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We've worked very hard over the last 20 years to grow our business through personal recommendations.

When you attend a course we ask you to tell us how it went. We use your feedback to help us improve our courses.

We publish all our customer satisfaction stats live on our site (good or bad) because we want everyone to know just how highly you rate us every day, every week and every year.

We know that choosing the best course can be difficult, maybe the thoughts of the 14704 other clients we've trained since December 2015 will give you the inspiration to join us too.

The most recent comments from attendees of our courses are shown below. We reckon they will give you a pretty good indication of how they think we perform.

  Client Ratings

Attendees surveyed14704
  Trainer Knowledge9.8 / 10
  Trainer Materials9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience9.6 / 10
  % Who Would Recommend Us99.7%

  Recent Feedback

"The size of classes is very good easy to engage and hear thoughts usually times goes slow on training but went very quickly today Great Trainer "

"Knowledgeable encouraging trainer in a good environment to learn"

"Fantastic and informative session, really enjoyed it and have come away with lots of ideas!"

"Lots of great ideas to take back and try. Good suggestions and reassuring that lots of what we are doing is fine - dont worry about it! Good to hear from other people about their challenges. Thanks"

"Alice was absolutely fab, gave such an insight and opened my mind to the world of social media! Very enthusiastic and friendly. The presentation was very good and informative and easy to read. I was not clock watching and the day went very quick. Will defo be recommending. Thank you so much. "

"Lots of clear information presented really well. I found it really helpful when we were shown examples of different aspects via the social media sites rather than just talking about it. Thank you very much its been really helpful. Social media guru in the making!! :)"

"Rich was really personable, really friendly, super helpful and generally, it was a really great day. "

"User friendly sessions "

"Very informative and knowledgeable, able to answer all questions and tailor examples to be relevant. Checked in a lot to make sure that what she was teaching us would be useful in the future so she didn't waste our time. Fit the schedule around us e.g shorter lunch break to leave early ,which was appreciated. Thanks Kate."

"Nice pace of course. It was clearly very client focussed so they made sure we had all our questions answered and we had everything we needed and we had time to go over things. It wasn't as formal with a timetable and took quite some time to get going but we seemed to get everything covered in the end. Overall really helpful thank you."

"great shortcut tips which will save time"

"Great facilities, really understanding and knowledgable trainers, thanks!"

"Giving examples that are geared towards my work place! Really enjoyable."

"Very welcoming & Informative course. Relaxed and friendly trainer! Thank you "

"Everyone was approachable and friendly. My trainer Rob was knowledgable and good to work with. "

"Course covered all aspects and was taught at a really good pace"

"Training was tailored to our skill level and what we needed to learn."

"Good content and structure. Iwan was a great speaker and spoke slowly which made it easy to follow along. The food and drinks provided were good. The structure of the day with 2 breaks is perfect."

"overall very good course"

"Food was amazing. Trainer was super friendly. "

"great trainer and good resources"

"Great food, great trainer and the course was easy to follow and clearly explained."

"Taking to the time to explain things in detail in a way that was easy to understand. Good, relevant demonstrations using clips that benefitted the course demonstrations well. Thank you very much."

"Solid explanations and demonstrations. Software and hardware all decent. Training easy to follow and packed with tricks and tips i'll be able to take into my work. "

"knowledgeable and open to questions, enjoyed my time here. "

"Everything- very impressed."

"The trainer was really knowledgeable and friendly. The facilities and refreshments were good, and there were sufficient breaks between content."

"Very knowledgeable, concise, easy to talk to. In terms of the experience, I found everyone very welcoming, the lunch was great. :) Thank you."

"Excellent teacher, very friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable"

"Very knowledgeable teacher, good explanatory method. "

"Everything. The course is an outstanding primer. "

"Engagement and answering questions, personal focus on each brand/ company in the room "

"friendliness and answers questions"

"I always love my training sessions here - the relaxed environment and knowledge of trainers is second to none."

"Explaining everything clearly, the day went fast. Was not bored for one moment. So happy that I finally understand the meanings behind HTML. Thank you so much"

"Good overview of the topic. "

"Patient, listens and very good at explaining!"

"Overall was a great course"

"Good training environment"

"Brilliant course. I would do another one."

"Brilliant course, Doug was very knowledgeable and friendly. Great space to learn in and would definitely recommend to my colleagues. "

"Very accommodating and helpful. :-)"

"good number of students per class, lovely and welcoming environment, v friendly teacher"

"Very good overview of program. Organised really well. "

"Kirsty was excellent at explaining processes and breaking things down in a simplified way for us! "

"Explaining things very clearly. Very simple explanations on complex topics."

"Ian was great at adapting the course to bring in a real-life example which was very helpful indeed. Thanks!"

"Ian was great at explaining everything and being patient"

Delegate from: Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government on 19th March

"Trainer and lunch was excellent"

"Brilliant hosts, great training, will definitely consider coming back! "

"All good overall!"

"all v useful"

"Adapting learning to practical examples, lovely working environment, great teacher - very approachable"

"Lovely environment to learn it, great equipment, great lunch, great trainer. Useful to have the resources sent too. Thanks for having me!"

"Good tutor with great knowledge!"

"Very organised and friendly atmosphere."

"Simon was lovely and very knowledgable. He was able to show us thorough examples and was able to ask us all of the questions we asked. "

"It was very good that we had to create content ourselves, and were able to receive immediate feedback on our work."

"Making a bespoke course for our requirements. Great food."

"Welcoming, taking questions, being approachable"

"Very engaging instructor, easy to talk to"

"Friendly and fun. Lots of very useful hints and tips. Very enjoyable"

"Tom was very knowledgeable and helpful with all our questions. He tailored the course to match our skill levels."

"Tailored the course to what we needed to learn."

"The trainer was really knowledgeable and friendly, going at a pace that we could all keep up with. We covered a wide range of topics in comparison to a recent Photoshop course i did here. Will definitely be keen to do the advanced course once i have practiced what i have learnt in this course soon!"

"Vicki was very knowledgeable and was good at showing examples and walking us through the steps."

"Very organised and friendly. Generally good training environment. Main hub was a great idea. "

"Very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable"

"As above, trainer excellent, patient, knowledgeable. I've learned a lot. Great training environment too, great food and drinks, veggies well catered for. I'd love to do more course at Mediatraining. Would definitely recommend."

"Really enjoyable experience. Vikki was knowlegable, engaging and REALLY knew her stuff. It's a real bonus that she would take us through things that were outside of the course specification. I feel like no question was too big or too small, and she understood the importance of giving a holistic understanding of InDesign, not just a technical understanding. I feel like I've come away knowing a little about design as well as a LOT about the program. Everyone was friendly, the lunch was always tops (too much food if anything). Really enjoyable time, I feel like I've learnt a lot. Thanks very much for all your help Vikki!"

"Matt is a very encouraging, knowledgable trainer. I feel like I have really learned a lot and can not wait to implement it in my every day work. "

"This is my second time attending and both courses have had a really good, relaxed learning environment where you are encouraged to ask questions, go back to things you got stuck on, and Matt set it up so we were all actively working and editing whilst learning at the same time. For me, this is the most effective way to learn so i got a lot out of the course. Thank you!"

"Everything including friendly atmosphere"

"Trainer knew everything!"

"the speed of the training and the knowledge of the instructor."

"Wolf was engaging and happy to repeat anything when needed. Overall, I learned a lot and it was a great experience!"

"Training, food and office space all great"

"Good location, engaging and knowledgeable course leader, very helpful staff. Really good course. "

"trainer was great. friendly staff. "

"Everything - thoroughly enjoyed the course"

"Really great personalised tuition, well structured course, relaxed and friendly environment. "

"Very thorough and engaging course, I have learned a lot!"

"A relaxed but professional atmosphere for learning, where I felt comfortable from the outset. "

"Everything! The environment was great and very friendly as well as the trainer, loved every minute of it!"

"As a beginner, I found this entry level course a perfect introduction, and feel the basics were excellently covered."

"Massively knowledgeable trainer, good pace for the group. Covered a lot of topics and explained thoroughly. Questions well answered and generally friendly people all round."

"The training was clear and concise. The trainer went at a great speed and I felt very comfortable to ask any questions at any point. Ivan created a great learning environment, which was both comfortable and efficient."

"Ivan had excellent knowledge of the software and took time to go through things 1 on 1. A very effective introduction to a software that covers almost everything!"

"Good pace and examples. "

"explaining things again when needed, Iwan had a great attitude and was very patient."

"Clarity - mix of theory and practice. Great venue and staff as well."

"Environment and knowledge of trainer"

"Course, teacher and facility is good. "

"Knowledgable trainer. Great atmosphere. Really enjoyed being in a small group so that the course could be tailored to our needs/questions. Really surprised by how little I've been making use of the tools in Premiere Pro - really informative and surprised by how much I got out of one day's worth of training! Fab course!"

"Trainer was very knowledgeable and covered as many topics as possible within the time frame! "

"Excellent course, excellent venue, would love to come to more courses!"

"Vicki was an extremely methodical and engaging tutor. She was patient and thorough whilst kept me interested throughout the training."

"Vicki the trainer was very good"

"Great communication, excellent knowledge and fantastic venue"


"everything was great"

"Everything was beyond my expectations and i will be recommending you to my friends. Great course, great facility and good fun teacher! "

"Knowledgeable, patient trainer, attendant to needs"

"Matt was an enthusiastic and engaging teacher, I learnt a lot in a short space of time and he has convinced me to want to sign on to an intermediate class when I am ready. "

"friendly team and super knowledgeable trainer"

"Everything really well explained with lots of time to practice"

"very friendly and happy to help"

"Trainer was excellent and explained everything very clearly"

"Really helpful trainer and ideal sized class ensuring enough time for 1-to-1 interaction alongside group based teaching. A lot of information to take in over two days but as it was taught so well, didn't feel overwhelming."

"Very comprehensive on all the key basics of Photoshop."

"Training, organisation and facilities "

"Doing what you said you would in a really pleasant envronment. "

"Very knowledgeable trainer, good examples and recommended sites to use. Very good session. Thanks."

"Really knowledgeable and having private session let us tailor the content to really meet out needs."

"Great facilities. Great structure of course and very knowledgeable and approachable trainer."

"I really enjoyed how personalised the course was - I found it really helpful."

"The course itself was very useful - would definitely recommend "

"Great social spaces and facilities, lunch and snacks were good"

"Thorough explanations in all as aspects of the course! Great!"

"Focusing on what we really need to know, making it very practical, nice environment"

"course was amazing!"

"Great interaction with trainer and other trainees. Good advice and tips."

"All of it frankly! Informative and practical"

"Piers was very good at providing really helpful and useful tools. "

"trainer very helpful, appreciated the small classes"

"Very personable and friendly. Patsy gave me the confidence to believe in what i was producing and gave me some great tips on how to improve my headings. Great Course"

"Very good tutor and very good teaching method"

"Answering questions, keeping us engaged, great feedback and areas for improvement "

"simple explanation"

"Constructive feedback from the trainer"

"Explaining in a clear way"

"Really like the smaller training rooms, felt almost like one to one training. Paul the Illustrator trainer was excellent, friendly & very knowledgeable. Food that was provided was excellent."

"Lots of things: - Food and Drinks are spot on! -Chilling area was great for chatting. -All staff very friendly. I was nervous to come here but now I will be attending more courses! Excellent! Thank you!"

"to feel students comfortable and teach very useful things. i did the indesign course last week and both the courses were great."

"Very personable and a great location"

"Teaching was conducted at a good pace, everything was explained throughly. "

"Very good explanations"

"Very thorough course, trainer was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The 2 days were a great help "

"Really enjoyed the pace of the course. Was worried that I would be rubbish and wouldn't be able to keep up as a it is a subject that is a bit alien to me. However, I've come away feeling confident using HTML and wanting to explore CSS further. "

"The environment and space for the training was great - teaching was very good and we could ask any questions we wanted to about illustrator at the last part of the course which I found useful. "

"Ian was organised, thorough, repeated all the shortcuts over and over to drill it in, and was friendly and approachable if help was required."

"Everything. Ian was really helpful"

"Good at structuring each step logically, explaining history/progress and technical bits, explaining how different types of coding relate to one and other."

"Comfortable and inclusive environment."

"Great course outline with good practice"

"Great training atmosphere. Despite being condensed, was not rushed or information overload."

"Interesting content and materials were good"

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff"

"Great, well paced. Thank you"

"Learning all new aspects on excel which will help on a day to day basis at work"

"Engaging, enthusiastic and informative session! Thank you :) "

"Very engaging and will be incredibly useful information"

"Covering the basics, teaching me more advanced animation techniques"

"the exercises and the reference documents were very useful."

"informative course and teacher"

"Great session, learnt lots of new information. very interesting! good venue! "

"The delivery of the content was engaging and interesting. I also really appreciated the hospitality during the day and the lovely environment."

"Very knowledgeable within the subject area. Learnt a lot and will be taking away lots of things to do/look for! "

"Providing practical advice and helping with everyone specific questions. Made the subject easy to understand"

"The courses that I attended so far in Media Training are the best I ever attended"

"EVERYTHING! honestly the best training ever! "

"Pretty much everything. Food, space, course, and so on. "

"Good pace at going through how to do things. Good that asked what you specifically wanted to know about. and tailored it to you. "

"The pace was perfect, great examples, really enjoyable, thank you!"

"Welcoming and Knowledgeable "

"Really helpful course. 30 mins at the end to work individually was great"

"Everything, very cool course"

"Being clear and inclusive of everyone of all abilities."

"The training ran very smoothly and everyone was very friendly."

"Another fantastic course tailored to requirements . Thank you Vicki!"

"Tailoring the course to what we wanted to learn, got to work on a specific document that I wanted to improve and format. "

"brill course and a great refresher. good examples and nice environment. "

"Thanks for providing lunch and having such a clean training environment."

"A great course - thank you!"

"Ian was very knowledgeable and has a great friendly manner"

Delegate from: Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government on 11th March

"Brilliant teachers"

"Communication the location, essentially the whole day was a success. "

"Creating a pleasant learning environment."

"The course content was excellent, with a good pace and regular checks for understanding. Food was great and the time flew by, with well-placed breaks."

"The size of the group was perfect and the content of the course too."

"Trainer was really friendly and approachable and very patient at having to go over things more than once if someone didn't quite get something. Even though I know InDesign fairly well, I till learnt a lot shortcuts and extra tools that are going to help me massively! Overall I am incredibly impressed with this course! "

"Everything: Doug was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and has given me lots of relevant ideas to take back to work and get started."

"Small groups are good for effective lesson time. "

"Excellent trainer"

"Everything! The last 2 day have been throughly enjoyable. Thank you so so much! "

"The training was quite intense but I learned so much and would like to do more courses now - probably the best digital training course I've done. I think the small group size really helped. Also lunch was really, really nice. "

"Good at showing different options to do things, group discussions"

"Very patient and knew answers to everything"

"The examples shown covered a wide variety of applications of After Effects, meaning I feel like I'm able to go and learn more on my own very easily. Ivan was very patient, and good at finding answers to all of the obscure questions we have! Thank you! "

"Very good at looking after us and answering all questions!"

"informative and tailored content to requirements "

"Great course, great trainer, hospitality was excellent and group size made it easy to ask questions and interact. "

"It was really great to have all the example footage to hand and Rob was great at explaining how to do things in a simplified manner - it was also really helpful to hear about the capabilities that we can ignore. Thank you Rob! I learned loads and I feel excited about putting these new skills to practice!"

"Everything! Really great course - happy with each element."

"Everything. Felt very welcome and the training was excellent. Simo explained everything very thoroughly and kept all examples relevant and interesting. "

"Very informative and made me feel comfortable"

"New tips and tricks, approachable trainer, good at answering all questions. "

"The course was great, really interactive. Alice was very knowledgeable and could answers all our questions. We had a really engaged group (great group size too!) so lots of good discussion and sharing."

"Interacting and coming to meet us individually - making us all feel so welcomed"

"Coverage, adaptability to customer needs"

"Excellent course and location"

"Teaching, Answering questions and taking time to help out. "

"It was easy to follow and the class size is good as more one on one. "

"Great environment, nice staff and students."

"really enjoyed it!"


"Good fun, engaging, very relevant to my role"

"Relaxed, relevant and informative day"

"Excellent facilities, great trainer and brilliant content covered."

"Clear, simple and fun... "

"The whole experience! From booking, to being greeted, and the training session was fantastic. I have already informed my manager to send the rest of our staff here, and I will 100% be getting my manager to send me back here to complete the following modules with Sonal - she is outstanding!!! "

"Very personable trainer. Made you feel comfortable. Clearly very knowledgeable. Clear course structure with good balance of practical exercises and instruction. "

"Interested in the students, remembered our names. Very personal "

"A good course, covering what we needed"

"Going through things thoroughly. Friendy and approachable trainer"

Delegate from: Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government on 7th March

"Explaining. Very patient with questions"

"Tom was very knowledgeable, helpful and kept us entertained throughout."

"Great offices, great trainer, learned a lot, many thanks"

"Personable trainer with excellent knowledge. "

"Everything! Vicki is as knowledgable as ever and I learned so much. "

"smooth running and informative... nice environment... very friendly instructor"

"Explaining, answering questions, friendly, approachable"

"Explaining it if we didn't quite get it and went over things again"

"Catering to everyone in the room including all abilities. Noticing when someone was getting left behind or stuck. Making sure everyones questions got answered. Vicki was warm and knowledgable!"

"The team were all a pleasure to speak with and offered a number of options to make organising the session painless. Simon was a pleasure to spend the way with - he quickly gauged my level of competency and was able to tailor his examples, practice tasks and class structure accordingly: 10/10. "

"Explaining features and shortcuts and why each thing is important, real world examples etc. good thanks"

"Variety of techniques covered, adapting the course to group's needs. Food and drinks provided at breaks were very good"

"trainer was particularly helpful in providing examples that were relevant to my requirements at short notice "

"course was comprehensive and Sarah covered everything the group wanted to cover, great food too."

"Organised, great lunch and training."

"I thought the trainer was really good at responding to individual need. The training centre was bright and modern, the facilities were excellent. The group size meant that the course was very personalised and you didn't feel awkward in asking for further explanation."

"Organising the event and service quality of staff. "

"Nice range of examples. Really amazing space."

"Very friend environment with very knowledgeable tutors."

"Was a really enjoyable two days with Tom where I learnt loads. It was perfect for me as a beginner as Tom went slowly through the tasks and made sure nobody got left behind. He was super knowledgeable of the package and always happy to answer questions. I feel well equipped, and excited, to get going with After Affects on my own now! Thanks very much, Tom!"

"Trainee and staff are really nice and helpful. Environment is nice"

"Catering was great! Atmosphere and space was great! I will definitely be here for the next level of training! Tom was vey good at setting a solid foundation to my prior AE knowledge"

"Easy to understand instructions and went through everything at a good pace. Was taught After Effects at University but this was the first course that I have actually understood how the program works and didn't feel overwhelmed. Can't wait to animate my illustrations as soon as I can and get better at animating!"

"amazing environment, very knowledgeable teacher, welcoming place, amazing food!"


"Debbie was very patient - explained everything very clearly"

"Very friendly staff and trainers, fantastic location and services. Brilliant course and came away with loads of notes and ideas. Thank you."

"Really great enthusiasm and knowledge from Alice, really enjoyed her references and her knowledge of examples to hand when she was asked questions."

"Overall environment is excellent, great food and PCs/spaces felt like good learning spaces. Trainer was totally brilliant and had loads of insight, very clear she is an expert in the field."

"Really comprehensive overview, good examples, exercises"

"Lots of breaks, mix of exercises and presentations keeping the course interactive, amazing lunch and refreshments, great environment"

"Really enjoyed the interactive nature of the day"

"Covering the whole process from top to toe, a friendly and relaxed atmosphere"

"Extremely knowledgeable trainer and as I did a 1-2-1 course I was able to ask all the specific questions I needed. Varied training and good, memorable examples."

"patient, good pace"

"Taking time to attend to everyones needs"

"good pace and welldelivered"

"The lunch and refreshments were so good, really attentive and friendly staff. Nice atmosphere and good services Allergy info on lunch was so good"

"nice small classes meant i could ask questions when needed. lunch was really good and the facilities like the toilets etc. were very clean. "

"great examples and lots of practicing during the classes, very engaging class "

"The course was good. "

"Really friendly and made sure that I got the most out of the training by including things that we are currently doing at work and anything extra that I wanted to know."

"Creating a happy and open training environment, felt like a little work team - was a great course and will definitely come back to do more! The trainer was fantastic too, really knowledgable and made sure we all understood everything before moving onto the next topic (catering to requests and FAQs was fab!)"

"The structure of the course was absolutely excellent, and I can't remember going on a more informative training in the past. The overall feel of the place is pleasant, and I can't wait to do another training course in the future."

"Friendly and attentive"

"Good at being responsive to individual needs and questions. Friendly, personable"

"Trainer was very friendly and helped with queries on personal projects. I have already begun to use things that I learnt on the course, so it is already proving effective."

"Everything was on point"

"Clean, friendly environment, feels good value for money even though my company paid."

"Rob was excellent. We covered a lot of ground in the two days and he was extremely patient when you had questions or needed help. Really great course, thank you!"

"Good knowledge"

"Good overview. It was a little basic for me but I could have realised this better from the course description - so this is not a fault of the trainer or the course. "

"Overall a really positive experience: professional but relaxed."

"Very knowledgeable staff on subject context"

"All of it! Really impressed :-)"

"great environment and trainer - ll relevant and tailored "

"Enjoyed the whole course. Feel like I'm walking away as a Premier extraordinaire (Over exaggeration but enjoyed very much)!"

"The course facilities and overall organisation work really well."

"Equipment, diversity of knowledge about the subject was great"

"Very approachable trainer with lots of relevant examples and was a great introduction to some of the elements available in Photoshop."

"Trainer seemed to genuinely enjoy the programme and that cam across during the whole course. Really enjoyed it"

"Good group sizes, pitched at suitable ability"

"Refreshments and food. Great environment. Pace of learning seemed slow and not intensive with breaks etc but found this to be effective to learning - I guess I am just used to going 100 mph. Hope to come back soon!"

"everything! loved it!"

"Love the pace of the course and how in depth each bit of the course was. "

"Providing an easy and welcoming learning environment."

"The days were nicely organised and easy to follow."

"great organisation of the course, friendy staff, cleanliness of the place, plus delicious food"

"Great environment for training, really well set up and focused towards learning which was great."

"Clear, polite and patient communication. The trainer was engaging and very helpful with any questions I had and covered everything I had been hoping to learn."

"location, variety of topics, comprehensive training - covered everything we asked for, plus more "

"Very well led course, lots of breaks which was needed when spending so much time in front of the screen. Learnt a lot. Thank you!"

"Love these courses. Have recommended to friends."

"I really enjoyed the course, and the atmosphere. Great creative hub type of environment."

"Giving real word examples, a good mixture of theory and hands on experience and a nice environment. Great 2 days!"

"Frequent breaks throughout the day, brilliant refreshments"

"Very knowledgeable teacher, really friendly. "

"Lots of topics covered and generally feel a lot more confident. Trainer was really knowledgeable and the center was well equipped and well located."

"trainer and staff very helpful , premises very helpful."

"Really enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable trainer who was happy to answer loads of questions and help with real-world examples. "

"The coach was patient, and understanding with good knowledge. "

"giving such a broad width of information within such a small window of two days. Really enjoyed it. Thanks"

"Great atmosphere."

"Nice place to learn and good equipment set up how we wanted. "

"Trendy decor. Friendly staff. Good food "