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   After Effects Intermediate
   After Effects Introduction
   Captivate 9 Advanced
   Captivate 9 Introduction
   Cinema 4D Introduction
   Content Marketing
   Creating Graphics For Social Media
   Creative Writing For Business
   Good Grammar and Punctuation
   Google Adwords Introduction
   Google Analytics Introduction
   Graphic Design Introduction
   How to use Microsoft Teams
   How to use Zoom
   How to Write Effectively
   HTML and CSS Introduction
   Illustrator Intermediate
   Illustrator Introduction
   InDesign Intermediate
   InDesign Introduction
   JavaScript Introduction
   Managing Teams Remotely
   Microsoft Excel Advanced
   Microsoft Excel Intermediate
   Microsoft Excel Introduction
   Microsoft Power BI Business Analytics
   Microsoft Powerpoint Advanced
   Microsoft Powerpoint Introduction
   Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Design
   Photoshop Intermediate
   Photoshop Introduction
   Podcasting Introduction
   Premiere Advanced
   Premiere Intermediate
   Premiere Introduction
   Project Management Working Remotely
   SEO Advanced
   SEO Copywriting
   SEO Introduction
   Social Media Marketing Advanced
   Social Media Marketing Introduction
   Sub-Editing Introduction
   Writing for the Web Introduction

 Learner Stories

  • Jack's Course

  • Jack works for Arrival, as the Social Media Manager and here tells us about attending his online After Effects Intermediate course.


 Learner Stories

  • Meija's Course

  • Meija works as a Internship Coordinator at the Open University and talks about her online Social Media Marketing Intro course.


 Learner Stories

  • Ashley's Course

  • Ashley works for Arrival, as a Producer and discusses his experience of attending an online After Effects Intermediate course.

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Attendees surveyed20536
  Trainer Knowledge9.8 / 10
  Trainer Materials9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience9.6 / 10
  % Who Would Recommend Us99.6%

  Online Course Feedback

"Rich was able to answer all my questions well, using examples to ensure I understood each point. He was very knowledgeable and his presentation was engaging, informative and interesting. I will definitely recommend Rich! "

"Excellent knowledge of the photoshop platform."

"Very good, hard to fault. Rob was excellent again... seamless transition to Zoom"

"I love how friendly and easy it is to talk to the trainer. Nice and relaxed and no pressure, it's nice being able to ask and not be judged!"

"It was great :) "

"Alice was very good at putting everyone at ease and encouraging all to contribute"

"The course duration was perfect. A good number of short breaks and a 30 minute lunch worked well. Trainer very knowledgeable and engaging. Really enjoyed the course."

"It was really well organised and planned and easy to follow..."

"Great examples and relevant exercises for what I will create in my role. Really useful keyboard shortcut hints and tips. Ian is great at answering questions on the spot and has an accessible and friendly presentation/training style. Thank you!"

"Helping guide us through the examples plus helping and offering advise with additional queries we may have had"

"Instructor was very good at working out how to tailor content for our particular needs"

"Very informative & interactive which helped to learn easier "

"Clarity, thoroughness, interaction / activities "

"Helen was great at getting everyone to be involved even though it was a Zoom call"

"Matt is very friendly and patient, went though all our questions and came back to those already explained when needed. Very approachable. The training was very entertaining. Highly recommended :) "

"Custom built course and Matt was very good and coped very well with dealing with questions that were being asked throughout the session "

"patience, good explanation of topics - it luckily made sense. I have learned a lot. "

"Matt was very helpful and explained everything in depth even answered some questions outside of the list prepared for the bespoke course. "

"Matt was very friendly, patient and knowledgable "

"Excellent organisation considering that the training all had to be done through zoom. It was really easy and clear to see the instructor's screen and what he was working on. Good examples to work on, and relevant mini projects to complete. Thank you very much."

"Very good pace and a good amount of time to practice what was taught. Nice small group which made it easy to follow and ask for help. Thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot! "

"Breaking the course down into sections that were easy to understand and follow along with. The pace of the course was great as I felt that I was able to learn a lot within the given time."

"At first I was nervous that online courses wouldn't be as good as classroom training but I didn't need to be as the quality was extremely professional. The trainer was amazing and obviously had lots of industry experience to share with everyone. He went at a good pace and patiently answered all questions, nothing was ever too much trouble. I've learned more than I ever expected to in only 2 days and now feel confident to apply my new skills straight away on my next project. Would definitely recommend! "

"Very nice passionate teacher."

"Switching between exercises and the trainer showing his skills on his screen, It really allows to see the full potential of the program !!"

"Very good examples which were presented in an easy to understand and compact way. "

"Presenter Alice was great fun, couldn't be more helpful. Had a brief understanding of social media before but was worried about not being up to speed with the advanced course but was all good, all very interesting and relevant information I can take in and put into action throughout my job."

"Smooth presentation and knowledgeable"

"Keeping us engaged, especially with it being over Zoom. Very knowledgeable trainer! Overall good session and learnt a lot, thank you."

"Really helpful, understanding and tailored session with lots of opportunity to ask questions. Simon really great and gave us lots of time to engage with Google Ads hands on!"

"delivering high quality content that was very accessible and very useful to the user - thank you Simon for an excellent session and to Rosie and Alexander for excellent prior prep beforehand - very pleased all round"

"The exercises that the course was broken into were great, good length and variety of areas discussed. Very useful to apply to current content we are creating at LiveArea."

"very quick responses once registered - call re setting up remote software and invoice/payment details. Alice-May was very knowledgeable, helpful and happy to take questions throughout."

"Great trainer, Kirsty was an absolute dream, especially when some of us didn't understand everything straight away, she was so kind and patient and went through everything a million times with the same amount of enthusiasm as the first! Very happy!"

"I really liked the online course, and as a foreign national would love more of those, also after covid-19 has vanished forever. "

"Breaking down the course to practical examples"

"Really enjoyed the training and Ian was very knowledgable, friendly and helpful. I am excited to go away and practise my new skills :)"

"Trainer very clearly knew her subject and had a lot of real experience. I learnt so much and really enjoyed the day."

"I think it worked great as an online course, you adapted pretty well"

"The course was very good, full of useful information and Michael was great. Thank you!"

"Michael was very knowledgeable, passionate and positive. As much as a course face-to-face would have been more ideal and interactive, the Zoom course worked well and the regular breaks were most welcome (and appreciated) as online courses can be quite exhausting. Thanks very much . "

"Explaing why something works not just how to use it, this makes it far easier to understand how to apply certain features in multiple situations. Found it really easy to follow along the numerous practical examples rather than just sitting and watching. "

"explaining everything very thoroughly and in a good amount of depth"

"everything, good explanations and examples and enough time to practise and learn. "

"Very efficent thankyou "

"Well paced delivery, good amount of content covered during the 2 days, clear explanations, patient trainer (and needed to be in places!) and most importantly, left me feeling confident at applying what I've learned. Great course!"


"Lots. Very well organised. I loved the structure of the course and what was included. There was a nice balance of show, explain, and do - all of the exercises were relevant. Also, all of the course materials and recommended links/sites are a really nice touch. Very useful. Alastair was lovely. He was extremely knowledgable and answered all of my questions without falter. I would 100% recommend your course and Alistair again. Thank you for making the training fun and interesting. "

"Brilliant & relevant training all round - very versatile online training"

"Being engaging and answering questions. "

"Wolf was an amazing course mentor! Extremely informative, patient and helpful. We got through so much content in 2 days which has really boosted my understanding and skill knowledge of After Effects. Was very engaging, fun and interesting. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about Adobe After Effects! Thank you very much! "

"The lesson was great, Jason set a good pace and was careful to explain everything really well. I was worried that the lesson wouldn't be as engaging as we did it over Zoom but my fears were unfounded. I have really enjoyed myself and look forward to using my new skills! Thank you"

"Everything was perfect!! Even with the course online. I wouldn't have changed anything."

"Course was really informative and pace was good"

"Matt knows his stuff! On time, organised, well prepared and kept it interesting and fun. Great personality and he came across brilliantly in his first virtual training session (confirmed by him) I really enjoyed the small group of four that we had and I would suggest keeping the groups small where possible. Matt was also very patient with my absolute beginner skills and never had an issue with going over the same thing many many times... I would definitely come back and feel like I can go and use InDesign confidently at work, with the basics learned. Thanks very much! "

"Trainer was very patient and knowledgeable. Set up was good, as was over all design and lay out of the course. (i.e. we went at a good pace and breaks well timed). "

"This course was very good, just what I need to get the basic of After Effects and Jason was brilliant. Thank you!"

"Very knowledgeable and friendly trainer who got everyone involved and made us feel comfortable. Thank you"

"Current and relevant examples "

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course, I wish I could have done it face to face rather than digitally as I think they would have made it even better. But considering the current circumstances the course went smoothly, Patsy was great, I can't fault the course at all. "

"Really enjoyable course, very friendly and knowledgeable trainer "

"Getting us thinking about topics, and how to structure our content. the excerisizes were really good and challenging"

"Simon was great, very knowledgeable about what he was teaching. "

"Ian took a good amount of time to explain everything - and really the variety of designs we went through over two days was amazing! One of the best training courses I have honestly been on so thank you once again Ian! "

"Really enjoyed the online course experience! The instructor was really helpful and very clear. "

"very clear content, good balance of exercises and very well explained, thank you! "

"Ian was a really good coach who knew his stuff.. very kind and patient when going back over things that we didn't quite catch. Would definitely recommend Ian and the course to other work colleagues."

"Really good - very good examples. I loved the interactiveness of the course and the chance to talk things through and explain reasonings behind decisions. Really good! Definitely lots to put into practice "

"The training was just great!"

"The course was very satisfying"

"Explaining the content and exercises."

"The follow along style of teaching was great and the explanations of how everything links together were very useful, overall the training was excellent."

"Really detailed, easy to follow especially considering how complex some of the content was. Really patient. Good number of breaks."

"Communication, time and theory was on point. I especially liked being able to recreate all of James' work and then have each segment reviewed - so I always kept up. The explanations were simple to follow and the whole course was fun. "

"Everything! The course was excellent and very in depth. I was able to ask technical questions in relation to what editing i would need to do and the trainer helped with every single one. Highly recommended!"

"very good examples and very personable - really enjoyed the courses"

"Rob has enormous knowledge of Captivate and presented the course in a very logical clear way, at a good speed so we could follow. We attended a closed course which was great so we could focus on our specific requirements, Great course thank you very much Rob"

"I enjoyed the one to one , understood concepts much better. Kevin very thorough and patient."

"guding through the course and answering all the questions. "

"We conducted the course over Zoom due to the Covid-19 crisis and everything from start to finish was seamless. All the way from Media Training's IT guy Alex setting me up beforehand to Rich going through each technical aspect of podcasting. Felt really at ease and got a lot from the course."

"Kevin was brilliant, and catered the course to our needs perfectly! He is very easy to talk to and ask questions, and i found him to be one of the best trainers i've trained under for years because of his personality. The content was exactly what i needed so i'm very happy i attended the course and i have plenty of ideas for how i'm going to implement what i've learnt! Thanks"

"detailed in tasks and exercises that were provided prior to online training "

"Working remotely with Iwan was a pleasure - we got plenty done and I feel like a learnt a great deal."

"Trainer highly knowledgable and very approachable. I felt at ease and very comfortable asking questions to trainer which i sometimes struggle with."

"Everything was good considering the course was online instead of f2f"

"Making the course relevant and individualised. Honest feedback encouraging critical analysis of current work and how this could easily be improved. Great tips on free resources to help make things quicker and easier."

"Very relaxed and easy to follow. Trainer was amazing and kept the whole group invested and engaged. Great information and loads to think about moving forward."

"The trainer, organization and adapting to an online course in ZOOM due to the Covid-19 situation. "

"Good amount of information shared. Opportunities for interaction and seeing things in practice. Resources/information shared on how to get support after the course if needed. Practical tools. Good level of expertise. Approachable, engaging style of tuition."

"Right, this is an exhaustive list, it's endless. This was, by a country mile, one of the best decisions I have made in my professional career. Sublime course and it's added an element to my work I never thought would be possible without years of training. See you at the Advanced Course!"

"Explaining things thoroughly, making it easy to understand. Very helpful and insightful to future work."

"Wolf was fantastic. Really thorough, made it easy for us to learn and was always happy to go back and run through things again. No question was a stupid question. Not only did he teach us but he also showed us what could be done beyond the level that we could achieve if we put the hours in testing."

"Able to engage all the class instantly but being very approachable "

"Adapting to online learning due to coronavirus pandemic."

"Really friendly and helpful. "


"Really good at breaking it all down and explaining it so it didn't feel as confusing and daunting. The example projects were also a really great help."

"Providing clear examples of how the skills would be used in a work environment."

"Explained everything well, presented new opportunities for our social media accounts and tailored learning towards our brand. Excellent! "