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   Business And Report Writing
   Creative Writing For Business
   Data Journalism Introduction
   Effective Interviewing Techniques
   Feature Editing Introduction
   Feature Writing Advanced
   Feature Writing Introduction
   Good Grammar and Punctuation
   How to Write Effectively
   Journalism Introduction
   Maximising Press and Media Coverage
   Minute Taking
   News Editing Introduction
   News Writing Advanced
   News Writing Introduction
   Pitching Ideas and Getting Commissions
   Proofreading Introduction
   Review Writing
   Sub-Editing Advanced
   Sub-Editing Introduction
   Writing Digital Newsletters
   Writing for Internal Publications
   Writing for the Web Advanced
   Writing for the Web Introduction
   Writing Press Releases
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  Trainer Knowledge9.8 / 10
  Trainer Materials9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience9.6 / 10
  % Who Would Recommend Us99.7%

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"This in-house training was very valuable. I will be using it immediately in my work-role."

"Training was fantastic , it was informative and quite interactive . "

"Engagement and knowledge"

"very engaging and fun"

"Trainer was very knowledgeable and provided great solutions/suggestions to some problems/issue we all faced writing reports"

"good lunch option, room was very pleasant for the course with good level of light, PCs good quality"


"Great examples, excellent knowledge and very interactive"

"Nice, vibrant and welcoming envrionment - plenty of extra reading material and resources."


"really good tailored content"

"Good at explaining complex subjects "

"Great feedback and understanding of our work"

"Helping to develop better approaches to the planning and organizing stages of writing, and thinking about the audience "

"Can't fault the course, it was extremely helpful and my tutor was very knowledgable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to colleagues. "

"Good friendly delivery"

"Very relaxed, fun, but professional environment. It was great to have so many exercises."

"loved that patsy understood our culture. and really great interaction with colleagues. good ideas were shared."

"Good format to keep interest throughout the day "

"Very personable and friendly. Patsy gave me the confidence to believe in what i was producing and gave me some great tips on how to improve my headings. Great Course"

"Answering questions, keeping us engaged, great feedback and areas for improvement "

"simple explanation"

"Constructive feedback from the trainer"

"Interesting content and materials were good"

"the exercises and the reference documents were very useful."

"Very personable trainer. Made you feel comfortable. Clearly very knowledgeable. Clear course structure with good balance of practical exercises and instruction. "

"Interested in the students, remembered our names. Very personal "

"A good course, covering what we needed"

"Bringing in useful examples that targets my industry with elements of improvement and critical examples. Very pleased"

"Explaining and going over examples, if needed. Thanks Patsy!"

"Really engaging and got through a lot of content in a day"

"Explaining, making it interesting, helping us absorb the info! "

"Patsy was very funny and likeable. She made the course interesting and answered all of our questions."

"Lots of background information given about language and lots of interesting facts. Examples were really helpful. Very interactive. "

"Clear explanations, friendly, good examples"