Final Cut Pro X : Advanced

Two Day Course


This Apple authorised three day advanced course is for those who already have a working knowledge of Apple’s professional video editing application and has been designed to deliver hard-to-find advanced editing and finishing techniques.

The course covers how to create stunning effects using filters creatively, colour correction techniques, and creating complex audio mixes. This course also covers advanced workflows for managing media, including using Compressor.

If you have already passed the Final Cut Pro Level One exam, you can take the Final Cut Pro Level Two exam at Media Training once you have completed this course. For details of exam dates please call us on 020 7713 7179. You should have completed the Introduction to Final Cut Pro X course at Media Training or have an equivalent working knowledge of Final Cut Pro X.

Public Course Dates & Pricing

10/11th Mar 16 London Bridge £675 + VAT RESERVE  NOW
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Course Outline

  • Introduction

    Organizing Your Media
    • Working with Metadata
    • Working with Metadata Views
    • Rating clips
    • Adding and organising keywords
    • Adding Markers
    • Filtering clips
    • Creating Smart Collections
    • Relinking clips

    Professional Editing Techniques
    • Modifying edits
    • Backtiming edits
    • Combining complex edits
    • Overview of storylines
    • Using secondary storylines
    • Breaking apart storylines
    • Understanding compound clips
    • Adding titles to connected clips

    Working with Auditions
    • Creating Auditions in the Event Browser or Timeline
    • Editing with an Audition
    • Auditions and effects

    Working with audio
    • Mastering audio levels
    • Crossfading between clips
    • Panning and Surround Panning
    • Managing audio channels
    • Breaking apart audio clips

    Working with audio effects
    • Audio Equalization
    • Removing a clip effect
    • Transferring effects to other clips
    • Levels effects
    • Reverbs, Spaces and Echo Effects
    • Pitch Shifting and Voice Effects

    Multicamera editing
    • Multicamera editing in FCP X
    • Editing with Multicam clips
    • Cutting between angles
    • Trimming Multicam clips
    • Modifying a Multicam clip
    • Changing order
    • Adding effects

    Keying and compositing
    • Creating a multilayered show opener
    • Timing edits with Markers and Hold Segments
    • Using Keying and Masking Effects
    • Using a Garbage Mask
    • Advanced Keying features
    • Compositing graphics

    Questions and answers
  • Transformations, effects, and titles
    • Transforming clips
    • Previewing, and applying effects
    • Modifying and combining effects
    • Creating titles
    • Using text styles
    • Using roles with titles

    Creating animation
    • Animating clip position
    • Using the Video Animation Editor
    • Creating a Travel Matte
    • Animating with transitions

    Colour correction basics
    • Using original or optimised media
    • The Colour Correction interface
    • Applying automatic colour adjustments
    • Adjusting contrast

    Adjusting colour and saturation
    • Using the colour controls
    • Manually eliminating colour casts
    • Adjusting colour temperature creatively
    • Using the Global Colour Control
    • Adjusting saturation
    • Changing saturation with contrast adjustments
    • Dissolving between two grades

    Colour matching
    • Understanding shot matching
    • Matching clips automatically
    • Matching corrected clips
    • Copying grades
    • Some tips on shot matching
    • Using additional corrections and effects in a scene
    • Adding correction to an entire scene

    Creating isolated colour adjustments
    • Using Colour Masks
    • Using shapes to target frame regions
    • Combining Shapes and Masks
    • Masking difficult-to-isolate skin tones

    Advanced sharing and sending to Compressor
    • Sending from Final Cut Pro X vs. sending to Compressor
    • Exporting projects and media for finishing
    • The Compressor user interface
    • Using automatic settings vs auto detect settings
    • Advanced Compressor topics

    Questions and answers

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  • Video Optimisation Techniques
  • Professional Video Camera Techniques

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