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Adobe Animate CC ActionScript : Advanced

Two Day Course


This Adobe authorised course is for Animate designers with some ActionScript knowledge who wish to use more advanced ActionScript 3 techniques to create powerful, responsive Flash content which can be deployed across desktops, smartphones, tablets and TVs.

If you are working on a real-world ActionScript 3 project and would like to build the content of this course around your specific requirements, please give us a call to discuss your project in more detail. You should have been using Animate to create designs and animations using the timeline for at least a year and have experience of ActionScript equivalent to the Adobe Animate: An Introduction to ActionScript 3 course.

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Course Outline


    • Exploring a finished project
    • Reviewing ActionScript 3 fundamentals

    Object Oriented Development
    • Principles of OOP
    • External code vs source code
    • The empty package and package paths
    • Constructor functions
    • The Hello World application
    • Access control modifiers
    • Public, internal and private methods and properties
    • Local/global variables

    Building a simple e-learning application
    • The Document Class
    • Creating Custom Classes
    • When and what to import
    • Inheritance and composition
    • Extending MovieClips and Sprite
    • Understanding compiler errors

    Applied Actionscript techniques ~ animation
    • Essential Math equations for animation
    • Random movement
    • Screen wraps
    • Removal and regenerations
    • Velocity, acceleration and decay
    • Handling Keyboard events
    • Reacting to the mouse
    • Preload essentials

    Project: interactive gallery application ~ planning
    • Defining and constructing the Main Class and Sub Classes
    • Planning and scalability
    • Working with multiple Classes
    • Identifying roles and responsibilities
    • Provide methods, properties and access control modifiers
    • Testing and debugging the simple prototype

    Questions and answers

    Using XML Data
    • XML basics
    • XML with E4X
    • Loading XML with URLLoader
    • Preloading external data
    • Testing
    • Handling load errors
    • Looping through the XML tree
    • Arrays and XML
    • Retrieving attributes and data
    • Populating dynamic text fields
    • Parsing XML data into Animate data
    • Working with arrays of objects
    • References to external graphics
    • Creating XML powered applications

    Applied Actionscript Techniques ~ text and graphics
    • Reviewing the text controls - dynamic, static, input
    • TextFormat Class
    • Loading CSS
    • Formatting text with CSS
    • Working with HTML text
    • Loading JPEG/GIF/PNG and SWF files
    • Preloading external graphical content
    • Positioning content
    • Using addChild and removeChild
    • Masking with ActionScript
    • Displaying random images
    • Dynamic filters and blends
    • BitmapData Class effects

    Project: interactive gallery application ~ development
    • Loading and parsing the gallery data
    • Build an interactive thumbnail strip
    • Pre-loading related bitmaps and text
    • Testing and fine-tuning

    Questions and answers
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