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Final Cut Pro X : Introduction FCP 101

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Three Day Course

Classroom Based


Final Cut Pro X is a revolutionary video editing application that helps beginners and seasoned professionals achieve stunning results.

In this three‐day, hands‐on course, students become familiar with the user interface while they learn how to perform editing functions.

Students work with real‐world media to learn practical approaches to video editing ‐ from basic techniques to the more powerful features of Final Cut Pro.

Who should attend?
This class is designed for anyone who wants to edit professional‐quality video with Final Cut Pro X.

What will you learn?
• Using libraries to organize and manage media and projects
• Applying exceptionally fast, fluid editing techniques for video and audio
• Fine-tuning clips in the timeline
• Comparing alternate shots from a collection of clips
• Applying effects, transitions, and retiming clips
• Working with 3D titles
• Finishing and final project

You need no Final Cut or video editing previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Day 1

    Getting Started
    • Upgrade earlier versions of events and projects
    • Download and prepare lesson media files
    • Understand basic Final Cut Pro workflow

    Importing Media
    • Define the clip, event, and library containers
    • Understand the differences between managed and external media files
    • Create a camera archive
    • Import files using Media Import and the Finder

    Organizing Clips
    • Apply keywords to clip and clip ranges
    • Search and filter clips by keywords
    • Add notes and ratings to a clip
    • Create Smart Collections
    • Detect people and composition within clips
    • Understand and assign roles

    Making the First Edit
    • Create a project
    • Add and rearrange clips within a primary storyline
    • Ripple, Roll, and Slip trim clips
    • Blade, replace with gap, ripple delete, and join through edit

    Day 2

    Making the First Edit (continued)
    • Perform connect edits
    • Create and edit in a connected storyline
    • Adjust audio levels
    • Share the project to a media file

    Revising the Edit
    • Define and distinguish the two types of project duplication
    • Understand the replace edit options
    • Use markers for clip synchronization and task notes
    • Create and edit with an audition clip
    • Refine project using trim to playhead and trim to selection
  • Enhancing the Edit
    • Vary the playback speed of clips
    • Modify the look of clips with effects
    • Utilize transitions
    • Adjust transform and compositing controls
    • Create compound clips

    Finishing the Edit
    • Add and modify a lower third
    • Add and modify a 3D title
    • Split edit audio and video
    • Keyframe audio
    • Colour correct a clip

    Day 3

    Sharing a Project
    • Export to a media file
    • Post media to an online host
    • Create a bundle for multiple platforms
    • Understand the XML workflow
    • Integrate Compressor export options

    Managing Libraries
    • Import media as referenced and managed
    • Move and copy clips within and between libraries
    • Consolidate media files to one location

    Advancing Your Workflow
    • Identify manual options for new projects
    • Synchronize dual system recordings
    • Create a chroma key
    • Understand the multicam workflow

    Questions and answers
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"The course content was really interesting and great examples were used. We also covered a lot of material in three days. I was really impressed and very much enjoyed the course. The atmosphere at the centre was also very relaxed and friendly and staff were very approachable. Thank you! "

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"Very good at explaining details and elements of the software at a pace that worked for me. Jason also used very relevant examples when demonstrating different features that will work well in my organisation to make the best of our video output. Also, very friendly and clearly knowledgable. "

"I thought the trainer went beyond just teaching me the software by also giving me some knowledge of film and the theory behind it which was very helpful. The training was also done in nice digestible segments which made it easier to process the information. Overall I was extremely satisfied!"

"Rob was a really excellent tutor. he made it informative and fun and it wasn't intimidating even though I've never touched a piece of video before. we worked at a good pace to learn a lot but not so fast we didn't absorb what we needed to absorb. I learned so much and also thought class size was perfect and the facilities here were great and such friendly people in speaking to other staff and tutors briefly. amazing lunches too. I'm just sad it's over. I will definitely plan to take more courses here in future. "

"Really enjoyed the experience, everyone, including staff doing cleaning and clearing were very friendly and approachable. The course was very well set out, a good jargon-buster! Understood everything, and it was also well-paced, and I felt comfortable about asking questions. The size of the class was very good, too - sociable enough but also enough one-on-one time. "

"Good facility, good equipment very good trainer and the pace of the course was also great - very impressed!"

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