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courses London

Web Publishing : Introduction

This two day course is designed to provide you with the essential skills required by any web designer or web content developer.

You will cover the basics of HTML, how to create and prepare images for the web and how to use the basics of Dreamweaver. You will also cover good design practice and how to publish your site. This is an excellent grounding for anyone new to web publishing.

Pre-Course Requirements:
You need no previous experience to attend this course.

  • Introduction to HTML
    • How HTML works
    • What is HTML 5?
    • Naming your files correctly
    • Cross platform issues

    Creating a basic HTML document
    • Creating body text
    • Creating titles
    • Creating headings
    • Creating metatags
    • Viewing your pages in a browser

    Additional markup tags
    • Creating paragraphs
    • Formatting text in HTML
    • Using character tags
    • Creating line breaks and rules

    Working with images
    • Adding image links
    • Different image file formats
    • Image resolution issues
    • Working with web safe colours

  • Working with fonts
    • Fonts that work on the web
    • Specifying font size and colour

    Creating links
    • Relative links vs absolute links
    • Viewing your document

    Dreamweaver basics
    • Dreamweaver and HTML
    • The Dreamweaver palettes
    • Using the Code View

    Optimising images
    • Optimising images for the web
    • Importing images

    Building your site
    • Using the Property Inspector
    • Adding background colours
    • Creating buttons and rollovers
    • Using inline image maps
    • Introduction to frames
    • Creating basic forms
    • Building basic tables
    • Importing video and audio files
    • Good web design techniques
    • Importing from other websites
    • Publishing and maintaining your site

    Questions and answers