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Adobe Video for Journalism : Shooting and Editing Footage

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Three Day Course

Classroom Based


Increasingly journalists are being asked to shoot professional video footage to accompany reports - often working alone.

The first day of this three day course looks at basic video camera technology, how to capture general footage and record interviews. Days two and three are studio based as you will edit your footage, adding sound and voice-overs.

The course includes a comprehensive introduction to using Adobe Premiere with the emphasis on capturing footage and preparing video for broadcast or the web.

Please bring your along your camera with you on the day if you have one.
No previous video shooting or editing experience is required.

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Course Outline

  • Day One
    Planning a shoot
    • What is the story and what footage will be appropriate?
    • Preparing for a shoot - a shortlist of things to take
    • Release forms and when you need to use them

    Different types of shot
    • Framing shots
    • POVs (Points of View)
    • Considering eye-lines
    • Anticipating problems
    • Tripods and camera shake

    Establishing a shot
    • Creating a context
    • Working with natural light
    • Tips for capturing movement
    • Panning shots

    Preparing to shoot an interview on location
    • Planning an interview
    • How long do you have?
    • Research your subject
    • Planning questions in advance
    • Framing questions and eliciting answers
    • Questions to ask to create soundbites

    Shooting interviews on location
    • Creating a context shot or background for the interview
    • Lighting natural versus artificial lighting
    • Working within time constraints
    • Shooting a piece to camera
    • Problems to avoid

    Capturing audio
    • Different noise considerations when using an on camera mic or external mic
    • Recording sound
    • Working with background noise
  • Days Two and Three
    The second and third days of the course will be spent editing and preparing your footage for broadcast. This course assumes little or no previous video editing experience.

    Introduction to editing digital video
    • Shooting terminology
    • Understanding non-linear editing
    • Setting up a project
    • Adobe Premiere and its interface
    • Choosing preference settings
    • Working with bins
    • Transferring your footage from the camera to the desktop

    Reviewing your footage and making editing decisions
    • Capturing and playing back digital video
    • Viewing and marking clips
    • Working with your story
    • Selecting footage to use
    • Creating a piece with a start, middle and end

    Editing your footage in Premiere
    • Understanding the Timeline and the Canvas
    • Editing in the Timeline
    • Viewing edit points
    • Inserting clips
    • Deleting clips and gaps
    • Trimming, dragging and fine-tuning edit points
    • Editing for impact
    • Using the trim edit window
    • Adding video transitions

    Adding Audio
    • Adjusting audio in the timeline
    • Editing sound clips
    • Creating Voice overs
    • Combining location recordings and voice-overs
    • Making audio-only edits
    • Applying audio transitions

    Incorporating still images
    • Adding logos, maps, diagrams and other items
    • Incorporating still images
    • Animating still images

    Working with titles
    • Adding titles
    • Animating titles

    Finishing your project
    • Exporting your sequence and clips
    • Preparing video for broadcast
    • Preparing your video for the web
    • Compression issues
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"Very well organised trainer, clear and responsive to needs of participants. Good food. Nice staff at reception."

"It is an excellent facility and the training was relevant and easy to understand. The pace was also very helpful and the class size. I had 2 others with me and I felt that was big enough for this course. "

"great atmosphere, friendly environment, teacher was very knowledgeable and adapted course to suit us, loved the course materials and pace"

"Explaining everything in a clear way"

"Very engaging trainer who clearly has a vast wealth of experience and lots of enthusiasm, people skills, examples etc. I was really impressed that he managed to keep the energy up for such a long amount of time (three days) and think that the breaks etc helped a bit, but that Rob smashed it - he's a great teacher and trainer and I was really pleased with the course. I will definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues. I'm very excited to go home (wait until Black Friday) and then get started on Adobe Premiere Pro. I feel very equipped to deal with basic video shooting and editing in a professional setting and think the course was very thorough and, as I say, well taught. "

"Overall course was good."

"Great atmosphere and great course. The trainer was very knowledgeable and delivered the course in a way where everything was easy to follow and fun. Also I lover the food."

"Regular breaks, good amount of information told - not too much that it was overwhelming. Small groups is nice set up as feels more personal and tailored to our needs giving us the ability to ask specific questions"

"For the the setting up of the camera and lighting was really good as this is something which I've been struggling to find in a course so this was particularly useful. Additionally the time given to go through the various elements of Pre Pro as well was well paced. However, the biggest thing was narrowing down the specific tools etc that would be of most use to me in my role such as light correction and editing audio i can't wait to start using it when i get back to the office. "

"the trainer is extremely patient , kind friendly and helpful. He is also very knowledgable and approachable . Couldn't have imagined anyone else teaching me this course. Thank you for your hospitality and nice food. :)"

"Knowledge, friendliness."

"Great hosts, great food, really nice environment, and everyone is very pleasant. "

"Covering a broad spectrum of complex materials in an immersive three-day period"

"Great practical tips and guides"

"Communication, facilities, technology, food, atmosphere"

"I enjoyed the experience and all went very well for me."

"Covering a great amount of topics in 3 days, having small number of attendees in one course so we can go through things properly. Having a experienced teacher. Having a 6 months support after the course. "

"Excellent facilities and time to tackle the content/learn. "

"Great environment. Friendly welcome. Great lunch. Knowledgeable trainer. Sis months of contact after sounds as if will be useful. "

"Really satisfied with the course in general. A great environment, trainer and overall experience. Excellent for beginners and those with basic experience looking to formalise knowledge and skills. "

"James was very good at having an answer for our questions. He explained everything in great detail and was happy to go over whatever we didn't understand. "

"Clear simple instructions without being too slow/babying. Approachable trainer –easy to ask questions etc Lunch was excellent"

"Really chilled and useful, adaptive to questions and was able to tailor the course to exactly what I would need for work. Perfect! Great three days. "

"Got a lot more done in three days than my school and university teachers managed to get through in 3 months/ 2 years and for once I feel like I could go away and actually work with what I've learnt!"

"The attention to detail was very good- Rob was fantastic at taking time to help each person develop their skills."

"I really enjoyed how small the course size was and the fact that everything was tailored around what, we, the students, are actually doing outside of the course. Being able to use my own equipment was also a plus as I know that I can go back afterwards and will remember what to do. "

"Tea, coffee refreshments amazing. Environment in centre and location great, trainer brill."

"The course was structured very well and covered all essential areas. Although there's a lot of information, everything links very well together and helps you apply your newly acquired skills right at the end. Incredibly helpful. "

"Even though I was of a very low standard with shooting/editing at the start the teaching was tailored to my level. It was nice to be given tips on how I can apply this to Home Instead scenarios. "

"Rob had a relaxed delivery style that put you at your ease, and was very positive with all the random questions asked. A friendly bunch of staff with a tasty lunch. Thank you!"