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Adobe InDesign CC : Introduction

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Two Day Course


InDesign is the go to software for anyone looking to create beautiful magazines, newsletters, reports and other publications.

This intro course is suitable for all and does not require any previous design experience. It is particularly popular with marketing and communications teams as well as freelancers and those working in the publishing industry.

This two day Adobe authorised introductory course is designed to give you a comprehensive knowledge of Adobe InDesign and the confidence to create beautiful and effective page layouts.

Day one of the course concentrates on building a document layout from scratch. Day two explores more advanced layout and typographical controls, clipping paths, working with layers and creating multipage documents. You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Day one
    The InDesign interface
    • InDesign preferences
    • Creating a new document
    • Creating and using frames
    • Setting tool defaults
    • Using shortcuts

    Working with text
    • Placing text
    • Selecting and editing text
    • Handling missing fonts
    • The Font Favourites feature
    • Using the Content Indicator

    Formatting copy
    • Character-level formatting
    • Paragraph-level formatting
    • Using the Eyedropper tool

    Working with styles
    • Character and paragraph styles
    • Creating styles
    • Editing and applying styles
    • Creating and applying object styles
    • Loading attributes from other documents

    Working with graphics
    • Different file formats
    • Placing multiple graphics
    • Wrapping text around images
    • Understanding fitting options
    • Sizing images with Auto-fit
    • Smart guides and smart spacing
    • The Effects panel
    • Creating gradients
    • Setting up an Object library

    Layout controls
    • Understanding the notion of Gridify
    • Working with the Gap tool
    • Using the Align panel
    • Selecting, arranging and grouping objects

    Understanding colour
    • Spot and process colours
    • Using stroke and fill options
    • Creating tints
    • Sampling colours from images

    Laying out pages accurately
    • Using rulers, grids and guides
    • Working with layers

    Questions and answers
  • Day two
    Multi-page documents
    • Using the Pages panel
    • Targeting pages and spreads

    Editing copy
    • Using the Story Editor
    • Using Find/Change
    • Using the Spell Checker

    Working with transparency
    • Creating drop shadows
    • A look at Blending modes
    • The Flattener Preview panels

    Transforming objects
    • Scaling objects vs contents
    • Transforming objects
    • Grouping and ungrouping

    Finessing text content
    • Threading and unthreading frames
    • The Auto-Fit text function
    • Flowing text through frames
    • Text frame options
    • Multi-column text frames
    • Allowing text to flow across columns

    Working with Master Pages
    • Creating and editing Masters
    • Applying Master Pages
    • Auto-numbering pages
    • Adjusting margins and columns
    • Numbering and Section options

    Combining text and graphics
    • Image import options
    • Images with clipping paths
    • Creating a new clipping path
    • Removing image backgrounds
    • Tolerance and threshold options

    Exporting and printing
    • Exporting as a PDF
    • Using Live PreFlight
    • Anticipating potential problems
    • Packaging files for handoff

    Questions and answers
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"I really enjoyed the course, learned a lot over the 2 days and now can go away and use InDesign confidently. The online support will be great to help with things I inevitably forget over the coming months and it's great to know there is always the help desk if i get REALLY lost!"

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"Explaining tools and giving practical examples, great shortcuts, very obvious the trainer was extremely experienced in InDesign so was able to show each tool but also multiple ways of doing things in a more clever/quick/easy way. The opportunity to put learning into practise was excellent and something many training courses often miss. Great hands on course. "

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"really clear logical explanations, very relevant examples and interesting, good pace and his explanations were really concise, and easy to understand. interesting examples given, Excellent course. Thanks Peter"

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