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CSS : Introduction

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Two Day Course


This course is designed for those with some experience of HTML or XHTML who need to gain an understanding of web design techniques separating presentation from mark-up through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

By the end of this two day course, you will have the necessary skills to split mark up from presentation, have gained a thorough grasp of standards compliant design and have the knowledge to style webpage elements with CSS. The course will also address CSS best practice guidelines and provide you with the skills to be an accomplished CSS user. You should have attended the Introduction to HTML course at Media Training or have an equivalent working knowledge.

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Course Outline

  • Day one
    Standards compliant mark up
    • HTML, XHTML, syntax, options and versions
    • Converting and moving to XHTML
    • Browser issues and standards compliance
    • Working with the DOCTYPE
    • Understanding natural language declarations

    Structuring content
    • Describing content
    • Say what it is, not what it looks like
    • Markup recap
    • Working with headings, paragraphs, lists, tables and forms
    • Understanding the DIV tag
    • Removing presentational elements

    Introduction to CSS
    • Separating content from presentation
    • The difference between CSS and Mark up
    • What can CSS do?
    • Understanding the Cascade
    • How CSS is written (syntax)
    • Commenting your code
    • Types of style (selector):
    - Class
    - ID
    - Tag
    - Combinations
    • Block level and inline elements
    • Write and apply external, internal and inline CSS
    • Selector types

    Styling text
    • Specifying font size and colour
    • Specifying font alignment
    • Spanning text
    • Working with line-height and letter-spacing
    • Applying background colours
    • When to apply Class styles
    • Building Group selectors (styles)
    • Building Descendant selectors
    • Creating media specific CSS

    Questions and answers
  • Day two
    Styling links
    • Changing the default colours and underlining
    • Defining multiple link styles
    • Creating hover effects
    • Building CSS buttons

    CSS Box Model basics
    • Working with:
    - Content
    - Padding
    - Borders
    - Margins
    • Setting widths and heights

    Building menu systems
    • Planning
    • Thinking ahead
    • Building a horizontal menu
    • Building a vertical menu
    • Using unordered (bulleted) lists with DIVS and links
    • Creating a hierarchical menu
    • CSS display effects

    Background image essentials
    • Background image essentials:
    -controlling image repeats
    -indenting text from the image
    • Effective background image techniques

    • CSS Box Model for fun and profit
    • Planning the wireframe
    • Creating a table-free columnic layout
    • Fixing common problems
    • Fixed and scalable layouts
    • Applying fixed positioning
    • When and how to use relative and absolute positioning
    • Layering techniques and z-index
    • Creating reusable design widgets
    • Testing and debugging

    Questions and answers
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"Friendly staff, as always."

"Excellent training; really helpful, well paced and gave me a thorough introduction to CSS. Facilities and catering were superb . Would highly recommend!"

"Course was excellent, very useful stuff! Trainer was engaging and very knowledgeable. Overall, a great experience. This has been my second course with Media training and both were 10/10."

"The CCS training with Iwan was so good - he was knowledgeable, patient and I learnt so much. Thanks!"

"Very organised , clean environment, friendly and knowledgeable staff and great that we have 6 month support after training. All practical have been great and i am happy we can take them with us. Thanks you!!!"

"Small classes, well broken down steps, good pace. "

"Everything really, always a very positive experience coming here !"

"Brilliant atmosphere "

"Overall everything was nice. Great tutor and content. Lunch was nice as well and many treats during the day."

"Lots of hands on experience and lots of examples and explanations."

"Organisation and knowledge of staff was great."

"Made me feel welcomed and I feel I am very knowledgeable in CSS now. "

"Friendly staff, fantastic lunch and great equipment to be able to complete the course."

"Iwan was great, really steady teacher and great to see him again"

"Great teaching and really good to be able to work with real life examples."

"Always a friendly welcome from all the Media Training team making for a pleasant learning environment. The course content was delivered at a good genera level for me and then further tailored to some specific needs giving me plenty to consider back at work. Thanks."

"This is my second time here at Media Training and it has been as good as the first. Last time I was here I had planned to attend a different course, everyone was incredibly friendly and advised me on a slightly different course that was much more suited to what I was looking for. It took no time to receive a list of new dates that I could attend. This was my second time being taught by Iwan, he is a great tutor. Would definitely recommend."

"Lunch is great, Training pace is very good too."

"Small groups for the training, nice atmosphere, tasty lunches, many references to take after the course and helpline support after the course is finished."

"Great class sizes and trainers, great learning experience."

"Very friendly and approachable. "

"The lunch was great. And so was the trainer."

"Delivering exactly what the course is meant to do - in this case a CSS introduction. Very welcoming environment and looking forward to returning for another course in the near future."

"Excellent delivery of course, trainer was affable, helpful and very knowledgeable. From a position of no experience I feel comfortable going forward and using the skills I have learned. Excellent location and facilities."