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Aperture : Introduction

One Day Course


This is an Apple authorised course designed for professional photographers and serious amateurs who want to master this revolutionary application for managing, editing and archiving digital photographs.

This comprehensive course takes you step by step through Aperture's powerful photo editing, image retouching, image recognition, proofing, publishing and archiving features. You need no previous experience to attend this course.

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Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Aperture workflow and layouts
    • Importing from a memory card
    • Understanding Camera RAW
    • Using Masters and Versions
    • Rating, editing and outputting images

    Evaluating images
    • Using Quick Preview
    • Grouping images into Stacks
    • Using the Centered Loupe
    • Assigning ratings
    • Using Faces to recognise people
    • Using GPS location data to explore photos by location
    • Assigning a location to an image

    Organising your project
    • Using keywords
    • Using the Metadata inspector
    • Sorting images dynamically
    • Search queries

    Editing your images
    • Editing workflow
    • White balancing
    • Sensor dust and red-eye removal
    • Working with RAW files
    • Using the Recovery slider
    • Using the Exposure slider
  • Correcting tone
    • Adjusting tone before colour
    • Reading a histogram
    • Setting levels
    • Adjusting highlights and shadows
    • Using adjustment presets

    Correcting colour
    • Adjusting white balance with the Eyedropper
    • Lift and stamp
    • Round-trip editing

    Enhancing images
    • Using the Retouch brush
    • Using non-destructive, edge-aware brushes in Aperture
    • Noise reduction
    • Sharpening images
    • Creating multimedia shows

    Questions and answers
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"Lots of knowledge. Lots of patience. Lots of adaptability to changes of approach/differing needs within the group. Thank you!"

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"Great venue and hospitality. Everyone very friendly and helpful. "

"Great food, lots of oppurtunity for questions in the course, friendly staff "

"Easy to understand, the right pace. leaving time to go over anything and ask questions."

"Thorough and useful. "

"Small classes, good equipment and nice learning environment "

"Everything! Really useful course at a nice pace and easy to follow :-)"

"overall very good very knowledgeable and good use of practicals "

"Excellent pace. Hazel explained everything really well and the course was the perfect mix of explaining about InDesign and letting us do practical examples. Being a beginner I was a bit worried I might not keep up but I felt I learnt loads and I'm very glad that I attended the course."

"The course was informative and is extremely worthwhile - would recomend to all my colleagues Hazel is friendly and knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher"

"Refreshments, friendliness, being able to choose between Windows and OSX."

"Abbott was really engaging, totally knowledgable and quite inspiring. I will definitely be using Excel more and differently. Thanks!"

"- provided good examples for us as an organisation providing residential care for older people. -lots of ideas of how to improve our Facebook usage to include staff recruitment"

"Getting through a lot of techniques and spending enough time to practice them"

"Identifying and honing aspects of course to individuals requirements"

"Good food, very open and willing to share info etc. Good all round training. "

"Vicky was extremely patient and understanding. She tried to make sure that all of the students had relevant examples to their industry"

"Excellent flow of class, really engaging, very friendly tutor, all questions etc were answered during the course - anything we wanted to learn was covered, tutor was really up for adapting flow to suit our individual needs, knowledge of tutor within wider industry was excellent and so reference points/examples were really interesting. Really enjoyed course and found it really valuable - especially for 2 days. "

"Absolutely brilliant couple of days - thanks so much for all your patience and encouragement!"

"Emile took the class slowly and helped everyone at their own pace. the examples were all great and I learned loads!"

"Course was really thorough. Would have liked to have more time to develop my film, third day. So thrilled I came away with an edit. Rob was great!"

"Trainers are very knowledgeable, and the course options/choices are very good."

"Emile was incredibly patient. His pace was good and he gave lots of good examples to see how the different techniques could be used. He did well to tailor the course to each individual student. "

"Really comprehensive course. Loads of easy to understand examples. Great resource list to take away. Would highly recommend to everyone. Neil was a brilliant teacher, I feel really inspired to try it out now!"

"Great course went above and beyond remit feel like I am full of new knowledge, experience and inspiration"

"Everything! Very happy with the course, just the right pace"

"Really practical, hands-on training. Can see how we would use this in our roles."

"Everything. Loved the pool table. "

"Matt was great at answering all our questions and ensuring that we did the exercises so that we remembered them."

"Applying practice to how we could use it at work. Great at letting us work at our own speed. The food and refreshments were fantastic. "

"Explaining things at the right speed, answering our questions and giving real world examples !"

"I learnt so much, Jason is a really good teacher and I am going away feeling very inspired to do more after effects!"

"Very knowledgeable teacher, good food, lovely venue "

"Really nice facilities and I loved that it was such a small group too"

"Great facilities and great teacher. Very knowledgeable and made things easy to understand."

"Friendly approachable training with good interaction with the trainer"

"Everything. Hazel is knowledge, friendly and approachable. Other staff at the venue are also helpful and approachable. I have done 2 courses with Hazels now (the other InDesign) and I would return to Media Training for another."

"The course content was excellent, relevant examples. Very useful and enjoyable day. "

"Offering follow up resources and answering questions in the moment even if they weren't completely relevant to the stage of the course."

"Bespoke course - we fitted 3 courses in one, it was a little tight but our trainer was great at managing his time and explaining everything for us"

"Simon did a great god of making the course reliant to us and showing us examples on our site. "

"Lunch, brilliant and unexpected. Tutor, knowledgeable and experienced. "

"Loved this course. Learnt a lot and lunch was brilliant! Thanks very much!"