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Adobe Dreamweaver CC : Introduction

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Two Day Course

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Adobe Dreamweaver is the most popular tool for building and managing websites. Dreamweaver allows you to perform all major web design tasks, from creating responsive web pages with CSS3 and HTML5 to designing sites which work across platforms and devices. Dreamweaver also provides a range of powerful website management tools.

This extremely popular course is the Adobe authorised introductory course for new users of Dreamweaver who wish to build professional websites.

This course has been specifically designed to provide you with the expertise to produce and maintain innovative, responsive websites using Dreamweaver.

You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Dreamweaver essentials
    • Using static page architecture
    • Dreamweaver interface basics
    • Syncing settings in Dreamweaver
    • Creating a local site
    • Creating an HTML page
    • Using CSS starter pages
    • Using development views
    • Previewing pages
    • Using the Property Inspector

    Adding content to a site
    • Importing text files
    • Importing from Word and Excel
    • Marking up content with semantic elements
    • Controlling document structure
    • Creating lists
    • Horizontal rules
    • Adding special characters
    • Navigating structure with tag selectors
    • Using the Quick Tag editor
    • HTML5 quickstart
    • Creating structure with the Insert panel

    Navigating your site
    • Linking files to your site
    • Adding anchors
    • Adding email links
    • Linking from images
    • Linking from an image map
    • Creating a navigation bar
    • Inserting a jump menu
    • Working in Live View
    • Linking styles with CSS

    CSS Essentials
    • Browser defaults
    • External, internal and inline CSS
    • CSS syntax
    • CSS selectors
    • Understanding the power of CSS
    • Creating and applying text formatting styles
    • Working with the CSS Designer panel
    • Visual CSS editing
    • Live View Inspect and Highlight
    • Edge web fonts and Server fonts
    • About media types

    Working with graphics and media
    • Seamless integration with Photoshop and Fireworks
    • Placing graphics on the page
    • Accessibility settings
    • Importing layered images
    • Optimising an image
    • Embedding Flash content
    • Inserting video
    • Integrating Adobe Edge compositions
  • Web Page Layout
    • Data tables vs layout tables
    • CSS Box Model
    • Liquid and fixed layouts
    • Planning the wireframe
    • Using the rulers and guides
    • Marking up the wireframe and applying CSS
    • Dreamweaver CSS templates
    • Fluid grid layouts
    • Designing for mobile and tablet
    • Using media queries for responsive design
    • Preview for different devices
    • Troubleshooting using CSS inspection tools
    • Overview of CSS3 properties
    • Adding interactivity with CSS3 transitions

    Using libraries and templates
    • Creating library items
    • Placing and editing library items
    • Detaching library items
    • Creating templates
    • Applying a template to an existing image
    • Defining editable regions
    • Defining editable attributes
    • Modifying templates

    Creating forms
    • Creating a form
    • Form processing
    • Setting focus on a form
    • Adding JavaScript
    • Form validation in Dreamweaver

    Testing, maintenance and uploading
    • Checking accessibility, links and browser compatibility
    • Connecting to a remote site
    • Cloaking folders and files
    • Uploading files
    • Synchronising files
    • Using browser compatibility check
    • Overview of CSS3 properties
    • Adding interactivity with CSS3 transitions

    Content Management System support
    • Inbuilt support for Drupal, WordPress and Joomla

    Questions and answers
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"Food was great and trainer was fantastic."

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"Systems, quality of trainer and working environment very good. Also food and refreshments very good."

" Well structured course building examples in complexity as the course progressed. Enabled knowledge to be tried and tested before continuing"

"Really enjoyed the course, really informative and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. "

"This is the second course I have taken with you and again, I have enjoyed every minute. The venue has gotten better (Last time I attended it was at kings cross). I will be glad to pass on the good word of how good Media Training is"

"Pretty much everything! When Iwan found out that I mainly worked with a different version of Dreamweaver than the course was going to use, he and the Media Training team were able to provide that version making the course even more targeted to my particular work environment. He was then great about explaining and showing the differences between the versions, so I now feel prepared for using wither version should he need arise. Absolutely first class course and going to recommend it to everyone!"

"very organised. "

"Everything was great"

"Everything! Food is simple and amazing! Training was made to suit my learning style and was superbly taught! Facilities are all clean and very stylish! All staff are friendly and approachable - couldn't fault anything."

"Taught relevent examples that linked to our own work and questions were answered thoroughly"