engaging and passionate about what she's teaching, goes at a brilliant pace (both accommodating people to understand properly without feeling rushed and also going through as much as possible). I am going to recommend it to my company who are looking for a good provider."

"Everything runs like a well oiled machine!"

"The whole course was very efficiently run, with friendly staff and knowledgeable teachers! Loved the small class of 4, as I was initially concerned that there would be lots of people and not time for questions - Simo was fab."

"Really a wonderful environment to learn in. Comfortable, friendly, great staff ... makes the experience relaxing and fun. And the knowledge of the trainers is incredible... both courses were wonderful as learned a ton."

"Very relaxed and enjoyable course."

"Great facilities, knowledgeable trainer, very good overall"

"Great training experience! Knowledgeable trainer, course material was tailored to our needs, great lunch, well organised! "

"Rebecca is lovely and very patient :)"

"Helen was able to tailor her exercises that I had done at a previous course to newer ones so that I had no repetition. "

"good trainer, nice training site"

Delegate from: General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union on 17th April

"Very good examples"

Delegate from: General Secretariat of the Council on 17th April

"Piers was good at engaging and encouraging the participants."

Delegate from: Council of the EU on 17th April

"Very practical information and exercises. Well done!"

Delegate from: General Secretariat of the Council on 17th April

"Making the course relevant to our specific company; flexibility on the course content"


"great knowledge"

"Very nice course."

"Great knowledge and interactive session. "

"Simon was very knowledgeable in SEO and it's been really helpful :)"

"Everything! The venue is brilliant and the lunch was amazing. The timings and pace of the course were perfect. The content of the course was on point, really interesting and helpful. Also the extra bits you get when you login for future use is great. Would definitely recommend this course to colleagues."

"Staff v. friendly and approachable."

"Very friendly staff, Ian (our trainer) was very knowledgable, patient and calm. Great course."

"Great overall introduction to the software. Thoroughly enjoyed. "

"Everything went very smoothly, good course examples and excellent trainer. "

"Made me feel welcomed and I feel I am very knowledgeable in CSS now. "

"Friendly staff, fantastic lunch and great equipment to be able to complete the course."

"Great vibes, great pace of learning. "

"great environment, tutors, staff in general. Learnt a lot"

"Friendly Staff, i was able to practice anything when i needed to. The course was perfect for me! "

"Amazing explanations, clear and precise. Always checking to see we were all following along and any queries Peter was more than happy to answer."

"Peter was very good at explaining the features of InDesign in an easy manner. "

"This was a very well run course with a very helpful trainer who was clearly knowledgeable on the subject area. The facilities were excellent."

"Peter was really great at breaking everything down into easily understandable chunks and wouldn't ever overload us with info. Would definitely recommend Media Training onto friends and colleagues looking to learn from scratch or develop on from an existing knowledge. Thanks so much - the course has been really useful! "

"Great overall insight. I'm confident I can use the program now "

"The course layout was great and catering to someone that is a bit more advanced than the others."

"Very friendly environment - great course content covered well by the teacher. Nice length sessions, regular breaks were welcome."

"The learning environment is unique as it is very friendly and relaxing - like a friend's apartment - yet the instructors are super knowledgeable and the courses are very informative, relevant and the material covered is vast. Thumbs up! : )"

"I loved it! Debbie was very attentive and I didn't feel stupid at at time asking silly questions. Thank you!"

"The food was great and healthy. The Debbie (Excel trainer) was friendly and patient. She answered all of our questions and gave examples. She even took her time to make sure that we understood the content and gave helpful tips as well. "

"Creating a welcoming, non-corporatey environment that still enables you to learn and makes you want to do better. "

"making the training feel enjoyable, many thanks"

"Great food and office - very welcoming. The class size was great because it meant there was a lot of personalised focus. "

"Explaining how to make everything as simple as possible and good pen tool exercises."

"Good examples used to apply to business setting"

"Just putting everything into context and making it interesting. "

"Engaging and fun"

"Explanations, and examples were really good, and making it interesting and relevant. "

"Good location, nice to be able to ask so many interrupting questions!"

"Very clear instructions, friendly staff and a cracking lunch."

"great teaching, especially the pace for beginners"

"Making the course accessible and easy to follow, without over simplifying it. Kept group at level speed without anyone falling behind"

"Good pace of teaching, Iwan was a great tutor. explaining things very clear with good examples of HTML"

"Excellent facilities, training etc"

"Rob demystified Captivate - thank you. Great atmosphere and learning environment. Well done! "

"The environment is very relaxed "

"Robs style was easy to follow, stress free and interactive. Good job!! Thanks"

"A great couple of days with a great teacher. The centre is very clean, provided great food and refreshments and the staff were incredibly friendly. Thank you!"

"The training was very comprehensive."

"Really helpful with examples I needed to clarify for work. "

"The set up and every one at the centre was really lovely and helpful. I was nervous at attending but now I am thinking of doing another course!"

"The atmosphere is great, the food is very tasty and the teacher was amazing! "

"Great course"

"Really great knowledge and always willing to help"

"good teaching and facilities"

"Small course size, excellent trainer, tailored lessons - fantastic course! "

"Good subject knowledge, small group sizes"

"The teacher was very knowledgeable and the training centre was very high quality. I'm also happy that the centre were able to offer the choice of a Mac or a Windows PC. "


"It was applicable and actually had more content than I had initially thought."

"Smaller groups - ability to have a one on one type of class Good structure Example to test application"

"Explanation, examples, friendly trainer and very helpful"

"Really positive experience, training was really easy to follow, at a good pace and covered a lot for such a short space of time"

"Being patient Being relveant! "

"Kate is superb! She managed to get through a lot of information and was incredibly knowledgeable. The food was also excellent and the administration was excellent"

"Good structure and style of teaching"

"Communication, being friendly and making it fun!"

"really informative - learnt a lot "

"The course instructor was very knowledgeable. It was a really useful course and I feel confident applying the techniques learnt."

"Rebecca personalised the examples to our charity which was great"

"Really well led class, good examples relevant to what we need and interactive."

"teachers are great"

"Great introduction to the program"

"The trainer was very knowledgeable "

"Lovely place, nice size group, good trainer"

"Great trainer and introduction to the basics"

"Friendly, helpful, very comfortable set up with good food "

"Kate was very helpful and happy to stop if anyone didn't understand something"

"Very engaging trainer"

"Use of exercises and collateral during the day very helpful. Good debate, good questions and very thought provoking."

"Relating things we learnt back to reports that I have to produce in my day to day life and letting me know how I can convey messages clearer."

"Insightful info, friendly tutor and I got a lot of information from this. I would recommend this for every colleague. Regardless If they write reports or not, as it makes you think about your overall language. "

"Really enjoyed the tasks that brought the theory and discussion to life"

"Very good examples given and really enjoyed the historical explanations behind language"

"Once again thoroughly good course"

"Really good opportunity to talk through ways we currently work as a team and what we could change"

"The trainer was again engaging and knowledgable. The equipment, generally is of good standard. Again, love the food offer!"

"Very good and engaging course. Great to re-visit basic grammar which helps build a foundation to understanding and writing."

"teaching was great"

"great trainer, food was good"

"I thought the course was very interactive, well lead and moved at a great paste "

"Kate was friendly, professional and helpful. "

"Very relaxed and comprehensive. Very friendly tutor. Great to have coffee on tap. Really lovely space."

"Trainer moved the course on at a good pace, and was helpful in helping each of us when stuck."

"Very enjoyable course - thanks."

"Trainer was very knowledgeable and had relevant examples."

"Communication, service, being organised and personal"

"Lovely environment, very friendly and welcoming. Food and drinks aplenty. Great course. Loved the small and intimate environment - only 2 people on my course so talked about lots of things in great detail."

"communicating information in interesting and simple ways and creating a friendly and fun learning environment."

"Nice pace and comfortable environment maintained by the tutor."

"It's been fantastic, the best training course I've ever been on and we covered so much in two days. Course content was really useful, Rob was happy to adapt if we had any specific questions, and introduced us to more features than I knew existed on Premiere Pro. Would happily recommend to anyone. "

"The course gave me a thorough grounding in the use of the software and actually went way beyond my expectations. I felt we covered an extensive range of skills. Rob was also incredibly patient when any of us (mainly me) got lost. Really enjoyed the whole thing and would recommend."

"The trainer really took the time, listened well, and perfectly tailored the course to my needs and skill level. Definitely worth the trip from Amsterdam!"

"Explaining principles, researching my unusual questions!"

"Once again really fluid approach, tailoring the training to use a cohort, really enjoyable"

"Great interaction with trainer, pace was spot on and the course was centred around our needs - loved the building and lay out"

"The experienced instructor. The variety of healthy food. The learning environment. "

"Great aesthetic to the environment, feels relaxed and modern. The training felt more like a learning conversation, rather than just being told what to do or how to do something "

"Great facilities, friendly staff, good refreshments and effective training"

"The trainer was extremely approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend. "

"Team was friendly and approachable "

"Giving real life examples and answering any questions I had. I was offered existing work examples or given the choice to do it on work that I needed doing."

"Everything, Vicki is great"


"Great environment for learning.- material relevant and easy to understand. Wonderful examples, looking forward to next course"

"Friendly, knowledgeable and good course content"

"Really good at giving one on one help when needed, really good for beginners like myself and learned some good tips/tools to use even after the training session. Happy to look at real life examples where possible. "

"Always really friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable and useful."

"Friendly place, nice small group to work with."

"Small group size, practical examples to work through on our own computers, nice building, great lighting with the windows, lovely lunch, great trainer"

"teaching theories and practical exercises "

"Explaining everything in a simple and easy to follow manner."

"Simplifying what had been a complex world in SEO copywriting beforehand"

"Very friendly (arriving at the door and the trainer)"

"Lunch was amazing! Rob was very knowledgeable and helpful."

"Really good at taking questions and answering them but keeping momentum going"

"The trainers are all very knowledgeable which helps you feel confident and makes them more trustworthy "

"Everything! Rob was a great trainer, very knowledgeable and helpful with specific questions. People were friendly and the food delicious. Cheers!"

"Great trainer"

"Productive session, friendly team, excellent lunch and great facilities"

"Pleasant greeting on arrival. Front of house staff very efficient. Welcome refreshments. Very helpful trainer, good pace delivery, very informative"

"Debbie took her time and was a fantastic trainer. I really liked that we were given worksheets to create and to practice what we learnt. I learnt a lot of really useful tools that i'll be able to utilize in every day work life so thank you!"

"Relevant and interesting course."

"good exercises, really helpful to make up knowledge & facilities were great. "

"Great overall experience. Very friendly team"

"Catering and tutor provided for the course were fantastic."

"Going back and re-doing things that I was stuck on. Generally though, knowledgable and very helpful."

"Format of the day, providing lots of refreshments! Very helpful at answering any questions. Created a really relaxed/non corporate environment."

"The environment is amazing, the people are nice, the course is easy to follow and Kate was really approachable and happy to help with everything. I had a great time and hopefully will be back to enrol another course!"

"121 help throughout the course"

"Knowledgeable trainer and very easy to understand"

"knowledgable and helpful trainer"

"Course was very good and interesting, trainer was extremely knowledgeable, just needs a slightly quicker pace. "

"everything, it was great !"

"Competent trainer, lovely staff, excellent location and food"

"Making us welcome. Managing varied levels in the course."

"Tailoring the information to the level of the student. I was a total beginner."

"Staff were the most helpful I have ever experienced, so smiley, welcoming and chatty. The lunch was amazing and catered for all diets (I am a vegetarian). My teacher, Anna, is clearly very experienced and taught us very well, quickly and efficiently, and helped me on tasks I struggled with. I know that the classes could have been up to 6 people and I was lucky to be in a class of 2 - I think I would have found it more difficult with less of Anna's attention and help as coding is so overwhelming and mentally tiring for beginners and those not familiar with it. But overall a fantastic course in a great location and building."

"Everything was great and the food was amazing!!!"

"great teacher, nice place, good service"

"Consideration paid to every aspect of the course and facilities"

"Food, computers, training, teachers, customer service, cleanliness and communication. "

"Teaching - covered a lot in a short space of time "

"Friendly and professional! Well done!"

"Vicki led a fantastic course. This is the fourth course I've been on so far. All of the courses have been of very high quality but she gave a particularly good course. Made tasks intuitive and easy to access, gave us tools that would allow us to remember tasks. "

"Very thorough introduction to WordPress well executed. Thanks!"

"Genuine industry insight. Practical real-life examples. Structured training that followed a natural course. Friendly instructor. Nice amount of breaks. Personalised teaching. "

"Lunch was nice. "

"Very knowledgeable "

"Very good learning environment "

"The trainer explained how to use the software and equipment in a manner which was easy to understand and engaging. "

"Very thoroughly explained tutorials, with a lot of information and new skills which I can take back to the office with me"

"The pace was just right - everything was clearly explained, with enough time for questions. Rob was knowledgeable and approachable: would absolutely recommend this course! "

"Overall I have a very good training experience and would make recommendations to use Media Training again. Thank you "

"The course was interactive and offered practical exercises and examples."

"The course was great."

"Covering a lot of key information in a short space of time. Clear and concise 'how to's"."

"Easy to follow the course and come away feeling confident about what i have learnt."

"Explaining things in a simple concise manner. also Funny."

"The trainer was very knowledgeable "

"Always very knowledgeable, approachable - really impressed with the user login with downloadable resources and web links which is new from last time I was here. Excellent! "

"All well organised and efficient."

"Friendly trainer, good guidance, no complaints. "

"Another great course! Strongly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve existing or gain new skills!"

"Very insightful course. Great that the groups are small and that questions can be answered and course topic can be targeted more to each person's requirements, which would not be possible in larger groups. Fab lunch. "

"Really nice welcoming atmosphere from on the door, at lunch as well as during the sessions."

"The staff were amazing, friendly, and very professional. Maria very kindly made sure that I didn't have to wait when she saw me queuing up for amenity."

"Vicky was great fun and very knowledgable :)"

"Clear, considered and easy-to-follow advice. "

"Vicki was brilliant and showed us how to do everything in a clear manner with real world examples. "

"Getting the balance between challenging us and also creating a supportive environment. "

"Everyone was very friendly, i was relaxed in the environment straight away and felt i could approach the staff if they would have been any problems."

"I can'[t think of anything that that you weren't good at to be honest"

"Facilities & refreshments very good!"

"Lots, small study groups, patient tutors. Awesome relaxed atmosphere. Just wish there was more time."

"Teaching was excellent, lovely environment, everyone was friendly, really enjoyable few days :) "

"An excellent course. Loads of useful information delivered at a perfect pace. Challenging skills broken down and delivered clearly and effectively. Hugely knowledgeable and friendly tutor. Many thanks. "

"Very insightful. Lots crammed in. Great resources to take away with you. "

"Excellent knowledge and great examples"

"Good atmosphere, friendly trainer and hospitality"

"Great overall! Will definitely return "

"Staff were lovely, training was effective, informative and interesting and the lunch was delicious!"

"Emphasis on structure and directing content more explicitly, and how this can achieved in a digital environment. Really helpful - thank you so much. "

"Great clear feedback, confidence boosting, excellent tips, anecdotes and examples."

"Very organised, easy to deal with. Very nice environment to work in and good selection of food. Course content was relevant anyway but being in such a small group ensured we all got one to one support, which was appreciated. As a result, we all got a lot out of the session."

"great teacher, content, size of clasas"

"Great service and helpful staff "

"Brilliant training! Really friendly and keen to make the training personal to your needs and your company. "

"Very welcoming and experienced trainer in the field of journalism and story/content development. Always happy to answer questions and good course structure."

"I enjoyed the course, and gained a lot of knowledge to take back to my work place and colleagues. Thank you"

"Explaining and making it easy to digest! Great teacher & loads of real-world examples used to explain different methods. Overall excellent. "

"Very comprehensive course. Tom was clear and erudite."

"Excellent course"

"Instructor was very clear and was always happy to go back over things if we'd missed it. Having a small class size is also a great idea as it meant that everyone could get the help they needed. "

"Really clear and helpful information, lots of help on aspects that may not have be relevant to the course but would be for our working day, really appreciate it."

"friendly and relaxed environment, great food, friendly staff"

"I was very happy with the overall experience, I've learnt quite a lot in a couple of days, so I believe everything was very well organised, interactive and very good examples that we worked on."

"Every thing else. Excellent instructor knowledge and very approachable. Thanks you very much for all this."

"Really good and interesting course."

"Clear explanations, very supportive "

"Very patient trainer!"

"Very welcoming trainers and team. Well organised, efficient and thought-out."

"This has been a great experience. Our trainer was fantastic, very knowledgeable and patient. Equipment, furniture and lighting were good, breaks were about right, and lunch was excellent. "

"explanations very clear, great handy tips to speed up workflow :)"

"Really friendly, covered a lot in only two days and Simo managed to cover everything everyone specifically wanted to learn"

"Another great course, thank you "

"good location, good lunch, good equipment, good teacher"

"Welcoming, length of the course was good and everything I learnt was relevant. "

"The whole course was delivered excellently, the food was delicious and the course very informative"

"Made what seemed like a potentially boring day interesting, and all done in a fun and light hearted environment, would definitely recommend!!!!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, very clear and informative. Many points to take back and think about. Thanks Piers!"

"I found the examples and tools provided over the day were really useful and can be applied to any sort of writing, however Piers was very good at making it relevant to us and the kind of writing that we usually have. "

"Brilliant just like last time, Adam was a great teacher"

"The training was engaging and the examples used were relevant. "

"The facilities are lovely- felt like a very welcoming and creative environment."

"Adapting course to suit our specific needs in our business"

"Dwayne was really knowledgeable and creative. "

"As a beginner with After Effects, Wayne has introduced me to the basics of the programme and I feel I have enough of the basics down to go away and practice. Thanks very much. Lunch was awesome as always and I look forward to my next training session. Kind regards, James Newman"

"Great at helping with any questions asked and making the course feel personalised"

"very well explained, great enviroment, lots of good visuals and equipment."

"Being better than I had anticipated! Great facilities and teaching. Very well-run."

"good size room, tutor had great knowledge"

"Good, easy-to-understand information"

"Great location, knowledgeable trainer, had a great day!"

"Carefully explaining and breaking down complicated concepts to understand them easily. Food was also really good ha,"

"In depth explanation throughout the 2 days, made it easy to understand. Clarified a lot of what i had learnt prior to the course, but also taught me a lot of stuff i didn't have a clue about "

"Well planned course, good food"

"Pretty much everything, the course was great and the environment was also great. "

"Very friendly staff and comprehensive course!"

"really easy to follow and comprehensive "

"The setting, room, lunch, refreshments were good, and the trainer was very patient "

"All very pleasant - good course, environment, food."

"The overall feel of the course and the facility was great"

"It is a very welcome environment, everyone is friendly and approachable. The course was very good, questions are always welcome, and the trainer is always happy to tailor the course to your needs"

"Very knowledgable and clear!"

"Providing a relaxed, modern environment. Friendly staff and"

"Very thorough and easy to understand, loads of help :) "

"Course and food - excellent!"

"The food was great, everyone was very nice. I had a great time."

"punctual, organised, good catering"

"Really good overall, so much better than my journalism module at university!"

"Really good course, with plenty of practice and very clear structure."

"Great trainer, very knowledgeable and approachable and patient. "

"Really enjoyed this course!"

"I found this to be a really approachable course. James is a stellar teacher. In fact, I plan on taking more classes with him, because he is such an effective instructor. "

"Answering questions and very helpful"

"The balance between work and breaks was perfect and allowed me to concentrate effectively, while also getting away from the screen."

"All good, really well explained course and the room we were in was good. Pace of the course good."

"Everything was great! Well done - great job - thank you "

"Excellent facility and knowledgeable trainer. Great environment for learning. "

"Great to be able to train at the weekend. A calm, relaxed atmosphere with an excellent trainer and a great lunch! And your people are super efficient and friendly. "

"The trainer was excellent and the environment clean. The lunch was good too"

"Felt very comfortable, well structured and that we could have input, direct the session. "

"food was lovely. thank you. "

"Tom was very friendly and knowledgeable. Enjoyed the training and atmosphere. Very happy!"

"Great venue. This is my third visit! "

"Relevant examples, with a very engaged trainer, all housed in a great working space. "

"Really enjoyable and eye-opening. "

"Knowledgeable and friendly trainer. Flexible, tailored subjects. Small groups. Fab lunch!"

"All excellent. Well pitched"

"Getting us to carry out the examples shown to us straight aware. I also like the size of the classes, I felt able to ask questions and speak to others. Understanding how our jobs would fit into the course was useful too."

"friendly, lots of breaks - good when you're taking in lots of info - clear, felt like I could ask as many questions as I needed to. Feel confident I could start a new project on Auditon and have a lot more up my sleeve than before. Hopefully I will remember what I've learned today!"

"The Trainer was very good. She explained very clearly the tools of Lightroom and had an excellent knowledge of photography. Probably the best trainer I've had of any Adobe product."

"The trainer on this course was really excellent and one of the best trainers i have come across. That explains the very high scores above."

"Used real world examples to illustrate points and issues"

"Staff were friendly, trainer was knowledgeable. There was a wide range of food at lunch, plenty of cakes and biscuits during the breaks."

"motivating and engaging tutor"

"Iwan was great, really steady teacher and great to see him again"

"Great teaching and really good to be able to work with real life examples."

"Building rapport, explanation, and tailoring to custom needs - found the course hugely useful."

"Patient and good at explaining and v knowledgeable - responded to all our questions with ease"

"Brilliant course, very informative and helpful. "

"The course was well managed and suitable for everyone. Everyone is friendly on arrival and throughout the day. It's the perfect place for a course and would always come back. "

"Great blend of teaching and practical exercises - really helped in retaining the knowledge. Matt was also very good at applying the new knowledge learnt to my own work which was extremely helpful. (THANKS!) "

"The hands on experience with the cameras very useful to consolidate the theory part of the course. "

"Vicki set out the plan for the day at the beginning of the day, this helped me feel prepared as to what to expect. Lunch was good as ever. "

"Staff were great from the get go, directions to find you were really useful, environment was really welcoming.....list goes on! Ben was fab - exactly what I needed. An open, insightful chat about all the social media questions I had. Great that he worked in relevant fields too, helping with lots of little tips along the way. Thanks guys!"

"Really friendly and professional trainer. lots of opportunities to go out and practice the theory while getting guidance from the trainer."

"relaxed and small individual classes makes it easy to ask questions and keep up with the course. "

"Everything - quick communication, great and easy location and fantastic trainer"

"Food and drink was great and the breaks were well spaced. Facilities were lovely. My course itself was well organised and the trainer was knowledgable and very well prepared. It was an enjoyable and useful day. Many thanks all."

"Pleasant environment to learn in. "

"Fantastic tutor. Engaging and patient. Genuinely felt like I learnt a lot. Will be signing up for advanced course"

"Everything venue, teaching and food were all brilliant "

"Everything was well organised, the food was superb and Kate is an excellent trainer."

"welcome on arrival, environment was excellent, trainer knowledgeable and personable"

"explaining in depth detail on the analytical segmentation "

"Very knowledgeable and approachable trainer who went at the right pace for the group. Comfortable environment to ask questions. Facilities and food were great."

"Excellent knowledge. Good accommodation etc. "

"Teacher was very knowledgeable and engaging "

"Very welcoming, professional and organised. "

"Knowledge, welcome and small class sizes were awesome! "

"Really like class sizes, all round excellent "

"Good atmosphere, great knowledgeable and super cool trainer and tasty food!"

"great explanation and useful examples to follow - like the way it was tailored to what we individually needed as well as the overall course outline"

"Very knowledgeable and friendly tutor"

"liked being able to try it yourself very friendly trainer"

"Clear instruction and examples, lots of resources to take away and refer back to during work. Sandy was really friendly."

"Simon was really informative and helpful"

"really good useful tips"

"Excellent examples"

"very welcoming :) "

"Very well laid out course. Perfect amount of time. Was not rushed at any point."

"- teacher was super friendly and helpful - food was excellent "

"Making it a really enjoyable course!"

"Good group and relaxed atmosphere"

"Small groups, knowledgable trainer and great lunch "

"welcoming, helpful and attentive, GREAT teaching and this experience has encouraged me to come back. "

"Good insight, good pace, built the foundations well"

"Being flexible and adjusting the second day based on our requirements"

"Organisation, food, course structure, timings and really good tutors. "

"Excellent atmosphere in the building. Loved the entire creative feel and the food was excellent and the trainer was fantastic! "

"Very welcoming and accommodating. Great offices, relaxed but professional. Trainer excellent. Will be back!"

"The training sessions were insightful and have helped to speed up my work flow dramatically. "

"The atmosphere and staff were great. Really enjoyed it!"

"Excellent explanations and very helpful"

"Providing an outstanding quality of training"

"Knowledge base was excellent"

"Very good!"

"Great training centre. Would definitely return."

"Really enjoyed the whole experience - thought it was brill."

"Doing a lot in a short space of time. Answering tricky questions. "

"Facilities were excellent, trainer was approachable, engaging and knowledgeable"

"Great environment. Friendly welcome. Great lunch. Knowledgeable trainer. Sis months of contact after sounds as if will be useful. "

"Really satisfied with the course in general. A great environment, trainer and overall experience. Excellent for beginners and those with basic experience looking to formalise knowledge and skills. "

"Vicki was a great tutor and I've learnt loads and the food and facilities were excellent and very good value for money"

"Vicky was a lovely trainer, really friendly and patient. Very happy to help people when they made mistakes and had a positive attitude throughout the day. Thanks Vicky !"

"Gill ensured that I left the training confident that I can create my own social media graphics! Thank you Gill. "

"Vicki was a great trainer, she was knowledgeable about pretty much everything and had a very effective teaching methods, kept the class at a nice pace and taught you how to use Photoshop in a way that would make it easier in the real working environment. She was also very helpful to those on a different OS.a"

"Very slick operation and the day was very well structured"

"Creating a good atmosphere."

"Trainer was extremely knowledgeable and the discussion in the group was really valuable"

"Piers was great at fielding all our questions and really trying to provide thoughtful and insightful answers."

"All, very knowledgeable trainer. "

"good coverage and nice helpful teaching, fun place to come to ! "

"very organised"

"The whole day is a very positive experience. Great learning environment and knowledgable trainer who explained things very clearly. Super logistics too - teas, coffees, lunch etc all fabulous and staff keen to make us feel welcome. I'll be back..."

"Everything was great! "

"Really friendly environment. Trainer was excellent, learnt a lot of great skills I am able to pass on to my students. "


"Friendly atmosphere"

"It was great to be able to use a standard example in the morning and then in the afternoon work on a piece of our own content."

"organisation of the centre is generally very good "

"Good comms and course instructions. "

"Everything was brilliant, really friendly staff and excellent trainer! Thank you!"

"It was really useful to have one on one training considering the subject matter and I can see you might quickly get lost with a larger group. Tom was really helpful when going through the different examples and adapted the lesson based on my skill level. "

"Pacing, overview, equipment, food, everything!"

"Covered a lot of material and the trainer was very helpful"

"Really positive, really supportive. Took steps at a good speed. Covered a wide range of the programme features, felt like I learnt a lot. Everyone very friendly, amazing food and venue!"

"Explanations, knowledge, patience running through stuff with us individually."

"- giving access to resources - telling us which tutorials to watch outside of the course - showing people what to do one - to -one - being very approachable and friendly"

"Trainer was very knowledgeable. Lunch was great. Nice environment to learn in."

"Very knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. Really interesting course and full of great information / essential building blocks. Thank you!"


"Great instructor"

"The course was very informative, gave great structure to the areas where I had previously struggled and I was happy with everything I had produced through the day thanks to Piers! I can definitely take everything away with me and implement into my day to day role, not just with business and report writing. Thank you so much! "

"Without a doubt the best training I have attended. Fantastically organised and knowledgeable trainer and lovely environment/offices. I will look at other courses and follow up. "

"Great Coffee & Lunch - Yum!"

"Interesting, well presented and obvious the trainer had a great knowledge and enthusiasm of the subject "

"The course was very informative and was put into context for us so that it made sense to each of us and I can understand it in terms of my company and brand."

"The whole experience was friendly and relatable, great."

"identifying key ideas that were specific for the company and expanding on them to give us as much information and understanding as possible."

"Supplying useful examples of incorporating useful a social media strategy to our everyday. "

"Funky environment, knowledgeable trainers. Good healthy lunch."

"Brilliant two days, everything was good and I have learnt so much"

"Really enjoyed the course, very good induction to In Design, very friendly and knowledgeable staff"

"Excellent course, very informative and will be putting the skills I've learnt to good use!"

"Pace of training was ideal"

"- Well structured course, with a good amount of breaks so not too intense "

"Trainer was effective friendly, and knowledgeable "

"Lovely venue"

"exceeded my expectations"

"Being friendly and making me feel comfortable "

"All of it, will recommend to colleagues."

"General hospitality, and course content. I learnt a lot of new things today and it will help me a great deal!"

"well managed"

"relatable, friendly and a real expert in the area. "

"Very good technical knowledge"

"Very clear explanations, very helpful with questions afterwards"

"Vicki was excellent at responding to our comments and adapting the course to our needs."

"Vicki was very helpful. No question asked, no matter how simple, was made to feel like a stupid question. She taught us but didn't baby us, and I would absolutely do another course if Vickie was teaching it."

"Vicki was great at explaining how each tool works on Photoshop and adapting her guidance depending on how much experience we each had with Photoshop. The course covered a wide range of bases on Photoshop and has allowed me to now approach the program with much more confidence on an everyday basis. "

"An excellent course, we covered a huge amount of information. Vicki was helpful and patient to as me as a complete beginner! She set lots of real life examples to work on making sure it was relevant to our business and lots of resources to look at afterwards. Thank you!"

"Trainer was lovely very approachable. Course environment made it easy to learn, wish it didn't have to finish. "

"Brilliant course, excellent trainer, throughly enjoyed the two day course"

"Everything has been fantastic. I have learnt a lot from Matt and the lunch provided was delicious. All the staff are really friendly and approachable. Thanks to all."

"Pretty much everything. Rob was great, very knowledgeable and friendly and no problem with answering beginners' questions even though he's been using the software for 10+ years. Great environment with lunch and snacks also a plus. Small classes (there were four in ours) definitely helps."

"Rob was great. Patient with us, also allowed us to try everything on our own which helped remember stuff. Didn't feel rushed or stressed. Nice working environment. "

"Breaking up the day helped with retaining information instead of being given too much information at once."

"Super friendly, informative, well organised."

"A comprehensive introduction to After Effects and a great environment"

"Informative, relaxed, enjoyable. Fellow attendees were nice."

"Very friendly "

"Very organised and lovely facilities"

"I was enormously impressed by the lunch, which was brilliant. The refreshments were also very good -- I was impressed that there was decaf tea and sweeteners, etc. Simo was incredibly friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, focused and organised. He really kept it all on track and paced well. The perfect instructor, and an all round great course."

"Friendly and approachable trainer. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait to use my new skills!"

"Knowledge base was excellent, any questions or Mac assistance was answered immediately"

"Great food and the training is always great value."

"Everything was great, Rebecca was really knowledgeable and flexible. She showed us so many more effective ways of working and managed to balance the different needs of the team. She provided me with a lot of reassurance and support."

"Lovely environment and course was in-depth. Our trainer was very knowledgeable and tailored the course around our company and job role needs. Perfect 4 days! "

"Very good!"

"Engaging trainer and great food"

"Being friendly and welcoming. Staff always very pleasant. Vicki is such a knowledgeable tutor and i really enjoy attending her courses. Everything is very organised and runs so smoothly! "

"lots of relevant examples and helpful trainer"

"The environment was great, staff really friendly, and the trainer really knew their stuff. "

"It's a great environment, the staff is great and the instructors are always so patient and detailed. I have recommended it to quite a few friends and always keep an eye out for offers. "

"explaining in great detail - can't faut it!! oh, and the food/drink!"

"Jason was fantastic, very knowledgeable and flexible, given we had questions on both the filming aspect and post production. Facilities were great too , including lunch"

"the lunch was lovely and i love the space and area. Also a nice temperature in here. Thanks!"

"very practical and knowledgeable"

"Good at tailoring the course to the objectives of each course attendee"

"Great trainer, really knowledgeable and friendly! "

"Fantastic trainer and good environment. Very good classroom set-up."

"friendly, approachable staff. very knowledgeable. courses are very well geared towards professionals. well done!"

"Good course"


"Organised, friendly, course content and speed of each topic was great. Example exercises were very good. "

"Kate was calm, patient and understanding, and the exercises were really helpful in making sure that all the information was properly drilled in. Excellent lunch and tea and coffee breaks. Thanks. "

"Overall, I have learnt a lot and am sure the knowledge i've gained will help me immensely once i'm back at work."

"lovely lunch, knowlegable staff"

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and if any questions were asked that he didnt know off the top of his head he would honestly say so but also come up with alternative ways or to find the solution"

"Great info and willing to solve personalised problems"


"Great knowledge!"

"The trainer was really knowledgable and there was a good mix of theory and exercises. "

"The entire course was amazing. Patsy was excellent!! "

"The course had lots of tips and tricks and the exercises helped to enforce the points being made. Exercises often more effective than presentations"

"Adrian's knowledge was great and his passion for design shone through"

"Adrian Morris our facilitator was great - he had a huge amount of knowledge and was very happy to answer questions and show us examples to help us to understand or think in a different way. The facilities at the venue are great and everyone who works here is so nice - thank you very much for a great course and a great day."

"really personable and happy to tailor material to suit our needs. "

"Simplifying complex information. Providing a relaxed environment to learn in."

"Really enjoyed the structure of the course. Easy to follow along as we had the PDF document in front of us, which will be great to have back at work. Different feel pressured very easy going trainer, thank you Adrian"

"Excellent explanations, plenty of opportunities to ask questions and overall very informative and supportive course."

"Very good knowledge of adwords, friendly, professional, nice environment."

"Great Introductory Course to Google Adwords. Simon is an excellent teacher!"

"Simon was amazing, very concise and answered all questions asked. Very approachable and made accessible to first time users."

"Vicki was very knowledgeable and covered a lot within the space of two days. I now feel even more confident gaining a better understanding for the core principles of Illustrator. "

"Taking the class step by step through the tutorials. Vicki was excellent at noticing when we weren't quite getting it and quickly resolved any issues or problems we were having. The notes we're given as a PDF pack are really helpful and detailed. Also, Vicki was good at explaining everything in understandable terms - not too much jargon! Her recommendations for graphic resource websites were top notch! I would absolutely recommend these courses to anyone in the design industry. Not only can you speed up your work flow, I've improved my efficiency and learnt a lot of quick tips. Thanks Vicki!! "

"Efficient teaching and good selection of food."

"The course was very interesting and the trainer (Gareth) personalised some of the learning to each individual so that it was relevant to each of our needs. I feel like I have learnt a lot and will definitely use this knowledge in my work."

"Friendly and helpful atmosphere. Learnt a lot in 2 days. "

"Quality of the training was great, facilities are great, the whole environment here in general is just great"

"Overall the experience was very positive. All staff and the trainer were helpful and approachable. The course covered the basics well."

"Dwayne was superb. Top bloke :o)"

"Dwane is flat-out the best teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning under. From NEVER having opened Adobe AE, to building our own compositions in 1 day?... Unbelievable. Loved every second, will be back for advanced for sure."

"Explaining things in detail..Great food..Great Place"

"Welcoming and making us feel comfortable"

"Organisation, venue, food. Lovely trainer"

Delegate from: CODE Communications & Marketing Ltd on 6th March

"great venue, delicious lunch, nice snacks, friendly staff, good working with the table system, wish we'd had time to play pool!"

"Talking through the individual parts of the learning at a very good pace. Very friendly, approachable and patient. "

"It gave a useful overview and the trainer was incredibly helpful/knowledgeable. Now the onus is on us to practice, as it packed quite a lot into one day!"

"Teaching and great food!"

"Donna was a great course leader, she taught us a number of useful theories and approaches and also really brought it into personal circumstances for each of us to relate to. I think I will be remembering and using things like the sky sports triangle and the quadrants for years to come. "

"Clear discussions, not all screen based activities which worked well for my understanding and learning, approachable teacher who asked us questions too"

"Everything, friendly staff, great refreshments, very good healthy lunch. I very much enjoy this training facility. The best training centre I have attended in London."

"The trainer was excellent at presenting and gave very clear and insightful examples. Well worth the money!"

"Good personalised support in training session"

"Trainer was really great - feel like i've come away with lots."

"Really good at making complex information simple enough to understand. Environment was relaxed and informal."

"very good teaching. very useful information. I have learned a lot from the course "

"The trainer was fantastic - engaging and very knowledgeable. "

"Great facility"

"Training was great. "

"Doug was very friendly and clearly knowledgeable, with lots of helpful general tips on design. "

"Refreshments are great, great trainer, friendly staff, fab all round. "

"Great people as usual."

"The course was really useful and a great intro. The lunch is good and the staff are friendly."

"The whole experience was a pleasure. Great facilities, lovely food, and an excellent, flexible trainer. "

"Lovely environment and facilities, Doug was very friendly and knowledgeable! "

"Friendly, warm and knowleadgeable"

"Excellent trainer. Super patient and friendly. Very knowledgable and approachable. "

"Very informative and covered a lot of different aspects for After Effects including shortcuts and faster ways of working as well as file types"

"Excellent teacher and excellent centre - very engrossed and feel very confident with the software. Gonna come back for an illustrator course!"

"Explaining things step by step. Friendly, non-judgmental help"

"Was an excellent starter course."

"Everything. I really had a good time and learnt a lot from Donna. The fact that I was the only student made the training even more useful because we focused on my needs at work. It was great, thanks!"

"great food "

"Great environment and location. Really good one to one course"

"very calm environment/ great food/ great teacher"

"Very knowledgable and happy to answer all questions, able to answer all questions. Good at adapting class as we went along to suit our needs"

"Very good exercises and examples - learnt a lot and covered all points we wanted to cover"

"Explaining information in a basic way to allow audience to understand with know prior knowledge of graphic design."

"Giving lots of other examples and templates and giving links to useful websites"

"Very knowledgeable trainer and answered all the questions well."

"Showing different techniques we can use to make posters/marketing more effective"

"I enjoyed the whole course"

"Food was great! Overall a really good experience"

"food was great, pleasant surprise"

"Excellent structure to the day. Lots of useful examples and recommendations. "

"Quality of the course and general hosting of everyone. "

"All aspects of the training will help in my use of Infographics, especially the rationale of using this method of communication."

"Piers was clearly very knowledgable and offered valuable insights into the process of creating infographics from an angle i'd not necessary considered before, would definitely recommend this course and to colleagues in similar roles."

"Tom is incredibly accommodating and never hesitated in trying to explain or to help. He was clear in his instruction and really attentive, he noticed if I was struggling. The 6 months ongoing support is also excellent as well as the documents now available."

"Friendly and helpful. A comfortable place to learn."

"Good trainers, good courses"

"I love the atmosphere here and how lovely everyone is! Matt is a great great teacher and a lovely guy. He taught me both my beginners and now my intermediate and I enjoyed both so much. Any questions I had, he would take the time to answer them or work them out if he didn't. I love coming here, it's always a great experience and I thank you all for the great food, clean environment and excellent training courses. The shortcuts are a great thing to learn and I love how much time there is for us to ask our own questions for things that are specific to our own jobs, it's an all round great training course!"

"Friendliness, accommodating everyone. Expert knowledge of trainer. "

"Very organised, friendly instructor and staff, good working environment, overall the whole experience was fantastic. "

"Everything! Pace was great, refreshments, extra questions. All great!"

"Hospitality, friendliness, facilities, teaching"

"Extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer, friendly learning environment, and yummy food :-)"

"Very good overall. Very personalised training and welcome members of the staff. Overall very good atmosphere and training experience."

"I enjoyed the course, and will recommend it to peers. Plan to do the Intermediate and Advanced courses in the future. "

"Great training, lovely food"

"Organisation, facilities, staff, equipment. Generally everything!"

"All was done really well."

"Really enjoyed this afternoon, thank you."

"Showing us extra features of the software we hadn't asked for that were really cool."

"very welcoming and very happy with the overall experience can't wait to come back! "

"Very clear and thorough, patient course-leader. Thank you so much! I know where to go for more information and I feel I have covered all the basics. As always, the whole day was professional, friendly and calm; like a second work-place. "

"I cannot say that I was disappointed with any aspect"

"Adrian was knowledgeable and friendly, with a good pace on the topics covered. I would be interested in attending other training courses in the future."

"Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful from the second i walked through the door, our trainer was very knowledgeable and i have learnt a lot from this one day course! - hopefully i can now go and apply this to my role. thank you! "

"It was a great day, giving great insight into the world of graphic design! The trainer was fantastic, very knowledgeable with some great tips for websites reference points etc. He really cared about what we wanted based on our individual jobs, and tailored the content to this. It was great. Thank so much."

"The centre is really friendly and well laid out. The training was very informative with good working examples. Vicki was brilliant and a fountain of knowledge. I have learnt a lot. A great course. Would highly recommend. Thanks Vicky—it was fun!"

"really enjoyed the course and the interactment with trainer and students"

"great course. "

"Really enjoyed the small group size - meant that Simo could interact with all of us easily. "

"Great examples, Simo was excellent at responding to questions and dealing with our requests! Went out of his way to show us techniques and other aspects that weren't necessarily in the course structure. Got a large amount done in one day."

"Very enjoyable and would come back for some more training. Was well worth travelling in the snow from Hull"

"Nice environment to work in and small groups"

"Amazing tutor - very knowledgable!"

"Brilliant course, level was perfect, trainer was extremely knowledgable. All the staff was friendly and the food was great. Highly recommend this course. "

"Customer service, Dwayne was also really knowledgeable and able to answer any questions and apply what we learn to what we would do in the real working environment. Would be happy for him to teach me again!"

"Really relevant exercises! "

"Very informative and helpful!"

"Really comfortable throughout the course, felt at ease and was able to take things in in my own time, really informative and will help loads once back at work!"

"Friendly environment, peaceful and clean. Engaging and informative. Relatable to the trainer and interested in making the course suitable for our requirements"

"Nice small groups, and very interactive. Kate was very knowledgeable and approachable :)"

"the food and tea - it was great!"

"The trainer assessed our experience at the start of the course to identify what would be most useful for us to learn and where the gaps in our knowledge were so it was very personalised. The venue is lovely, great location and break room."

"Good welcome, friendly staff overall, lots of coffee, good training facilities"

"knowledgeable trainer, skills could be applied on the spot to our own content"

"Enough time for practical application, lots of resources ready and available. Nice, friendly, laidback environment. Great trainer who didn't mind going beyond set working time."

"organisation of course material and being able to adapt to our real life examples"

"Levels of knowledge v impressive - really accessible, v impressed."

"Everything was great. "

"Everything she went through. Excellent course! Very happy! Lisa has been amazing"

"Fantastic tutor, learnt a lot "

"The course was fun and interesting. I was worried about struggling with the course but the instructor was very calm and has a good sense of humour so the teaching element was stress free . "

"friendly and helpful trainer"

"It was all great. Thanks."

"Overall it was really insightful and I learnt a lot, plus the food was pretty good."

"Overall very pleased with course and venue"

"The trainer covered a wide variety of topics over the 2 days, I would be keen to do some follow up courses to look at some of these areas in more detail."

"Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The overall atmosphere and environment was great. Vicki is an amazing tutor and so knowledgeable, I really feel like i'm walking away with a great foundation to build on. Thank you all so much :)"

"ensuring that we learned in a friendly, laid back environment that was easy to use "

"Everything was great, the course was really informative and relevant for me, our trainer was great and the atmosphere was friendly and enjoyable. "

"Great course."

"Everything! Kate was great and repeated anything we asked for. I haven't had a chance to look at the additional notes you offer - as it's a lot of information to take in I'm sure I'll need them so hopefully they're informative! I'm sure they will be as everything has been great. Thanks!! "

"Everything was explained very clearly and the whole course was extremely easy to follow. "

"Very experienced and knowledgeable trainer, great environment and overall experience."

"As usual a very good course that covers a wide range of things."

"interesting and helpful, lots of support and expertise"

"Simo as a teacher was truly amazing - clearly a man of vast knowledge when it comes to photoshop. Excellent teaching style going at a good pace both supporting students and explaining things clearly."

"Training was great."

"Everything was incredibly useful and Dwayne was really knowledgeable and had an easy to follow teaching technique. Really pleased and will be back for more courses in future. "

"The trainer was a true expert. Knew his stuff! Getting us to real life examples was great!"

"Dwayne was a great teacher thankyou! "

"overall, an excellent environment and an enjoyable, fun course"

"Matt explained everything clearly and thoroughly"

"Very good course, ran at a good pace."

"Vibe :)"

"Excellent venue and trainer"

"Fantastic course tutor"

"Very knowledgeable instructor, and interesting tasks."

"I thought the course was fantastic, the pace was good, it wasn't too rushed or too slow, I liked the small classroom size and the facilities were great. I had an issue with my Mac freezing and it was dealt with straightaway with no problems. Emile was great and kept the atmosphere of the class fun and relaxed and kept everyone engaged."

"The pace of the class was great - I never felt left behind."

"Organised and gets through loads at pace. Great idea for weekend courses."

"Liked the pool table"

"This is the 4th or 5th curse I have done with you and they really are very good. It's a great vibe. The opportunity to ask the most stupid questions in an open environment is refreshing. Thanks again"

"Everything was fab. Thank you!"

"An engaging trainer, who was very patient with everyone. Gave useful tips and advise. Answered all the questions"

"Good Examples, clear instructions, helpful tips. "

"Very welcoming, happy to answer all questions and no question was a silly one. Content of the course definitely covers what we need to learn."

"Approachable and friendly trainer! "

"Patient. Explained things throughly. Showed examples of how it goes well and what happens when it goes bad. friendly and personable trainer. Great zen in the building. overall really liked my day!"

"Good pace, clear instruction, great catering. "

"everthing is good !!"

"the trainer is very good and deal with the course in professional way and he is very excellent in explaining and helping trainee"

"Friendly and approachable trainer who was very knowledgeable and happy to help in any way. Great pace."

"Really nice training space and team. Liked the small class and liked the natural training style from Kate. It didn't feel like we were being lectured. Liked how we did lots of examples and practices. "

"Our trainer Kate was amazing! Very informative, very patient and Kate really boosted my confidence when using INDESIGN. "

"Very approachable friendly atmosphere, great group sizes, much smaller than I had expected which was a great surprise. "

"Informative training - Good food and snacks"

"Being patient and providing informative training. It was really beneficial that we got regular breaks as my mind remained engaged throughout"

"Really engaging and personable. Instantly felt comfortable and like I could ask stupid questions!"

"Answering questions, friendly approachable attitude"

"Covered a lot of bases. Good environment. "

"Welcoming us and sharing the knowledge."

"Gained brilliant knowledge which I will use in my day to day job."

"Nice learning environment and people, great lunches!"

"Great trainer, personable and answered all questions effectively. Intuitive introduction to illustrator and covered a large number of topics in two days, as well as going into extra depth on relevant topics! Good spec macs and all the resources required were provided which is great. "

"Small class sizes were great. Intimate class, I was able to ask many questions and bounce ideas off of others. "

"beaut environment and creative space "

"Breaks are important to stay refreshed and continue learning, this I find every time helps me stay concentrated and absorb the course. Trainers are always very helpful and knowledgable. "

"fantastic knowledge of information, great examples given of daily tasks"

"Very tailored workshop to our needs. Sandi listened to our needs and covered the essential points which would help us in our day to day work. We picked up lots of shortcuts and tips which will make our job so much easier and save us so much time. Thank you so much for an informative and enjoyable day . Also thank you for a lovely lunch in such a lovely, friendly environment. Thank you"

"Answering questions off the cuff, walking us through previously-complex questions, providing peace of mind that our challenges are surmountable. Friendly, relaxed atmosphere & super approachable, knowledgable staff. Leaving today feeling upskilled and confident."

"Simple, clear and helpful tips. Will improve my video production skills as a basic level user!"

"Very informative training, nice environment, evreyone very friendly and helpful."

"The delivery was nice, Alistair was very knowledgable and answered all queries."

"Wonderful staffs and trainers"

"friendly environment and quality teaching"

"Welcoming us in, making us feel comfortable and the lunch! Tutor was great too!"

"Ian was very patient and understanding whilst teaching us as a group. The lunches were fantastic, very tasty food!"

"Good class sizes and a nice mix of people. Teaching environment excellent as always."

"the mood and the environment are really good :)"

"Rebecca was very knowledgable and approachable"

"Rebecca explained all the basics really well, as well as explaining a few more advanced tools. I feel more confident crating newsletters and other assets."

"Rebecca was great at explaining things and helping to resolve any issues by not only showing us resolutions but explaining where we had gone wrong as well."

"Staff providing food and drink etc were excellent. "

"Very useful tips to help us manage our work on Adobe Acrobat more quickly and efficiently. I've learnt lots of tips to help me do things more easily and work on our documents with a more consistent approach."

"conveyed each stage at a good pace for all."

"The preparation from the tutor was excellent. Very helpful."

"teaching in a very simple way the structure of adobe after effect, and get things done through tips and very interesting tutorials. "

"Very professional and easy going"

"Everything was well organised and the stuff super welcoming"

"Campaign building and segmenting data - the explanations were easy to follow"

"Great team, great atmosphere,very accommodating. "

"perfect trainer, nice casual place and perfect timing "

"Covered a huge amount in only 2 days, thanks! "

"Equipment and learning environment was good. Jason was very knowledgable and patient"

"explaining things in a way that was very easy to understand. "

"Going through things methodically, explaining as we went along and great examples. Got through a lot in two days!"

"Great practical tips"

"Ivan was an excellent teacher, great hosting, venue and lunch"

"Food, atmosphere, surroundings, everything. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and Ivan was superb. Thank you!"

"Trainer was a great at solving any issues. Really clear instructions and patient with everyone getting up to speed - never felt rushed. All the snacks, lunch was really tasty and allowed time to focus on the training itself."

"Lovely facilities, small groups and always excellent training staff."

"Really friendly environment and great staff."

"Trainer was very patient "

"The staff were very friendly and helpful. The trainer was very approachable and knowledgable. It is also great that the trainer is a practicing professional and up to date on all industry standards, trends and ways of working."

"Really enjoyed the course, and feel super equipped with photoshop skills, Thanks Simo! "

"Being reactive i.e listening to what we were interested in learning and amending the course "

"Great training. Simo was very attentive - didn't go too fast and made sure everyone in the class had time to complete their objectives. Learnt a lot and had a great couple of days (with great food as well)"

"The environment was lovely to work in and the staff and trainer (Kate) were really attentive and friendly. Great building! Kate was also very patient and helpful"

"overall location, atmosphere, equipment provided, trainer was nice, lunch was really good"

"Training, set up and services and food was great! "

"The course was good and topics were explained well."

"Patient and strong attention to detail. Charming!"

"The course was excellent, fantastic teaching and I loved the environment."

"Very useful information and tips how to improve for our business "

"Jess was great and ensured everyone got what they wanted from the day."

"Interesting tutor with broad experience and great resources to use afterwards"

"Knowledgeable and helpful"

"Patient clear explanations and an environment where it was fine to ask questions."

"Providing detailed explanation and good examples, while keeping a very friendly attitude."

"Small classes, lunch, refreshments, clear instructions, casual environment "

"Food and trainer were both excellent. Katie was really friendly and made sure that everyone was on the same page when we were doing an exercise, and took extreme pains to help super newbies in the group."

"I've been here a few times, happy with all aspects as always."

"Very approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and happy to allow free-flow of communications and ideas. Great at problem solving and exploring solutions"

"the training was very good - learned some great stuff that was worth while "

"Really enjoyed the content of the course and I now feel confident in using the indesign programme."

"- Regularly checking that trainees were keeping up with the programme. - Extremely knowledgeable trainer with lots of expertise - Lots of up-to-date resources that will be useful for future reference"

"A nice relaxed environment to learn new skills"

"Explanations were very thorough really helpful made things much smoother"

"A complete experience - Food, training, staff. Very good."

"Always a friendly welcome from all the Media Training team making for a pleasant learning environment. The course content was delivered at a good genera level for me and then further tailored to some specific needs giving me plenty to consider back at work. Thanks."

"Everything was good"

"Dwayne was very thorough and took his time to make sure we understood each step. I really enjoyed the 2 days and felt I had a good basic understanding of After Effects at the end."

"Everything was great, course, training and atmosphere. Really cool environment."

"Helpful tutor, very friendly and knowledgable. Lovely environment, very quirky! "

"Extremely welcoming and my trainer was extremely patient"

"Really liked the ease and attitude of all staff. Course leader (James Fengan) a hero very tolerant of all levels of students."

"Welcoming. very informative and packed with useful hand-on information"

"Enthusiastic, down to earth trainer. Pitched appropriately. "

"Great atmosphere"

"Very well experienced trainers good resources (computers, screens) small group in class"

"Very welcoming and a good training environment and facilities"


"The staff are super friendly and helpful and there's plenty of breaks."

"Pretty well everuything but the vibe the place has is very welcoming that is good."

"Very welcoming and approachable"

"From learning to lunch, it was great!"

"Great session. Came in knowing nothing. Left knowing a lot more"

"Trainer was good, environment was nice, lunch was good"

"Great teaching, thorough detail, hands on experience"

"I think it was a very well organised friendly training environment. i would recommend "

"Explaining things The general environment Well set-up Communication before training was good Trainer was knowledgable"

"Easy to understand"

"Everything! It was a fantastic and informative course. Thank you."

"Hospitality was excellent from the get go. Excellent tutor and very very patient."

"The whole place was run so smooth and efficiently, it was lovely! The venue was bright and modern, it was a lovely place to learn and you are encouraged naturally to meet new people. The catering was beautiful and everyone we met who worked here were very friendly. Teacher was fantastic, couldn't fault anything."

"Matt was great at explaining and was patient but extended those who needed it. Very 'hands on' learning. Thanks so much!"

"Great course. Really well delivered. Cheers for you patience, Matt!"

"Everything was very good about the training "

"steering us into really good resources. Trainer was excellent and engaging "

"Very friendly and welcoming environment, great one-on-one tutorial with Martin. Really happy with the overall experience."

Delegate from: Newsworks on 13th February

"good ambience "

"creating a welcoming relaxed environment"

"very nice trainer. clear directions to the venue nice lady who greeted me"

"A lovely environment and knowledgeable trainers"

"Good introduction to SEO to understand the basics which can be applied to my website. "

"Answering questions and being supportive, as you always are!"

"Really insightful and engaging course - and made me feel less daunted at the idea of SEO."

"friendly staff and great trainer. Amazing lunch. Break times perfect amount of time."

Delegate from: Reed Exhibitions on 13th February

"Fantastic atmosphere, very welcoming, great food and refreshments, very knowledgeable and friendly trainer"

Delegate from: Reed Exhibitions on 13th February

"Great location"

Delegate from: Reed on 13th February

"really nice environment"

"Everything, loved the small class size."

"Giving a fresh perspective on how to write effectively for the web! Very interesting course, with useful tips and tricks! Thank you!"

"Providing examples. Exercises that made me think Great lunch!!! Small groups Great space to work. Plenty of variety Gave specific examples for everyone within the group although every one were from different backgrounds and were trying to get different things out of the course! Loved Patsy as a trainer, would come to her course again!"

"It was all good, very worthwhile. "

"Structure of the day including breaks etc worked really well. Great facilities, felt at home!"

"Very informative"

"easy to understand, good pace and really useful apps and websites we can use to improve content and productivity on social media e.g. canva, a color story etc.."

"Well organised, good trainer"

"getting across as much information as possible in the time frame, great trainer, good food"

"Very well explained and easy to follow. The course was efficient and everyone was friendly. "

"Great professionalism, knowledgable staff, great lunch and really nice environment. "

"Excellent – will definitely be back again!"

"All things good."

"Explaining the basics step by step was exceptionally good and Rob's pace when he explained things too was really good especially for beginners."

"Knowledge, understanding, pace of all learners, making references to how we could all use features in our own jobs and work. Really good!"

"Rob was knowledgable and open for any question we had, I liked how he was able to relate back his examples to our skills and needs as it felt very relevant- Thank you"

"Everything, a very good course and pleasant environment."

"Nice friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a great trainer going at an easy to follow speed."

"Excellent food Thank you"

"I really liked the sizes of the classes"

"Everything was good. I can't fault the course or the facilities. The food was great!!! Simo was a great teacher, I'm hoping he will be teaching me on my advanced PS course."

"Dele was a very good teacher of XML and approachable and patient."

"Course was helpful, well paced and informative. Environment felt relaxed and friendly. Overall it's been great! Definitely happy to come back for another course in future and will recommend to others."

"The course was a good pace that made it easy to follow. There was plenty of time to ask questions and Rob was very approachable. Food was great! "

"Overall fantastic day, great teacher, great food, good environment!"

"food, refreshments, overall facilities and environment. nice to have intimate training too"

"It was all great! Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. "

"Everything... but coffee. Sorry, silly comment, I know, but an espresso machine would make this place go from 10/10 to 11/10! xx"

"Everything - lovely space, great trainer, great food"

"It wasn't dull!!!"

"Really great and informative, small classes helped for full discussion rather than lecture approach, taking a lot away from the course. "

"Friendly welcome, great good, exellent trainer (patsi)"

"Great food and hospitality. Good direction to where we need to go and where we will be collected by our tutor. Highly relevant and interesting course content. Good mix of workshop, board and PC work. Very helpful."

"lovely staff all round, couldnt fault their enthusiasm for what they do and very helpful"

"Rebecca was brilliant, really helpful and very relevant. I feel as though I know 100% more than I did this morning!"

"Very clear and easy to follow - responsive to level of understanding."

"very professional "

"Nicely tailored to the abilities in the room and the specific skills we need. Really enjoyable and very good instructor. Thank you! "

"Engaging, relevant and tailored session"

"Really enjoyed the course - the tutor did a great job of incorporating the examples we provided. "

"Flexibility in terms of courses- and how 1-1 can fit around my requirements. Also quick responses to enquiries. "

"Very knowledgeable - excellent training "

"The food was excellent Martin was a great teacher and really lovely!"

"Small class sizes and fantastic teacher. Great environment! "

"The centre is very clean and welcoming, the course was very interesting."

"Brilliant training, lovely offices, wonderful lunch!"

"Friendly, knowledgable, helpful and used relevant examples from client work!"

"I thought the pace was perfect"

"very good "

"Super friendly awesome Neil."

"Incredibly knowledgeable - obviously an expert"

"Everything! :D "

"Lovely lpovely trainer - Neil. Made it super relevant for us. Went the extra mile!"

"Excellent balance of theory and practical, and setting us up to learn effectively after the course "

"Very knowledgeable and helpful in getting us all to understand individually with real client examples. Thank you so much!"

"Great food!"

"Lunch and area for breaks very bright and spacious"

Delegate from: Y Care International on 7th February

"The facilities and friendliness were second to none today by everyone we encountered. Piers was a great course leader and made the day really informative and fun. Thank you!"

"Excellent course and facilities, great trainer, overall a very positive and worthwhile experience!"

"Really helping understand the story telling of infographics and how to plan them."

"It was a great environment and the food at lunch was great. The trainer was clearly very knowledgeable on the topic and was good at explaining. As well as this he was very supportive and provided great feedback!"

"Helen was great! Really encouraging and knowledgable. I feel better prepared to go out and interview."

"Very welcoming environment, knowledgeable teacher, well organised day"

"It was interesting and insightful course, with lots of time to practice our skills. Great space and lunch. "

"I liked the fact that it was a small group. There was a good amount of practical elements. The refreshments were good too."

"Breaking down and simplifying the steps, made you feel at ease."

"Informal and friendly but professional. Easy environment to work in and engage in the course."

"I thought the course was really well done! Staff were all welcoming and the food for breakfast and lunch was very delicious. Very nice atmosphere. Simo was a great instructor! Very knowledgeable and comfortable with the material and program and extremely helpful. "

"I like the small groups"

"Excellent. Very clear and patient."

"The training was very helpful and I learnt a lot and will take the knowledge on board."

"Trainers are amazing - unbelievable knowledge and professionalism. Food and breaks are amazing - keep doing what you're doing."

"Great pace, patient trainer, useful content"

"Trainer was very knowledgeable and friendly!"

"really welcoming and good paced training"

"Tom was overall an excellent trainer"

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and helpful. Good structured course "

"Very good at demonstrating and very clear, very friendly and approachable"

"Practical examples, hands-on approach "

"Great content, easy to follow, excellent trainer "

"Trainer was really excellent"

"everything, nice environment, good trainer, great lunch, good location"

"Tailoring the course to suit our needs. Explanations were patient and clear"

"Excellent individual attention and tailoring of examples to make them relevant."

"Course, venue, refreshments... everything "

"making it interesting to all levels. "

"it was all very good!"

"Good number of breaks; explained everything in simple terms; used relevant examples; small classes "

"Well organised and informative"

"Hospitality and flexibility in learning "

"Friendly staff"

"great learning atmosphere"

"Great communication and a great lunch"


"Great trainer, very enjoyable and thorough course!"

"Really liked the course, the enthusiasm. Thanks a lot."

"Excellent course, learnt a lot. Many thanks"

"Explaining everything simply "

"Well paced sessions, easy to understand"

"Really good tutors and file preparation! Lovely lunch also."

"friendly, welcoming, fast pace keeping focus, small group"

"I found the whole experience very enjoyable. From the moment I arrived at the facility it was a friendly and welcoming environment, the material was challenging and supportive and it was great to be given so much hands on time to practise and use the techniques we were being taught. It was a fantastic two days, very insightful and delivered in a great way. "

"Great refreshments! Also Peter was very considerate in making sure to take the time to explain any specific parts of illustrator that we were wondering about - which I know is very hard to do with a full class of people from different backgrounds. Overall a very good basic overview of illustrator"

"I thought that the coverage of Illustrator was really good, filled in many of the gaps of my own knowledge. I enjoyed the refreshments that were provided and the venue was great."

"Food was good, Peter was a really good instructor."

"The whole process was smooth and the course was great. "

"Food, Knowledge, Teaching Skills at a face pace."

"small groups in training session so you have plenty of opportunity to work with the trainer one on one if you have any questions/problems/looking for some extra info."

"Perfect organisation of the course"

"Vicki was a great tutor. Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and kept the course interesting. Always enjoy these courses with Media Training!"

"Vicki and the whole team were lovely, the food was delicious and the course was really well tailored to my needs. I always really enjoy coming to courses here! "

"Excellent trainer, very knowledgeable and approachable"

"Friendly and welcoming. Enjoyable and will be able to explore more and 'innovate' on my workflow. Thanks"

"Very informative and relaxed environment."

"Great environment, great course - Thanks Tom."

"Adrian was great, knowledgeable and relaxed. Small class size was perfect. Environment. location and amenities/food were great."

"Everyone was super friendly and welcoming and the format for the day allowed lots of time to get to know the people also on the course. Booking and confirmation was very clear and instructions were great. It's also really useful to have access to the course notes afterwards so you didn't have to take many notes. "

"Everything has been fabulous!"

"Sandy was excellent, very helpful and explained things really clearly. "

"Knowledgeable instructors, amazing environment, amazing food"

"Excel course was very well explained, gained useful tips!"

"Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful"

"Adaptable to needs and interesting course, very focused on making it applicable to my skill level and speeding up / slowing down where needed, very tailored to what i wanted to get out of the course"

"Good machines and lunch."

"I liked everything. Thank you for excellent service! Will definitely come back again! "

"Practical help - the writing we did and thinking about the audience really helped"

"Piers has a great listening style and was very supportive in terms of questions asked. He was also very professional in how he gave constructive feedback when required to review one of my blog articles. thank you"

"Excellent structured training. Loved the fish model."

"It was a great mix of theory and practice "

"Friendly, supportive in comments. Understanding as regards to difficulties/attitudes."

"Very friendly and welcoming."

"really, really nice"

"Training quality, ambience, and friendly lovely trainer. thank you "

"All of it - really impressed!!!"

"The structure and content on the course. Well thought out and organised - covered everything I wanted to know and more!"

"Very clear and well-taught course. Like the facility and the fact that the class sizes are small."

"Great environment, friendly team. Approachable and knowledgeable trainer - good course!"

"Simon was a great trainer. Really engaging and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed everything we covered. "

"Listening to our questions and tailoring the explanation for the different levels of experience in the room. Thank you"

"Amazing training building, good lunch, easy to find location, very nice facilities, knowledgeable and friendly trainer. "

"Explaining the basics in an interesting way"

"Everything! Impeccable service!"

"Ready made booklets and exercises that we needed to complete was really helpful as it meant we could practise the stuff as soon as we learnt it. "

"Fitting in lots of things in one day - covered more than I expected. The demos on the big screens were very helpful"

"Everything, lunch and snacks in particular were fantastic. Great teacher. "

"Very approachable, no fear in asking questions. Love the small class size and the food! :) "

"It was a really emjoyable couple of days, great atmosphere, Matt made it really interesting to learn! The staff are so friendly and there's no pressure in the lessons. I can't wait to come back in March for Photoshop and Illustrator!!"

"Very attentive to our needs. Rob was always willing to help us with ad hoc asks. Very knowledgeable and engaging. Highly recommend this training to anyone serious about creating meaningful video content in Adobe Premiere Pro."

"Casual, friendly trainer. Very knowledgeable. Learned a lot."

"Very nice overall experience. "

"It was all good "

"Really enjoyed the course, very informative, eye opening! The space here is incredible and well looked after by a very friendly team. I look forward to doing another course! Thank you"

"overall very good. 4 days in a row here - feel like part of the furniture!!"

"Approachability, accessibility and friendliness as well as knowledge. "

"A well structured, useful course."

"Very knowledgeable trainer"

"The small class made it easier to ask questions or say when I needed help"

"Great course, very relevant and detailed. New tools were explained very clearly. Course speed was good and easy to follow."

"It was a great and chilled experience! keep the good work on! :)"

"Very friendly, knowledgeable, small class sizes"

"Clearly knowledgeable trainer, and good examples of the sorts of things we should be looking to create in our own infographics. "

"Really fantastic course – Vicki was a brilliant trainer who really went out of her way to make sure we learned what we needed to. She answered all of our questions and tailored her examples to what we were trying to achieve. Hopefully we'll be able to invite her back again soon for the advanced course! :) "

"It was great to be able to pick up some best practice, and tips and tricks in Illustrator after having muddled my way through using different tools before. I feel much more confident using the program now we have explored several different techniques."

"Very good course, didn't feel rushed and trainer was happy to go over things especially as I like to take notes. Very knowledgable and answered every question. Thank you for a great session"

"Course was good and trainer was knowledgeable and friendly. "

"Very organised course, good approachable staff/trainer and great lunch "

"As ever Vicki was super, loved being able to play with Illustrator so much"

"great trainer, good facilities, good food, good structure. Really useful course"

"Lovely place and very good set up. The trainer was great. "

"Everything was easy to understand and to follow. Ian was great! Rest of the team were very smiley and helpful!"

"Loved the food options for lunch, I also love the space of the office."

"Running through everything slowly and methodically. The food was excellent!"

"Great space and organisation. Really enjoyed the course. "

"The pace of the class was effective, and the trainer explained the topics well. Thanks!"

"Very organised"

"Welcoming, friendly environment, informative, happy to help whenever asked questions, patient, informative, knowledgeable, happy to help."

"The trainer was really good, and the overall atmosphere was great. The spread at lunch and throughout the day was superb and more than I would have expected. I would definitely come back."

"Everything was run very smoothly, great environment and approachable tutors. Would definitely recommend to other colleagues. Also great lunch. "

"Great as normal. Great teacher, very relaxed and he knew the subject very well. "

"Slick outfit and very good at organising pre-event"

"Pretty much everything"

"Trainer was excellent"

"Fun and relaxed working environment. Great Trainers who are knowledgeable about the subjects."

"Organization, clarity, relevance. Ability to take extra time to help with certain questions and problems."

"Very interesting and the learning was made easy!"

"Being welcoming, friendly and training effectively in all sorts of different creative subjects."

"James was very patient and extremely helpful - thoroughly enjoyed his teaching. "

"Great facilities, food & environment. Friendly and patient instructor. Learned lots!"

"Well tailored to the example and files that we had to work with."

"really good structure, good pace, good location, good snacks, knowledgeable trainer and really helpful team as part of the booking process. "

"Very approachable and friendly trainers and staff. "

"Jason was very friendly and helpful."

"interactive & engaging trainer. great job"

"The trainer was great and was patient and made the the course really interesting and engaging."

"The space, the training was excellent- loved the food and coffee breaks were good for remembering things and breaking the cram jam."

"Great trainer "

"Very useful info"

"Training and range of topics covered. Really good exercises in training. Hospitality, excellent choice of refreshments and lunch. "

Delegate from: North West London Collaboration of Clinical Commissioning Groups on 26th January

"A really good and engaging course - feel a lot more confident in GA, and keen to learn more. "

"Really interesting and helpful"

"everything was very good"

"Very clear instructions, easy to follow, trainer available and took the time to answer our questions (and very friendly!)"

"Ben was extremely knowledgable and friendly and I feel like I learnt a whole heap. Will definitely be back!"

"Informative, very helpful"

"really friendly atmosphere, great day, lot to learn in a day."

"trainer knew his stuff"

"lunch, friendly & supportive atmosphere"

"Good level of practice and learning"

"Atmosphere and good learning environment"

"General atmosphere was great, trainers and other staff very approachable"

"Very clear, diligent and friendly trainer. Great course!"

"Knowledge of instructor, friendly staff, amazing nutricious food, great environment! Thanks."

"Food is great!"

"Very friendly and helpful trainer (Dwayne), and amazing other staff. Loved it, cheers!"

"Team always on top of things, relaxed music, as always a great course environment"

"lunch was delicious!"

"knowledgeable tutor, good atmosphere and class size "

"Explaining everything simply and effectively, to all different levels of expertise on the course. "

"Really thorough and comprehensive course even over just 2 days. Also made learning tech programs not dull or tedious, but fun and interesting with regular breaks so it wasn't information overload. Rob was great."

"Very pleasant staff. Lovely venue."

"I loved learning InDesign. Supplementary course materials were appreciated. The location and set-up were excellent. "

"Feedback discussions in course were very helpful. Thanks"

"Hospitality...as ever we are made to feel welcome and always well fed and watered, thank you. "

"Useful project structure and examples. We didn't help with having different experience levels in the room!"

"As always a great learning environment - great facilitators. Good the Rebecca referred back to our objectives throughout the day!"


"very friendly staff, great snacks and lunch. Trainer very positive about our lack of skill! Nice training environment."

"Customer service / Friendliness / Lunch!"

"Friendly, welcoming and very knowledgable"

"The instruction was great overall!"

"Everything! Well done! Lovely environment, great training session. Will definitely come back again!"

"great instructor, very clearly defined!"

"Great training, very easy to understand and went through everything smoothly. Also food was delicious!"

"Great value "

"Great customer service. Friendly knowledgeable tutor."

Delegate from: John Lewis on 23rd January

"Organisation, lunch, quality of training and versatility of resources."

"Very nice :)"

"Refreshments and environment were excellent. Trainer was friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable."

"Brilliant, well structured course. Fantastic facilities. "

"Vicki was very clear and instructive - she used interesting and engaging examples and made the course really enjoyable."

"Excellent, informative and comprehensive. Lots of exercises to practice with and time to ask questions. Pace of delivery was perfect."

"Vicky was an excellent trainer, very knowledgable and clear. I felt very supported and have learnt so much! I feel very confident using this at work now. I am thinking about taking the intermediate/advanced classes now! Thank you :) "

"Small groups which is good for learning and getting help. Vicki was really good at using specific examples relevant to our job roles in publishing."

"fantastic trainer, facility,location"

"Tutor was brilliant!"

"Trainer was excellent and supportive"

"Course was really beneficial. Enjoyed food. "

"Fabulous food!"

"I applied very late in the day (Friday before the Monday that the course started) and was extremely impressed how easy and swift signing up, dealing with invoicing and getting everything to me. Delighted how the course was tailored to the jobs/objectives of everyone in the small group - I very quickly knew I could use my new skills immediately to benefit my job. Thanks to everyone."

"Everything was excellent"

"organisation was generally really good. Content was great and in a very friendly and supportive learning environment."

"Organisation was great and creating a comfortable space. The trainer was knowledgable and friendly."

"I liked the range of activities and exercises we completed to put what Patsy was teaching us into context. Overall the course was so engaging - Patsy was brilliant, and I loved the smaller focus group size and relaxed setting. The staff were all v welcoming too, the food was fantastic and in great supply - never a moment without a biscuit in hand and the breakfast was a nice way to start the day and get to know coursemates on the first day."

"I now understand the software and know how to fix a lot of my previous issues"

"Knowledge, friendliness, environment"

"Very personable approach which helped to keep us engaged"

"Friendliness of the staff and remembering our names. Great environment and class sizes."

"Great determination to achieve what we set out for the day "

"all round great provider of training"

"Very informative"

"Taking time to make sure I understand everything. And super friendly :)"

"Relaxed environment. Nice building"

"great flow to the day. Friendly trainer, good class size"

"helpful and friendly trainer. Nice space."

"the trainer is excellent staff are super nice"

"organisation, communication and a great map!"

"Really good throughout."

"Very knowledgeable trainer, helpful and insightful. Staff very friendly. Facilities were excellent and well presented. Food was A+(high-five)"

"Approachable, well pitched."

"Thanks Emile all really helpful. Thanks for squeezing it all in. "

"Very hospitable"

"Understanding/asking about how we'd need to use the skills to make sure the training was relevant."

"Superb course allowing for transition from FCP to APP. Rob was excellent in all aspects of the training , enjoyable and extremely knowledgable on all facets - Many thanks fantastic learning experience "

"Great one on one course. Feel much more confident."

"the training and trainer were excellent. Really liked the training suite. Catering was excellent and i like that i have 6 months support afterwards thank you "

"Clear course outline, well structured course, knowledgeable trainer, small groups are great."

"nice and bright environment, spacious and friendly, good amount of breaks."

"Number of breaks was great. Needed to rest the brain regularly with some heavy content and thinking."

"Trainer was really motivating and tailored what we were exploring to our website. "

"The course was very relevant and covered a lot of basics that I needed to know"

"Friendly, helpful learning environment. Excellent instructor"

"- The trainer was amazing, made it interesting and fun. Also, we worked on a mini pretend project helped see the program's capabilities in context. - I struggled with where I was sitting at the back of the room to read the trainers screen. so I asked if I could move to the from, and she was wonderful about getting someone to come and move my screen/keyboard etc to a desk closer to the front. - Everyone at Media Training is incredibly approachable, accommodating and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate to return for more training."

"Great new building, very informative course and fab lunch!"

"Vicki is a legend. The overall package and environment. Live chat booking was 10/10. Kate was amazing when booking."

"fun relaxed environment / refreshments and lunch / small groups"

"Showing everything in 2 days - lots of great new techniques to work with"

"Making it interesting, showing, explaining, very approachable"

"Covered everything on there and in good time. Plus lunches and biscuit selection = top notch."

"Being friendly and welcoming, being organised, providing relevant training at a manageable pace. Thank you!"

"No complaints - I enjoyed my two days here."

"Training was at a good place, great environment at the training centre. Trainer really knowledgeable and friendly."

"Very well organised, the training was very clear. The food and the refreshments were nice and I would definitely recommend this course to someone else. "

"I enjoyed the course. Very knowledgeable trainer, and simplified (as far as possible) a very complicated system ."

"Keeping the course interesting, fun and the pace wasn't too fast/slow. Wolfs knowledge was amazing and you never feared if you didn't quite understand as could easily ask and he would instantly stop and help. "

"The trainer (Wolf) was very clear and very happy to help with anything we needed. Very knowledgable. The workspace and office was very nice and welcoming, food was great as well. Top marks!"

"Providing a very good understanding of after effects, Wolf was very clear and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed my time."

"It was great to be able to learn and have instant feedback on the tools and techniques we where learning, to be able to troubleshoot in real time issues that we where having. The environment was very casual and non threatening, and a great space to learn."

"Always good!"

"Adapting course content to meet our needs. Showing us how code can be put into Hype.,"

"All was very good"

"Explanations, knowledge and experience were great"

"really clear explanations"

"Somi was excellent at adapting his examples to the various needs of the group. His explanations were clear, concise, and helpful. Very impressed with the quality of the teaching, and the hospitality. I will definitely be doing more of your courses."

"James was very good at having an answer for our questions. He explained everything in great detail and was happy to go over whatever we didn't understand. "

"Clear simple instructions without being too slow/babying. Approachable trainer –easy to ask questions etc Lunch was excellent"

"relevant examples; able to answer ALL questions we had. "

"talking through examples and waiting to make sure all participants understand"

"being energetic and keeping the group interested. Very approachable"

"Helpful, relevant examples relating back to everyday work. Nice ice breaker to start the day. Complicated topics explained really well e.g. coding macros. Also now know many new keyboard shortcuts which i will use every day! "

"Good at explaining, very helpful "

"The trainer was very knowledgable. The course will definitely make a difference to my work. Thank you "

"Emile was really helpful and made the course more enjoyable as well"

"The environment was very comfortable, the pace meant that we had time to practice - though, I would have preferred a practice task after almost every new subject, but I do realise how this would add time to the course length. I have gotten so much out of this course, that I would like to come back and do an INDESIGN course too. "

"Approachable, reading the room, making sure we knew quick tips and tricks, trying to make as relevant as possible"

"All very good. The trainer, venue, food, music, environment and pace. Often courses feel too intense or as if you need a break. Session timings and breaks perfect."

"Answering questions and supporting with queries raised."

"Great course and instructor. Vicki tailored the examples to suit our particular circumstances, and was happy to extend them to make sure we saw what we needed to. "

"Very knowledgeable and helpful"

"Vicki was great at explaining everything really well and got us working with masks and smart objects from the outset so that when we were working on later scenarios everything fell into place. Really good that we could ask specific questions related to our work. A really enjoyable course!"

"The most enjoyable course I've ever been on. I think the facilities are really fantastic. Iwan was a brilliant trainer and I now feel confident to attempt more using Javascript in my day to day work."

"Nice relaxed environment and willingness to explore real examples."

"Pretty much everything. The tutor was excellent, with superb knowledge and delivery"


"Organisation, and being patient in talking through complex processes step-by-step."

"Booking onto the course and knowledge of the trainers was all really good."

"Well pitched in terms of difficulty/progress. Excellent tutor, very good surroundings and food/drink."

"Jason was great at answering questions and giving advice. great lunch"

"small classes, skilled trainers"

"Everything! I was most impressed with the whole set up."

"This is a well run training company and I struggle to think how it could be improved upon, other than the double glazing issue aforementioned."

"Very great course!"

"Jason was very knowledgeable and adept at clearly explaining each step as well as repeating it for those who were still unsure (mainly myself!). "

"Friendly and welcoming"

"Training and facilities great, friendly and approachable staff"

"Great all round, super friendly and knowledgeable. The sessions are broken up well and food was fab thank you Rebecca you were fab!"

"Great food, lovely trainers and staff. "

"Very friendly and welcoming staff the ladies who did the snacks and lunch are stars."

"Friendly and knowledgeable. "

"Really friendly trainer, adapted course as we went along and tailored to our needs. Made PowerPoint training fun, informative. A very down to earth, enjoyable day which seemed to go very quickly!"

"The course was interesting, good environment, plenty of time to take a break"

"Simon made the course was interesting and gave a huge insight to Google AdWords. great food and drink available"

"Very knowledgeable trainer - delivered very well."

"All good. All questions answered well. Nice location and food."

"The organisation was excellent. "

"Training students, very patient as always with all learners of all abilities and experience. Always enjoy coming to Media Training!"

"A thoroughly well run course, covering a wide range of content. Very knowledgeable and approachable tutor. Able to answer questions. Excellent lunch and refreshments. "

"Relaxed and informal training, but learnt so much!"

"Friendliness, polite, welcoming. Great Trainer."

"Friendly welcome. Great trainer. Very cool surroundings and perfect training environment."

"Pretty much everything. Thanks for a brilliant two days!"

Delegate from: John Lewis on 12th January

"The practical exercises were particularly useful and timed well within the session to provide positive application of the learning "

Delegate from: Arts Council on 11th January

"Fitted a lot of information into a short space of time"

"Clear examples and covered the basics which will be useful on a day-to-day basis"

"Detailed explanations and industry knowledge - Rob was friendly, approachable and happy to answer any questions."

"I enjoyed the training style, and I was very happy with the size of the class as it allowed us to focus on specific examples that were relevant to us. The training centre had a great environment, and the staff were lovely throughout the day. Thanks everyone to all your hard work! "

"Size of the class (x2) meant more time with the tutor and time spent thinking about your own examples."

"Very knowledgeable trainer! "

"Good environment, excellent training"

"Very personable, friendly and explanatory"

"Kate was really helpful and so knowledgeable, i really enjoyed the course!"

"Really cool training centre, lots of refreshments, lovely team and really, really useful training. I'd 100% use you again!"

"Very welcoming, thanks."

"Everything was good over all"

"Good knowledge from trainer and very friendly"

"Very patient, approachable and knowledgeable trainer who could answer any question. Very useful course."

"EVERYTHING! I'm coming back. "

"Dwayne was excellent"

"Really practical and useful introduction to the software"

"the course sizes are great"

"all good!"

"Good class sizes, friendly staff, knowledgeable and helpful teacher, interesting and comprehensive lesson. "

"Great training environment, lovely lunch and friendly staff."

"We took examples with us and Kate worked them into the training session"

"Setting good examples when we were unsure of doing certain techniques"

"Great environment, really nice teacher so helpful and flexible with what we wanted to learn from the session. Would love to come back and learn more! Amazing lunch and refreshments"

"very friendly staff"

"Very clear explanations. Very friendly teacher who answered questions and kept the course going at a really good pace. Also... lunch was outstanding!! I'm super impressed and would be keen to enroll on another course."

"Very good atmosphere and facilities and equipment."

"really nice space to be trained in and good session"