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Mac OSX 10.7: Server Essentials (Lion)

Mac OS X Server Essentials is a four day Apple authorised course for Mac OS X helpdesk specialists, technical co-ordinators and system administrators who need the skills, tools and knowledge to implement and maintain a Mac OS X Server based system.

The course covers how to install and configure OS X Server to provide network-based services such as file sharing, authentication and printing.

You will also learn how to efficiently manage a group of Macintosh client workstations.

This course is designed for users of Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). If you are using an earlier version of the Mac OS, please call or email.

Having completed this course, you can take the Mac OS X 10.7 Server Essentials exam at Media Training, when this is made available by Apple.

Pre-Course Requirements:
You should have taken the Mac OS X Support Essentials (either 10.6 or 10.7) course at Media Training and have some experience of Mac OS X in a network environment.

  • Introduction
    • The certification process

    Installing and configuring Mac OS X Server
    • Installation
    • The new 10.7 simplified install process
    • Initial configuration
    • Server administration tools
    • Troubleshooting installation issues

    Authentication, authorisation and authorising accounts
    • Using the new Profile Manager to administer accounts
    • New Web-based remote administration
    • Push notification
    • Creating and administrating accounts
    • Controlling access (ACLs)
    • Troubleshooting
    • Using Open Directory
    • Configuring Open Directory
    • Single sign-on
    • Backing up directory data
    • Troubleshooting Open Directory
    • Introduction to Kerberos

  • Using File Services
    • Configuring and troubleshooting Apple File Service
    • File Sharing for iPad
    • Share points for Windows users
    • NFS
    • Network mounts
    • Using FTP
    • Case sensitivity issues

    Hosting Mail Services
    • The new Mailserver 3
    • Configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting email service

    Managing Web Services
    • Hosting multiple websites on a single Server
    • Providing WebDAV access to files

    Using Collaborative Services
    • Using the new Wiki Server 3
    • Setting up and configuring wikis and blogs
    • Setting up iChat and iCal services to assist people working together
    • Shared calendars

    Implementing Deployment solutions
    • Configuring and troubleshooting NetBoot/Network install to deploy Mac OS X 10.7

    Managing accounts
    • Managed accounts
    • Preference management
    • Managed network browsing
    • Mobile accounts
    • Troubleshooting account management

    Problem solving challenge
    • A series of hands-on exercises to verify what you have learned

    Questions and answers