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We've worked very hard over the last 20 years to grow our business through personal recommendations.

When you attend a course we ask you to tell us how it went. We use your feedback to help us improve our courses.

We publish all our customer satisfaction stats live on our site (good or bad) because we want everyone to know just how highly you rate us every day, every week and every year.

We know that choosing the best course can be difficult, maybe the thoughts of the 12745 other clients we've trained since December 2015 will give you the inspiration to join us too.

Our most recent feedback is shown below. If you like what they are saying, why not give us chance to change the way you think about training courses too?

  Average Client Ratings

Attendees surveyed12745
  Trainer Knowledge9.8 / 10
  Trainer Materials9.6 / 10
  Trainer Preparation9.8 / 10
  Overall Trainer Score9.7 / 10
  Centre Lunch9.6 / 10
  Centre Staff9.9 / 10
  Overall Centre Score9.7 / 10
  Overall Experience9.6 / 10
  % Who Would Recommend Us99.7%

"V friendly trainer - made it all easy to understand"

"Real practical examples and hands on practice."

"Making video editing and filming more understand and less intimidating"

"Providing Q and A throughout the day and well structured"


"Simon was so knowledgeable and was brilliant at answering all of our questions. It was great to be able to use live examples of our work and really delve into everything."

"Course gave me a really good starting point and overall understanding of SEO and everything that entails"

"gave really good examples, put things in context and in a way that is easy to understand (especially for such a complex subject)"

"Training was excellent"

Delegate from: Palace Gate on 15th November

"We were well looked after and made to feel welcome."

"Great instructor, helpful and easy to understand. Examples where very useful to understand how and why elements of the programme work. I was apprehensive before coming to the course but i thoroughly enjoyed myself whilst being here and i have learnt alot of new skills. "

"Vicki was very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. The course moved at the right speed, so we had enough time to focus on each section but did not spend too long on anything (so we didn't lose focus.)"

"Absolutely solid and up to date knowledge of the programme and it's intricacies and complexities"

"organisation, content, approachable staff, food"

"Environment is great. Equipment and software was good."

"Creating such a relaxed atmosphere. Everybody was so friendly and chilled which created an awesome vibe where learning was then made so easy. The food and refreshments were amazing and everybody was so friendly. Can't wait to come back for another course... it was worth the three hour car journey! Thank you! :) "

"The atmosphere is very presentable and makes you feel creative. Very professional place to do a quick and useful course! Will definitely suggest to friends."

"A pleasant environment makes all the difference so full marks from me"

"Matt was very flexible in his training methods which helped to address individual requirements but he also managed to include all others in these areas. Great training as always and I learnt a lot from it"

"The trainer was awesome, the facilities/environment were lovely and the food was tasty."

"Great instructor. At the start of the day Vicki asked me what I wanted to learn from the course, and she made sure I didn't leave until I'd been taught it."

"Course was organised well in the right amount of time for the content. Very nice learning environment. "

"Food was great, helathy and fresh, not too much junk food. "

"Another highly engaging, energetic and enjoyable course. Pretty sure it's the best I've been on"

"good environment, knowledgable trainer"

"Being really specific, knowledgeable and helpful"

"Friendly and knowledgable trainers"

"Very good hospitality"

"Trainer was very knowledgeable, very useful tips and links. "

"Simon was super generous with time and expertise!"

"Great knowledge "

"Well paced, good location and start time (most courses start at 9 which makes child drop off and train times impossible!) Food very good. Trainer approachable and friendly"

"I enjoyed the pace, the hands-on approach and will look to do the advanced course once I have more practical experience."

"The course was well structured with just about the right amount of time devoted to each topic."

"All good!"

"Excellent course, Simo is a great teacher, very clear, concise explanations of all the features, and relevant examples, very helpful and spent time with us 1 on 1. really enjoyed this course, thank you."

"Explaining everything methodically - meaning it was easy to follow"

"The group wasn't too big so it was easy to get 1-1 time with the instructor when necessary. The instructor was very approachable and happy to repeat steps if anything was missed. The instructor also made sure to check on everyone individually after a new step was taught, ensuring that everyone was on the same page and understood everything. Everything that was taught was relevant. Very effective course!"

"Everything. Great course structure, good interaction and exercises. Very thorough and calm instructor, willing to answer and help with all questions from delegates. Thanks very much!!"

"great training session"

"Tom is a great instructor very knowledgeable and great with adapting formulas to our day to day work to improve."

"Donna was amazing, patient, reassuring and a good teacher."

"Entertaining and engaging. Donna included examples from her own life and experience that were helpful. Very knowledgeable. Real confidence boost for someone who has no knowledge or experience of minute taking. "

"Donna was fantastic! She was incredibly knowledgeable and explained things in a way that related to everyone, not only within a work environment but within every day lives. She made me feel much better about my minute taking and made me realise that I am actually doing a good job. "

"Pace and step be step approach, not rushed and made to feel nice and simple."

"very friendly and well paced course. flexible with our requirements. "

"Trainer excellent"

"Amazing collaborative approach from Simon. Didn't waste time on things we didn't need to know, and certainly wasn't boring. Great time! Thanks for everything and hope to see you again."

"Engaging, lots of examples, the course was very flexible to our needs and requirements, answered all our questions, knowledgable"

"Nice area, knowledgable trainer, "

"Friendly atmosphere "

"Great presenter"

"Research of our website was impressive. Examples were superb!"

"Vicki was fantastic, so knowledgable and enthusiastic. Her examples were perfect and helped with every query. The staff in general are always helpful and I'm sad that this is my last session. Thanks so much everyone - you're brilliant!"

"The course was tailored to us which was great. "

"I liked the fact that there were only 2 of us & it was a private course so we could really delve into each of our accounts "

"Really engaging and fun trainer, lots of extra hints and tips"

"probably the most useful and informative course I've done in the civil service. SO MANY useful tips."

"Wolf was an amazing trainer, I would highly recommend to anyone - I will be coming back in the future for sure! "

"Great knowledge. "

"Great trainer, the course was well structured and covered a vast (and quite daunting) amount of content in a relatively short about of time. Brilliant venue and staff. Great food as well!"

"Great instructor with inspiring examples that made me understand the basics of the software. I feel confident to give this a go now and use the skills at work, and the course has made me feel inspired to try out different things."

"very informative and knowledgable trainer."

"Everything! I have been here before and find the training courses very very good."

"Covered a lot of content "

"Clear examples, good structure to the days, enough time for breaks and questions, good sized group - not too large. Great building and trainer."

"Thorough, interesting, practical, great food, great staff, great qualification! Can't wait to come back for After Effects...!"

"Teaching was really good, location good, interesting and lovely building."

"Well paced course. Lots of good tips"

"Ian's knowledge of the tool was fab and really indepth. He also answered random questions we had which was fab. I feel I am going away with vital skills that will really help me improve in my job."

"Overall a content rich course that was really helpful. I would recommend but it's a more advanced than Beginners I'd say. Going through something just once isn't enough for me. But I think that's my weakness not Ian's training style. Everyone else seemed to be keeping up brilliantly! "

"Great structure and interactive parts with the delegates"

"Good info sent beforehand about the course including the map and also with the schedule for the day being on the table, I liked that we had tables for our course groups too and a constant flow of refreshments"

"Lovely food, comfortable environment, lovely and very helpful instructor!"

"Great communication of what will be provided in the course before hand, details on how to reach the office, great customer service of the staff working here. Lynnne was extremely lovely and had so much knowledge of the product. She took her time to explain everything to me and repeated anything that I had questioned. She was professional and friendly. I really enjoyed training with Lynne and would definitely recommend training to anyone I know. Thanks Lynne!"

"Good, relevant examples, Trainer extremely knowledgeable and very friendly staff - enjoyed the day! "

"Explaining everything in detail and answering questions throughout. "

"COntent knowledge, trainers and all staff are very friendly"

"Trainer was exceptionally good - this is most important to ME"

"Tom was great, interactive and knowledgable - a great training day"

"Knowledgeable and engaging instructor, enjoyable course overall."

"Great layout to the day. The structure, breaks and interaction kept me enthusiastic all day. Tom was fantastic, he provided so many helpful tips as we went through the material. "

"In depth training and patient"

"The learning environment was very relaxed, which is the perfect way to learn a topic which was initially unfamiliar."

"Very Knowledgable and helpful trainer, with a great variety of examples to work from and understand what was being taught. Other staff around the centre were also helpful. Great Lunch and Snacks available throughout the day. "

"Food. Happy Smiles."

"Practical side was fun and engaging"

"Good space and facilities"

"Very knowledgeable tutor with good examples! "

"Showing good examples of good and bad design"

"understanding neeeds. Making the topic and solutions digestible and relevant. enjoyable and valuable! would definitely recommend. "

"Clear and helpful"


"Expert knowledge"

"The instruction was good ."

"Everything was good "

"Trainer has a great approach to teaching. Enjoyed the freedom to try examples."

"Structured lesson plan. Nice constructive tasks and feedback. Very open approach to the session."

"Very knowledgeable and insightful "

"Clear, concise delivery. Clearly a very knowledgeable teacher"

"Everything! The course was incredibly insightful and I learnt a lot of new skills I can take into my every day work."

"Patient, knowledge, and course adjusted to be more relevant to those attending. Very attentive and personal instruction"

"Instructor was very insightful and knowledgable about keynote. This course will definitely help me in a personal and professional capacity - would highly recommend! "

"Everything! Sarah was tremendous, insightful, knowledgeable, patient and more than capable of answering any and all questions we had. Very, VERY impressive! "

"Everything! Explaining things in details, fixing all of our technical lighting and camera settings issues. Brilliant."

"flexible and considerate. trainer was very good at keeping pace with the class and making sure we were kept busy but had retained the lesson."

"Great at the refreshments and the amount of breaks we get during the day. Also the class sizes are perfect. "

"super friendly"

"Course very interesting, enviorment really cozy. "

"very good teacher "

"Excellent training course, trainer very knowledgable, upbeat and enthusiastic. Good number of breaks."

"Great facilities, good trainer - well paced training. Thanks."

"very good delivery, pleasant environment and plenty of examples from Tom"

"Start to finish everything was perfect."

"Very friendly trainer as well as the atmosphere. Food was great as always, super cool training venue!"

"The location is very good. Training room and course structure very well prepared. Really appreciate the fact that we could save the content to use in the future. Thank you!!"

"Great examples, plenty of time for questions at the end"

"Everything - thank you! "

"Using working examples. Always checking how relevant the training is to us/asking us for examples applicable and appropriate to us."

"Vicki has a great way to teaching, highly recommend! :)"

"Training was well tailored to my needs"

"Rob was a great tutor, would recommended this course to others. Thanks"

"The trainer was incredibly knowledgable, was great at explaining things, and personable. The food was great and lots of coffee always helps. Lovely light and bright space to work in. Thanks for a great couple of days! I learnt more in the first day than I thought I would in the whole course. "

"Rob was terrific, the course was digestible and easy to follow. The content was helpful and I felt inspired. "

"Trainer was very knowledgeable and happy to go outside of the course guidelines when needed for more advanced stuff. Definitely worth it."

"very patient"

"I had a great experience across the board, really happy and would recommend"

"Course very good nice how dynamic it was concerning content"

"Good at going through content that wasn't on the course outline. Everyone was really helpful and friendly. "

"The team were welcoming when i arrived. The facilities were clean and very stylish. My trainer was approachable and very helpful, even with questions not specifically covered by the course. The lunch menu was great (i am a veggie). I learnt a lot from the course and I am looking forward to takingg the new info back to my department."

"Thank you, I enjoyed every minute!"

"knowledge of the programs, will definitely keep coming back to learn more. "

"brilliant teacher, very patient and nice relaxed environment to learn in love the space ant the lunch was very nice too "

"Vicki was great and supportive."

"Making attendees feel welcome and comfortable with plenty of refreshments and interesting and informative training sessions"

"Very helpful in responding to queries and providing guidance."

"Course was very good, it has made me think about ways to use it for my job"

"All good. Many thanks."

"Warm and friendly environment. My trainer Adam provided me all the knowledge of Vectorworks based on my needs and was really happy to answer to my questions. Thank you for this experience!"

"Great at the theory for creating an infographic."

"Lisa was amazing, really helpful, patient, friendly, and polite! Would love to have her teach me again!"

"Great Trainer! Lisa was very engaging and very knowledgeable and helpful "

"Explaining information in a clear and precise manner."

"Lunch, biscuit selection, laid backness, friendliness."

"Matt was an excellent and enthusiastic tutor. "

"I loved every minute. Matts is a great teacher! thank you"

"Lovely friendly staff"

"very good facilities, course, staff, lunch."

"Didn't know what to expect, but it's been great coming in and meeting candidates and the facilitator. Lot's to take back and implement! "

"Matt was enthusiastic, energetic and really personable, very enjoyable class and a great teacher! "

"Knowledgable. Friendly. Small class sizes. Catering was unexpected plus. All the staff were friendly. Couldn't ask for more. "

"Trainer based training on what you would do in the real world which was great"

"Logistics, layout of classrooms, small class size which made it easy to ask questions, knowledgeable instructor, good directions for getting here, useful course offerings, lunch and refreshments, keeping the place tidy. "

"Overall standard of teaching and helpfulness of staff "

"Friendly and very helpful staff good time keeping to the day."

"Kate (trainer) was a very nice and patient. She came to help the students individually with all enquiries. She gave me more tips when I finished exercises early. Very nice training center environment overall. Would recommend!"

"Training centre was great and very well run"

"well organised, good facilities, good teacher, friendly support staff"

"training was excellent"

"The overall environment was friendly and I found the training class size very helpful so that I could ask questions whenever needed. Rebecca was very friendly and knowledgable. All round a good couple of days. Thank you!"

"Really enjoyed the course"

"Nice place, people, greeting, trainer, food. Really happy."

"Really nice and calm manner - great atmosphere"

"Explaining the theory, applying the theory, supplying the equipment and explaining each the shots. "

"Excellent course, excellent teacher. Very informative and practical."

"Apart of the above, everything great. Food very tasty, lovely venue and friendly people. Would definitely recommend it to anyone!"

"The place is very welcoming, the staff is incredibly nice and the trainers are always professionals who work in the relevant field and have excellent teaching skills"

"Great pre-course online admin and registration. Working V patiently with ABB's accounts department (thanks again Cassie!). Break area is pleasant, airy, relaxed. Morning snack and lunch were great. Tasty and plenty of variety. Most importantly... one of the best IT trainers I've ever come across. Knowledgeable, engaging, energetic, passionate - but none of that was ever too much. Simon offered an incredible balance of enthusiasm without being to zany or in your face. Listens to questions well and always comes back to points he promised to come back to. Really, 11 out of 10."

"Nice to have small class size, good environment, appreciated having laptop to work at"

"Trainer was good in showing how a general example could be very applicable to own use."


"Very useful course and I like that we can contact you for the next 6 months if we have any questions after the course."

"Excellent trainer, equipment, facilities and food and beverages."

"Good treatment, high level of knowledge in the course. Environment really nice, food amazing, cosy classes. "

"Good teacher, good examples, willing to teach"

"I loved the intro to journalism course. My instructor was very knowledgeable and took the time to make sure both of understood what was going on and what we were doing. I feel like I have learned so much in the past two days and it will really benefit me."

"Facilities are nice and the trainer was very helpful. "

"Peter was really good at explaining the basics and made everything seem very simple. I left each day feeling like I had learned and understood some really helpful tools. Very patient and clear."

"Great learning environment - very well organised, welcoming. Good course content, good trainer. "

"Really informative and the course went at a good pace - tailored for each person. I have learnt loads!"

"Good trainer and well organised"

"Lisa was very informative, i enjoyed the session and she was lovely. "

"Amazing tutor! Great at explaining all the points I needed help with and really friendly but still professional. Wold defiantly recommend! "

"Joining instructions were detailed and comprehensive. All the staff including our lovely trainer Kate, were friendly and accessible. Good location and great facilities. I learnt a great deal more than I thought I would. Thank you very much."

"Lovely people, great office, great refreshments, great tech"

"Engaging good content, good feedback"

"Our teacher was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyable"

"The organisation and guidance across the two days couldn't be faulted. Engaging lessons with interesting topics."

"Very friendly. Excellent trainer, really beneficial - learned so much. SImo is very approachable and helpful. Would defo recommend to anyone that wants to do a Photoshop course. Will come back for another course such as InDesign. "

"Very knowledgeable and friendly trainer who went at a pace which allowed us to all keep up. I feel that I have learnt a lot and will go back to work knowing how to confidently use Photoshop. "

"I learned a huge amount on this course, and I'm really excited to start to apply my learnings in my day job. Simo is an excellent trainer - patient, engaging, good-natured and enthusiastic. Thanks again!"

"Training and trainer fantastic, good food and welcoming atmosphere. The small course size especially helped make the material more accessible and able to ask questions, go over things and have individual needs met."

"I really enjoyed the course, found it very informative and made me feel much better going back to work to apply what I learnt. The food was amazing, great location, friendly stuff, and clean warm environment."

"Thorough explanation of features, explained why everything was done very well and clearly."

"Very patient, approachable and friendly."

"Excellent course, great location and set up, great lunch and cleanliness of facilities. Thank you "

"Really good at explaining so whole group understood"

"The trainer was very helpful and patient, really thought about our questions and explained the answers in a way we would understand. "

"Fantastic and informative. Very interesting and fun "

"Explained everything so simply and was very easy to follow"

"Excellent examples to share"

"Food was excellent and nice environment"

"Friendly atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable trainer"

"The size of the class is great, great for discussions and debates. The environment (building + staff were super friendly). Piers was very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the issue!"

"Good balance of trainer explaining, discussion with the group, and independent exercises."

"Machine setup was good, and no system issues"

"I liked the way we were taught how to do something and then set a task to do on our own to reconsolidate our knowledge."

"A very well-run and efficent day. Kate was clearly a pro."

"Great trainer / environment "

"organised, prompt timings. Like being able to take the resources away"

"Lunch! Staff are always lovely. Pasty is fascinating, could listen to her all day every day."

"Great teacher, tasty lunch, good location. "

"Great teacher and great explanations. "

"Great trainer, very friendly and adapted to our needs really well. Also super patient with all our questions. Thanks Simon!"

"Clear course outline, covered a wide range of useful tools, very productive and learnt a lot in these 2 days. Feel confident using the programme. Thank you! "

"Efficient service, well run, excellent food and drinks!"

"Good pace, well organised, great examples. Very pleased! Learnt loads "

"Felt as if I had value for money on the first morning, easily worth the cost. Very inspiring presentation and an easy learning enviroment. "

"Rob was good and showing examples of why things should be done a certain way. He was very good at explaining and was patient when we had questions, he also gave us time to write notes and waiting patiently until we were all done before continuing. Good to get breaks as staring at a screen for hours can be tiring. "

"experienced and friendly "

"Thoroughly going through each aspect in detail. Trainer waited to make sure we all understood each aspect. "

"Everything, very hepfull"

"Tom was very patient and methodical, so it was easy to understand and follow along. I feel like I learnt a lot. "

"small classes made it easier to learn "

"Hospitality was great"

"The friendliness of staff and an environment that wasn’t intimidating. Nothing seemed too much trouble. The number of trainees was just right (5) and Tom’s approach was spot on. Thank you very much Media Training and Tom."

" Teachers are amazing, very knowledgeable and keen to share info with us. Great. "

"It was better than expected. I expected to come along and learn but the programme content was so much more engaging. I like how the day started with a 'charter' of how things were going to work so I immediately felt it was a safe place to talk about my role. In turn this meant the content was made more relevant to me and I got more out of it. I look forward to putting everything into practice!"

Delegate from: Liz Male Consulting on 26th October

"Being interactive and engaging, giving real-life examples, relating to our experiences, providing effective solutions to difficult situations, having the right balance between delivering new knowledge but also communicating how it can be actively used in the work space."

"Making sure that everyone was following, and explaining and demonstrating clearly."

"Very knowledgeable, had answers for every question and if not, the ability to work it out quickly"

"Everything was great! :-)"

"Very knowledgeable and supportive; helped us through relevant examples"

"Friendly, Knowledgeable and the course was very interactive"

"environment, fun easy learning, great instructor, lunch was great"

"It's been a really interesting course, everything was clear enough"

"Clear explanations and useful examples. Very relevant and useful to our day to day work The teacher was very knowledgeable and answered any related questions we had. The food was also lovely!"

"Really friendly and knowledgeable trainer. A very informative day!"

"Everything - really great course. Thank you"

"Great quality of instruction and administration of the course."

"Teachers were very helpful and good atmosphere"

"Very good at explaining things and very patient."

"Great training by Rob, really easy to follow, kept a good pace but most of all great fun, time just passed way too quickly. Food and drinks at lunch and breaks was really good quality with a good selection that was always topped up"

"Great food, friendly staff, always a great visit!!"

"Great mix of practical and demonstration, very thorough in terms of looking through each platform, very interactive and felt at ease with the trainer, nice to eat lunch with her too!"

"Good number of people in the group. Nice location."

"very friendly and comfortable environment. trainer very helpful & knowledgeable nice small group "

"Good training environment. "

"the course was well presented"

"Very productive, interesting and entertaining"

"Service was great all around. Amazing. "

"Organised and good timings, answered all topics "

"Creating a friendly and knowledgeable environment. Small classes help for learning as well "

"Lovely clean enviroment, fantastic staff, loved the course. Thank you."

"The whole course was great, very helpful, I was able to brush up on some things I already knew as well as learn so much more!"

"Kate's teaching style was easy to follow and I understood everything she explained informatively. "

"Everything! Kate is extremely professional, knowledgeable as well as friendly and approachable. She went through everything at a good pace and answered everything as we went along, so if someone was stuck we could ask a question and go back a step and do it again. Kate came to help us all if we were stuck. The class sizes are perfect, and it's great to meet new people. The food and snacks provided were fantastic and catered for a wide range of tastes. I'd love to come back and do an intermediate course or even a Photoshop course once I've practiced a bit more. Overall the environment was extremely welcoming, clean, tidy, the staff were friendly. It was easy to find (the map was very useful!) and it's good the course didn't finish too late so I could get back to Essex within a good travelling time. Thank you!"

"Very nice and friendly teacher, good facilities, good resources to take home "

"Good resources"

"Great environment, tutor very friendly, approachable and enthusiastic"

"Making techie stuff very easy to understand. Nice venue and very easy to follow trainer."

"I really enjoyed the whole day - the examples were really good and Jason made the day fun and interesting. Thank you Jason "

"Fiendly staff"

"The trainer was really good and knowledgeable fully recommended. "

"The course was brilliant. Really informative, accessible and clear. Would highly recommend! "

"Course was excellent and very helpful and knowledgeable trainer"

"cool vibe and great environment"

"Rob explains things really well and is very patient. He has a great beard. Really good training environment - thanks!"

"the whole course was perfect"

"It was well described and exactly what i wanted to know"

"Everything - really good course. Thanks!"

"today was great"

"Great day, lots of information to take in and go back and put into practice! Knowledgeable trainer and would definitely return/recommend to a friend."

"making us feel welcome :) "

"Trainer was very knowledgable Lots of information Practical "

"Friendly and knowledgable trainer, excellent facilities :) "

"I was impressed that it wasn't as basic as I thought it was and I did learn a lot. "

"very knowledgeable, great atmosphere, liked the small group sizes, easy to ask questions "

"Incredibly knowledgable, patient and always had an answer to all questions"

"Explaining and going through in detail what the programme can do as well as how it is suited for what i need and showing how it works. Thanks Wolf"

"Really enjoyed the environment, very relaxed and comfortable. Only 4 of us which made the course very personal, great facilities and great trainer!!!"

"instructor clearly knew the program well, and delivered it in a clear and interesting way, taking into account what might be of particular interest good group size - only three of us - and friendly environment to ask questions etc. great venue and food opened my eyes to lots of useful features of InDesign, which I may not otherwise have ever found"

"Friendly and efficient"

"The small groups make it perfect for an intensive course."

"Very knowledgeable and likeable instructor. "

"Great environment "

"James was very knowledgeable, course ran at a great pace and a great environment to work in ;)"

"Excellent location, hands-on interactive exercises and tons of skills and techniques to action straight away. "

"Excellent atmosphere to learn in. Well organised breaks and lunches."

"Trainer was excellent, set up with screens works well. Great introduction all round"

"Training course excellent"

"Friendly, welcoming, knowledgeable - and also having like-minded people congregating in one communal space. It was good to speak to others even if they were here for different sessions"

"I thought Rob was excellent. I would highly recommend his services! He has made the course accessible, fun and easy to learn. I look forward to coming back to Media Training for more courses!"

"I loved this weekend and hope to be back soon for more training!"

"I loved that examples were shown for each of our questions- even if they weren't relevant. "

"really easy to follow, went at a good pace, covers loads across the 2 days but didn't feel rushed - felt a good pace. really friendly staff, approachable, allowed for lots of questions"

"Everything - really impressed! Thank you"

"Great atmosphere, hospitality, staff and knowledgeable and patient trainer."

" Overall very good"

"Very comprehensive guide of everything you need, very useful starter"

"good teacher, very knowledgable and experience. Great examples in the course. "

"very patient tutor, great place and delicious lunch, everybody is super friendly:)"

"clean creative environment "

"It was great, loved the food, loved the training and enjoyed the environment."

"everything was great, great introduction!"

"Great tutor, happy to answer questions, went at a great pace for everyone, very friendly, calm. Learnt a lot. Really helpful."

"Jason was incredibly knowledgeable, very patient and amusing. Once upto scratch I would very much like to attend his advanced course. "

"Course very well structured and yet flexible"

"Really happy with the relevance of the course and examples given that were useful to a diverse group"

"Donna was amazing, so knowledgeable and friendly and completely tailored the course to our specific needs. I feel excited to give presentations!"

"It was a really tailored and personalised training, with lots of great feedback. It was good to be a small group too!"

"Good tips and tricks, the explanation from the trainer was really clear"

"Structured class and good pace for the course, trainer was friendly and approachable"

"Very friendly"

"Good teaching style and very friendly"


"Great general facilities, teachers & food."

"Went back over most important skills to cement them"

"Very informative training session. Vicki explained every step clearly and patiently helped everyone out when steps went wrong."

"Really good at giving us content to work with and letting us have a go ourselves. Always on hand to help when we got stuck and offer advice on our work. Also the Q&A session at the end was helpful as it covered anything else we had missed in the training. "

"Excellent knowledge, supportive of questions and issues, well paced, friendly approach, lots of helpful shortcuts"

"Lots of information and good practical learning exercises"

"It was a very useful training session and very relevant to our job roles. "

"Food is great, Piers is a great teacher and the facilities are good"

"Answering lots of different and varied questions on the spot!"

"Pace of training was excellent. Consideration of questions from participants was good. Content was clear and interesting."

"Environment, knowledge and patience of the teacher. "

"personal advice/help, and amazing facilities"

"Great food, Piers was very knowledgeable, I learnt a lot I can immediately put into practice"


"Inspiring me into excel - I'm excited to start putting data together and building some graphs! "

"It was a very enjoyable experience with a very knowledgeable trainer. "

"Great examples of good design"

"Friendly trainer"

"Great explanation, really good training day"

"Very friendly trainer"

"Lots of resources! "

"Friendly environment and effective use of time in courses."

"Matt had loads of patience, I felt really comfortable asking lots of questions even though I felt my knowledge was more basic than that of the other people attending the course. "

"Very knowledgeable and high level classes"

"FOOD! Friendly staff. Loved how the teacher related new skills to our actual work so we could see how we could apply it"

"Facilities and trainers were really great, lunch was good and it was nice to have so many snacks!"

"Very insightful, never to quick and easy to follow"

"organization, the teacher was proffessional, good approach, nice atmosphere, small group"

"Really friendly and knowledgable tutor, very helpful with all elements of the course. Went at a really good pace to suit the group. The overall environment and catering etc is excellent."

"Providing an effective learning experience as well as a fantastic environment. Worth every penny and would definitely recommend."

"Iwan was a great tutor, very thorough, patient & helpful. The pace was good to follow, and really enjoyed creating our own web pages. A plus was to learn CSS at the end. Thank you Iwan! Overall, I've really enjoyed the experience at Media Centre. And looking forward to returning to After Effects in December. "

"Great pace and examples"

"Stayed at a good pace. Clearly explained all the different tools."

"Pretty much everything. A great two days. "

"Bringing a very friendly and professional environment to learn tech skills. Well done!"

"Covering a broad spectrum of complex materials in an immersive three-day period"

"Great practical tips and guides"

"Communication, facilities, technology, food, atmosphere"

"Being super friendly! Very nice snack selection! Lovely environment to learn in. "

"Staff were extremely friendly, hospitable, and greeted me with a smile each morning - excellent facilities also. Trainer was great, very knowledgeable and ensured to tailor the course to suit my needs - highly recommended. "

"10's all round!"

"Another excellent course"

"Supportive and encouraging enviroment"

"Knowledge of writing techniques and explanation of examples"

"Love the small and intimate sessions you provide here, really gives you a one on one experience and leads to more confidence. "

"Trainer, quality, deserves a pay rise ;)"

"Communicating complex ideas. Breaking it down into bitesize chunks and creating a tangible plan to take home. The centre was also very warm, and welcoming and very well organised. "

Delegate from: Gnu Films on 15th October

"Very clear instruction and easy to take on board."

"Really good ration of group work and one-to-one. I felt we were given enough time to complete the tasks. Approachable and knowledgeable course leader, I would recommend to a friend. "

"Very good at explaining the structures of web writing, and the importance of who your audience is."

"The delivery and practical examples we had to work on was great. It really got us thinking of the changes that we could make to our website. In essence, it made the course relevant. "

"Very personal, very specific"

"Very knowledgeable and was able to answer our questions easily. "

"Extremely friendly and knowledgable"

"Very accessible content and good teacher"

Delegate from: London Egg Bank on 15th October

"The trainer was brilliant at explaining things in an understandable way. Leaving with a lot more knowledge of Illustrator and I'm excited to use it more in the future. The atmosphere and food was great."

"Very informative and all questions answered."

"All aspects very enjoyable and informative"

"everything! very helpful!"

"friendly and approachable when have any questions."

"I felt very welcome"

"Great instruction, good location, good pace. "

"Good environment and small groups"

"Great knowledge of the software. Good hospitality."

"Very happy with the course and looking forward to exploring it more my myself. Relaxed and welcoming trainer and environment. Would definitely recommend!"

"For an introduction to InDesign this was invaluable. It was lovely that refreshments and lunch were included and the class size is small meaning you can get better quality training and advice. It is also a lovely building/workspace and would definitely come back for more training if required. "

"It was really useful to have time to practice on examples rather than just listen on how to do it. "

"Very approachable and always encouraged questions"

"Very friendly, delicious food and variety, relaxed atmosphere great for training!"

"We went through a lot of content in 2 days but everything was easy to understand and follow - not too overwhelming which was really helpful"

"Passing the information, giving examples. I really liked the atmosphere, it was very relaxed and the trainer was friendly."

"very friendly, nice atmosphere."

"really nice and calm space for a training. "


"Clear and concise explanation. Good to cover bespoke needs for our business. "

"Good teacher, well prepared"

"overall the course was very good"

"I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. the instructor was very helpful."

"Tom was a great trainer, was very accommodating in personalizing the training with our day to day work. Which was very useful."

"It was great that the Simo was able to come on site and see real life examples of the difficulties I was having, and having the tuition one on one was very beneficial as I could stop at any point and ask a question for better clarification. I feel like if i was in a classroom environment I would feel the pressure of having to keep up with the others. A very enjoyable course and Simo made Photoshop very accessable to me "

"Organised course and friendly trainer."

"teaching lots in short time!"

"The place was really friendly, the teacher was very helpful and ready for questions"

"Explaining everything in a simple and understandable manner - everything was really relevant and made sense to our topic"

"Pace of day responsive to different levels and needs of audience, very good at making the technical practical"

"The training was very logical and the flow was nice, the examples were good"

"The instructor, Simon, was great. Knowledgable and explained things simply so that even without much background knowledge, it was easy to digest."

"Trainer was excellent, extremely friendly and very approachable "

"Very engaging content"

"Being very helpful and having very good knowledge of the programme and it explaining it to the class"

"The food was great, friendly atmosphere with the joint tables outside. The use of macs and small having small classes. Rob was great, kept me engaged and kept the class moving at a good speed. "

"Well organised"

"friendly, well fed, feel i learnt a lot "

"Really enthusiastic, helpful, always went back and repeated something if I had missed it! Very friendly and approachable. "

"A day full of information, Ana was fantastic and she obviously is very knowledgeable. I feel that I know much more about UX now, with skills that I can implement in my work. "

"I'm happy with the course. Staff always very pleasant. Good location and nice food too."

"great 1 to 1 help using live examples from our working lives"

"Excellent course, good practice exercises, covered relevant functionalities, definitely recommend it."

"everything - learned lots and had a great day!"

"We spent plenty of time going over things, and the class was small enough that we could ask for help where needed. Thanks so much!"

"The trainer was excellent, really knowledgeable about the subject and very patient when I was struggling to understand some of the concepts. I have left confident that I could use Wordpress as I need to. An Excellent course."

"welcoming, nice food, very informative. "

"Lisa - the trainer was very good at amkling sure everything we were doing in the course was relevant to the job we all currently do. Made sure that if we had any queries, she went through them. Gave us various options when doing things so that there would be a least one way we would remember."

"Everything! The course was great. Lisa was super helpful and friendly - I would definitely recommend this course. "

"Very informative and friendly and approachable. Feel like I have learnt a lot. "

"Great training"

"Really great atmosphere and teaching style. It worked well to have breaks in between sessions to fully focus during the course."

"Materials and venue is great "

"Open to look through more specific examples."

"Everything was well organised and everyone was there to help. The day went without a hitch. "

"Good at helping with ideas formulation, and making pupils feel valued. "

"Very welcoming and friendly! "

"Really good insights and great set up"

"Really relaxed environment. Encouraged to ask any questions."

"Comfortable learning environment, knowledgable approachable trainer"

"Great location, nice venue, good food! Trainer and course content was good, answered lots of questions we had. Really good it was a small group, friendly and a good number to work with."

"Lunch, staff, venue, location to tube, instructor :-)"

"Everything - this was the best industry training which I have attended "

"Very organised, very nice space, right amount of work and breaks. Clear and straightforward"

"easy to find, nice environment and great facilities"

"Lots of great examples to work with and a chance to have hands on experience proof reading alongside Helen. "

"Food was fantastic."

"your whole customer service experience was brilliant"

"all staff were friendly and approachable. great lunch and breaks."

"Very friendly, informal environment to work in. Kate, our trainer was very knowledgeable and adapted well to all our questions throughout the day. I felt like it went at the right speed and it was an extremely useful day out of the office! Food was also fantastic and liked that there were two breaks in the day, it was a lot to learn so nice to have some time away from the screen. Thanks very much!"

"- Great food - Friendly staff - Knowledgeable about the programme!"

"Lunch was good Trainer was approachable and flexible"

"Great examples and top tips/shortcuts to use not just in Powerpoint but in general Microsoft Office software"

"I feel a lot more confident using photoshop. I have lots of plans formulating in my head on where I am going to use the skills I have learnt over the last two days. "

"Everything! The training was really tailored to me and what I need to use for work, and I'll definitely take what I've learnt over the last two days with me back to the office. "

"Helpful, encouraging training that was really engaging and entertaining. Vicki was an excellent trainer and the food was delicious."

"Supporting with specific relevant examples"

"great teacher, thanks James !"

"Everything. Very satisfied"

"Nice training centre, good teachers, friendly atmosphere"

"very professional"

"Staff, site and location is great, which is why I keep returning"

"James was really knowledgeable and both pushed us out of our comfort zones whilst being approachable to answer questions as we went. Thoroughly enjoyed the course."

"Everything was amazing, very impressed"

"The course itself was very well-suited to a beginner level and the class size was good. Our teacher was very patient! I feel like I can remember the things he taught me and use them confidently as a result. "

"the environment was great for learning, the group size was excellent. the trainer was good.overhead screens were really good to see what the trainer was doing."

"friendly staff"

"Well-pitched course, and support. Excellent"

"Answering my dumb questions and showing patience. Very knowledgeable and no question was too stupid or too complex for Rob to answer. "

"Really great course tying shooting video with editing, have previously been on Premiere Pro course but this was better. I've learnt how to use a camera through trial and error in the past and haven't necessarily done things the right way so was really good to be shown properly. As ever everyone at media training is really friendly and helpful. "

"Trainer was very good, and really knew her stuff. Accommodation was very good, and the IT worked perfectly. As always the food was excellent."

"Quality learning"

"Venue was amazing and the food was really good and refreshing. Staff were friendly. Software was good. The trainer was amazing and friendly. No points for improvement. I would attend more training sessions if the trainer was guaranteed to be like Tom! Super friendly and supportive and he also made the sessions fun. It's a shame he won't be doing my next level excel course. Amazing session!"

"Tom was the best teacher I have ever had! He was friendly, open, patient, and taught me so much!! "

"Very informative in a fun environment"

"Basically everything, difficult information presented in an easy way. Lovely space, good variety of food, the trainer is fantastic, equipment is great."

"Some good useful tips on how to write a press release and lots of handouts to take away"

"Hand outs and discussions good"

"Very friendly and well structured training that strikes a nice balance between moving fast and remaining open to questions. "

"Facilities, very clean, nice food options, great trainer, everyone was very friendly!"

"The master leader aka Emile was incredible. He made the course fun and taught us a lot. Taking the time to make sure that we fully understood any jargon that was used and fully understanding why and how you do what you do in InDesign. He tried to make it as relevant as possible to our roles by letting us know that we could bring our own work and apply our skills to that. I will be recommending this to the rest of my colleagues. "

"Emile was very knowledgeable and extremely patient. Great course for a first timer!"

"Lovely and friendly welcome team. Ian my trainer was very easy to talk to and made it easy for me to learn"

"Everything was great :)"

"Very good hospitality and course"

"Very friendly and approachable "

"all good!"

"Friendly and approachable"

"exercises were quite related with the daily information that we used at the office"

"Clear explained, very useful and entertaining! Thanks!"

"Clear and thorough training course"

"patient and professional strait to the point with clear examples "

"Great teacher, super tools."

"Great course, great leader, really helpful and friendly and lovely environment - thank you!"

"Knowledgeable teacher and very useful course. Lovely place to spend the day and a delicious lunch, thank you! "

"I really liked the small class size. The teacher was knowledgable and approachable. I learned a lot. "

"The SEO training! I left having all my questions answered and feeling much more confident when it comes to creating optimised content"

"Clear, concise and friendly"

"Trainer was knowledgeable "

"fantastic venue and facilities"

"Everything, fantastic tutor, food and environment"

"Trainer was very knowledgeable, very impressed with course "

"pitched well to different levels of knowledge. "

"Listening and answering all our questions, Doing the example of setting up a campaign was useful."

"Simon was excellent at breaking this down and making the process single to understand. He has advanced our knowledge and improved our understanding considerably. I would recommend Simon to anyone who needs to develop their understanding of Google Search Advertising "

"Very friendly and helpful, made sure that we were all happy with the information regularly and personalised the content to us."

"Easy explanations and very approachable trainer. Made even me understand and I am not digital literate!"

"Really good, inspiring day, I loved that we were only three people in our group."

"Going over things slowly and explaining clearly. "

"Really friendly place, so glad I've been part of it for two days. looking forward for some more specific beauty retouch courses "

"Everything - really enjoyed the course, useful information that I can make daily use of, Matt was a fab instructor! Will return again"

"Vicki is very knowledgeable and well prepared. Fantastic training course and trainer, thanks."

"Matt was fantastic at sharing the ins and outs of Illustrator with the group. Very knowledgeable, shared his skills in a very relaxed and accessible way. Great trainer and a great course. Thanks! "

"food and atmosphere are fantastic as always"

"Relaxed atmosphere and lots of useful material covered."

"Tutor Matt was very knowledgable and enthusiastic. The team all very friendly. Venue is great. "

"The session was really good and engaging. I learnt a lot and would definitely recommend to my colleagues."

"Rob was great! Great sense of humour - thanks for fun two days! Nonna"

"friendly, clean, good knowledge, easy to follow courses. "

"A great lunch - no dry sandwiches in sight! Rob was very knowledgeable and has plenty of real-life experiences to call upon which really helps."

"The use of shortcuts and focus on best ways of working was great. I hate training course which focus on the bare basic way to do things. Very happy this training wasn't one of those. "

"Environment was great and the interactive format of the course was perfect for our needs."

"Very organised and clear. "

"Timings of breaks, getting through everything on time, quality of teacher and staff, quality of lunch and refreshments."

"Friendliness and professionalism. "

"I always enjoy doing courses here and today was the best yet. I feel I have plenty of points to take forward that will help me in my job and life in general."

"Simon was very knowledgeable, really helpful and friendly! Definitely learnt a LOT today :)"

"Liked Simon's style of teaching an presenting. Was a very enjoyable course."

"Amazing knowledge and made the session interesting and easy to follow."

"Simon made it very easy to follow along with the steps. It made HTML seem less alien and I felt engaged along the way. "

"Simon was very approachable and the approach where we participated was great. I learn by doing - not listening so really enjoyed that part."

"The trainer, Matt, was fantastic! Very knowledgeable"

"Everything was great."

"After 2 days i feel confident using InDesign by my onwn! good job, thank you"

"All of it really. Matt was brilliant. Staff brill. food was brilliant. "

"Very knowledgable trainer. Great food and snacks."

"As always very informative"

"Teaching was easy to follow and the excercises where both fun and beneficial"

"Kate was great - very knowledgable and willing to spend more time on areas we all wanted to know more about. Great at showing examples and then getting us to try things ourselves. Whole centre is very well organised and everything ran very smoothly."

"Fantastic facilities and an excellent trainer. I learnt a great deal over the two days. Absolutely everything was relevant and I will be putting it into practice tomorrow. Thank you."

"The trainer's personal approach was invaluable and the small class size meant we had lots of individual attention. Matt was extremely patient and always willing to go back to things we'd forgotten within minutes of being shown. Excellent trainer, excellent course. "

"Very well tailored to our individual needs and excellent subject and industry knowledge and experience."

"Training venue was great. Food and drink was excellent. Loos were new and clean. Trainer was knowledgeable and approachable. Top marks all round. "

"Sincerely, I can't think of any faults. Thanks you. :)"

"I learnt a lot. The walk-through approach was good and the trainer was obviously very knowledgeable and experienced. I really enjoyed myself and would definitely come back (again)."

"great set up and planned day, communicating to us regarding the course "

"Breaking down the hard subjects into simple more understandable concepts"

"The Content was Good."

"Mix of practical exercises and explanation from trainer. Friendly trainer. Good pace. Useful and relevant information. Thank you very much Melissa. "

"great environment, lovely food and drinks and really friendly and approachable trainer and staff in general"

"Great facilities, and friendly environment - knowledgeable trainers"

"great people"

"Amazing trainer with great knowledge. Centre and staff were lovely too! "


"Organised, friendly and explained with clarity"

"Explanation was simple and easy to understand"

"Examples were clear for those who needed guidance"

"Good at small group environment, and 1:2:1 if we got lost along the way. "

"space , teacher , content of the course , atmosphere"

"The teacher was knowledgeable and very patient with our questions. Flexible enough to jump around topics and at the same time she made sure the objectives were covered and the topics understood. Great experience."

"Very clear steps for actions. Adapted to what we wanted to look at specifically throughout the day. "

"Extremely friendly and highly knowledgeable trainer. Built a great rapport with the group. Was flexible and able to assess our level, and adjust the training schedule according. Really recommend and this course has given me energy to explore Photoshop even more! Thanks"

"Very clear instructions on how to complete the lesson tasks and very knowledgable with the questions we had to ask. This flexible approach meant that we could stray away in to topics which were more tailored to our job role tasks, whilst not losing sight of the overall lesson."

"Good examples , good cases studies "

"great enviroment, good range of things covered. "

"Very good service"

"Ensuring at every stage of the training, the client felt at ease and confident in what they were doing "

"Very welcoming and friendly. Will recommend to friends!"

"Environment was very calming"

"the trainer was very informative and i found the course very helpful "

"Ivan was very knowledgeable and patient which definitely made learning easier. I really liked the relaxed vibe of the training centre, and i wasn't aware that I would have a log in area where I would be able to access my training materials afterwards - that was a real bonus. Thanks so much for a great 2 days."

"Nice clean environment. Friendly staff"

"Making the client feel calm and welcome, the environment was fresh and clean and the training was intense but didn't drag on to a point where you couldn't take any more information in. "

"excellent trainer"

"Good examples and relevant to business needs"

"Good discussions, interactive"

"Patsy was fab. Engaging, knowledgable, listened, and made the day for me."

"Patsey was a light hearted friendly individual that set a lovely tone at the start of the course "

"The course content and presentation was spot on."

"Understanding of Language "

"very good, Tom is very engaging. Tom needs a pay rise. "

"v knowledgable"

"Really really good course. A lot of handy information- even had a lot of information around basic excel that I didn't know before! Definitely going to be using a lot of this day to day- would recommend to everyone."

"Clear and concise. "

"Really patient and using very relevant examples, with easy to use guides"

"Lovely staff and food. OVerall a great experience "

"the lunch and refreshments were really great, the course content was good and had so much opportunity to ask questions"

"Really engaging and really practical. Definitely need to capitalise on all that I've learnt by doing it myself."

"Being able to relate the course to our brand and using real life examples of what we'll be using every day. "

"It was good to have time to work on documents/use the tools we'd just learnt"

"Course very good very impressed at slight flexibility in course"

"Going at the right pace for the group and making it relevant for everyone on the course so they can apply it to their own jobs."

"Knowledgeable and helpful trainer, great lunch and refreshments, nice atmosphere. "

"Clear and easy to understand. Perfect for beginners"

"Training at the right pace"

"Very welcoming and supportive"

"Everything was good."

"The overall environment, lunch, and friendly staff - 10/10. Course content for a beginner was relevant, however as explained above, being able to attend a higher level would have been ideal. "


"Great examples. Nice collaborative session. "

"Everything was great :)"

"Lovely trainer, very useful grammar and punctuation referesh "

"Explaining points made, making the content relevant to the company we work for."

"Engaging course material. Good examples"

"A friendly, open and conversational approach. In no way intimidating even though I'm out of my comfort zone."

"Easily approachable for questions and easy learning."

"Great atmosphere and services provided, above and beyond what was expected!"

"Vicki was an excellent, patient trainer who was happy to answer any questions we had and went at a really good speed. A really enjoyable two day course. "

"Pleasant environemnt, great location, fantastic facilities, staff are warm and welcome and my trainer Iwan was knowledgeable, engaging and made the material relevant."

"Flexible on content & support"

"Well organised, good time management. Great content and a very strong presenter (both in terms of expertise and ability as a trainer.)"

"Accommodating what we really needed help with :) "

"Really good course, well paced and covered a lot of ground. Our trainer was great and very friendly. "

"Really good content and knowledgeable trainer - thoroughly enjoyed the course."

"Being the only in the class was great. Rob was able to answer loads of question specific to my needs which was fantastic. I've been on quite a few different courses for Photoshop, InDesign, etc, and this one with Media Training has by far been the best, both in terms of the knowledge/attitude of the trainer, and the environment and food etc. I am already looking at booking an Adobe After Effects course before the end of the year."

"Covering lots in just two days"

"Nice place - have recommended to others "

"Pitched at good level with plenty of time for individual questions and problems."

"I think Peter was very approachable and helpful and we covered a lot of ground."

"- Dedicating time to individual members to answer any questions that weren't necessarily applicable to the whole group. - Creating a nice environment to learn (friendly & welcoming). - Small class sizes meant everyone was able to get help."

"Having small class sizes allowed for group discussion and one to one help. Which helped with any queries i had on the programme and even some that i hadn't thought about. "

"very good, and highly engaging"

"Vicki Loader was a fantastic trainer, super-knowledgable and inclusive."

"Great, clear instruction, really easy to follow along - not too fast or too slow"

"Fast-paced, really good at going through a lot of reasonable workflow case studies. Good book recommendations to go further. Got a lot more done than at comparable courses I've taken on other software. I really enjoyed the course."

"Everyone was informed, welcoming & friendly. The course was in-depth and covered exactly what I wanted. "

"Very pleased with the whole experience. Vicky was particularly helpful, showing me certain features of InDesign that weren't covered in course but would be helpful to me and my requirements at work. Can't wait to come back! "

"Very satisfied with everything, really! Trainor had a lot of patience and energy."

"Overall excellent experience!!! :-)"

"The instructor was brilliant!"

"Everything covered on the course was useful and clearly presented, and the environment is really nice."

"Very knowledgable teacher, lovely staff."

"Great customer experience"

"Overall facilities were great. Course was well thought through, packing lots of information. "

"Vicky was good at interacting, helpful and made me feel at ease in the class as sometimes workshops can feel like you are under pressure. "

"Vicki was great, informative and fun. Session was fun and a nice environment to work in. "

"Great course, have been on several courses and they all linked together really nicely. Have had a great time and hope to book more in the future."

"All of it, Ian was very knowledgeable and good at moving forward when I didn't need help but able to slow down when I wasn't grasping a concept. "

"Making it easy to get started with learning. Adjusting to different levels of experience, without dumbing down anything or skipping the theory. The trainer was a great guy and made it very easy to learn!"

"Great atmosphere and hospitality, excellent facilities and fantastic teaching"

"Great relevant content, presented in an accessible and non-intimidating way. The teacher was great! "

"Always enjoy the courses here. They are pitched at the right level and have enough active learning. Thank you Piers."

"FOOD!!! Was waaay too good"

"Informative, good use of real-life examples, friendly."

"lots of useful information with a friendly trainer. Easy to ask questions."

"Plenty of hands-on examples - and relevant to my actual work. I was able to use real examples etc."

"The course was excellent for my needs - it served as a refresher for some things I'm already doing and also gave me some new techniques and ideas to use in the future. "

"Expert knowledge delivered in an easy to follow format!"

"everything was great "

"Nice atmosphere, Food & drinks were nice "

"Everything was exceptional, best training course I've attended."

"Great pace of the course - lots of exercises, good to take away the example files - Iwan was excellent (also really impressed with your offices and the environment)- thank you."

"Very well organised and relaxed atmosphere which made me feel comfortable "

"Very good at explaining tasks and tailoring it to suit what the group wanted to learn."

"Excellent balance of theory and practical work. Trainer was very knowledgeable and patient. "

"Loved the small group size - got very personal advice. We were showed examples and had a lot of say in what we wanted to be covered in the course"

"The course was good at starting on time, providing a lot of information in a short amount of time"

"Good work space and environment"

"Friendliness, welcome,. knowledge, patience"

"Doug was great, really approachable and kind and helpful. I feel like I have a really good basis of InDesign and being a bit of a technophobe it was great to be walked through it slowly and clearly. Lunch was delicious, the space was bright and clean and all round good atmosphere. Really happy with the overall experience."

"The trainer was excellent - always happy to answer questions, very patient. The structure made sense and everything was explained clearly. It was good to be able to follow along on our own computers. The team were very hospitable and the food was great."

"All the content was fantastic. Very knowledgeable trainer and very clearly explained with patience. Thank you so much! "

"Tom made the course funny and very useful"

"good at explaining."

"Interactive course, good delivery, very relevant information "

"The course was very good and very enjoyable, the examples were good and Tom was great and funny! :)"

"Simplifying information and making it easy to understand"

"The class was excellent and really enjoyed myself. The instructor made us feel welcome and was very engaging. "

"lots of details, examples and ideas"

"Very approachable and enjoyable atmosphere. Felt comfortable to ask questions and enjoyed my days training. Have learnt lots of shortcuts "

"Nice relaxed environment, great food, helpful staff"

"good location/setup"

"expert specialists telling us loads of information - this is great. "

"Attentiveness. I felt very welcome from entering the building, everything went smoothly. "

"The lunch was fab and the refreshments - very thoughtful addition of non-diary milk and two varieties, too. Really enjoyed the course. I have taken many courses, including feature writing, storytelling, etc with other providers in London, but I have to say I enjoyed today's the most. I think it's the creativity and the immediacy of application and the small group that makes a difference. Also, interestingly this course is only half or third of the price of the day training I've taken but much better value"

"Very good at answering questions and keeping the class on track. Really appreciated. "

"There was a good amount of breaks in between session to allow for the information to be digested "

"Very informative, useful example, friendly team, great facilities, excellent lunch"

"Training was good overall. Facilities were very good. "

"Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Good group sizes. Food and refreshments excellent. "

"Ian was very friendly and helpful throughout. Lunch was very good."

"I couldn't have asked for a better day"

"Everything! Loved the course, staff are very friendly and helpful, and I've enjoyed learning in such a nice environment! Thank you all very much. "

"the course was great, the trainer was very kind and helpful"

"Friendly environment. "

"A friendly and easy to chat to approach"

"Very approachable, helpful and friendly trainer"

"Nice location with great attention for details"

"Providing context and a calm, open environment with which to work"

"Facilities and trainer were great"

"Being welcoming, knowledge, food. "

"Impressive set-up with the open plan area for refreshments and the individual rooms with high quality tech; made for a comfortable yet professional environment for the class. Excellent tutor with material that will be used from the get go at work. "

"Nice environment, knowledgeable tutor "

"Informed course with a variety of business examples which were clearly explained with a good interactive environment."

"Very friendly and informative. A great training experience."

"really nice environment to do training in. "

"Ian delivered the training at just the right pace. Really knowledgeable and well thought through."

"Very satisfied overall"

"Everything was tidied away in a very quick manner, everyone was really friendly and the course trainer was very knowledgable. "

"very welcoming relaxed. environment"

"excellent environment and very friendly people and a very patient and helpful instructor - Pierce - who explained everything perfectly!"

"The course was very good"

"very knowledgeable, great environment to learn, very approachable staff and trainer "

"Course was at a really good pace, not too rushed and provided all the needed examples in order for me to feel confident enough to go and get stuck in to the software myself"

"Loved the environment, very friendly. Small classes so focused attention. Enjoyed the course very much. Thanks so much!"

"Easy to find, great instructor, nice facilities :)"

"location, instructions, venue, comfort, instructors knowledge, the personal touch, modern, clean, friendly, yummy food, computers, variety of courses."

"Lovely environment with a great trainer "

"Everything was fantastic! Thank you"

"Everything was perfect! "

"Flexibility in responding to different contexts of application"

"Absolutely loved it, Kate was really helpful and planned the course very well. She was great at answering everyone's questions 1000s of times! The center itself was amazing, clean and friendly and had everything I could ask for, thank you very much. "

"Everything-- the program was great, the offices were great and the trainer was really nice and easy to learn from."

"Great people and trainers! Learnt a lot in my 2 day intro to Indesign "

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Media Training. Vicki was extremely knowledgable in every facet of Adobe products, to the point of it being scarily knowledgable! She was also very accommodating and worked through a very busy bespoke schedule with us. I would be happy to recommend Vicki and Media training to anyone, and I will choose Media training for my next training requirements. Also, t The centre is modern, clean and serves as a great creative space. Also, the community feel of all the people attending for their training is nice. The lunch and food /drinks are very good too! Thank you Vicki and Media Training!"

"very knowledgable and friendly"

"plenty of breaks, ability to go over various points, small groups, friendly staff"

"Good pace, plenty of short cuts and real world uses."

"Rob was super helpful and really approachable. I have learnt a lot of best practices that will improve the way I work forever more!! THANK YOU! "

"Overall very impressive training, pitched at the right level and progressed well over the two days. Rob was great at explaining everything and answering questions. Excellent thank you."

"It was just the right pace, relevance and attitude - a really worthwhile course where I have packed so much into two days. I will be taking what I have learnt back to work to share with my other team members. Thank you very much Rob :)"

"good throughout"

"Lunch! The course also provided lots of time to chat to the trainer about individual questions, and the trainer provided good feedback on each person's social media channels. "

"Everything. Best food. Everybody's smiling. I will try other courses too."

"A very relaxed atmosphere around the building. Great teaching - learnt a huge amount in a short time!! A lot of supportive and detailed info"

"great teacher, great environment, great food! very happy "

"Friendly and nice environment"

"really good knowledgeable trainer, good content"

"Agenda before course was clear and was stuck to, while also willing to take questions. "

"Great course, learnt a whole lot. "

"Knowledgeable trainer and friendly staff "

"Great flow of the day and an organised trainer. Really efficient and helpful staff aswell."

"the course was very hands-on (small group size was a big plus) and well-organized. It was very nice that all materials were provided and I didn't have to lug my laptop with me. Food was excellent too. I'll be recommending your company to everyone at my work. Thank you!"

"Great structure, really useful tips and general helpfulness!"

"brilliant course"

"Great course. Loved it. Clean, great environment and well-organised course"

"extremely helpful"

"Very friendly, relaxed environment - able to ask lots of questions."

"Good course"

"Good explanations and examples"

"adding and isolating clips and addig subtiitles"

"practical exercises, breaking down the information into easily digestible bits and being able to practice skills"

"covering a range of topics and a lot of hands on examples"

"Creating a relaxed but knowledgable environment. The training groups were the perfect size. Thank you"

"fantastic day i learnt lots from the day. thank you"

"Impeccable toilets, lovely lunch, great service all round "

"Nice, friendly vibe and environment all day"

"I was really impressed with this course and the trainer. "

"Deborah was v informative and patient"

"trainer was perfect"

"Very welcoming. Kate was very knowledgeable. I learnt a lot and would say this course is definitely worth it! "

"Great course. Kate covered everything that we asked for and solved all the issues we have been having with our documents. "

"Jason was ace !!!"

"Organised and adaptable to the skill set in the room! Matt was fantastic and had a lot of shortcuts and different ways of doing things. Thank you!"

"The guys who go around keeping the place tidy are SO efficient. amazing. I loved that I could store my bike in the office. There were a good amount of breaks and that FOOOOOD. Yes. So good. Pool table was fun."

"Examples were great and relevant to my work, good size of class so that questions were easily answered, I like the mixture of examples and exercises and our trainer was really friendly and helpful. "

"Everything, got exactly what I came for, thank you."

Delegate from: ICSA: The Governance Institute on 12th September

"Everyone was so friendly, the course was very enjoyable and very informative. The food was lovely - would definitely recommend. "

"It was all great"

"clear explanation and time to write notes and ask questions"

"Relevant useful and friendly course delivery. Creating a good environment to deliver the training, Very good food and coffee. "

"I enjoyed the experience and all went very well for me."

"Covering a great amount of topics in 3 days, having small number of attendees in one course so we can go through things properly. Having a experienced teacher. Having a 6 months support after the course. "

"Vicki was brilliant, very patient, happy to answer any questions even if the answer was a higher level than the introductory course we were on. Would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to train in InDesign"

"Vicki was excellent!! Could've carried on for another day or two. Big thanks!!"

"Brilliant trainer. Very knowledgable. I leave today significantly more aware of what Premiere is capable of then when I arrived."

"Front of house service is always good and staff are friendly."

"Everything - really enjoyed it!"

"Good intro to After Effects, seemed to cover all of the basics"

"Jason was so enthusiastic and patient, it made for an effortless two days. The environment is so lovely and modern and inviting! Feels like such a creative space! "

"The trainer was patient throughout and answered questions and queries with a smile on his face. The staff were all very approachable as well."

"Great content, covered all the basics without making us feel lost. Great course!"

"Listening, keeping class engaging, challenges. Really nice environment to work, I will definitely be back "

"Very thorough. I feel well informed"

"Patient with all levels of ability."

"Patient and knowledgeable "

"Very accommodating of individual needs"

"Creating a good training environment - having the small group sizes was good, the catering was excellent and the space was very open and airy which made it very relaxing. The informal nature also made it easy to ask questions and it was nice having participants from various backgrounds. The joining instructions were very helpful. "

"Peter was incredibly informative and really patient with all of us - such a great teacher!! Highly recommend."

"The small size of the groups are really good "

"Lovely place, lovely teacher"

"teaching both basic and knowledgeable learners in a style that we would remember. Really worth while despite never using video. "

"Friendly atmosphere, useful guidance."

"Trainer was enthusiastic, well prepared and engaging/"

"lovely lunch. nice welcoming. good variety of teas. very good computers."

"Great content, lovely lunch and we had a few laughs while learning. "

"making the course tailored, trainer was knowledgeable and experienced"

"Training was excellent, lunch was fab and everyone was v friendly."

"Explaining in detail any questions that were asked. Simon was also great at showing examples and step by step guides on how to do certain things on analytics."

"great examples and approachable. Would definitely recommend "

"Really great beginners course, trainer made everyone feel very comfortable. "

"Personal approach - made sure to answer any specific queries."

"Very clear and knowledgable"

"Really informative, and easy to understand!"

"Interactive, very helpful. "

"The trainer was very helpful and knowledgeable of the topic"

"Good explanations, very clear"

"very knowledgable and enthusiastic about the topic"

"delivering a clear understanding of keynote. "

"loads of good examples "

"Matt was really knowledgeable and answered any and all questions really well. He was also very patient with all of us! "

"Good Selection of learning examples (real life projects)"

"I felt more confident at using Illustrator even after the first morning of the course. Matt was very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and approachable. Thank you!"

"James was very through, I liked how he showed us what to do step by step and then went through it with us again afterwards, will definitely be implementing what I learnt today at work. "

"The course instructor- Matt - was excellent! So knowledgable and helpful -- and inspiring!!"

"all good"

"Friendliness, small class size"

"clear explanations and useful examples"

"Fast paced and covered a number of areas. Lots of materials to refer to post course"

"Great trainers and great courses"

"Setting the environment, creating a friendly atmosphere"

"Clear and concise lessons"

"Everyone was very friendly"

"Well organised, enjoyable, informative tutor"

"top tips, explanations, hospitality "

"Great overview and answers to questions. Good examples of real-life applications in a relevant context. Thanks!"

"Trainer was very knowledgeable and deeply explained sentence structure... Wish we had her when I was at school!"

"I thought everything was great, thank you!"

"really enjoyed my second course at Media training with Simon"

"Fantastic lunch, excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge. i feel more confident coming away from this course. thank you!"

"Great course to get me started. Simon made it easy to understand and I feel confident that I can put it into practice. "

"relaxed atmosphere and easy to customise course, so got lots of value. Also well priced."

"It was a great training which covered exactly what i was looking for. Moreover the trainer was brilliant. Thanks so much"

"great trainer, good facilities"

"Very informative"

"Covering a great deal of information in a short space of time. Getting us to think about how we can apply techniques in our own roles."

"Very thorough with working examples"

"You were very good at everything. "

"Great trainer. Lots of encouragement and energy."

"Friendly, relaxed atmosphere, easy to ask questions"

"Providing examples related to our work Flexible agenda depending on what we want to learn more about"

"Explaining any questions I had and going through each answer throughly and checked the whole team understood before moving on. I didn't feel rushed or silly for asking anything."

"Being flexible enough to tailor the course to our areas of interest/level of expertise, making it relevant on the day. Thanks!"

"Pitching the content at the correct level for our expertise. Checking that we were following and adapting accordingly. Making the content relevant for our needs."

"Very knowledgable instructor and friendly staff"

"Tom was good at explaining things and making the subject interesting, was very friendly and approachable 10/10 GIVE HIM A PAY RISE. "

"always enjoy this place - clean, friendly, bright :) and tea on tap!"

"The food, staff, size of class, course and training was all fantastic"

"Hospitality, timing, lovely environment, great staff. "

"Kindest people and excellent venue. High-end equipment too. "

"Excellent. Informative,creative and entertaining. It would be difficult to think of a more likeable trainer! Thank you so much, Jason."

"Informative lesson, friendly welcoming, very friendly tutor"

"Really good and all the staff were friendly and Jason knew his stuff and was happy to ask other questions etc. "

"Very organised, clean and efficient. Staff very friendly and helpful, overall great experience!"

"Very informative and made easy to understand"

"small classroom, good pace, good trainer"

"Welcoming, clear instructions and welcoming instructions also. Helpful. Food was delish and healthy too!! Tutor was clear and patient and so easy to follow."

"Simo was excellent!"

"Course trainer able to answer variety of questions and offer advice specific to work we are doing"

"The course material was layered very well, learnt a lot and I'm not scared to use it on my own now as I was when I started the course. "

"teaching, great lessons and great food"

"Fab surroundings and very knowledgeable and approachable trainer. Thank you. "

"nice to have small training classes."

"good and clear communication"

"Excellent space, really nice environment. Niel was very inciteful and had a great teaching style. What we learned was really useful in a working environment."

"The space is great, so welcoming! Neil was full of information and very helpful when I was behind or didn't understand a specific part. Also like that I've been left with extra tutorials as well as a resource list so that I can continue learning advance AE after the course is finished. "

"The training definitely knew there stuff and answered ever question we asked as a group. The staff were kind and welcoming and the food was top notch!"

"Lots of of very useful knowledge and enthusiastic trainer."

"Training was excellent"

"Keeping the content short and sweet. Allowed for explanations and example."

"friendly environment"

"The trainer was very good at explaining things to the group in a way that made the subjects relateable and easy to learn. The course was kept very interesting throughout the whole day and we moved at a pace that suited everyone in the room. I feel like I have learnt a lot today and I am very happy with the course :)"

"The explanations were very clear and the pace of the course was perfect. The videos displayed on the screens really helped. It was very useful to have practice exercises after each unit."

"Rob was only too happy to answer all of my questions on the private course. Despite only being one day we were able to cover so much ground and tailor it to exactly what I needed to know."

"We attended a private course which allowed us to ask very specific questions and get personal feedback on current projects and plans. It also meant we got two days worth of training in one. Another brilliant course."


"Very good training center, good facilities, great to be in a small group, really interactive"

"I found that Alistair was really interested in helping us and i felt really comfortable here! "

"Useful and interesting examples & projects for us to work on, and the trainer was lovely and super helpful. Plus, great facilities as always :)"

"The class was brilliant - i've gone from never even opening InDesign to designing my own templates! Brilliant. Thank you. "

"Great location, great staff, course content was spot on"

"Knowledgeable and friendly trainer"

"Really satisfied. Really friendly and welcoming atmosphere, so a good learning environment. Lots of opportunities to ask questions."

"The teacher was really friendly and helpful"

"Tailoring examples personal to my work, going at a good speed (not too fast) answering questions! Really enjoyed the free lunch and refreshments. Appreciate the vegan options "

"Extremely knowledgeable, friendly trainer who was able to answer every question. Working space and break areas/food were all great."

"Good preparation for the session - covered everything i hoped for and more."

"The overall discussion of subjects in a clear and detailed manner."

"Well organised"

"Nice to be in small groups, much easier to follow the tutor and also to ask questions. Didn't feel like I was holding the session up by asking questions. The food was fantastic also! "

"Made sure everyone understood as we went along. Able to answer any questions I had. Pace of going through things was great."

"Lots of knowledge!! Really amazing course - covered a lot and tutor helped apply to real world examples!"

"Neil was a fantastic tutor! So helpful, approachable and inspiring. The class size was perfect, I always felt welcome to ask questions. Thank you Neil!. Amazing food too! Thank you all. "

"I had a fantastic experience on my course today. Despite not having all of the knowledge others on the course had Vicki still supported me and got me to the same position with more advice. Was a great learning experience and I felt very supported and provided with a lot of information"

"Was very satisfied with the training and how the trainer went about showing us how XD worked. Also liked how although the course had a structure, Vicki was good at attending to each of our individual requirements with the software."

"I now feel a lot more confident working with excel"

"Everything is great "

"Excellent food and refreshments. Friendly staff and a very knowledgeable instructor"

"Good basic examples and handy tips on how to use Excel, including shortcuts and formatting tables which is great for making planners look professional and presentable. Autofill and flash fill are very cool."

"Very well explained course, both in the theory and practical application."

"The trainer had very good knowledge of things and shared a lot of useful information in general instead of just focusing on few things."

"Being friendly and energetic. Giving lots of new ideas and perspectives to take away."

"Knowledge, hospitality and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you"

"Lunch and refreshments were way above what I expected / received on other courses. Easy to find, plenty of resources, knowledgeable trainer who answered all questions thoroughly."

"Excellent overall - particularly appreciated food and drinks provided. Ian was a great teacher. Would definitely recommend to others. Thanks!"

"The tempo in general of the course was great, the tutor friendly and I learnt a lot. It covered a vast amount of stuff and the tutor was really helpful when things weren't going quite right or I had missed something."

"Very knowledgeable, all the basics seemed to be covered, I feel like I have a very good grounding to go away and play with photoshop and learn more. Thank you!"

"Course was very informative. "

"Lunch was amazing."

"Very informative and a good pace"

"Literally everything. Loved the days i spent here, felt good to be in a nice and friendly environment while learning. "

"Great environment and nice staff, and of course the lunch!"

"Great pace, great instructors, great food"

"The theory and knowledge of editing podcasts was really good. It was very useful to get an understanding of the things that need to be considered/done when seting up a new podcast. The audacity features and functions demonstrated were helpful, and it was easy to see how quickly these could improve the quality of our recordings. "

"Course content is great, no complaints."

"Tutor was really knowledgeable and would cater to our questions, leaning material was great and the facility was perfect."

"Friendly, relaxed and very imformative. "

"The examples were relevant. The course moved through at a decent pace so we did not spend a lot of time on irrelevant aspects. The Media Training team were lovely - all members of staff were very accommodating. I would highly recommend and would certainly look to complete further courses with the team."

"Friendly, relaxed and informative - I learned a lot."

"Establishing a positive environment for asking questions, good pace, kept moving but willing to go back to previous steps where necessary. "

"Good one to one assistance as well as group training. Good explanations for everything and good theory"

"Very clear and easy to follow guides. Debbie was a great trainer."

"Really good trainer - kept the momentum going. "

"everything, which is why this is my second time here :)"

"Good examples, handy shortcuts, good venue."

"Thorough and helpful regarding relevance to work."

"Trainer very knowledgeable. The environment is a nice space. Like the online log in and resources."

"Very knowledgeable tutor - great practical examples"

"Lively, friendly tutor, with a wealth of knowledge and great tips to share. Thoroughly enjoyable day! "

"The course was great and Debbie was really patient with me and answered all my questions."

"Good example and interactive. Knowledgable and approachable trainer. "

"This was brilliant - full of practical advice and tips! Would highly recommend! "

"Lots of practical examples of how we could create videos and podcasts and great that we had a chance to put it into practice and try it for ourselves too as that really helps to cement the training. Thank you!"

"Very friendly, informative trainer! Thanks"

"Adjusting and adapting along the way - questions and topics that came up that were answered. Using examples to bring the theory to life - flipflop campaign. Overall, brilliant! "

"Very knowledgeable, used examples related to my company"

"Very friendly"

"Learned a lot and trainer was very adaptable to what we needed"

"Very fun and informative, never boring and I learnt alot, it was great"

"Course very well organised and prepared. good training from Rob, really enjoyed! "

"Catering for all (both food & course!) Whatever level you are at, everyone is made to feel welcome. "

"Very friendly, open approach to the course. Always easy to ask questions or go back over anything. Lots of examples were used. using the mac at the same time as well helps to solidify the teachings. "

"Very good at explaining things in a simple way. The way the days were organised was highly professional and all the staff were extremely friendly!"

"Lovely venue, lovely staff, atmosphere, and food!"

"Friendly, approachable and helpful - couldn't ask for more!"

"Knowledgeable tutor in great informal setting - direct feedback to business "

"Great atmosphere, excellent standard of instruction, good pace of learning, good balance of theory and practice."

"Making us feel welcome Knowledgeable trainer Nice range of refreshments"

"The overall atmosphere was great for training. Good lunches and refreshments. Small classes are really useful."

"Friendly instructor, easy-to-follow examples and nice approachable culture"

"Overall great course thank you"

"Being flexible in fitting in an introduction course over a day, answering our questions, and providing useful training"

"Very informative"

"very organised! lovely people! great trainers!"

"Really good and patient trainer, and the environment was lovely. "

"Teachers were very good at answering questions"

"Teacher was patient, good small intimate class and learnt everything i need for my skills. Including shadowing which he assisted me with on break "

"All very good"

"trainer was helpful when asked about real life examples, good extra tips and very friendly. Lunch was great."

"going out of your way to find answers to our questions."

"Very helpful and informative. Drilled down deeper into each tool :)"

"The environment is comfortable,Lunch was healthy and yummy.Tom was amazing.He even helped me to learn how to make a flier for my street party ;-)) Thank you"

"Very friendly and comfortable environment. "

"Trainer today was really good! "

"great explanations, very clear and concise"

"It was great! Perfect balance of theory and both individual and team practical tasks. Piers is very knowledgeable and personable also."

"Piers was a great trainer and very friendly. He is very knowledgeable and helped with any questions!"

"Piers was good at adapting the content to individual situations and giving direct feedback on work undertaken during the day. Lots of food for thought to take away..."

"The environment and classrooms were great, great space and facilities. Giles was a great teacher and I feel like I can take some practical tops away with me."

"Knowledgeable trainer, easy to understand. Facility, lunch and staff all very nice"

"Great training centre, friendly team, Kate was extremely knowledgeable and was amazing at explaining in different ways if one of us didn't get it the first way."

"Interpersonal connection with all participants by the trainer was good and given the fact that it is a small class it gives everyone the opportunity to participate"

"Details of the course and explanations were excellent. "

"Incredibly informative, lots of great take away information, thank you"

"great atmosphere to learn and a great teacher as ever"

"Extremely useful & insightful course. Would highly recommend! "

Delegate from: Stagecoach on 20th August

"Looking at the whole picture: strategy, keywords, audience - as well as the writing itself. Lots of things to think about."

Delegate from: The Open Data Institute on 20th August

"The overall environment, the trainer - Jason was great and really knowledgable. Lunch was lovely."

"Course was very engaging! jase was an amazing help and was able to answer all our questions "

"Jason was great and really patient and knowledgable : )"

"Such a great day learning about the basics and picked up really useful tips! Cant wait for the advanced course."

"I thought the trainer was really good, very knowledgeable and a good teacher"

"Clear, concise, welcoming! "

"everything was great thank you!"

"Overall great course."

"This was a good introduction thanks"

"Very clear format, well delivered & helpful session with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Great to have course materials to access remotely too. Thank you!"

"Offering a great location and friendly environment with great trainers"

"Setting was amazing, food was great. right amount of learning mixed with breaks"

"The course, learnt a lot in a short space of time"

"Organisation and knowledge of staff was great."

"Structuring the day, making sure refreshments were well stocked and ready, friendly, perfect all round!"

"Relaxed atmosphere is great"

"Keeping us informed, making the content relevant and being very engaging."

"Lovely training environment, great refreshments/lunches, very friendly staff, knowledgeable trainer"

"Matt is an excellent trainer. Great venue and location."

"Being hands on with the tool, less theory, more practice, it was great!"

"Starting from the basics and explaining/simplifying use of software. Small class sizes are great, and instructor was really helpful. Good location and a comfortable place to spend a few days!"

"Everything - so knowledgable and engaging"

"great knowledge, really helpful staff. very interactive and Neil was really supportive and encouraging."

"Resources available - I have lots of information to take back with me to apply in my work "

"Neil was great at breaking down all the elements in an easy to understand manner"

"Overall the experience was great from the minute I arrived the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The course was very well set up with a lot examples to practice straight away. Lunch was very varied, well laid out and plates were cleared straight away. Moreover, the facility looked great, was clean and the music provided a relaxed and comfortable environment. I would definitely recommend this centre and wouldn't fault it! I did have a slight issue with my log in details as I forgot my password and then it didn't work when it was reset, however, everyone was very helpful and very quick to sort it out."

"very good teaching"

"Providing a cool and helpful environment "

"Good learning environment, good class size"

"Nice space"

"Pleasant welcoming Keeping the space clean and tidy Keeping all the food and drink topped up Knowledgable trainer "

"engaging content & projects throughout the 2x days, enjoyed the small class sizes were we could interact with the teachers"

"Very clear, easy to follow training. All staff very friendly and helpful."

"friendly concise clear approachable"

"Classes moved at a good rate, not too fast. "

"Pace of the course was really good. Felt it was a bit slow at first but actually the fundamentals were really important"

"Pretty much everything, I believe you have this business model sorted!! Well done!"

"good quality course, perfect trainer"

"Use of examples, catered to all different industries and because of the class size it made it easy to ask questions that you had!"

"Kate was very patient, even when - right at the end of the day - her computer seized. There was a lot to get through, and she did it brilliantly."

"great knowledge and food"

"Food was good!"

"great course"

"Lots of really good examples and materials"

"Thorough explanation and easy to ask questions!"

"Really enjoyed the exercises and discussing as a group. The recaps on sentence structure and grammar were useful as these things can be easily forgotten. All in all really great session - thank you!"

"Piers listened to our particular issues as a business and gave practical recommendations on how to address them."

"relevant examples;, looked at our pitch and event invite, grammar examples clear to understand, time between breaks"

"Timing was right not to make us too tired, content was great with many good tips"

"Pleasant environment, lovely food, good trainer"

"Excellent organisation, great facilities and catering and most importantly the trainer is really knowledgeable and patient (we asked her so many times the same questions and she was very patiently replying, she also was able to asnwer very specific questions). I would definitely recommend this course to colleague and friends."

"The course was well structured and well taught, I am coming away knowing a lot more than when I arrived. All the staff were welcoming and friendly, and the facilities were good too. Very enjoyable."

"Good at structuring the day and breaking it up with well timed breaks. Good at talking things through in logical steps. Good at providing design inspiration as well as just technical facts. "

"Being friendly, making us feel comfortable, and especially at working at the right pace for the class. Peter made sure that no one ever felt embarrassed if they weren't sure about something. Thank you! :) "

"All of it - had a fantastic time. Peter was great, and I learnt so much - can't wait to go back and test it all out :) "

"Peter was an amazing trainer, he ensured that everyone understood what we were all doing. The work we went through was all relevant "

"The set up is great in terms of the location, the design of the building, the music and atmosphere.. Also the set up of the day, adequate breaks and good timings overall. "

"Food, friendly staff, knowledgable trainer, relevant material"

"James was excellent! And the food was delicious.. "

"Done in a easy transition, not too full on and slowly built up my skills to a decent level."

"This course was excellent, I feel like I'm taking a lot home to work with."

"It was all very, very good, from point of entry to finishing"

"Facilities and knowledge both excellent"

"Offered a full range of different skills and allowed us to ask questions that were relevant to our needs and the trainer was more than accommodating, "

"Tuition and creating nice environment to learn"

"Friendly, engaging, fantastic. Definetly coming back. The food was great too!"

"Amazing catering, fantastic training environment and facilities, friendly staff and above all really accessible, hands-on and fun training."

"Small classes. Great venue. Friendly people. Amazing lunch :)"

"The way in which we were greeted, the hospitality, the preparation of the food, the fluidity of the workshop, as well as the course material were structured brilliantly "

"You are good at making a nice relaxed environment to learn in. I would definitely return. "

"Knowledge of the trainer was really good and we were able to see how the training could translate into our working life."

"Overall was made to feel very comfortable - all staff were super professional."

"Tailoring our requirements to exactly suit our training needs"

"Excellent knowledge throughout"

"Excellent environment and trainer - loved the small groups"

"General course outline, breaks, food and up-to-date technology."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my day from start to finish, from what I learned in the classroom to what was served for lunch and during the breaks! I have learned so much that I will be able to implement in my own work as well as in the work I do with my students."

"The training was useful, location comfortable and the food was great"

"Training (Tom is great). Really good selection of food and beverages. The team were very friendly and welcoming."

"Great environment and food. Training made things seem much more digestable and easier to use in future"

"Environment, diving straight in and being relevant"

"Clear and well structured"

"Relaxed learning atmosphere"

"Great examples and lists of programmes to use. Great location and great trainer!"

"Very engaging day - thank you very much!"

"Very informative and lots of examples "

"Very informative and useful. "

"Explaining it all very clearly and answering our many many questions!"

"Good facilities and course. Everything from the welcome at the top of the stairs, tuition, lunch and support."

"small private course plus good trainer meant really relevant training"

"Was a really great informative course & the trainer was fab"

"Great environment, friendly staff, great trainer, fantastic lunch! Great value for money. "

"Will be back for Course No 2"

"Great trainer knowledge, friendly and approachable staff members with great facilities!"

"Good explanation, examples and very friendly "

"The course was very thorough and not too intense, or too long - so perfect!"

"Tom is a great trainer and I had a good day on the beginners powerpoint course. lovely buffet lunch and great venue. "

"Really clear, able to answer all our questions. Gave us lots of practical things to work on. Used our own site, so we could see right away how to put the lessons into action to help us. We're going away with lots of things to look into and put into practice, so it will have a lot of real world application. Feel like we packed a lot into the day, and that everything was tailored to our specific objectives so it was all really useful."

"Excellent course, very relevant to our needs and well presented and explained. Thank you!"

"The trainer used examples from our own site that was really helpful. We now have lots to do, having come away with lots of actions."

"well organised, good courses"

"Everything! Great course! Abbott was really helpful."

"great and knowledgeable course instructor - learnt lots"

"Very helpful from the very basics to the more complex side to cater for everyone"

"Very friendly staff in a great space!"

"Everything – great overall experience. Would recommend and take courses here again – particularly this trainer."

"Really knowledgeable and great space!"

"Clear instructions, clear examples, reasonable pace and great working environment"

"Very good first to last. Thank you!"

"The refreshments were good and it is a very positive learning environment. The small groups meant that it felt quite tailored. the teacher had a great way of recapping things without making you feel like what he was saying was complicated nor too simple - just the right level."

"Love the small class size and personalised attention; environment was great; lunch was much better than you usually get at these sorts of things, and Peter was lovely. He offered some general design advice as well as guides in how to use the programme and explained things well. "

"Trainer Neil was excellent - very friendly and helpful."

"People are amazing! love it here!"

"Great training, informative, trainer knows her stuff"

"Jess was very informative and knowledgeable. "

"Very knowledgeable trainer, with good examples and additional information. "

"Great content, very engaging, relevant examples, allowed for questions and discussion"

"Trainer was enthusiastic and good knowledge of shortcuts "

"Tom the trainer had great knowledge of Excel and put it across very easily. Very chatty and made the day fun."

"All really well organised and staff cleared up quickly. Great service and environment. Tom was excellent and very engaging"

"Knowledge, speed, food, centre environment"

"Food and atmosphere and equipment"

"Very informative and laid back. Glad it is in small classes so you can get help. Food and drink were great "

"Everything was great - I learnt a lot and the day was very well laid out. Plus the food was amazing!!"

"Really good thanks"

"Overall, very impressive indeed. An extremely effective course with an excellent trainer. World class. "

"well timed breaks, interesting content"

"Instructor was knowledgeable and engaging, refreshments were always readily available, facilities were clean and modern."

"Very informative and very friendly/comfortable enviroment"

"Very engaging and friendly trainer with vast knowledge and experience. Great course materials and very useful lessons. Excellent food. Great facilities. "

"Clear examples and instruction, friendly approach."

"Knowledgeable trainer"

"Structured course"

"Trainer was very good, moved the session at a good pace, kept things interactive and was open to questions. I thought the examples were excellent, simple but detailed enough to actually mean something. I look forward to the advance course."

"Trainer was extremely knowledgeable "

"Trainer was good and organised "

"Everything. Super impressed guys. "

"It was all great. Very well organised and friendly experience. "

"Training facilities are really good and the people in here really friendly and nice. Trainers are really professional and are sharing good examples of their own work stuff."

"Everything! Trainer was amazing and the space in which course was held was great. Food, staff and facilities were A*. Thank you!"

"clear explanations and sensible pacing including basic jargon just in case we didn't know it"

"Peter's teaching was so well paced, I feel like I've learnt so much but not at all overwhelmed or felt rushed. Timed well enough for it (hopefully!) to have sunk in."

"great staff, friendly and positive, great set up - all good"

"Rob is a great trainer, very detailed and thorough, patient and clear. Good class size and facilities. Lunch was great. The course is definitely best for complete beginners, even with a very basic knowledge some of the course was stuff I had discovered myself, but it was useful to learn it from an expert as well. "

"Organised / great environment and hospitality / friendly staff / enjoyable and informative training / valuable investment and experience - thank you."

"It was a lovely environment and I really enjoyed the course"

"Practical examples. Putting learnt skills to practise was incredibly useful. Patsy was a fantastic trainer and made the course good fun. "

"I've thoroughly enjoyed the course and it's been very informative. Great exercises to really get you thinking and a lovely trainer. Everyone has also been very welcoming and helpful."

"Great trainer and professional set-up"

"very nice and approachable/friendly. it was an interesting course and i learnt some things that are really helpful"

"Great course, great trainer, excellent lunch as always!"

"Great environment and course"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained so much from it. Vicki is an excellent tutor making the subject fun. I also much prefer the new premises - I previously attended courses at Highbury and Kings Cross. London Bridge is a huge improvement. My next course will be Light Room."

"Matt was very knowledgable and patient. A very good teacher. Made this much less onerous than I had anticipated."

"Matt was brilliant at understanding exactly what we needed and shared short cuts and live solutions"

"Matt was a great, friendly and helpful trainer. He was prepared with some examples and they were catered to our requirements. "

"good how everything was here to use e.g equipment / didnt have to use our own computer "

"Course content, resources, course clarity and catering resources. Modern facilities. "

"Every topic was well explained with practical exercises to enhance learning. The trainer was very knowledgeable and approachable and took time to explain where necessary"

"This was an excellent course - from booking through to day-of training. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely come back for more relevant training, as well as recommend to colleagues and friends. Adam was excellent as a trainer and I go away with so much more knowledge and equipped to use Excel much more efficiently than before. The course was excellent for beginners with no prior use as well as myself who had used Excel a little bit (but hadn't been using it very well or quickly). Thank you Adam and Media Centre Training!"

"Lunch was great! Course was very thorough. Started nice and easy at the beginning and progressively got more in depth. Trainer was good to make sure everyone was keeping up and answered all questions we had. "

"Very patient instructor. Very relaxed atmosphere, which puts students at their ease and encourages learning"

"Smooth running of the day. A very well organised centre."

"Good use of examples and covered all the things I could think of as a beginner. "

"The course was well paced and contained a lot of good information, the trainer is friendly and willing to answer any and all questions with patience "

"Iwan was very knowledgeable and well prepared for the course. The course ran at a good pace and time was spent on what the group wanted to focus on as well as completing the assigned material."

"Excellent relevant material"

"Great learning environment, patient instructor, fantastic food."

"Wide depth of info covered - good practical examples"

"Ian was excellent, very knowledgeable, calm teacher with good communication. "

"Giving lots of breaks, Iwan was a very nice trainer"

"Its was very relaxing and good environment to learn."

"Good pace and really informative."

"Brilliant course. Taught at exactly the right pace and met our needs as a team. Trained was organised and understood what we needed to get out of it. Would highly recommend!"

"The facility was wonderful!"

"Flexible approach, asked us what we wanted to learn and what would be useful and addressed these"

"Organised, answered everything well, adapted course based on knowledge and needs."

"Taking a difficult topic such as Excel and showing how to apply to a work environment "


"Very comprehensive and very patient"

"Everything. Thanks very much"

"Clear, concise instruction/tuition. Very friendly staff, lunch was great and good facilities. "

"Hospatality ,teaching and explaination , Debbie was fabulous and patient, Thank you"

"Friendly and attentive staff. Knowledgeable tutor. Nice environment"

"Friendly staff "

"Good having the examples at the beginning this really helped set the day and the aims "

"Clear delivery. Time for discussion. Hands on experience"

"Good experience on understanding the elements needed to make a good infographic and good use of examples. "

"Pretty good overall "

"Very patient. informed me of other tools/websites to download free tools that i ha no idea about"

"Peter was very knowledgeable and had an answer for everyones questions - he knows his stuff! "

"The content was good for an introduction to the software"

"The course was excellent. The trainer was very helpful and made time to attend each one of our questions which provided a great basis for us all to learn from as we all came from different industries. I was very impressed by the centre itself, including the staff and the food that was provided. I would love to attend more training sessions in the future. "

"Peter was brilliant at finding out what our individual requirements were and tailoring elements of the course to us. The ready-made examples were incredibly useful. "

"Peter is really great and patient - and he knows everything!"

"venue, hospitality, ensuring everyone was on track and everyone had all of their questions answered. staff really looked after everyone. Good teaching. "

"The environment and the hospitality is great. Small class sizes ensured we each got enough attention and help."

"Really insightful and helpful training day to understand the level of thought required to produce an infographic brief that is 'hard hitting'!"

"Piers was very informative and made the course fun. "

"providing relevant examples that were useful to our current jobs, so we could actually use the skills we have learnt in a proper work setting that was relevant"

Delegate from: UCL Bartlett School of Energy Environment and Resources on 3rd August

"Friendly and informative - overall great experience and we learned a lot. "

"The trainer was very knowledgeable and went at a good pace through the material so I found it easy to follow. Other members of the team were also very friendly and helpful."

"Trainer was exceptional. Excellent venue. Great lunch. Friendly staff."

"Always Friendly. Always use and recommend Media Training to colleagues."

"Very nice comfortable building "

"I believe, that the trainer was very good at taking time to ensure that each trainee understood each segment that was completed such as examples and worksheets. Also, he showed us various examples of well written work against some that could be improved on. This allowed me to reflect back on my work and understand all the feedback commented on my work. Thank you."

"It was my second course with Rob and he is very knowledgeable, engaging and approachable"

"A good atmosphere to work in."

"Professional and really relaxed trainer, down-to-earth person with lot of humour and good real life examples to share. Explained subjects and terms really well."

"General organisation of the day and course content, v friendly and helpful teacher :)"

Delegate from: Creature Media/National Geographic Kids Mag on 3rd August

"the training was very useful and the trainer very nice"

"Brilliant course, very helpful and informative"

"Entrance was well organised and was walked to my table where we met instructor. Teacher was very knowledgeable and I definitely felt like I learned a lot today."

"Great offices and friendly team and trainer who was very patient with us and provided great real life examples. "

"Regular breaks. Very knowledgeable and patient trainer. Food was delicious. Training space was lovely and clean. Day was an overall enjoyable experience (considering it was all to do with Grammar and Punctuation!) Very pleased. "

"Engaging me for the whole day- great energy. Frequent breaks. A nice environment. "

"I liked the active participation of the course! I definitely learnt a lot more by doing, as opposed to watching or listening. "

"Good speed of course. Tutor very patient. "

"Brilliant teacher, course, food, and lovely environment"

"Great teaching! "

"I loved all the tasks, they were really fun and useful! Very patient teacher!"

"Really thorough training, relaxed and chatty, covered every aspect of what we needed. Thank you!"

"Very welcoming experience and the trainer was obviously very knowledgeable about the field and open to questions. "

"Very friendly staff and great at making people feel at ease."

"The whole day has been very worthwhile indeed - thank you."

"Rebecca was knowledgeable. patient and helpful. "

"Trainer was very good at anticipating our abilities and keeping us all on track, and excellent at backtracking when a few of us got lost! Really good course andeexcellent trainer."


"Good overview, Really willing to answer questions and specific needs - thankyou! "

"Pretty much everything. Thanks to all."

"Felt very welcome, everyone approachable. Nothing during the course was rushed and was very well paced."

"Good attitude from everyone involved Lots of practical aspects to the course "

"Everything - I've left with much better understanding of filming and editing"

"Really great course. Rob was clear, concise, approachable and made the course fun. The course was really well thought out, covered all the basics and included good interactive examples. Thanks :)"

"The training facilities were great and top notch. Rob was a lovely trainer who explained everything really well and gave me help when I needed it. It was a very interactive course and I learned a lot! Would definitely recommend to colleagues and friends."

"lovely food, friendly and professional welcome and facilitation"

"the welcoming staff in the morning were great, Vaida (sorry if that's spelt wrong!) was very welcoming and put me at ease when I arrived. The size of the groups was great and I felt I had plenty of space to ask questions when things were unclear. Vicki provided real-life examples and projects for us to work on, so I know this will sink in better than just abstract concepts. Would love to do more courses with you."

"Vicki was great - really personable and kept showing really relevant websites and examples. Good to take away the files we working on so we could use them for future work. Lunch was great - really nice change to have healthy options that were different to sandwiches! And good to have so many regular breaks when working at a computer for such long periods, with lovely teas and biscuits to keep us going. Overall felt like a very relaxed environment to learn in, not intimidating at all. Very friendly welcome from Maria and Vaida in the mornings."

"Vicki was EXCELLENT. Her teaching style was very thorough, easy to follow, and relevant to real life ways in which I will be using InDesign. No question was too much and she was happy to answer anything or repeat sections that people hadn't quite followed. I liked that we had set projects to work through that utilised all the points we had to learn. I've previously done the Intermediate Illustrator training and there were no set projects, just flowing through the curriculum, which didn't sink into my head as well! The projects in this course made this much easier to follow and understand, and it was useful to see how the could be applied in real life. Couldn't recommend Vicki enough. The centre was wonderfully welcoming and clean and the food was delicious! Maria and Vaida were such lovely hosts, so friendly and welcoming. The other hosts whose names I didn't catch were also wonderfully friendly and helpful."

"A really good and highly enjoyable 2-day course. Maria and Vaida were both very welcoming on arrival at the centre. Refreshments and lunch were top notch. The quality of the training was excellent, our trainer Vicki was extremely knowledgeable and lots of fun. There were plenty of opportunities to practice the skills being taught, and I've learned a great deal about InDesign that I'm looking forward to putting into practice on future projects. I thoroughly recommend."

"Amazing welcome from Maria and Vida. Vicki was very accommodating when anyone fell behind, the pace of training was good, and I appreciated all the advice and tips from her. Very valuable to have the files set up with paragraph and character styles preset to export to our work files.!"

"Maria and Vaida are very welcoming when you arrive in the mornings and throughout the day. The learning environment is comfortable and relaxed, and refreshments are excellent. Vicki was a patient and incredibly knowledgeable tutor with lots of enthusiasm, and she made the course fun. Highly recommended!"

"Wolf was really friendly and happy to answer every question and give us lots of example"

"The course was excellent. Wolf knows everything! The only reason I gave a slightly lesser mark for the content being on point was that I am not yet at that level. "


"Lovely touch with the refreshments and friendly feel!"

"Very well structured course with a friendly teacher."

"training rooms are a nice environment "

"Great teacher, lovely facilities- overall a great course "

"The food was amazing! I really enjoyed the whole space and being able to see different courses has made me want to take other ones!"

"Brilliant tutor at brilliant pace"

"Adapting the course to fit our needs - it became clear that using Media Training Ltd was not a good example, so we switched to looking at our own systems and creating our own personas. "

"Everything was pretty clear and the instructor was really helpful "

"Best training I have had in years. Lunch was really good quality and the staff were very welcoming and friendly. Good content, Good environment A*"

"Very well organised and informative"

"Pace was good"

"very knowledgeable and helpful trainer "

"A great learning environment"

"Very friendly environment"

"Dallas explained everything well. He helped out without being patronising."

"All very lovely and friendly! Had a great day. "

"everything I expected "

"nice environment, great lunch, knowledgeable instructor"


"Really good course, easy to follow and understand. Covered a lot of helpful tools which have now helped me understand what i have been doing wrong! Lunch was great! "

"relevant topics, good training style (not too theoretical, no power point presentation)"

Delegate from: ALPLA Group on 26th July

"Great course, thank you."

"Excellent trainer and work environment. Lunch was awesome."

"Well organised"

"Friendly and informative trainers and staff. "

"Really clear and methodical training. "

"Comfortable, air con (!), and friendly helpful trainer"

"Really enjoyed the course today, I learnt a bunch and the trainer was great, thank you!"

"Extremely friendly and helpful. Keen to answer all questions."

"Really nice environment, very chilled, and small class sizes which makes it much more personal. Staff at the centre are lovely, and really make sure you're well looked after. I'll definitely come back!"

"Great environment!"

"The lunch was very nice, the atmosphere and office was conducive to productivity, session was way more beneficial than expected and now know far more tips and tricks that can be used at work. "

"Lovely training centre with friendly staff and good food. Felt very well looked after."

"Very enjoyable course, answering questions and putting you at ease so you didn't feel like a div when you didn't understand something. "

"good location, organisation and knowledge of trainer"

"relaxed informal environment, with a very patient trainer!"

"Adapting the session to specific requirements. Tailoring the session to all learning needs. Fantastic trainer! "

"Great course, James tailored the session to our needs as a business"

"the teaching was really good quality"

"Great learning environment - engaged trainer"

"Breaks, Lengths of course, knowledgable teacher, no power point slides (huge plus)"

"Thorough explanations used in easy to understand language. All content was relevant, great at giving examples on different platforms so every course member could follow ."

"The option for one to one training was very helpful to me, so i think its really good you have that option"

"Really knowledgable trainer, with practical advise that I can implement in my job role. "

"Very flexible training which meant we covered and spent time on what we needed. Good pace - after two days I am usually tired but the environment, pace and breaks made for a great learning experience. Small group also a great help."

"Everything about the 2 days was excellent, Adam was very approachable, helpful, knowledgeable and explained things in a simple and clear manner. The environment was also excellent the temperature was just right which help to keep me focused - Thank you "

"Nice lunch, excellent tutor, full marks."

"It was a very detailed and well explained course for 2 days. Amazing tutor!"

"Simo was great. Really good class and fun. Food and centre both lovely and other staff members very friendly."

"Very comfortable atmosphere, great learning environment, relaxed setting. The 6 months support is a fantastic addition. Simo knows his stuff and taught it very well! I would train with him, and your company again and definitely recommend you."

"Simo was very focused and stayed on point, and offered plenty of one on one help when needed"

"Full of positivity but also realistic. Very good balance and that works well for me!"

Delegate from: Berkeley Homes (Central London) Ltd on 24th July

"Great location, excellent food, good size of group, brilliant course tutor."

"very informative, great venue and easy to get too. "

"Great and friendly service."

"Being approachable and knowledgeable on the subject. Kate was very friendly and knew what she was doing, made sure everyone understood the steps and helped when needed but also made the learning engaging. 10/10"

"Making everyone feel comfortable and letting everyone in the course get to know each other"

"Second time back to Media Training with same instructor and everything was great!"

"Friendly and approachable when asking questions, and took time to explain everything. Lunch was extremely good and the building location is perfect as well. Really enjoyable course!"

"simon is friendly, good at explaining things and patient. Office is lovely and lunch was great. "

"My trainer was great at explaining everything step by step with examples that made it easy to understand. Office space was great."

"Everything! Piers was really friendly and knowledgeable, and as we were all in great need of this training he made us feel better about it and not stupid. A really lovely man who has helped us gain so much confidence in this skill."

"Giving examples and pointing out where we could improve in own content"

"Use of examples helped me a lot - especially when we went through real-life examples. I also thought going through the exercises together as a group, helped with my confidence and got me looking the exercises with more dillienge. Piers was an excellent trainer. "

"Very Organised, very friendly trainer and learnt so much about the course. Was explained in detail."

"All good, thank you!"

"Very good with details and felt very personal. Liked the smaller class setting and the informal sessions. Trainer was great and no question felt like a bad question. Fingers crossed I've used correct punctuation and spelling in this. "

"Greater trainer."

"Really good classroom size and trainer really made the course applicable to everyone."

"Really enjoyed the course - and feel I'm leaving with enough knowledge to start using on a daily basis."

"Everything, from welcome to the office, to training, the food, the facilities, to the trainer himself. Very well organised, intelligible for all levels. Highly recommended"

"Trainer very helpful and friendly. Facilities in the building very neat and and pretty. Food very healthy and tastes good."

"Trainer was really kind and helpful. Asked if people were all keeping up regularly. The aircon was wonderful, especially on the hottest days of the year! ha ha. Really great course."

"Flexibility in changing my course (compassionate reasons). Pre-course stuff was great. Great environment and very skilled and experienced trainer "

"Very good trainer, friendly and good at relating things to the real world."

"Really good course generally"

"covering all we requested"

"Amazing staff, The tutor was very approachable, knowledgable and friendly. All the other staff make an effort to speak to you and make you feel welcome. "

"All of the staff were incredibly friendly. The trainer was very intuitive and could anticipate what we were doing wrong without looking at our screens."

"Very friendly"

"Expertise was very obvious, lot's of great info!"

"Engaging tutor, she was very knowledgeable and made the course content interesting. "

"Everything else was a good as expected which is why we always use Media Training"

"Course structure, content and pace. Great facilities"

"Small class sizes, kind and clear teaching "

"Making everything seem simple and friendly, These program can seem so terrifying so it is great to have a helping hand."

"very nice environment "

"very professional and very patient with the questions asked and always had the answer. Very helpful and would definitely recommend!!"

"Clear and patient tutoring. Tips and tricks to make things quicker. "

"Very well structured , I feel very confident to start a project. Excellent tutor. Excellent facilities. Will sign up for the next one soon"

"Excellent information"

"Straightforward delivery of complex knowledge"

"All staff friendly. Created a comfortable environment to learn in. "

"Clean, hospitable envionment"

"Cover all content, being clear and concise and the actual level of the course was relevant to the course outline."

"The course was good at providing enough opportunity to practice."

"Fab trainer, who explained everything well and good combination of practical skills with explanation. All in all- very well taught."

"Excellent service! "

"The trainer was amazing, she was so helpful and approachable!"

"The setting, staff and teaching was excellent."

"The trainer was great at explaining. I have a better understanding of excel. "

"Clear and a lot of fun. Thank you!"

"Enthusiastic, knew your stuff"

"Keeping our attention throughout the day, having regular breaks, and making it seem simple and easy to use "

"Articulate, friendly, knowledgeable and good at what you do. Tom was excellent...:) "

"Really great course - perfect for us to get started with illustrator. Ian was very friendly and helpful. "

"very good basic training to get us started. Lunch was amazing. and Ian was very knowledgeable. Thanks"

"Ian was very organised and prepared."

"Everything from start to finish - learnt lots and had fun! Matt was great, both very approachable and knowledgeable "

"Very helpful and friendly"

"Really friendly and approachable and easy to follow - and interesting! "

"Very welcoming & helpful. Everything ran very smoothly (ie lunch ready on time) Relaxed atmosphere so felt able to learn as opposede to be 'tested'"

"Neil was great - very patient, thorough and enthusiastic. Thanks!!"

"Course was clear and easy to follow. "

"Look and feel of school is really nice ."

"Clear instructions, good pace. Excellent food!"

"Very useful course"

"directions to get here were excellent!"

"Overall the course was great!"

"Very friendly and efficient"

"The trainers knowledge was very good, she was able to answer all questions that the group and I threw at her."

"Everything, I wish I could come here every day"

"Honestly I've never been happier with a training day in my life. Everything was accounted for and Vicki had boundless knowledge about every single topic we asked about. She was incredibly concise, insightful, attentive and went at a pace that everyone could keep up with. I will definitely recommend this training to a friend or company with glowing feedback! I want to come back every single day. Also, that lunch is genuinely unparalleled. SO DELICIOUS. Thank you to everyone involved for setting this up and running it and making it so enjoyable! :) "

"Great environment and lunch"

"Food, amending the course curriculum to suit the class needs/wants. Giving practical tips for our work"

"I have had a lovely week here, thanks! "

"Being clear, answering question, being flexible. The length of the day is good, nice having breaks as lots of info to take in."

"beautiful environment, friendly staff. You don't cancel the course even there is only one student is registered. I like it here .. thank you so much"

"Nice location and generally a nice happy feel around the place, great staff make you feel welcome."

"The atmosphere, the team and the environment were just great"

"Overall a good introduction"

"Piers was wonderful!"

"Quick responses to queries, really well organised, smooth logistics. Trainer very competent."

"great location, tutors and creative environment "

"Very friendly, welcoming and helpful staff. The trainer was very knowledgeable, incredibly helpful and patient and was able to adjust the course as we went along according to my questions and the type of work that I do in my day-to-day work. He made some very difficult concepts easy to understand and demonstrated them in a logical and accessible way."

"Giles was helpful and knowledgeable and approchable and able to understand all our perspectives as students from different professional backgrounds. Was also really useful to start with examples. Lunch and space are great."

"The trainer is very good - he broke everything down clearly and gave a range of interesting examples. The practical exercises were useful and I found it helpful to share my work with the trainer and the other participants. I was also agreeably surprised by the choice and quality of the food at lunch! Finally, the space in which the training courses take place is very pleasant. Thanks very much!"

"fun examples and engaging very well with the participants. "

"Friendliness and knowledge"

"Making sure everyone understood what was going on and was asked if anyone wanted to learn anything that we had not been taught, which allowed the training to be bespoke to our needs. Overall I would say this was the best external training I have had :)"

"Everything! So friendly and useful - I wish I could do this every day!"

"staff all excellent "

"One to one support during the class, demonstration of examples, Q & A and really good helpful tips for exporting and tidying up desktop of files, Technical explanations about the camera, lighting, filtering etc. Great course."

"Ana Marie is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. "

"people here are great and friendly. I like the environment "

"I liked how Ana-Maria got us to work on practical tasks as a group, so we could discuss it together."

"Everything - I very much enjoyed! Thank you Kate."

"Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects."

"Amazingly knowledgeable trainer, very good at presenting and keeping the group's attention"

"Great explanations and being able to practice the motions in the class was very helpful in understanding and progressing."

"The team were all really friendly and hospitable and Ian was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and approachable."

"team were really friendly and helpful, I learnt lots of great shortcuts! "

"Everyone was very friendly and hospitable. Lovely lunch and snacks provided. Really liked the space too."

"Brilliant pace of instruction. No time wasted going over topics that we already knew, all new, relevant sessions. Very informative."

"Pace of Course was perfect."

"SImo is very knowledgable, and helped explained how to use the photoshop tools correctly. I have come away, 100% more confident using Photoshop, "

"Very friendly able to ask questions throughout and use our own images."

"Tailoring the course. relating it specifically to how we would use the techniques. This includes using examples from The White Company. Great trainer, Simo was really keen to answer any queries."

"Good food, pleasant environment and patient teacher."

"Making it relevant to the business. Covering anything we were not sure about. Introducing many tools to make our job easier."

"good explanations with helpful examples. lots of great tips and useful online tools. having a private course also helped in terms of being able to go 'off piste' with exactly what we needed to learn"

"Rebecca was very knowledgeable and took our personal training requests seriously- I would not hesitate in doing any further training with her in the future."

"Rebecca was so patient and helpful. She really helped both of us to get to grips with inDesign and she helped with relevant examples. excellent couple of days and lovely food and friendly atmosphere. "

"V good all over"

"Relevant information to job needs Tom had obviously done his homework about The Mill and what we do. Very knowledgable Enjoyable course"

"Tom was super personable and engaging and made the training very enjoyable. Facilities were also great!"

"Good structure to the day as sometimes content can be heavy. Great facilities too! Simon was very friendly and helpful in terms of any questions and demonstrations."

"Tom was extremely helpful and polite. Helped me with all my questions and even offered to explain further."

"Tom was fantastic and very helpful looking forward to coming back to do more training with Tom "

"Good and challenging pace, dealt with learners of different levels well. Made the course interactive and enjoyable. Took into account interests of learners. Gave extra information and answered questions well. Thanks very much!"

"great course, very informative"

"Great instructor, very thorough and easy to follow"

"Everything, very enjoyable day"

"Bespoke courses, building and facilities were great - as was lunch! Thank you :)"

"Our trainer was really knowledgeable and made us our customer course. All the correspondence i had prior the day was amazing with all staff involved. Could not recommend you guys enough! "

"really knowing your stuff"

"really well tailored to us and really insightful"

"Clear explanation, knowledgable with relevant case studies."

"Great overview of everything we needed for print production"

"Giving good reasoning behind why we learning the things we are."

"Explaining things in detail and using real world examples in places. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and could easily talk to her about any problems. She was also happy to answer any questions that we had. "

"Very informative for beginners"

"Trainer very knowledgeable and friendly"

"all was great thanks!"

"Everything! Love your courses and centre!"


"Very very friendly and approachable "

"Piers was a really amazing tutor, friendly and incredibly instructive. The interactive nature of the course was very helpful and the constant feedback helped to really solidify what we had learnt"

"Piers was welcoming, explained everything clearly and used interesting examples. The course was well-paced and in-depth. Feedback was really helpful and the exercises covered a wide range of topics. He understood everyone's individual backgrounds and so tailored the course to make sure it helped us in our own jobs and career development. I would highly recommend this course! Thank you"

"You were good at making sure we understood what we were learning and the pace was great - I feel the course was well accomplished. "

"Everything :) so happy to have taken my second course with you guys thank-you"

"Really efficient experience. Piers was very approachable and knowledgable - even more so than I expected. "

"Lisa is great!!!!!!!!!!"

"Good pace, good examples and practical exercises, managed attendees of different levels well, giving additional tasks to people who left early. Thanks very much."

"Really nice facilities and personable, knowledgeable trainers "


"It was excellent, exactly the right level. I almost like Excel now"

"Good at explaining and pace"

"Small numbers in courses is great. "

"great teaching"

"Super friendly and knowledgeable staff"

"Very good instructor"

"Simon was extremely passionate and thorough and a pleasure to work with,"

" Simon was really good at listening to our requirements and giving lots of really relevant advice that suited our needs. thanks!"

"Everything! Lovely day of training and cannot wait to use it in the real world (and face-swap pictures of my friends). Thanks again"

"Very patient and good direction when it came to teaching. It's also a very welcoming and open environment to learn. "

"Everything! Very well organised, comfortable surroundings, fun and friendly staff."

"Clear instructions, easy to follow examples, clean and tidy environment. "

"Kate was very patient, and happy to speak to any of us individually to help us with job-specific queries. The atmosphere was very clean, bright, and welcoming. "

"Explanation and demonstration. Attentive to individual needs."

"The trainer was very helpful and approachable and gave good examples. The training centre is welcoming with a lovely atmosphere."

"Clear guidance and good presentation. easy to understand with stepped approach."

"Very thorough overview. Suggestions for practise exercises would be welcome!"

"Flexibility on the course. Explaining and patience when having to repeat. VICKY VICKY VICKY!!! :)"

"Expert knowledge, but shared simply and clearly - excellent grounding in HTML!"

"Great environment to work in - the classes were perfectly paced and a really good size. The instructions were easy to follow and it was a really enjoyable experience."

"Trainers are knowledgeable, refreshments are great and the staff are very friendly."

"Really happy with course and training facilities. Learnt a lot and looking forward to using skills at work. "

"The class sizes were small enough that the trainer was able to assist everyone when needed, which was very positive and a massive help when you was stuck on a certain section."

"Very interesting and engaging course. Well delivered. Nice and calm environment to train in."

"Very welcoming! The training was good at ensuring it was simple enough for beginners, whilst referring to design principles which I am really interested in. And some personalisation on day 2, as I will be using InDesign more for text than images."

"excellent effort to answer everyone's questions. Always helpful and gave good explanation to any questions. The computers, and the centre were very nice and in excellent condition for the training. Thank You!"

"The environment was really nice and calm. Iwan was great - he paced the course perfectly for our group and I've come away feeling really confident with what we covered. Thanks for a great experience =)"

"Course content was relevant and engaging - Simo was very knowledgeable and a very good teach who is clearly passionate about Photoshop which made it a pleasure to learn."

"It was an excellent course, with a great balance of tutorial, practical experience and Q&As, and plenty of opportunity for each individual attendee to focus on what was most relevant to them. For a two-day beginner course it was very thorough and definitely covered all the essential basics - really well led by a very knowledgeable trainer. Thanks!"

"Excellent training as well as the facilities. "

"Really clear explanations"

"All of the ratings above are genuine, very impressed with the course and would definitely recommend/use this provider for future courses. Very friendly staff, great atmosphere and my objectives were achieved."

"helping out with questions and making sure everyone understands. Going at a digestible pace"

"Clear comms before course, friendly staff, great course and great food/drink options"

"Calmly and effectively breaking down processes that are essential and unique to photoshop. Materials provided helped me write down notes effectively. Photoshop has become far more approachable and logical to use, even if the information I have been given is still taking time to soak in. "

"Very welcoming & Great atmosphere"

"Great welcoming smile and friendly. Great in depth knowledge of the course material"

"Friendly, welcoming, nice office and knowledgeable trainer. Thank you!"

"Jason was very knowledgable and extremely helpful . The course was well thought out and designed and he adapted to my needs and knowledge level - so it was a bespoke course. Great day and good fun. "

"Simo was fantastic - extremely professional & knowledgable. He ran the course really smoothly, with lots of breaks and answered any questions we had. His Photoshop knowledge is extremely good and he knew the answer to any question given. Thanks very much Simo. Lunch and snacks/ drinks was also really lovely throughout the day and made the day easy and accessible. Great open space and fantastic facilities - great Macs and working environment. I would definitely recommend this course, the course leader and the location to all my colleagues. Thanks very much for the day!"

"Pace was very good, was able to adapt the course on-the-fly to accomodate questions"

"Covering specific topics at the request of students without compromising the overall content of the course that was advertised. "

"good, clear training, nice environment and friendly staff."

"Everything! It was all really good from lunch to trainer's knowledge! "

"Being friendly and explaining it all in a way we could understand."

"Very happy. Will be coming back."

"hospitality - amazing refreshment inclusion and so lovely and knowledgable"

"Vicki understood our requirements and was really helpful with talking us through possible solutions to the issues we are facing. She was happy to answer any questions we had and explained things clearly. No problems at all!"

"Going over everything in detail in a friendly manner"

"making it fun, answering all questions, funny anecdotes, overall great session would highly recommend"

"The course was well structured and tailored to both my pace and my needs. I gained valuable insight into inDesign, which I believe will be really beneficial for future work. The hospitality was excellent as always. "

Delegate from: Mango Tree Knobs on 5th July

"Couldn't fault the knowledge of the trainer. Found the course very useful and it helped to fill gaps in my knowledge. Quite a meaty subject to cover but I am leaving feel much more confident with MailChimp. Many thanks."

"good at moving trough topics at different speeds"

"I loved the overall approach to the course, really well structured and a lovely location! The information I was given before arriving was really useful too. Thank you very much!"

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Vicki was knowledgeable and engaging and new her subject and gave relevant interactive examples to demonstrate. Feel that I can adequately use Photoshop now."

"Fabulous course with relevant examples that matched our objectives as stated at the beginning. Lots of opportunity to get hands on and practice what we were learning."

"Good interaction with the trainer. The exercises were well structured and time was spent with each attendee where required to ensure they understood what was being covered."

"Superb course from the warm welcome from the Media Training team through the enthusiasm and knowledge of the trainer. Vicki took the time to listen to our requirements and gauge our level of knowledge and tailor the course to fit. Excellent relevant examples and exercises used. A really enjoyable and worthwhile day. Vicki was excellent throughout. "

"Great overall knowledge "

"The trainer considered her audience and tried to tailor content to everyone "

"the whole day has been very good."

"Making us feel welcome and providing a clean and modern space to work in. The refreshments were great too! "

"Very knowledgable and inspiring - I'm now actually looking forward to social media. Really good recommendations of programmes to use for future content. "

"Ian was very knowledgeable, friendly and went through things as a good speed. The hands-on approach is great as it's much easier to take things in when you're doing them. "

"Very organised system and efficient trainer who covered everything in exactly the right amount of detail"

"Ian was very thorough, had good examples and very patient with those who need extra time. I would definitely book the next level of training with Media Training Ltd. Many thanks "

"Understanding the abilities of everyone in the room and giving fantastic advice and tutoring. "

"The explanations and help were always very clear and useful. The trainer was very friendly and the resources he gave us were great."

"Very knowledgeable, super friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Thanks!"

"Aiming specifically at people's skillset. Introducing technical new complex skills in an easy-ish way."

"experience was great"

"everything was so great i am now a photoshop queen!"

"Training, materials, IT facility, rooms, organizing food and drink, Friendly staff, Close to station, Overall very good. "

"Great course - I have learnt some useful tools"

"course was matched to our needs perfectly ... just what we needed "

"Comprehensive, flexible and interesting. Great service during breaks as well. "

"Really informative course, very in depth and very well taught. The trainer was really helpful and all of the content was relevant."

"This is my third course here - I find the courses incredibly informative and packed of useful and relevant teachings. Trainers are always lovely and prepared. I think it also helps to have the day broken down in sessions through coffee breaks, which make for a more relaxed environment and avoid the course getting too dense. Overall, I've always had a great experience!"

"Very informative"

"everything was great - lovely facilities and people and great learning environment. Really enjoyed it"

"Great space. facilities. Small classes "

"good basic knowledge and salient points of proofreading, clean room, good computers, small groups"

"friendliness, course delivery and environment"

"Fun and informative, learnt a lot as was made interesting rather than just parrot fashion copying"

"Great overview of Powerpoint"

"course modified to match our requirements was perfect relaxed and friendly, easy to ask questions "

"Very clear "

"Brilliant at making the subject understandable, the course also had some good relevant examples "

"everything was great! really enjoyed the training"

"A brilliant trainer - super friendly and knowledgeable. Vicki made us all feel at ease and relaxed. Genuinely couldn't be more impressed with the quality of your service. Keep up the great work and thanks!"

"Friendly staff, very knowledgeable trainer, great food in particular the gluten free food was much appreciated! "

"Another great course. Vicki is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and patient. Refreshments were excellent."

"Explaining and examples were very good. I am more confident in writing functions and looping through data now."

"Friendly and relaxed environment"

"Overall I had a great experience, from the welcome until the last day. Thank you all so much!"

"Lots! Really informative and helpful and Kate was lovely and very knowledgable. "

"Good small class size, approachable, able to ask questions"

"Friendly and informative"

"Trainer was very knowledgable and had excellent examples set up. He obviously had a lot of industry knowledge and was a great teacher."

"clean, nice and bright and a great trainer"

"Lunch and facilities at venue were great. "

"The course was just the right length and pace with adequate breaks. Training environment really nice and team extremely friendly."

"clear explanations at a good pace"

"In Everything! Tremendous very professional !"


"covering alot in a one day course, the working examples were a really good way to absorb the course content"

"understanding trainer for all skill levels"

"Piers was extremely knowledgeable and made all the information very clear. It now seems a lot easier to SEO my copywriting and I am looking forward to producing more effective online content. All staff were friendly and I liked how relaxed the day was. Lunch and refreshments were great too!"

"great at explaining generic course content as well as specific examples from people's job scenarios"

"The lunch was really good and all staff were extremely friendly and welcoming. I liked the small class size as this was more effective and allowed for better interaction with the trainer"

"Piers shared his knowledge very clearly and highlighted the most important things to keep in mind while creating search engine optimised copy. I found the explanations of audience reader patterns and ideal structures really useful too. I feel like I have a much better, clearer understanding of what makes successful online copy after this course!"

"Arranging a course specifically to suit our needs"

"Good relevant examples "

"Great facilities and knowledgeable trainer"

"Great practical exercises, got me thinking in a new way"

"i was happy with everything"

"Very informative, yet done in a very relaxed atmosphere"

"the course was excellent can gave me a good understanding of google analytics"

"Friendly, relaxed environment "

"Lots of useful information for me to go away and try, thank you"

"Great support staff, lovely venue and excellent teacher, easy to follow and made it fun and interesting."

"The trainer took the time to answer all questions asked in detail, suggesting how we can improve and techniques we can use with valid examples for all."

"Explaining clearly, and in different ways to help us understand. Thank you!"

"Knowledgeable trainer, good venue and food!"

"Great space, knowledgable tutor and friendly stuff. I've done plenty of courses here and it's always very informative and useful. "

"The instructor was very patient with my complete lack of InDesign knowledge."

"Friendly, approachable, knowledgeable. Nice atmosphere to the training centre. Food was delicious."

"Training was given at a pace that was easy to follow, examples were relevant and easy to recreate. "

"Creating a comfortable environment. I like the course teacher's personality he created a very nice environment and was very helpful. "

"The trainer was exceptional. I learnt much more than I thought I would. "

"Informative training"

"Rob was a lovely guy. He made the day."

"very practical course"

"Rob was very informative and covered a wide range of things on recording footage. He showed us the technical side and how to actually apply that. Thank you!"

"Lovely venue, toilets immaculate and lunch tasty. Great refreshments too. The content was engaging and very relevant - especially good he made it relevant to each of us. Small class size great. Will be back!"

"really good day overall, everything was well articulated and I learned a lot!"

"Trainer gave everyone on the course attention, even through we had different skill levels on photoshop. And was extreamly knowledgable"

"course was very well organised."

"Everything was very clear and helpful"

"Very impressed how much Tom fit into two days. All staff very friendly and helpful"

"friendly, relaxed atmosphere"

"Everything was great"

"General welcome and hospitality is amazing. Also teachers are always very knowledgable. "

"Lovely facilities and staff. Doug was very personable and knowledgable."

"the pace and structure of the course was good, I didn't feel rushed and was able to absorb the teaching "

"Good class sizes, really friendly environment & trainer. Lovely lunch!"

"Great pace. Trainer felt out the room to see what stages people were at, which was good because we were able to miss out things that everybody already felt comfortable on."

"The trainer was very good, delivered a well paced course for both first timers and Photoshop professionals."

"I feel that we took away more than we anticipated in relation to all Adobe more so than just Adobe XD. Eye opening and i look forward to using XD in the outside world. Thankyou."

"Great knowledge and insight. Helpful and friendly staff with great conversation. Great facilities, food and atmosphere."

"Adapting to specific needs of the people on the course"

"Making the course individual to our needs. We've taken away a number of suggestions to implement. "

"Providing a really seamless experience"

Delegate from: Perkbox on 25th June

"Great facilities, trainer very knowledgeable, course size was perfect - not too small to feel nervous, and not too large not to be able to ask questions, great cakes"

Delegate from: Real Time Consultants on 25th June

"Service quality, relevance of the course, experienced trainer."

Delegate from: FSC International on 25th June

"Everything from the directions print-out to the actual course was wonderful. You have a really nice space and it is run very well. I genuinely learned a lot and our teacher gave us constructive criticism and very useful insights. So you're good at basically all that you do :)"

Delegate from: Forest Stewardship Council on 25th June

"Great management of users needs at all levels."

"Very relaxed and informative day. Looking forward to implementing what I've learnt."

"Simon was very informative and had good examples to show the group."

"Knowledgeable trainer, course covered useful content, good class size, great refreshments, nice environment."

"Appreciate the effort you put into organising this course at short notice."

"Vicki was very knowledgeable and helpful when I had a problem. The food on offer was lovely."

"Vicki was great at encouraging us to learn from each other, paced the session very well for everyone to get along with, and answered all of our questions consummately. The ability to drop in and start immediately (untouched PCs overnight, etc.) is great and really lets you get into the second day quickly. I appreciated the play time, especially at beginner level, both as a direct playtime but also as a space to familiarise yourself with other templates and ways of working beyond the limits of the beginner course. Amelia was very welcoming on entrance, as were all staff I interacted with."

"Vicki was brilliant at making us all not feel silly for asking the most basic of questions. Time to 'play' with the program at the end of the course was really helpful. I know the cheat sheet will be well used too! "

"Amelia was very welcoming upon arrival which helped as I was a little nervous about going to somewhere I have not been before and not knowing anybody. Both Amelia and Katie were attentive and available to help where needed. Vicky is a fantastic trainer, very knowledgeable and friendly. She was very patient especially for novices like myself, which in turn made me feel comfortable to ask questions or speak up if I fell behind. "

"Vicky was great, friendly, fun and so patient and informative. It was great to get a friendly welcome on arrival especially for anyone who is a bit nervous about coming on a course - thanks to Amelia and Katie. Great lunch, fantastic facilities and I have come away feeling much more confident using InDesign. Thank you!"

"Learned a lot from Vicky in just two days and the atmosphere is very welcoming from the beginning (Maria and the rest of the staff are all great!)."

"Wolf was fantastic, really easy to understand and went through everything very clearly!"

"Location was great, clean and tidy. Course was great and easy to follow."

"From the moment I arrived the staff were extremely welcoming! I felt completely at ease and everything ran smoothly and on time. Matt has been very helpful and I have learnt more than I was expecting."

"good course and tutor"

"This is a really informative course, Jessica was a great trainer and really insightful and now I know what to do, and what not to do with my social media posts and how to create good content. Plus the lunch is great."

"good manageable pace. The environment is very comfortable and relaxed. The food provided is outstanding! "

"Friendly, quick problem solving and very pleasant, clean environment."

"When I was in difficulty the trainer Jason was very helpful"

"excellent course. so much really useful information and the trainer was extremely patient. thank you very much. i will now try to apply it in my teaching"

"Tutors were very friendly and gave out a lot of useful information"

"Overall the training, location and catering were superb. I'd recommend a Media Training Ltd course for anyone that is wanting to improve their skills and knowledge on any of the courses provided. Jason was really great - knowledge, good pace, relevant projects and pitched at the right level for me. "

"Knowledge of trainer, equipment, food and staff!"

"Lisa was very knowledgeable, friendly and we learnt SO much! Such a great course. Thank you Lisa!!"

"Friendly staff, clean facilities - really impressed with our trainer. "

"Experienced trainer and environment, valuable examples "

"Everything! I hope to sign up to an illustrator course in the future. Thanks"

"Very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly"

"great, very useful and I feel the team will be very confident."

"everything was great"

"really helpful tutor"

"loved the space, the staff were really warm and welcoming, everything was really great..."

"Really knowledgeable, great 121 help and lovely environment to learn in. "

"Environment was very nice and tech was all set up"

"Working on examples was really helpful"

"Great overview and really helpful examples"

"Knowledge, hospitality, food!"

"Very patient and willing to go over things more than once!"

"Everything as always. Been on several courses here and this was the best by a long way, but they've all been great"

"Well organised, relaxed environment with friendly trainer and colleagues,"

"Breaking each part of the Premier training into easy to follow, easy to remember chunks. I liked how we were shown an example for each section before following along. "

"Amazing office, and great environment to learn"

"Pretty much everything :) "


"The environment was excellent for smaller groups. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable and approachable."

"Providing a general overview of feature writing as a craft and how to write more effectively, concisely and with impact."

"Good knowledge from trainers and good mixture of discussion and individual working. Small groups so good level of attention. "

"Everything was efficient, clear and organised. "

"Interesting course, kept me interested throughout the day, plenty of notes to take back to office and put into practice. "

"Great blend of expertise, thoughtful examples and practical advice that I can and apply in day to day work. "

"really great at breaking down the information and providing it in a way that was easy to digest, Piers was really knowledgable and super friendly!"

"V welcoming and lovely work space"

"the course really helped me to be able to critically analyse infographics and translate that ability to my own process of creating infographics. I found it helpful when we looked through examples of good and bad infographics at the start and then to put into practise how to create our own in a step-by-step process first in twos and then individually."

"Your Microsoft Word Introduction Course was well presented with a very helpful tutor. Thankyou."

"Provided clear, concise examples which were relevant to each topic, and the trainer was very knowledgeable."

"Very good at answering questions and building from the basics up. "

"Vicki is so friendly and made me feel comfortable immediately."

"Vicky was an excellent trainer, very knowledgable, approachable and always ready to help when stuck. "

"The atmosphere is really friendly and Vicki was clear and concise throughout the whole training session. The regular breaks mean that you can really engage with the course as you have time to process the segments which you have just learnt. The lunch food is also delicious - keep doing what you're doing! The refurb to the office space has also been really lovely. The toilets are much nicer. "

"-Vicki is very knowledgeable and extremely patient -The course is very well-planned and I feel I learned a lot -The course rooms and cafe area are lovely and well-maintained "

"All was great. Well done and thank you. Really enjoyed the 2 days training."

"Everything was excellent, everyone very friendly and helpful. Instructor endlessly patient."

"Everything! VIcky is a great instructor! She is extremely approachable and knowledgeable. Great course. "

"Pretty much everything! The examples were good and Vicki was very knowledgeable, helpful and very approachable! "

"Making the course accessible. Being positive, patient and very very helpful."

"Overall very good."

"Effective timetable, good break lengths to keep concentration and stimulation"

"Course was led at a very good speed, excellent tuition. Lunch very good."

"Took us through at a good steady pace and gave us lovely examples to practice with. Very approachable and knowledgeable trainer. "

"Overall no complaints"

"I thought the course was very good and generally well paced given it was a mixed group. "

"The food and the environment was very good."

"Really knowledgeable trainer who was able to offer some real world advice and experience. "

"Everything was really well organised, friendly and approachable, useful course."

"Nice learning environment."

"Lots of varied examples "

"Trainer was very knowledgable. Very helpful examples I could now use for my work!"

"Very patient and knowledgeable - a very good experience! "

"Good environment, very friendly staff"

"everything. can't fault it. thank you!"

"Seems a daft question - training, I mean why would you want it to be anything else."

"Excellent facilities and time to tackle the content/learn. "

"Everything was fab. The training itself, the venue, "

"Making people feel comfortable, great atmosphere, friendly staff and effective training sessions "

"Very informative and knowledgeable trainer. Really enjoyed the course and looking forward to receiving presentation and templates via email. Great venue."

"The atmosphere of the training centre is lovely, and I liked the training exercises. I also like that the trainer did not provide print-outs as this is often a waste of paper; instead we were offered the option of emailing him and receiving the course slides by email."

"Good organisation and friendly atmosphere."

"The course was really nice and helpful, everyone was friendly and the environment is clean and welcoming. The trainer was great in explaining everything to us , friendly and the way he speaks is perfectly clear to everyone!"

"Very efficient and organised. Very much valued the course. "

"Good learning environment with good teaching, and of course great lunch!"

"great course for beginner "

"Everyone I spoke to was friendly and helpful (even though I was a bit late), really nice and abundant refreshments, the trainer was great at explaining everything and had clearly put a lot of thought into preparing and tailoring the course to us."

"Very friendly"

"Very welcoming, excellent facilities, easy to ask questions. "

"Practical, hands on training. Excellent"

"Practical exercises that could be used in every day"

"Everything! Honestly, I have never felt more welcome"

"Very thorough and patient trainer "

"Kate was excellent , knowledgeable, friendly and very patient. In fact, all the staff are friendly and helpful. Lunch is excellent"

"Jason is always great at explanation and demonstration. Very helpful when you make a wrong turn"

"Amazing training. Varied experience. Clean location. Amazing and attentive staff. Fantastic instructor!! "

"Everything from organisation and food, friendly staff and great training g"

"Good trainer, great set up"

"very relax and encouraging environment "

"On the day, everything is made clear in terms of expectations of the day and equipment / food provided is really good."

"Adapting the course to suit the levels of the class"

"Adjusting the course based on what us students wanted to learn."

"Overall, very helpful. Feel I have a better knowledge then when I arrived."

"The pace. The examples. Confidence"

"Course specific: welcome any questions and welcome any level of knowledge -no judgement. Enviroment specific: Make us feel welcomed and at ease."

"Technical knowledge on editing software"

"Good feedback, easy to understand, lovely trainer, great facilities. "

"Super friendly. Filling us with confidence with programmes that can be actually quite daunting. the food was ACE. Patient, helpful and good exercises which put everything you learn into practice! Loved it and want to do more!! "

"The course timings and structure were good; the facilities are also very nice. "

"Very friendly staff, knowledgeable trainer, light and airy surroundings, excellent food."

"Very informative sessions with a trainer who was friendly and encouraging. Understanding and tailoring everything to our individuals roles."

"I think its a lovely place to train staff are friendly, clean light environment, great refreshments i felt very relaxed here, my trainer was very knowledgable in the software and i loved that my class was small just meant i could get the most out of my trainer and time here. I would like to thank Wolf for his training it was very helpful and enjoyable."

"Great place, food staff and trainer all lovely. Food a very good surprise! "

"Knowledge of the course as well as pace. The trainer picked up on the standard we all had and catered accordingly. "

"Really enjoyable course, I will definitely be back and would recommend both the trainer and the company."

"Very enjoyable course and very comprehensive. A good starting point for Quark."

"Everything! Good rooms, friendly staff. All good."

"Good overall introduction to Quark Express. I need some individual tuition now!"

"very intuative, was tailor made for us, our trainer Simon was very easy to chat to and was open to all our questions and queries. Very happy overall!"

"Great environment, food and friendly staff. Simon was really good at explaining everything and very knowledgeable, I really enjoy his teaching methods. "

"overall it was a good experience and useful"

"Very practical. Great that there was time to do our own tasks and projects."

"Great welcome, great snacks, refreshments etc. Learning environment and class size were great. The trainer was brilliant, very knowledgeable and friendly. "

"Trainer was good and knowledgeable. Team was friendly and helpful. Overall a satisfied customer."

"Another great experience here!"

"A better question would be to ask what you were bad at. Which is nothing."

"Friendly and welcoming staff - i was feeling ill at one point and staff were very accommodating!"

"Food was amazing and venue really easy to get to. Thanks - great course!"

"great facilites and good teacher"

"Good knowledge and useful tips. Giving a good basic understanding of the programme. Great facilities. "

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and the equipment, centre and staff were great"

"imparting a lot of information over a short space of time. Never lost focus."

"Explanations and examples were very clear"

"Friendly team"

"Everything - a brilliant intro to Photoshop - I learnt more in just the first hour of the course than I had managed to work out myself in a week! Facilities were great too. Looking forward to my next course in a few weeks!"

"Very good at explaining things in a simple way."

"Much needed frequent breaks when looking at a screen all day. Great food and refreshments Trainers knowledgable and able to work through real life examples with you"

"Excellent attention to detail and Vicki had an array of ideas to work through"

"Very informative. "

"Fantastic in all aspects! Extremely knowledgeable and had a great learning experience! "

"Natalie was really engaging and there was structure to the training but she also expanded on some points and went on some interesting tangents about the industry. She really got me thinking about lots of areas where we could use social media. "

"Generally a very welcoming and comfortable environment. Nice space with good refreshments and frequent breaks (to keep your attention / not spend too long looking at a screen!)"

"A good clearly constructed course, that was informative and interesting. Thanks"

"Really nice friendly environment. everyone is super helpful and friendly. Good that the curse can be tailored to ours needs "

"Tailoring the course to our specific jobs/ ability. It helped to recap and streamline things we already knew how to do as well as learn completely new things. "

"Good at changing what we where planned to do to suit our needs and combined photoshop and illustrator training. Making it relevant to each of the product categories that we work on. "

"All good!"

"Facilities fantastic and knowledgeable trainer. Thank you."

"I've done 2 course here and the teachers are great at explaining, the location is easy to get to and the food included is great. Highly recommend!"

"Fantastic structured days with lots of tutorials"

"Everyone is very professional and very friendly. I felt comfortable and always had all the resources, refreshments, and snacks I could have asked for. Thank you for making this an enjoyable couple of days!"

"Very informative and patient teacher. He was also very helpful when struggling with the complex tasks"

"Friendly and knowledgeable "

"Great course, really