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HTML : Introduction

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Two Day Course


This two day course is designed for those with no previous coding or programming experience but who need a comprehensive grasp of web page coding and structure using HTML - the language of the web.

By the end of this course you will have the necessary knowledge to author web pages, be able to edit existing HTML and to maintain and update existing web content. You will also have an understanding of the role and importance of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The course explores planning a website, understanding structural markup, website architecture, creating on-line forms and tables and importing graphics. You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Background
    • Introduction to HTML

    Structuring a website
    • The client/server relationship
    • Understanding directories and how a site is organised
    • Cross platform file names
    • Cross platform directory names

    The minimal HTML document
    • Understanding HTML syntax
    • Creating body text
    • Creating titles
    • Creating headings
    • Working with structure and elements
    • Using the Section, Nav, Article and Aside tags

    Adding metadata
    • How search engines read websites
    • Creating content tags
    • Creating keyword tags

    Adding structure to the content
    • Creating headings and sub headings
    • Creating paragraphs
    • Working with special characters
    • Creating line breaks

    Working with images
    • Adding image links
    • The GIF, JPEG and PNG formats
    • Compression issues
    • Alternative text, titles and descriptions for images
    • Using the figure tag

    Creating and working with lists
    • Numbered (ordered) lists
    • Unnumbered (unordered) lists
    • Definition lists

    Linking to other documents
    • Relative links vs absolute links
    • Working with URLs
    • Anchors within documents

    Questions and answers
  • Tables in HTML5
    • Tables vs CSS
    • When to use tables and when not to
    • Creating a table
    • Creating rows
    • Creating columns

    • Creating a basic input form
    • Adding form fields, radio buttons and check boxes
    • Using the legend, label and fieldset tags
    • Adding submit and reset buttons
    • Using form methods
    • Combining forms and actions
    • Using HTML5 form tags

    Working with colour
    • Hexadecimal and RGB colour

    Overview of CSS
    • Separating content from presentation
    • The difference between CSS and markup
    • What can CSS do?
    • CSS structure (syntax)
    • Inserting styles - inline, embedded or external

    Styling text using inline CSS
    • Styling basic text elements
    • Specifying font size and colour
    • Specifying font alignment

    Styling a table
    • Styling row and column settings
    • Creating borders
    • Adding colours

    Styling Links
    • Creating hover effects
    • Keeping tracks of links

    Backward compatibility
    • Ensuring your HTML5 code can run on any browser

    Publishing issues
    • Uploading your site
    • Proofing and testing your site
    • Troubleshooting

    Questions and answers
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"The overall space, lunch and hospitality was amazing!"

"Loved the centre environment, room was clean, bright and great for learning! Trainer was excellent, went through everything slowly and made sure all os us were at speed. I have definitely leaned a lot over the past 2 days. It' s also great that we can take what we've made home!"

"Brilliant course all round, lovely place, lovely lunch"

"Everything was explained at a good pace. Clear, concise and manageable content. Great food!"

"I do feel like I have learnt something — the small class format helped a lot."

"Providing a relaxed learning environment"

"Iwan was very knowledgeable in this area and was able to easily help and guide us through the world of html. Iwan also helped with an extra query I had on accordions which was very useful and will allow me to use this when I get back to work."

"Making it relevant to the individuals attending the course, engaging and easy to follow, didn't feel left behind or confused and the trainer always made sure everyone was at the same stage at the same time"

"lunch was great"

"Pace of the course, right tempo, explanations when required. Never a sill question. Made to feel at ease."

"Great learning environment, very knowledgable trainer. Hope to be able to put all into pratice soon."

"I really enjoyed the course and loved Dele. He was so approachable and no question was a silly question. I feel very excited to go and build my own site. Definitely recommend."

"Everything, the day was well organised, the lunch was very good and the staff were extremely helpful."

"The full experience; relate-able examples"

" meeting expectations! Got out exactly what i hoped for and more!"

"Very thorough course, trainer was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The 2 days were a great help "

"Really enjoyed the pace of the course. Was worried that I would be rubbish and wouldn't be able to keep up as a it is a subject that is a bit alien to me. However, I've come away feeling confident using HTML and wanting to explore CSS further. "

"Good at structuring each step logically, explaining history/progress and technical bits, explaining how different types of coding relate to one and other."

"Comfortable and inclusive environment."

"Iwan was really patient and went through the course at a good pace making it easy to understand. Fell like I have a great knowledge to start HTML & CSS in my work environment."

"Great refreshments and really friendly / helpful staff members."

"Overall, was really impressed with the quality of the course, class size, pace of learning and tutor's teaching skills. Lovely environment, super staff. Would definitely recommend to colleagues."

"This is my third course with you (previously did Photoshop: Introduction and Illustrator: Introduction) and was, once again, not disappointed. Easy to follow but right amount of challenging, class sizes are perfect (you dont feel intimidated asking questions), food is delicious and location and building are great. Iwan directed us to some great resources to use after the course which I will definitely be checking out! Will hopefully be back again soon (if I can persuade my company to keep sending me on these courses!)"

"Very happy with the course, got a full overview of how HTML and CSS work with relevant examples. "

"Kirsty was an absolute legend! I was a little nervous before the course as I really didn't consider myself a "code person". Kirsty made the content so enjoyable and easy to understand. I loved it! "

"Having a very kinaesthetic learning approach. Allowing for me to really get to grips with the content covered."

"Kirsty was brilliant and explaining everything. She was clear and made sure that we all understood what we was doing before moving on. I found it really helpful and actually understand what it is that I've been doing. Really recommend her!"

"Personal tuition, very approachable, Simon is a great teacher"

"The pace was good as was the info!"

"I was overall fully satisfied with the course."

"The flow of the training was good, and the instructor was very clear and also receptive to questions. He was incredibly helpful and all of the course content was interesting with lots of added tips and information. Overall it was an excellent course! Looking forward to hopefully coming back for more."

"Really interesting and engaging - covered some really good content. It's made me keen to come back and do another course maybe more advanced html / javascript."

"I thought the whole course was well run with excellent support. Phil was really good - keeping the course at a steady pace and checking that everyone was at the same level. Can't fault anything about the training and will recommend to colleagues."

"-very friendly trainers and staff -course very organized and relevant -equipment is reliable during all the training -very nice lunch provided "

"Everything was good, the lecturer, catering etc. was excellent."