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   Acrobat DC Creating Interactive Forms
   Acrobat DC Introduction
   Acrobat DC Pro Advanced
   Acrobat DC Pro Used With Microsoft Word
   Articulate Storyline Introduction
   Building Accessible Websites
   CorelDRAW Introduction
   Creative Cloud Print Workshop
   Design and Production Overview
   Design for Print Master Class
   Digital Repro and Pre Press
   Framemaker Introduction
   Graphic Design Introduction
   iBooks Author Introduction
   I Colour Management
   Illustrator Advanced
   Illustrator Intermediate
   Illustrator Introduction
   Illustrator For Fashion and Textile Designers Module 1
   Illustrator For Fashion and Textile Designers Module 2
   Illustrator For Fashion and Textile Designers Module 3
   InCopy Introduction
   InDesign Advanced
   InDesign Creating ePubs
   InDesign Editorial
   InDesign for Typography
   InDesign Interactive
   InDesign Intermediate
   InDesign Introduction
   InDesign Fast Track
   Infographics Design with Illustrator
   Infographics Introduction
   Microsoft Publisher Introduction
   PaintShop Pro Introduction
   Photoshop Creating Digital Mood Boards
   Photoshop Advanced
   Photoshop for the Web
   Photoshop Intermediate
   Photoshop Introduction
   Photoshop Fast Track
   Photoshop For Fashion And Textile Designers Module 1
   Photoshop For Fashion And Textile Designers Module 2
   Photoshop For Photographers
   Photoshop Lightroom Introduction
   Professional Retouching
   QuarkXPress Advanced
   QuarkXPress Editorial
   QuarkXPress Introduction
   Trouble-free Printing
   Using your Wacom Intuos Pro
   UX Design Introduction
   Website Usability Introduction
   XD Introduction
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The smallest class size in the industry. More one on one time with the trainer and a less intimidating group size.

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  Trainer Knowledge9.8 / 10
  Trainer Materials9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience9.6 / 10
  % Who Would Recommend Us99.7%

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"The course was really tailored to our experience level and the trainer was patient when we asked questions, happy to go over things etc. I feel like we covered a lot in a short space of time and now I feel confident in using it and inspired to get started back in the office!"

"Trainer was really focused on our needs and requirements and gave us just enough information to help us do what we needed. He was very patient considering we had zero knowledge of Illustrator. Feel confident that I can replicate examples in my job. "

"Went at our own pace. Knowledgeable and positive trainer."

"Very knowledgeable and friendly"

"It was a really good course, I feel much more confident now about infographics. I like that we had a mix of theory, looking at current examples and analysing them, and then practical sessions."

"Everything was well run and the trainer was great"

"Great course, great trainer... really learnt a lot - thank you!"

"using our own examples to run through and set up templates. Great food and environment for learning. Vicky was a great trainer too! "

"friendly and very helpful. Vicki was fab!!!"

"The training was fab. I had no knowledge of Photoshop yesterday. Today I made a gif. So that's something. "

"Trainer was great. Examples were good. Everyone was really friendly. "

"very useful content, great trainer"

"Resources provided Clear and concise trainer Good system with lunches etc Really great course - thank you! :)"

"It was a fantastic course, Ian was a great trainer that went at a good pace and ensured we all understood the content. Thank you Ian for a great 2 days of InDesign learning :) "

"Relevant, well paced and enjoyable course - thank you"

"Simo had so much knowledge and the course was great to have adapted specifically to what the training we required - huge thanks from me"

"Great setting, clear instructions, helpful and approachable. "

"Friendly, great environment, really attentive trainer!"

"I enjoyed the course and have found it very useful. I just need to go away now and practice what I have learned."

"Very comprehensive "

"Good for bespoke training in that I knew lots about lots and a little about whatI needed to know. and Kate filled in the blanks in a very easy and educational manner"

"Tailoring the course to the needs of the group, being flexible to our needs, and providing very high quality facilities."

"Good environment, good lunches, all good!"

"Nice environment. Positive atmosphere. Nice staff. "

"It was a brilliant and incredibly useful two-day course! Highly enjoyable!"

"I thought the course was really informative and it was adapted to exactly what i wanted to find out! It really helped having the one on one session with Rebecca coming into my workplace too."

"great learning environent, great facilities and hospitality "

"Service, knowledge and adapting to problems where they arose."

"-Good at catering to our needs of how we wanted to shape the course. Vicky very knowledgable :) "

"I found all the shortcuts really helpful and also being taught how to create patterns effectively and recolouring patterns. I also found learning how to use some of the tools on illustrator that I usually ignore useful such as libraries"

"Really great facilties, friendly staff, great food. The trainers are very helpful and friendly, and open to catering for your needs and help, even if outside of the course content"

"Very knowledgable and friendly team. Great lunch!"

"All round v good at training centre. As usual had a great day."

"Nice lunch Friendly and knowledgeable trainer who tolerated us very well"

"Generally great! Definitely a better course environment than working in my usual office."