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   Acrobat DC Introduction
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   Captivate 9 Introduction
   Creating Accessible PDFs
   Framemaker Introduction
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  Trainer Preparation9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score9.7 / 10
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  Centre Staff9.9 / 10
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  Overall Experience9.7 / 10
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"very efficient and covered a lot of useful areas"

"Really engaging trainer. Great bespoke course - went through all the points we suggested beforehand and proposed others to be included based on what seemed relevant to us as a business."

"The course was personalised, and the content was tailored to our needs and the examples were built on our material. Rebecca is very knowledgeable and made the sessions very interesting and fun to follow. "

"Vicki was very thorough, and ensured that everyone was caught up over zoom as and when needed. I think of course there was some difficulty with not being able to actively use our machines if something was wrong, but Vicki worked around it well. "

"Answering questions, not assuming knowledge, putting people at their ease"

"The trainer, Vicki, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She was particularly considerate when checking up on the progress of each trainee - lots of gentle guidance and plenty of praise. Thank you Vicki. Being able to share our screens with Vicki was also very helpful."

"Adapting to the needs of the attendees - really fantastic! Very approachable trainer - I felt very comfortable asking questions. Very useful to have a course breakdown to know what to expect from the course and what we'd be learning. Good preparation in sending us the files before the course to make things quicker - although some of the file sizes were quite large and I ran into difficulties downloading (but probably an issue with my computer!)"

"Our trainer was really good, had examples set up and ones to practice on. She covered all the things that we had emailed in advance on topics that would like further assistance on, and was very welcoming and supportive. The examples for us to work on were based on templates that we use so that was really good."

"Matt is very friendly and patient, went though all our questions and came back to those already explained when needed. Very approachable. The training was very entertaining. Highly recommended :) "

"Custom built course and Matt was very good and coped very well with dealing with questions that were being asked throughout the session "

"patience, good explanation of topics - it luckily made sense. I have learned a lot. "

"Matt was very helpful and explained everything in depth even answered some questions outside of the list prepared for the bespoke course. "

"Matt was very friendly, patient and knowledgable "

"Rob was super. I think I learnt more today than I have in months at a time! I can't wait to upgrade my video production and colour grading using all of the knowledge I acquired. The training centre was also really cool, great location and helpful staff. 10/10"

"Very knowledgeable to all questions asked and very friendly."

"Rob was great at breaking down the subjects covered, happy as he gave us some extra advice on premiere in general in the extra time we had at the end. Thanks very much"


"Thought the staff and venue was fantastic. The trainer Vicki was brilliant, really made to feel comfortable and could ask any questions. Would love to come back again for further knowledge "

"Excellent course. Rob's a very patient teacher and excellent at helping students to understand what's going on. He made it super easy. "

"Warm environment created by staff"

"This was the 2nd Premier Pro Introduction course I've completed at Media Centre and it seemed to be a massive improvement in every possible way - from how knowledgeable, approachable, prepared and accommodating the trainer was, to the centre location, everything was a real pleasure. I enjoyed this training thoroughly and am looking forward to coming back for other courses in the future, as well as recommending this one to others,."

"Evelyne was so knowledgeable and engaging and went through the content at just the right speed. Thoroughly enjoyed it."

"The explainations were very good, the trainer was very patient"

"Rebecca is friendly and very professional. She has an excellent knowledge of her subjects and is able to be flexible and adaptable to our training needs."

"Rob was thorough with his approach to teaching the course and provided varied examples to show how to create different effects and correct clips with varying problems and/or styles, which I found particularly useful. I found the 1-2-1 training to be beneficial as I could ask questions as we went along - this is exactly what I have been looking for and it was tailored to my existing knowledge which meant I could fill the gaps and cover the topics I have been struggling with as necessary. The staff are all friendly and approachable, and the food at lunch and during the breaks was really great (I particularly enjoyed the cakes and hot chocolate!) I would definitely recommend the course and will look to return in the future."

"Rob was a fantastic teacher. made it really easy to understand and follow."

"Great trainer. Well paced course. "

"fun, informative, good pace, real life examples really helped bring the course to life "

"Good work/break ratio, the pace of the sessions was also spot on, and gave the whole group enough time to practice "

"Trainer was very approachable and knowledgeable, very easy to understand and set at a good pace"

"Very personable and knowledgeable trainer, friendly other staff and nice food"

"Everything – Kate was very friendly, knowledgable, patient and helpful. Thanks :) "

"Kate was very friendly and explained really well. I highly enjoyed the course!"

"Very patient and very knowledgeable. Great course."

"The trainer was professional and and enthusiastic to share her knowledge of Indesign, which was helpful with boosting out motivation to learn! "