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Google Adwords : Introduction

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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is present on almost every Google search performed. The average UK company now spends around £1,500 in wasted advertising learning how to set up and use Google Adwords.

This course is designed to ensure you avoid this expensive learning curve and provides you with the skills and knowledge required to build successful and profitable ad campaigns.

Please bring your Google Adwords login details with you on the day if you have them, you'll be able to access your account and get the most from the training.

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • How Pay Per Click works
    • The difference between natural SEO results and PPC results
    • Understanding the jargon: CPC, CTR, Impressions etc

    Bidding and Keywords
    • How Google Adwords bidding process works
    • Choosing your keywords - which words will your customers use to search?
    • Keyword mining using the keyword tool from Google
    • Understanding keyword match types
    • Using negative keywords

    Quality scores
    • What is a quality score?
    • What factors dictate your quality score?
    • How can you improve a quality score?

    Pay Per Click basics
    • Setting up a Pay Per Click account
    • Choosing a product or service to advertise
    • Setting goals for your ads
    • Assessing the competition

    Targeting your campaign
    • Who are your potential customers?
    • How do they search?
    • Who do you not want to attract?
    • Targeting your ads geographically
    • Language targeting
    • What technology are your customers using?
  • Ad creation
    • Writing a successful ad
    • What will make your ad clickable?
    • Using dynamic keywords
    • Writing product or service ads
    • Writing a time specific ad
    • Adding ad extensions

    Controlling your costs
    • Defining your budget
    • Automatic vs manual budgets

    Landing pages
    • The customer experience
    • What do customers see when they arrive?

    Analysing your results
    • Improving your positioning
    • Improving your quality score
    • Managing your budget daily or weekly?
    • Introduction to Google Analytics

    Improving your results
    • Increasing traffic and conversions
    • Improving your results with ad rotation
    • Tracking conversions
    • Measuring your return on investment

    Questions and answers
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"Good overall "

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"Simon was great at providing relevant examples that related well to each given company in the room. All the info provided was extremely useful and fed in at a perfect pace."

"Taking each step of the creation of the Google Ad Words and explaining really well The fact we could add a dummy campaign to learn "

"Breaking all information down to simpler forms. Showing detailed adwords set up."

"Really good course. Would recommend. Loved how flexible and practical the programme and lots of room for answering questions. The size of the class was fantastic !"

"Very knowledgeable instructor, brilliant food!"


"Practical course and Simon was professional and a good trainer."

"Super friendly staff, knowledgeable trainer and lovely lunch!"

"I can't fault this course, or the trainer at all. I learnt a lot and have been very excited to put it into practise."

"The course was great overall!"

"Course was really clear."

"course was detailed and informative "

"Good info, nice food, great hospitality"

"Very knowledgeable trainer and friendly, welcoming staff. Great food and the refreshment breaks were great and well needed!"

"Overall very good, clear and concise. Many thanks"

"Organised, clear and professional. "

"Concise information, presente dwell. "

"Great environment, excellent trainer, would definitely consider coming back for another course"

"Really great course :) "

"excellent knowledge, and great step by step training. "

"Very informative day!"

"Excellent course, well delivered and very easy to follow."

"Our trainer was really nice and approachable"

"Felt it was thorough for a beginner course"

"The training centre was fresh, clean and an inspiring environment to learn in. Our trainer was fantastic, making a tricky and technical subject interesting. From the course I feel my confidence is vastly improved in the subject - well worth it. Would definitely recommend and would attend other courses in future."

"Our trainer was a great teacher - really pleased."

"Friendly, extremely organised, knowledgeable and beneficial course."

"clear explanation, practical course, very good examples"

"Great at setting out the concept and walking through the programme. Built a solid understanding of the programme which I can practically use. great trainer."

"Amazing insights into the world of Adwords"

"Content of course was at exactly the right level as expected and lots of opportunity to ask specific questions"

"Teacher was great"

"Pre course questionnaire a good idea, Course content good, trainer engagability, facilities and refreshments - all very good. "