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Keynote: Introduction

This is a one day course for those new to Keynote - Apple\'s extremely popular presentation program.

This course is designed to teach those with little or no experience of Keynote to create engaging and compelling presentations containing text, graphics, tables, charts, video and audio.

If you would like a private version of this course to create a presentation for a particular event, please give us a call or email.

Pre-Course Requirements:
You need no previous experience to attend this course.

  • Introduction
    • What is Apple Keynote?
    • The interface
    • Setting preferences

    Creating a presentation
    • Creating a basic presentation
    • Using master slides
    • Adding slides
    • Deleting slides
    • Importing files
    • Customising a slide
    • Using Keynote\'s themes
    • Creating your own theme

    Using text in Keynote
    • Using the Text Inspector
    • Adding text and formatting text
    • Creating lists
    • Working with columns
    • Using the spell checker

    Working with graphics
    • Importing graphics
    • Drawing objects
    • Inserting photos
    • Using photo cut-outs
    • Masking and adjusting images
    • Grouping objects
    • Working with colour
    • Creating shadows and reflections

  • Working with tables
    • Placing a table in a slide
    • Formatting rows and columns
    • Selecting, copying and moving cells
    • Formatting the table borders

    Working with charts
    • Choosing different chart types
    • Entering chart data
    • Formatting charts

    Creating slide transitions
    • Creating transitions
    • Creating object builds
    • Using Keynote Remote with iPhone or iPad

    Adding sound and video
    • Adding sound and sound effects
    • Importing from iTunes
    • Importing Quicktime movies

    Sharing your presentation
    • Presenting with Keynote
    • Exporting to PowerPoint, QuickTime, HTML or directly to YouTube
    • Reviewer comments
    • Keynote and iCloud

    Questions and answers