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Ecommerce Training Courses

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Years ago people would never have trusted their credit card details to be used to do online shopping. However, with the rise of encryption, external payment systems and SSL certificates people no rely on online payments more and more, which has boosted the Ecommerce industry.

Today, Ecommerce continues to grow and improve users' shopping experience. It is a great opportunity for companies to increase their sales through a different channel, which also adds more value to their customers brand experience. Take a look at the advantages of using Ecommerce and how you can improve your knowledge and skills in this area.

What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is the electronic process of buying and selling products and services via online and mobile applications. It refers to electronic transactions as well as online retail which has revolutionised the way people are shopping and making payments. Most traditional stores now have an online presence and offer global accessibility to their products.

What are the advantages of Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is an attractive option for organisations, consumers and society to develop their businesses and gain worldwide exposure. It turns out you don't need to be a UX developer or IT specialist to know how to design a website, which allows you even as a beginner to take advantage of all the benefits of Ecommerce. Here are the top five advantages of creating an online business:

International scale. Through having an online shop your company becomes exposed to the global market, which means you can find potential customers living in Europe or Australia! You can ship your products at an affordable price and compete at an international level, creating more brand awareness.

24/7 Availability. Another advantage of Ecommerce businesses is the ability to attract customers at any time from any part of the world. Being available 24/7 is extremely convenient, especially for customers who are typically too busy and don't have time to physically go shopping. They can use the online services at any time from home, making businesses with these services more appealing to them. From a business perspective you only need to automate the ordering systems and make sure your payment system generates confirmation emails to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Processing high number of orders. When you have a lot of customers in the store, you will hire more employees to handle the orders. In addition, you need to manage your physical stock efficiently. With an Ecommerce store, those concerns are less because the customer will be able to place an order from any location without waiting in long queues.

Low investments. Setting up a physical store requires a lot of investments that start from renting a property, working on the renovation and design of the store as well as hiring and paying staff. Whereas, opting for an Ecommerce business will allow you to save on those costs. For example, depending on your Ecommerce business type you might only need to hire a few people or have a logo created instead of a store sign (which is more expensive). As a result, the expenses are more internal and controlled.

Web personalisation. When you run a physical store, it is difficult to keep up with each of your customers' preferences. In the Ecommerce industry you are able to enhance the online shopping experience by personalising the landing page. There are many opportunities for personalisation depending on how ambitious you are. For instance, you can retarget the user that made a purchase and track their customer journey. You can nurture them by adding a personal message on the shopping page or provide bundles/discounts based on their purchases.

What is our Ecommerce training course about?

Our Ecommerce training course is designed for individuals wanting to gain more knowledge on how to create a successful online store, but don't know where to start.

We will teach you the fundamental Ecommerce principles to ensure you give potential customers a positive experience from the moment they land on your homepage to when they make a purchase. Finally, with the help of our expert trainers we will guide you on how to improve the return rate of your customers as well as get a higher return on investment.

You don't need to be a tech savvy individual or have an advanced online retailing system. At Media Training, we believe that starting small with no knowledge is the best way to absorb more information, which eventually will be applied in growing your business.

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